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Topic: Gothic lolita

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Gothic lolita
Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of fl and white, often fl with white lace and typically decorated with ribbons and lace trims.
Lolita as a fashion is not as strongly associated with a particular style of music or outside interests as Goth, and individual followers of Lolita fashion may listen to a wide variety of music including regular pop and rock.
Punk, Decora, Goth and Ganguro are not Lolita!
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Gothic-lolita   (3929 words)

Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (ゴスロリ, gosurori; sometimes alternatively "Loli-Goth") is a youth fashion among Japanese teenagers and young women.
Gothic Lolita magazines are widely available for purchase on the internet and at Japanese bookstores, which also deal in anime and manga.
Currently the heart of the Gothic Lolita subculture, at least commercially, is the Marui Young department store in Shinjuku, after its predecessor Marui One closed at the end of August 2004.
www.japaneselifestyle.com.au /fashion/gothic_lolita.html   (1329 words)

 How to Be a Gothic Lolita - wikiHow
Gothic Lolita is one of Japan's many popular street fashions that is growing in popularity in the Western world today.
Gothic Lolita is not necessarily related to what you think of as "Goth".
Male gothic lolitas may be subjected to ridicule by those who are not highly open minded.
www.wikihow.com /Be-a-Gothic-Lolita   (1113 words)

 Urban Dictionary: lolita
Lolita is also used as a euphemism for child erotica, child porn, or barely legal adult porn.
His friend's sister thought it was fun being the neighborhood lolita, but then she got knocked up, had to drop out of school, all the while her baby' daddy is doing time for statutory rape.
Lolita, the style, is not to be confused with lolicon.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=lolita   (1304 words)

 Gothic Lolita - Wiki.theppn
Gothic Lolita is a fashion movement that has spawned a bunch of magazines dedicated to it in the past few years.
For example, one magazine called The Gothic and Lolita Bible features Mana from Malice Mizer in a photo shoot in pretty much every issue, and it is possible that Mana may have had something to do with the creation of that magazine as a whole.
EGA is not lolita, however it is included in the category due to other factors such as label, creator, and the type of people who tend to wear it.
wiki.theppn.org /Gothic_Lolita   (516 words)

 Lolita fashion at AllExperts
He coined the terms Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) to describe the style of his own fashion label Moi-même-Moitié, which was founded in 1999 and quickly established itself as one of the most coveted brands of the Gothic Lolita scene.
Wa Lolita (or abbreviated as waloli) is the combination of traditional Japanese clothing and Lolita fashion and usually consists of yukata (sometimes kimono) and a skirt or the bottom half of the garment is altered to mimick the typical lolita style.
The mature, masculine counterpart to Lolita, that is usually worn by men, though it can be worn by women, is inspired by what European upper class men wore in the 19th century and (at least in the West) is named after the Dandy of 19th century Europe.
en.allexperts.com /e/l/lo/lolita_fashion.htm   (1773 words)

 Gothic clothing from Drac-in-a-Box UK, gothic lolita, plus size gothic fashions, boots and jewellery
Drac-in-a-Box Gothic clothing are UK based designers and retailers of gothic clothing, Victorian style clothing, Gothic Lolita and punk clothing.
Drac-in-a-Box Gothic Clothing are devoted to bringing you the highest quality in gothic clothing, gothic lolita, EGL, medieval clothing, gothic jewelry, punk clothing, gothic toys, body jewellery and gothic boots at very reasonable prices.
Drac-in-a-Box Gothic clothing are based in the U.K and are devotees of the UK and worldwide gothic scene.
www.dracinabox.com   (366 words)

 Japanese Fashion - Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolita or “GothLoli” (ゴスロリ, gosurori) is a fashion particularly popular among Japanese teenagers and young women.
Gothic Lolita outfits may be accessorized with other props like conspicuous pocketbooks, hatboxes, handbags and other bags, sometimes in the shape of bats, coffins, and crucifixes.
Gothic Lolita, along with Cosplay and other Japanese cultural phenomena, can be seen at concerts and anime conventions throughout Europe and the United States.
fashion.3yen.com /category/gothic-lolita   (2316 words)

 gothic&lolita headpieces : Nocturnal Nostalgia
this unique gothic lolita fl and red brocade headdress is made of brocade fabric,fl brocade trim and 16" fl satin ribbon ties.
gothic lolita fl&white rose headdress.this unique handmade lolita bible inspired headpiece is great for your cosplay and lolita costumes.
this adorable gothic lolita red and white headpiece was designed by me using 100% red linen,white fancy satin,white organza and satin ruffled trim...
www.nocturnalnostalgia.com /cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=10   (250 words)

 Midi:Nette presents
Formed in October 1999 by Malice Mizer leader Mana, Moi-même-Moitié; is the fashion label at the epicenter of Japan's elegant gothic lolita/aristocrat fashion scene.
All items are designed by Mana himself, for an elegant combination of gothic romance and the phantastic.
Step into a new world with Moi-même-Moitié;, and combine the gothic romance, the bewildering unknown, beauty, and terror.
www.cdjapan.co.jp /jpop/essentials/mmm   (118 words)

 Gothic Lolita   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gothic Lolita, as a more specific subset of Lolita fashion, has a great deal in common with Lolita style, in particular the nostalgic drive.
  Gothic Lolita, however, places more emphasis on the elegant elements of the style and typically is limited in color to fl and white (with the occasional bit of red).
Gothic and Lolita Bible, a series that provides how-to tips for achieving the Gothic and Lolita looks sets out the “rules” for EGL dressing.
www.uta.edu /english/tidwell/JapaneseFashion/JapaneseFashion--GothicLolita.htm   (1224 words)

 Elegant Gothic Lolita
Elegant Gothic Lolita is a fusion of Victorian styles and babydoll elements.
An elegant Gothic Lolita, EGL or Gothic Lolita for short, is a Japanese teen or young adult who dresses in amazingly elaborate Gothic looking babydoll costumes.
Gothic Lolita is a subcategory of the Lolita fashion, a street fashion among Japanese female teenagers and, to a lesser extent, men and young women.
www.squidoo.com /egl   (1360 words)

 Morbid Outlook - Elegant Gothic Lolita
Gothic Lolitas want to emulate the Visual bands that dress the most feminine.
Dir en Grey and Malice Mizer are the most popular and authentic of the bands the Gothic Lolitas follow.
Many stores and magazines like the Gothic and Lolita Bible (Issues 1 through 4 can be purchased at Fujisan.com, just click on “English” at the top center) cater to the women who want to dress in the Gothic Lolita style.
www.morbidoutlook.com /fashion/articles/2002_07_gothiclolita.html   (1435 words)

 The New York Times > Fashion & Style > Gothic Lolitas: Demure vs. Dominatrix   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Lam said the video was a sign that the Gothic and Lolita aesthetic, once fetishized by a few, might be moving out into the mainstream, where it could be co-opted and corrupted by the many.
Stefani was the first celebrity to call attention to Gothic and Lolita fashion; Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence, wears fl lace dresses favored by some G.L.'s, and last year Courtney Love was co-writer of a Japanese-style comic book about Princess Ai, a character based loosely on Ms.
Gothic and Lolita got its start in the early to mid-1990's among Japanese schoolgirls inspired by the band Malice Mizer and in particular by Mana, the band's effeminate guitarist, who wore fl and white ruffled dresses, elaborate bows, false eyelashes and heavy white makeup.
www.nytimes.com /2005/03/13/fashion/13GOTH.html?ex=1268456400&en=c844d49ac1bc47f0&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland   (694 words)

Gothic Lolita is a uniquely Japanese type of dress, inspired by the drag costumes of Visual Kei heroes.
You could say that the Gothic Lolita style came from Visual Kei, the Japanese rock genre that features an almost punk style of the 80’s music here in the states.
The Gothic Lolita Bible is one of the best examples of the style.
web.mac.com /wyntormoon/iWeb/autumnpeople/Gothic-Lolita.html   (869 words)

 Gothic Lolita Bible subscriptions, Elegant Gothic from Japan
Covering a variety of themes, from punk to Harajuku grunge to Gothic Lolita, this magazine gives the reader an excellent idea of the fringe, hip fashions that are currently taking Japanese youth by storm.
For those interested in Japan's Gothic Lolita subculture (which merges a Victorian style gothic look wrapped in Japan's penchant for cuteness), here is a tote bag / bento bag by Pink Butterfly.
Ah, another dreamy issue of Gothic and Lolita Bible, the perfect-bound magazine that is truly the bible for gothic cosplay culture, filled with tons of great photographs of the leaders of the goth-loli movement.
www.jbox.com /SEARCHES/gothic_lolita   (3102 words)

 Gothic & Lolita
Gothic and Lolita charts the current trend of Gothic fashion that has swept Japan.
Gothic and Lolita charts the trend of Gothic street fashion that has swept Japan over the last decade.
The origin of the movement was in Osaka in the mid 1990s when young teenagers adopted Gothic fashion in response to the clothes worn and promoted by Japanese Gothic rock bands.
www.phaidon.com /Default.aspx/Web/gothic-and-lolita-9780714847856   (451 words)

 ~~~~Gothic Lolita~~~~
Gothic Lolita or "GothLoli" (????, gosurori; sometimes alternatively "Loli-Goth") is a subcategory of the
Gothic Lolita is the best-known of the various "
Gothic Lolita style is usually a combination of fl and white, often fl with white
groups.msn.com /gothiclolitfashion   (328 words)

 Gothic Stories - Elegant Gothic Lolita Fashion (Gothloli)
However, the Gothic Lolita trend has gradually spread outside of Japan and now has a strong following in many Western countries although the average age of the practitioners is perhaps a little older.
The are several variations of the Gothic Lolita look each with their own followers.
As stated Gothic Lolita fashion has spread to the west although it is rarely categorized so tightly as in Japan, with several other Lolita styles merging into the main theme.
www.darkpassions.co.uk /catalog/article_info.php?articles_id=12   (546 words)

 Gothic Lolita - Japanese Fashion Trend
Gothic Lolita is a fashion style popular among Japanese youth.
Usually worn by girls, the image is that of a Victorian doll, with pale skin, neat hair, knee- or mid-thigh-length Victorian dresses, pinafores, bloomers, stockings and shoes or boots.
Sub-styles include elegant gothic lolita or EGL (with a monochromatic palette), classical or country gothic lolita (pastels), elegant gothic aristocrat or EGA (essentially the same for men) and industrial gothic lolita (including PVC, leather, zippers, chains and other Punk fashion elements.)
www.japan-101.com /culture/culture_gothic_lolita.htm   (162 words)

 loli love // the lolita fashion fanlisting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Whether it be Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Punk Lolita, or other style, all lolita fashion is mezmerizing, unique, and generally beautiful.
Lolita fashion transcends cultures and ages, and is appreciated the world over.
If you are a fan of any or all of the sub-types of lolita fashion, please consider joining the fanlisting and showing your lolita love.
www.overstuffed-closet.net /lolita   (73 words)

 [No title]
Gothic lolita, gothic and lolita are just styles with a bit of escapism.
Gothic Lolita is a fashion style popular among Japanese youth.
Gothic Lolita, EGL or Gothic Lolita for short, is a Japanese teen or young adult who dresses in amazingly elaborate Gothic looking babydoll costumes.
www.lycos.com /info/elegant-gothic-lolita.html   (392 words)

 Zee News - "Gothic Lolita" street fashion goes mainstream in Japan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Believed to be an off-shoot of the Gothic look of many of the punk-bands of the late 1990s, the addition of the sweet and cutesy elements helped make this statement more acceptable to many Japanese who were looking for an alternative fashion statement in the nation`s often conservatively dressed crowd.
At a recent fashion show organised by one of the largest dedicated Gothic Lolita magazines, Kora (monthly circulation of 80,000), nearly 1,500 Gothic Lolita fans at gathered to watch parade the hottest brands of crinoline and pettycoat - they themselves in their best -- and most gothic -- outfit.
"Gothic Lolita appeals to adult men, too," said Yusuke Dendo, a 20-year old student said in a more punk-gothic look reminiscent of the neo-romantic movement of the United Kingdom in the 1980s.
www.zeenews.com /znnew/articles.asp?aid=337412&ssid=101&sid=ENT   (663 words)

 kawaii_gothiclolita's Xanga Site
In 1999, "Lolita Fashion" started in Japan as French maid meets Alice in Wonderland type of look, with a short, puffy fl dress with white apron.
Gothic Lolita (EGL)- (Otherwise known as Elegant Gothic Lolita.) The Gothic Lolita's usually wear the above clothes, only not so cutsey, but still Baby doll looking.
The Gothic Aristrocat is bassicly the male version of Gothic Lolita.
www.xanga.com /kawaii_gothiclolita   (345 words)

 Lolita   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gothic Lolitas are young girls that are very polite and well mannered, that dress in the styles of the Victorian age (late 1800s to early 1900s).
This means that boys, girls young and old of any race can be Gothic Lolitas.
What ever means that you use if you want to pursue being a Gothic Lolita, a Lolita or an Adult Little Girl have fun.
www.missamylee.com /Lolita1.htm   (430 words)

 Gothic and Lolita Friends' Journal
I love Lolita fashion (Sweet Lolita is my favorite at the moment), but I only work a part-time job so I have next to no money to buy/get materials and make Lolita clothes.
Im pretty much a newbie to Lolita since ive only been interested in it for a few months (since march or april this year) I dont have a specific type of lolita i pretty much like it all.
Well, besides lolita i also enjoy drumming, photography (im studying photo in college), stuffed animals, penguins and kiwis, metal music (doom metal is my fav.), victorian era, etc..
community.livejournal.com /gl_friends   (2114 words)

 Gothic & Lolita Bible
Japan's premiere magazine devoted to the world of gothic fashion and lolita style.
The speical Extra Edition of Gothic and Lolita, which has step by step pictured instructions on creating Gothic and Lolita outifts.
Features include a poster of Aya and lolita artwork, included pattern and many articles.
www.jpophouse.com /contents/en-us/d139.html   (465 words)

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