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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

Gosplan, made up of a large number of councils, commissions, governmental officials, and specialists, was assisted by the State Committee for Statistics (Gosudarstvennyi komitet po statistikoi--Goskomstat).
Gosplan combined the broad economic goals set forth by the Council of Ministers with data supplied by lower administrative levels regarding the current state of the economy in order to work out, through trial and error, a set of control figures.
Gosplan was also responsible for ensuring a correct balance among the different branches of the economy, speeding the growth of the national income, and raising the level of efficiency in production.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/russia/gosplan.htm   (1226 words)

 Gosplan and the Transition to Communist Society
Gosplan resolved to elaborate its perspectives in terms of construction of the Angarsk hydro-electrical complex, the raising of the level of the Caspian Sea and linking the Volga with the northern rivers.
With the goal of strengthening the pool of scientific talent available to Gosplan for the construction of the long-term economic plan a number of Academicians, including members from the USSR Academy of Sciences were involved in the activities of the Council of Scientific-Technical Experts under Gosplan for preparing the conspectus plan.
The reason for this would appear to be the involvement of Voznesensky as Chairman of Gosplan in attempts to utilise commodity-money relations in the Soviet economy at an inordinate level to the extent that the very survival of the socialist economy was endangered which led to his being removed from responsible positions.
revolutionarydemocracy.org /rdv3n1/gosplan.htm   (3266 words)

 Foundation of Gosplan, 1921
As can be seen from this statute establishing the commission, it was originally intended primarily as a means to implement the celebrated GOELRO plan for the electrification of all Russia, mooted at the end of 1920.
It was not until 1925 that Gosplan was able to produce its first all-Union plan, the annual "control figures" for 1925-1926.
Gosplan survived numerous attempts at reforming the Soviet economy, and its central role in determining production and investment decisions lasted right up to the disintegration of the USSR in 1991.
www.uea.ac.uk /his/webcours/russia/documents/gosplan1.shtml   (664 words)

 General Description of GOSPLAN (english)
Tecvision SA has developed GOSPLAN for industries that are producing widely diversified products in large quantities and where the production time is relatively short (ranging from minutes to days).
The fundamental idea of GOSPLAN is to replace the physical ticket by his picture displayed on a graphical screen.
GOSPLAN is connected to the administrative computer database through dedicated workstations and dedicated tasks on servers that simulate an administrative computer terminal This method separates totally the responsibility of GOSPLAN and of the Administrative Computer Centre.
www.tecvision.ch /tecvis/gospl1.htm   (1258 words)

 CSE 130 Project 3
The assignment is to implement in C++ and Java an abstract data type for the use of Comrade Spock.
In a twisted universe Spock is the navigator of the starship Gosplan in the USSSS (Union of Soviet Socialist Solar Systems) fleet.
gosplan: [(9, 0, 0, 9) (1, 0, 0, 1)]
www.cs.ucsd.edu /~elkan/130/project3.html   (1797 words)

There are indications that the C.L.D., in issuing diverse partial assignments to Gosplan, has not always correctly allocated these assignments from the standpoint of the functions exercised by the planning commissions under the several People’s Commissariats.
In view of this, and also to arrange all Gosplan work in general in a more purposeful manner, there seems to be a need to individualise the current work and responsibility of all Gosplan members.
One and the same assignment may be given to two or more members, where the interests of the job require a study and verification of the plan from different angles or by different methods.
www.marxists.org /archive/lenin/works/1921/jun/02.htm   (315 words)

 Against libertarianism (by L. Proyect)
They noted that the success of the plan was based on 4 factors: 1) five good consecutive crops, 2) more external trade and help than in 1928, 3) a "sharp improvement" in overall economic indicators, and 4) a smaller ration than before of military expenditures in the state's total expenditures.
Bazarov, another Stalin loyalist in Gosplan, pointed to another area of risk: the lack of political cadres.
Molotov said this was too bad, and cleaned house in the old Gosplan with "all of its old-fashioned planners" as he delicately put it.
www.columbia.edu /~lnp3/mydocs/economics/libertarian.htm   (1619 words)

 "After The Soviet Union" Sample Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Located near the Kremlin, Gosplan was charged with planning the entire economy during Soviet times.
In the sane world, factories were built to make money and were located with access to raw materials, markets, capital and labor.
Located near the Kremlin, the planning agency building did a lot better than Gosplan itself, which was abolished in 1991.
www.gis.net /~erictrach/myrussia12.htm   (747 words)

 Sample text for Library of Congress control number 2001274629
Already, there was snow in the pine forests outside the capital and the premature autumnal chill made the hulking grey Gosplan building in central Moscow, designed by Stalin's architects to humble its visitors, feel even more forbidding than usual.
But for the comrades at Gosplan he was as terrifying an apparition as Lenin had been to Russia's aristocrats, and represented a change of the same horrifying proportions.
Suddenly, he realised, his life had been sundered into a 'before' and 'after', he had been transformed from a thinker to a doer, and the full weight of Russia's future had been thrust on to his sloping professorial shoulders.
www.loc.gov /catdir/samples/random043/2001274629.html   (1575 words)

 RAND | Reports | Ethiopia, crisis of a Marxist economy : analysis and text of a Soviet Report
In the face of this drastically deteriorated economic situation, the GOSPLAN advisers recommended a "new economic policy," i.e., a temporary return to greater economic freedom, to ease the transition from capitalism to socialism.
The GOSPLAN report ignores the burden that increased military expenditures and continued military operations place on the economy; moreover, it gives no hint that Moscow might increase its economic aid.
The Ethiopian leadership, meanwhile, has failed to take advantage of the Soviet recommendations to slow the collectivization of agriculture, and the private sector in trade and industry operates under severe restrictions and the threat of further nationalization.
www.rand.org /pubs/reports/R3677   (361 words)

 Marxism Glossary - G
He lent his name and support to Stalinist peace congresses and similar activities.
Gosplan - State Planning Commission of the USSR, created in 1921.
The Gotha Program - Program of the Socialist Workers' Party of Germany adopted in 1875 at the Gotha Congress, where the two previously separate German socialist parties, the Eisenachers and the Lassalleans, united.
www.newyouth.com /archives/theory/glossary/g.html   (347 words)

 Gosplan - another argument against OFF
Like Gosplan - but with fewer initial advantages, and very little fl market to oil the wheels.
Expecting a complex industrial economy with 20 million people in it (not counting the north) to be able to work as efficiently as a refugee camp containing a tenth of one percent of that number, is ludicrous.
There is no conceiveable way that Iraq could move to any kind of free economy (capitalist or worker-controlled) while 661 is still in place - otherwise, every single enterprise would be subject to maddening bureacratic delays that would apply to all their imports.
www.casi.org.uk /discuss/1999/msg00774.html   (542 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
During the first half of the year during which a plan is worked out (the planning year), the Central Planning Board (Gosplan) collects information on the state of the economy, showing accomplishments as well as any bottlenecks hindering further expansion.
Eventually, Gosplan will have to resolve all remaining conflict between sources and uses.
Another serious problem for Gosplan lies in managers' response to the way in which the output target is stated, leading to the production of low quality output and incorrect assortments.
faculty.vassar.edu /~kennett/Kohler.htm   (3944 words)

 Soviet Planning in the 1920's
When the Bolsheviks began to consider the project it was included within the jurisdiction of GOELRO, the program for the electrification of Russia.
Thus responsibility for the design and execution of Dnieprostoi rested with GOSPLAN although it could just as well been administratively assigned to GLAVELECTRO which was a division of VESENKHA.
It is eerie reviewing the history of the time and noting the number of Bolsheviks who were powerful figures then but who in the 1930's when the system turned psychopathic were arrested and executed as enemies of the people.
www.sjsu.edu /faculty/watkins/sovietplanning0.htm   (721 words)

 Socialism, by Robert Heilbroner: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Library of Economics and Liberty
At its apex was Gosplan, the highest state planning agency, which established such general directives for the economy as the target rate of growth, the allocation of effort between military and civilian outputs, between heavy and light industry, or among various regions.
Gosplan transmitted the general directives to successive ministries of industrial and regional planning, whose technical advisers broke down the overall national plan into directives assigned to particular factories, industrial power centers, collective farms, or whatever.
These thousands of individual subplans were finally scrutinized by the factory managers and engineers who would eventually have to implement them.
www.econlib.org /LIBRARY/Enc/Socialism.html   (1870 words)

GOSPLAN and the Politics of Soviet Planning, 1929-1932.
This book is helpful regarding the interplay and power struggles between the government and the economic planning bureaucracy.
  Of particular interest are the chapters discussing the increasing powers of GOSPLAN during the 1920’s that led to the eventual “victory of the political bureaucracy (71-122).
www.shevchenko.org /famine/21_27.htm   (1623 words)

 AEI - Short Publications
In addition to Mikhail Gorbachev’s favorite economists—academicians Leonid Abalkin, Oleg Bogomolov, and Nikolai Petrakov, who are reportedly the new government’s top advisers—the day-to-day management of the economy and finance will be in the hands of Yuri Maslyukov, first deputy prime minister, and Viktor Gerashchenko, chairman of the Central Bank.
The last chairman of Gosplan, the Soviet Union’s economic headquarters, Maslyukov was a leader of the Communist faction in the Duma and the Communists’ top economic expert.
"Gosplan always knew what the country needed and where to get it," Maslyukov said in 1996.
www.aei.org /publications/pubID.9541/pub_detail.asp   (4524 words)

 Gosplan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The abbreviation "Gosplan" has been in use since 1921.
Since 1925 Gosplan started creating common yearly all-economy plans, known under the name of "control numbers" (контрольные цифры).
The work of the latter one was based on the five-year plans delivered by Gosplan, with Gosplan planning for 10–15 years ahead.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gosplan   (330 words)

 Sound Sketch For Raging Flame. The New Blockaders/Gosplan trio
Quite unlike anything else in the TNB back-catalogue, this one matches surreal Russian dialogue, free jazz blurt, high-end electronics, scrabbles of junkyard percussion and enveloping hypnotic tones in an over-driven, almost MEV style, with Gosplan adding some great sanctified testifying ala Ayler/Wright et al.
With The Gosplan Trio as co-conspirators, the additional instrumentation adds depth and texture to The New Blockaders' post-industrial sound that I have never heard from them previously.
Teaming up with the Russian Gosplan Trio, Sound Sketch For Raging Flames amounts to a ramarkably listenable release.
www.letov.ru /SoundSketch/SoundSketch.htm   (447 words)

 Lecture 3: The Soviet Union
His decisive victory in 1929 triggered the transformation of Gosplan from a planning to a command agency and the beginning of collectivization
Gosplan needed to balance quotas for raw materials and semifabricates and quotas for transportation against quotas for finished product
Gosplan shifted to ordering the factories to produce a certain weight of glass
www.polisci.ucla.edu /faculty/anderson/PS156Anotes/0603.htm   (1781 words)

 WR Hambrecht + Co: OpenIPO: In The Media
It has been 13 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 11 since the collapse of Gosplan, the Soviet economic planning agency.
But then, the folks at Gosplan had a lot to lose, too.
House Financial Services Committee Chairman Michael Oxley has directed his committee's investigators to keep digging into IPO practices, but says he has no plans to legislate.
www.wrhambrecht.com /ind/auctions/openipo/media/20020910wsj.html   (822 words)

 Comments of Kudlow Speech Defending Ronald Reagan
Basically, the Soviet Union fell because Gosplan didn't work -- it was simply impossible to centrally plan one of the world's largest economies.
Basically, the cars came out looking okay, but literally could not drive more than seven miles because the treads on their tires were never actually sealed, since that particular year Gosplan had only allocated about 1% of the total needed amount of tire sealant to the tire factory in the area.
Whether or not this is actually true, it shows the fundamental problem with a Soviet-styled economy: a hundred people cannot take the place of supply and demand in a sizable economy without there being problems.
www.quickchange.com /reagan/comments.html   (3735 words)

 Safe Haven | Gordon Brown: The Minister From Gosplan's Power Grab
In a widely telegraphed political and economic decision the double act of Prime Minister Tony Blair and Finance Minister Gordon Brown confirmed their mantra on joining the Euro was: yes, but not quite yet.
Blair to an early retirement on the US lecture circuit and frustrate the socialist Mr.
Brown, a man who would have been comfortable as a Soviet Minister of Gosplan.
www.safehaven.com /article-765.htm   (718 words)

 Page Title
To make USSR a socialist state where the government had control over its economy.
The Gosplan was set up in 1927 to draw up plans to maximise economic resources.
A list of targets for industry, agriculture and communication was drawn up.
library.thinkquest.org /25988/page11.html   (72 words)

 How Not To Improve Domestic Security
The two root problems are the personnel system and the sort of military education we give American officers.
In fact, it is likely to make it worse, by sheer institutionalized incompetence.
In case anyone has forgotten, GOSPLAN was one of the reasons why the Soviet Union is no longer around.
www.freecongress.org /commentaries/2002/020214BL.asp   (450 words)

 Whirl of Planning: Gosplan-Ministries Relations in the 1930s
The main subject of this paper are the relationships between the planners and economic agents of the Soviet economy in the formative years of centralized planning, the first half of the 1930's.
The study is based on archival documents, showing the process of development and implementation of short-term plans by the State Planning Committee (Gosplan) and economic ministries.
The source material is analyzed in the framework of the economics of information focusing on the principal-agent problem.
www.hist.msu.ru /Labs/Ecohist/EZH/2001/belova.htm   (139 words)

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