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Topic: Google News

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Google News - Topix
News on Google continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Google may have thought itself free of Brian Reid and his lawsuit after one court rejected his age discrimination suit, but the appellate court found that...
Google Inc. is sprucing up its corporate e-mail service by adding new security tools and more than doubling the storage capacity of e-mailboxes, underscoring the online search leader's ambition to enlarge its...
www.topix.net /com/google   (778 words)

  » Google News | Googling Google | ZDNet.com
Google News has been under pressure over the inclusion of some news sources in their index — they even lost a court battle in Belgium which forced them to put the embarrassing court ruling on the main page of Google.be.
Google News Sitemaps were just launched today, giving current news sources more flexibility over which content is crawled on their sites.
Google is known for their "beta" services, but every now and then they remove the label to signify that one has grown up.
blogs.zdnet.com /Google/?cat=14   (793 words)

  Google News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Google News is an automated news aggregator provided by Google Inc. The Google News website was introduced as a beta release in April 2002.
Google News infringed on its copyright because "Google includes AFP’s photos, stories and news headlines on Google News without permission from Agence France Presse."[1] [2] It was also alleged that Google ignored a cease and desist order, though Google counters that it has opt-out procedures which AFP could have followed but did not.
Google News provides searching, and the choice of sorting the results by date and time of publishing (not to be confused with date and time of the news' happening) or grouping them (and also grouping without searching).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Google_News   (539 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Google defies US over search data
Google was asked for information on the types of query submitted over a week, and the websites included in its index.
Google's refusal to comply prompted US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to ask a federal judge in the state of California on Wednesday for an order to hand over the records.
Google has also said that providing the data would make its users think it was willing to reveal personal information about them, as well as giving competitors access to trade secrets.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/technology/4630694.stm   (470 words)

 Google News: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
News is the reporting of current events usually by local, regional or mass media in the form of newspapers, television and radio programs, or sites...
Googleating pronounced google-ating describes the increasing practise of constructing a website primarily for the purpose of appearing high in the search...
Google compute is a separately downloadable add-on for the google toolbar which allows participation in a distributed computing project to help scientific...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/g/go/google_news.htm   (1091 words)

 Everything about Google News Technology » Digital Inspiration
Google News started as a small demo created by one Google engineer on a weekend after he was frustrated trying to read news after Sept 11 event.
Though Google remains silent when it comes to disclosing the details of their news sources, Newsknife.com is tracking Google news since early 2004 and they recently released a list of ~ 3000 news sources which feature on Google news.
Google is filing a patent for TrustRank, a technology that aims to sort Google news results by quality rather than simply by "date" and "relevance" to search terms.
labnol.blogspot.com /2005/08/everything-about-google-news.html   (688 words)

 USATODAY.com - Google, AP disclose news payment deal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Google spokeswoman Sonya Boralv said this isn't the first time the company has paid media for content, noting that the search engine already shares some of its revenue with broadcasters and book publishers to sell some of their copyrighted material on the site.
Google might be using the AP agreement as a testing ground to share some of its ad revenue with organizations that produce content just as it does with websites that publish the information, said Jonathan Zittrain, professor of Internet governance and regulation at Oxford University.
Google, a publicly owned company, reported $6.1 billion in revenue last year and is on a pace to exceed $9 billion this year.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2006-08-03-google-ap_x.htm?csp=34   (790 words)

 Google News Blog
However, a News sitemap is a great tool to give you greater control over how your content appears in Google News and to alert you to any errors we might encounter when we try to crawl your site.
Previously, some of this content could be harder to find on Google News, and as a result of this change, you'll have easier access to more of this content, and publishers will likely receive more traffic to their original content.
We're excited about the possibilities of this new feature and we hope you are too, so if you've been covered in a news article please send us your comments and we'll work with you to post it on Google News.
googlenewsblog.blogspot.com   (3008 words)

 Google searches for quality not quantity - info-tech - 01 May 2005 - New Scientist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
GOOGLE has plans that will dramatically improve the results of internet news searches, by ranking them according to quality rather than simply by their date and relevance to search terms.
Google's database will also keep track of the number of staff a news source employs, the volume of internet traffic to its website and the number of countries accessing the site.
Google will take all these parameters, weight them according to formulae it is constructing, and distil them down to create a single value.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn7328   (424 words)

 OJR article: Google News Creator Watches Portal Quiet Critics With 'Best News' Webby
The beta tag still hangs on Google News, but in the year since it launched, the computer-generated news portal has achieved alpha status for millions of users looking for the latest news.
It's not the only news search engine, but it is a popular favorite: Google News had 2.24 million unique visitors in August, making it the 17th most popular general news site, according to comScore's Media Metrix.
Sometimes I think that with Google Search we're so used to seeing things ranked in the order of their potential value to us, that it's a little jarring when Google News doesn't seem to do the same thing.
www.ojr.org /ojr/kramer/1064449044.php   (4031 words)

 The StepForth SEO Blog: Google News Credibility Foiled By 15-Year Old | by StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc.
Google was even displaying reference to the press release in Google News and at in the news results placed above search results relating to Google employment or hiring.
Google engineers are almost certainly working overtime to institute stronger spam filters and shore up the credibility of the Google News system, as they have over the years when SEOs have exposed exploitable characteristics of the organic ranking algorithm.
Google may be big, but we have to remember that they are doing a fantastic job with the volume their systems handle daily, compare that with the volume offline publsihers handle.
news.stepforth.com /blog/2006/03/google-news-credibility-foiled-by-15.php   (2596 words)

 Official Google Blog: And now, News
By presenting news "clusters" (related articles in a group), we thought it would encourage readers to get a broader perspective by digging deeper into the news -- reading ten articles instead of one, perhaps -- and then gain a better understanding of the issues, which could ultimately benefit society.
For example, readers told us they loved the news clusters but they didn't want press releases on the home page (although they are still useful to have in the search results).
Google News has matured a great deal, and we're proud to see it graduate from its beta status.
googleblog.blogspot.com /2006/01/and-now-news.html   (460 words)

 Newsvine - Belgian Court Rules Against Google News
Google currently is defending a separate lawsuit filed in the United States by Agence France-Presse, arguing the service is protected under "fair use" provisions of copyright law.
Google has removed the Belgian newspapers from its Belgium index and is in the process of removing them from its global index, she said.
Google has indicated AP's content will serve as the foundation for a new product that will be introduced in the coming months as a complement to its popular Google News service.
www.newsvine.com /_news/2006/09/18/366196-belgian-court-rules-against-google-news   (495 words)

 Tech news blog - Google | CNET News.com
Google sites got 528 million unique visitors in March, up 13 percent from a year ago and 1 million visitors more than Microsoft's 527 million visitors, which was a 4 percent increase from a year ago.
Google remains the top search engine with nearly half of all searches, besting Yahoo (with 27.5 percent market share) and Microsoft (at 11 percent share) by a fairly wide margin, according to comScore.
Google long has been known to be a user of the open-source MySQL database software, but the search powerhouse this week published its own changes to the project.
news.com.com /2060-10812_3-0.html   (1851 words)

 Google info
Google's Personalized Home Page service, which lets users turn the Google Web site into a customized portal, is suffering from an apparently significant technical problem that is reverting some of the home pages to old versions or to their...
Google is looking to increase the range and variety of information with a geographical element that it offers, and hopes its users will play a big part in the expansion.
Google is looking beyond text ads as it seeks to make money from the increasing number of people who are turning to their cell phones to find information, an executive said on Friday.
www.networkworld.com /news/financial/google.html   (1054 words)

 Newspapers want Google News' quarter | CNET News.com
Google and the newspapers said they settled their differences on some issues and were trying to resolve others.
Last month, Paris-based news agency Agence France-Presse reached a licensing agreement to settle its copyright lawsuit against Google that allows Google to post AFP content, including news stories and photographs, on Google News, as well as on other Google services.
The new Fluent™ interface cuts down on repetitive busywork by serving up just the commands you need, based on the function you are in.
www.news.com /Newspapers-want-Google-News-quarter/2100-1038_3-6185896.html   (1148 words)

 Open Directory - News
AOL News - Breaking news from around the world and in-depth coverage of current issues.
Google News - Aggregated headlines and a search engine of many of the world's news sources.
Google News - Aggregated headlines from many of the world's news sources.
dmoz.org /News   (854 words)

 Fries with that sir? Google invents McNews. By Jack Shafer
Google News isn't the first site to crawl the Web and aggregate the news in real time, but it's easily the best effort so far.
Each Google News entry includes a time stamp, so you can know if the news posting is piping fresh from 10 minutes ago or a six-hour-old moldy oldie.
I predict that by New Year's Day, at least one of the Web's top 10 news and information sites will have partnered with Google News and at least another one will have ripped off the Google News strategy by remodeling their portal to crawl thousands of outside sites.
www.slate.com /?id=2071499   (944 words)

 Google News
Alas, Google News is cool, but it isn't the greatest news tool in my opinion.
Search results group like news stories into clusters, providing title, source, date, and a brief summary (the link to the full story is included in the title).
Suddenly using a news search engine to find the phrase "breast cancer" was an exercise in futility, because dozens of stories around the same topic were clogging the results page.
hacks.oreilly.com /pub/h/152   (722 words)

 Google stands firm behind News search site | InfoWorld | News | 2007-05-23 | By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service
One of Google's most popular, older, and controversial services, Google News, is the article aggregation and search site that media companies love to hate because it has become a major source of Web traffic and frustrations for many of them.
All along, Google has defended News saying that it is protected by the fair use principle -- because it only reproduces headlines, text snippets, and thumbnail images -- and that it provides great benefit to media Web sites by sending them readers.
Google News should reward original journalism, whether it's from the AP or a local newspaper.
www.infoworld.com /article/07/05/23/Google-News-search-site_1.html   (1393 words)

 Best news web site, Google News? Ask Newsknife
A year of Newsknife’s Google News Watch suggests that automated Google News is a reliable, consistent performer rather than a News Schwarzenegger set to terminate human-edited news sites.
We thought Google News “hit rate” at choosing the popular top two stories might have increased more over the year, especially as Google are still calling Google News a BETA (not final) version.
Newsknife studies the major news sites closely every month to see which ones are currently at the top of their game.
www.newsknife.com /features/google_news_trend.html   (561 words)

 Search Engine Optimization Company and SEO Services - Real SEO Firm: Google News Archives
Google's stock is trading near the $200 mark, and investors have to wonder whether many of those buying the stock near such a high price could be money managers, the same managers who once turned the IPO down and said they would never buy any shares.
Google made the forecasts as part of its specifications for a new billing system that was to be built earlier this year by BFS Finance, a subsidiary of the conglomerate Bertelsmann AG.
Google, founded in 1998, has also been rumoured in the last year to be working on a Web browser, a thin-client operating system, and a searchable digital archive of library and reference material, supposedly code-named Project Ocean.
www.realseo.com /archives/cat_google_news.html   (14821 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Google dumps news sites that criticize radical Islam
When Google News launched its beta site in April 2002, it said its mission was to construct an unbiased news engine free of human intervention using new methods of aggregating news from sources worldwide.
As WND reported, 98 percent of all political donations by Google employees went to support Democrats, and as a matter of fact, Al Gore is now a senior adviser to Google.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave the maximum legal limit of donations to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry and to primary candidate Howard Dean.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50323   (693 words)

 Tough week prompts closer look at how Google gathers its news / Is automated method better than using people to edit ...
Google is coming under fire because it uses its technology to compile news.
Google uses algorithms to find popular news of the day and to cluster different sources on a given story, with links and photos from various publishers.
Calls for transparency in Google's process came in response to revelations that the National Vanguard was included in Google News' index.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/03/26/BUGTOBUVTV1.DTL   (839 words)

 » Google News » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel
Now, Google is actually going to put news results ranked within the regular search results, combining the two in a more convenient way.
Google’s new plan involves mixing those news results within the regular web results, instead of putting them in a seperate search engine or in a little box.
The criteria for evaluating sources for Google News includes: regular updates to the posted content; the source is an organization and not an individual; the content does not include hate speech or pornography; and the source conducts editorial reviews of the content, [Google spokeswoman Sonya] Boralv said.
google.blognewschannel.com /archives/category/search/google-news   (1339 words)

 Google reveals payment deal with AP | Tech News on ZDNet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Google has agreed to pay the Associated Press for use of its news stories and pictures, according to a statement released by the two companies on Wednesday.
The deal settles a dispute between Google and the AP and has implications for a lawsuit Google is facing from the Paris-based Agence France Presse news agency, which sued the search powerhouse last year for allegedly infringing its copyrights on Google News.
Because Google News is an aggregator, the company has argued, Google is not obliged to reimburse news outlets for linking to their content.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9588_22-6102109.html   (618 words)

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