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  Gordon Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Smith is also a member of the Udall political family, being a double cousin of Democratic Congressmen Mo and Stewart Udall, and a double second cousin of current Congressmen Mark Udall and Tom Udall (Smith is the only Republican in the group).
Smith entered politics and was elected to the Oregon State Senate in 1992, becoming president of that body in 1995.
Smith is a member of The Republican Main Street Partnership and supports stem cell research, even as he largely opposes abortion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gordon_Smith   (663 words)

 Attorney Gordon Smith, Hume, Smith, Geddes, Green & Simmons, LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana
Gordon is admitted to practice in all courts in the State of Indiana.
Gordon was a founder and president of the IAC Arts Foundation, Inc. and the IAC Sports Foundation, Inc., the latter which sponsors the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the largest annual parade in Indianapolis next to the 500 Festival Parade.
A former scoutmaster, Gordon is proud to have a son and grandson attain the rank of Eagle Scout.
www.humesmith.com /Bio/GordonSmith.asp   (431 words)

 Gordon Smith - Congresspedia
Gordon Harold Smith is the junior Senator from Oregon.
Smith's family moved to Bethesda, Maryland when he was a child, because his father became an assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.
Smith was elected to the Oregon State Senate in 1992, becoming president of that body in 1995.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Gordon_Smith   (647 words)

 DLA Piper | People | Gordon Smith
Gordon is admitted as a barrister & solicitor in Western Australia (1996), and as a solicitor in England & Wales (2002).
Gordon has been resident in Singapore since 1998, and was a partner at Baker & McKenzie Wong & Leow, Singapore, until April 2004.
Gordon is experienced in all aspects of construction and engineering contractual advice and disputes, and advises on matters throughout South East Asia.
www.dlapiper.com /gordon_smith   (183 words)

 Gordon Smith (Hibernian) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gordon Smith (born May 25, 1924 in Edinburgh; died August 8, 2004 in North Berwick) was a Scottish football player.
Smith spent much of his childhood in Angus but, after showing great footballing promise playing for Montrose Roselea and Dundee North End, was to return to Edinburgh to pursue a career as a professional.
Again Smith was to confound contemporary wisdom, signing for Dundee and forming a part of their first, and so far only, league winning side in 1962.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gordon_Smith_(Hibernian)   (454 words)

 Amazon.com: The Unbelievable Truth: Books: Gordon Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Gordon Smith, author of Spirit Messenger, ISBN: 1401902693, is an astoundingly accurate medium who's renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets.
The Unbelievable Truth by Gordon Smith is a very personal and informative exploration of life after death by a man who could see spirits of the departed very early in life.
Gordon Smith is a well-known medium from England who has denied, questioned, tried to hide, and then developed his abilities to communicate with the spirits of the dead.
www.amazon.com /Unbelievable-Truth-Gordon-Smith/dp/1401903584   (1571 words)

 Gordon Smith News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, a Republican who voted in favor of the Iraq war in 2002 and has supported it ever since, now says the current U.S. war effort is 'absurd' and 'may even be criminal.' In an...
Republican Sen. Gordon Smith, who voted in favor of the Iraq war and has supported it ever since, now says the current U.S. war effort is "absurd" and "may even be criminal." In a major speech on the Senate...
Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, a Republican who voted in favor of the Iraq war in 2002 and has supported it ever since, now says the current U.S. war effort is "absurd" and "may even be criminal." In an emotional...
www.topix.net /us-senate/gordon-smith   (902 words)

 Online NewsHour: The Oregon Senate Race -- Gordon Smith Biography
But Smith stayed with his party in the impeachment trial of President Clinton and in '97 voted for family-planning programs overseas, something he said he would support in his '96 campaign.
Smith is a chief sponsor of a bill to expand a "guest worker" program which would increase the number of migrant workers available for seasonal agricultural jobs.
Gordon Smith was born in 1952 in Pendleton, Oregon.
www.pbs.org /newshour/vote2002/races/or_smith.html   (536 words)

 Gordon Smith - Psychic Barber
This is Gordon’s most personal and intimate book to date, in it he shares his experiences of growing up in Glasgow, his development as a medium and his extraordinary life working as a messenger for the spirit world.
Gordon Smith, the internationally renowned medium, and his close friend Tibetan Buddhist and artist Dronma have combined their skills and insights to create an oracle that they hope will help people to live happier lives.
Gordon’s first book is an intimate and honest account of his life and his mission to use his incredible psychic abilities in a positive way to help others.
www.thepsychicbarber.co.uk /books.html   (626 words)

 Gordon Smith Studios - Custom Glass Paperweights and Damascus Knives
Primarily using realism to execute his choice of subject, which can range from a floral motif to a desert scene or aquatic environment, it is his expertise in articulating these micro realms that has won him distinction and prominence in the genre.
Gordon's paperweights are included in numerous public and private collections including those exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Christchurch Museum in New Zealand, the Bergstrom Mahler Museum, the Courier Museum, the Museum of American Glass, and the Corning Museum of Glass.
Gordon is also making folding pocketknives, utilizing materials such as mokume, Damascus, ivory, bone, and mother of pearl.
www.gordonsmithstudios.com   (314 words)

 Last Wave Originals, Inc. - Legends - Gordon & Smith Surfboards 1959   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
In the summer of 1959, when Gordon was a chemistry major at San Diego State College, he and his friend Floyd Smith built a mold, bought the necessary chemicals (from Gordon Plastics, his dad's family business) and started blowing foam blanks in Smiths's garage--and Gordon and Smith Surfboards was born.
Floyd Smith moved to Australia in 1965 to start G and S Australia, while Larry stayed in San Diego to manage Gordon and Smith Surfboards, which at the time was cranking out some 4,000 boards per year.
Gordon and Smith Surfboards managed to lead the transition from balsa to foam, then through the shortboard revolution, and into today's "almost anything goes" environment.
www.lastwave.com /new/legends/gordon-smith.html   (621 words)

 BlueOregon: Gordon Smith: #61 in popularity
Smith has been forced to get off the fence and oppose the President's plan even though it is clear that he would slide back in a heartbeat if he thought he could get away with it.
Smith has been very successful in portraying himself as a Republican moderate (I know that phrase may irk many here, but he has positioned himself as an important swing vote on a number of issues), and has gotten the requisite number of case-work credits to his name.
Smith was incredibly effective in 2002 in taking moderate stands on certain issues that played well in the greater Portland area, while running a distinctly more conservative message in Eastern and Southern Oregon.
www.blueoregon.com /2005/08/gordon_smith_61.html   (3050 words)

 Gordon Harold Smith - dKosopedia
Smith's family moved to Bethesda, Maryland when he was a child.
He entered politics and was elected to the Oregon state senate in 1992 and became president of that body in 1995.
He was able to run for the senate again later that year, however, when Mark Hatfield announced his retirement and Smith became the Republican candidate for the normal November elections.
www.dkosopedia.com /index.php/Gordon_Smith   (309 words)

 Hay House, Inc. | Authors | Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, is an astoundingly accurate medium who’s renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets.
Gordon Smith, the author of Spirit Messenger and The Unbelievable Truth, is an astoundingly accurate medium who’s renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets.
Gordon travels all around the world demonstrating his abilities, offering healing and comfort to thousands of people.
www.hayhouse.com /authorbio.php?id=283   (98 words)

 Senator Gordon Smith
In a letter this month, Senator Smith urged the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee to fund the program enough to expand it into every state in the country.
Joined by Senator Wyden and Congressman Walden, Senator Smith has introduced legislation to allow the North Unit Irrigation District located in Jefferson County to participate in conservation projects funded by the State of Oregon.
Appropriated funding lags below its authorized level and Senator Smith has weighed in with appropriators to increase the amount of funding going to rural counties.
www.ofsonline.org /senator-smith.htm   (392 words)

 Player Bio: Gordon Smith :: Swimming
Southridge HS Gordon advanced to the NCAA Championships in several events, picking up two honorable mention All-America honors in the 400 free relay (11th - 3:07.22) and the 800 free relay (11th - 6:57.82)...
individually, Gordon finished 28th in the 100 free (46.55), 19th in the 200 free (1:41.90), and 38th in the 50 free (21.72)...
Portsmouth HS: Smith was the New Hampshire state champion in the 100 fly while at Portsmouth HS...holds three school records there.
seattleredhawks.cstv.com /sports/c-swimonly/mtt/smith_gordon00.html   (165 words)

 Senator Shares Story Of Son's Suicide, Oregon's Gordon Smith, Wife, Hope Reaching Out Helps Others - CBS News
But Sen. Gordon Smith and his wife, Sharon, are doing just that, in the hope other families can learn from the very private and tragic story of their son's suicide.
Gordon and Sharon discovered that their son was drinking right in their own home.
Garrett Smith was adopted by Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith and his wife, Sharon.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/06/20/earlyshow/contributors/tracysmith/main1731490.shtml   (687 words)

 NASCAR.COM - Gordon, Smith added to Infineon Wall of Fame - Jun 8, 2006
Gordon and Smith will join 2005 inductees Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin.
Gordon, a native of nearby Vallejo, has simply owned the Sonoma Valley road course during his career.
Smith purchased then-Sears Point Raceway in 1996 and, thanks to a comprehensive $70 million modernization project, has transformed the facility into one of the premier motor sports and entertainment venues in the country, and certainly the top road-racing venue in the country.
www.nascar.com /2006/news/headlines/cup/06/08/jgordon.sonoma/index.html   (380 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Gordon Smith's Stories from the Other Side: Books: Gordon Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Since Gordon Smith took over at Halloween 2005 from Derek Acorah on Living TV's hit show "The Most Haunted", viewers have been astounded by the accuracy of Gordon's work and the integrity of his mediumship.
Gordon has always relished working with scientists to validate his work and the historians and parapsychologists on "Most Haunted" have achieved some extraordinary test results.
Gordon is one of the best and most 'down to earth' mediums in publishing.
www.amazon.co.uk /Gordon-Smiths-Stories-Other-Side/dp/1401911722   (620 words)

 Spirit Messenger - Gordon Smith - Review - Lets Get into the Spirit of Things
Gordon then took us back to his childhood and described his natural gift and how it affected his life.
It is more humble than that, yes Gordon is relating his story of his development, but you learn a lot about Spiritualism by reading the book and his kindness, his sense of humour all come through in the stories he tells.
The book also has testimonials from people that Gordon has done readings for, from these you can not only see how good Gordon Smith is as a medium, but you can see how much good a good medium can do for a person.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /printed-books/spirit-messenger-gordon-smith/1028218   (813 words)

 Gordon Smith - Psychic Barber
Gordon is continually adding new dates to his schedule of events – sign up to his newsletter to receive advance warning of new events.
Gordon's Evening of Mediumship in London, Feb 2007 has now reached capacity however tickets are still available for the Margate event.
Unfortunately Gordon does not take private bookings via this website, however if you would like to find out more about one-to-one readings with other recommended mediums please click here.
www.thepsychicbarber.co.uk   (458 words)

 Amazon.com: Spirit Messenger: Books: Gordon Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Gordon Smith, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, is the proverbial seventh son of a seventh son.
Gordon has brought comfort and healing to thousands of people through the messages he’s delivered from the other side.
Gordon has proven his abilities to scientists exploring the nature of mediumship, and has astounded them with the consistency and accuracy of his messages.
www.amazon.com /Spirit-Messenger-Gordon-Smith/dp/1401902693   (1611 words)

It was a busy month of June in Congress for Oregon's junior senator, Gordon Smith, as the national GOP leadership charts its political course for November.
Smith apparently has decided that if he's in for a penny, he's in for a pound, casting his lot with vote after lockstep vote on a host of largely symbolic bills designed to motivate conservative voters even by their failure.
Smith has cast a series of votes that, while ultimately pointless, make broad statements about which values he considers important.
www.oregonlive.com /commentary/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/editorial/1152309321166260.xml&coll=7   (640 words)

 Onward Oregon Blog » Blog Archive » Don’t be a sucker for Gordon Smith’s budget vote
And isn’t it fascinating that 4 of the 5 Republicans who opposed the vote come from solidly blue states and the fifth is facing a tough reelection battle in Ohio.
How many times do Oregonians have to get fooled by Gordon Smith and the Republican leadership before they understand he is not a moderate Republican, a.k.a.
Smith was not among the three Republicans who voted to keep the debate going.
blog.onwardoregon.org /dont-be-a-sucker-for-gordon-smiths-budget-vote   (797 words)

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