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Topic: Government failure

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Market failure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Economists of the Public Choice school often argue that market failure does not necessarily imply that government should attempt to solve market failures, because the costs of government failure might be worse than those of the market failure it attempts to fix.
This failure of government is seen as the result of the inherent problems of democracy perceived by this school and also of the power of special-interest groups (rent seekers) both in the private sector and in the government bureaucracy.
Instead of a government program, which in theory reflects the democratically-expressed will of the people, the result is sometimes a privately owned monopoly allied with the political insiders, the kind of crony capitalism that most economists, including the laissez faire schools oppose.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Market_failure   (1540 words)

 Colombia: Security at what cost? The Government's failure to confront the human rights crisis. - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Although the government has contended that the threats against public officials issued by the FARC is a new and exceptional situation that places at risk many communities in Colombia, it might also be argued that the state has at its disposal ordinary powers with which to confront this threat.
Failure to investigate army collusion with paramilitaries: The fact that paramilitarism remains integral to the army’s counter-insurgency strategy is underlined by the failure of the authorities to ensure that high-ranking military officers implicated in human rights violations committed with the support of paramilitaries are brought to justice.
Moreover, failure to actively collaborate with the state and the military in their counter-insurgency strategy often leads to the systematic harassment and abuse of the civilian population and to its stigmatization as guerrilla sympathisers.
click.topica.com /maaaHwjaaUOXsbb0hPub   (9419 words)

 Mexico's Colonial Government, Successful Failure- BY SHEP LENCHEK - IN MEXICO CONNECT
Today, the visible remains of Mexico's Colonial era are the ornate churches and palacios, either government office buildings or the homes of Colonial officials, still surviving, in the center of Mexico's larger cities.
Its unwillingness to give what had become the majority of the population any voice in government or control over their own destiny was to persist even in the "democratic " Republic that replaced it.
Blaming this entirely on the Colonial Government is an over-simplification, but there is little doubt that many of the practices of the 300 years that it controlled the Colony, either knowingly or sub-consciously, still make up part of the Mexican Mystique.
www.mexconnect.com /mex_/travel/slenchek/slcolonialfailure.html   (1587 words)

 Land Reform and the Failure of Government   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
By 1970 the failure of the Government's nature conservation policy of private ownership public funding of conservation through voluntary management agreements had become a public scandal.
Forty years of Government policy based upon private voluntary approaches to nature conservation were rapidly exposed within less than a decade by the new voluntary conservation owners to be both ineffectual in protecting the natural heritage and a scandalous abuse by private land owning interests of tax payers money.
The failure of Government rural and economic policy to overcome the problems of remote and fragile communities in which vested land owning interests have blocked and frustrated local development has a long history.
www.caledonia.org.uk /land/failure.htm   (936 words)

Government intervention may be prescribed to correct for market failures (e.g., externalities, asymmetric information, natural monopolies) or achieve normative social goals.
Moreover, governments are plagued by inherent problems in making democratic decisions and designing organizations that do in fact achieve their objectives.
Government organization that do not buy or sell goods in the market place may fail to value their outputs and resources appropriately.
www.unc.edu /~perreira/guide10.html   (733 words)

 War and Freedom by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
It was the government that banned guns on planes, the government that ran airport security, the government that antagonized the hijackers, the government that created and sustained what became al-Qaeda, the government that received the advance warnings and did nothing, and the government that had promised and failed in every way to deliver security.
In order to distract us from this conclusion, the government has created the illusion that the greatest threat we face is somewhere out there, and we must trust the government to tell us from day to day what that threat is. Among them is what has come to be known as the rogue state.
Beneath all the hoopla of this past September 11, beneath the sickening displays of celebration for the government and the complete absence of commentary on most victims of 9-11, who, after all, were engaged in the peaceful, civilizing business of commerce, I did detect growing public frustration with the direction the warfare state is going.
www.lewrockwell.com /rockwell/warandfreedom.html   (3906 words)

 Market Failure and Government Failure, by Gil Guillory -- anti-state.com
Governments are organizations that have stated goals, such as establishing justice and insuring domestic tranquility.
Governments both succeed and fail in their endeavors, as we would expect of an institution composed of humans.
Market failure has been used to describe outcomes resulting from the fact that transmission of information is costly and imperfect; the fact that consumers do not always know whether or not a particular good or service will satisfy their desires; and the fact that there is fraud, default, and reneging among both buyers and sellers.
www.anti-state.com /guillory/guillory3.html   (1066 words)

 FREC 267 -- Public Choice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Similarly, William Niskanen models the government bureaucrat as maximizing her agency's size and budget.
For example, cosmetologists might lobby for a professional certification system to "protect the public from incorrect use of cosmetics." Certification is automatic for the established cosmeticians, of course; others might be required to spend two years training on farm animals.
Government basically runs on a dual currency system of votes and money, and the relative influence of money appears to be increasing.
www.udel.edu /johnmack/frec267/267lec16.html   (467 words)

 AS Economics: Market Failure and Government Failure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
An argument for the government providing merit goods such as state education and the National Health Service free of charge to consumers is that
The government wishes to increase economic welfare by introducing policies that create external benefits as well as internal ones.
Government intervention in the economy to correct a market distortion may fail because
www.tutor2u.net /redir.asp?link=5267&tree=2368   (1013 words)

 Guardian | Government failure on US detainees
An action in the UK courts to force the government to make such protests failed, but the master of the rolls, Lord Phillipps, used strong language for a senior judge in describing the detention as "arbitrary", "objectionable" and "a legal fl hole".
It could take a case against the US government in the international court of justice, to which the US is a signatory (unlike the international criminal court).
The reason there are said to be no German citizens in Guantanamo is because the German government did once take such a case against the US on behalf of one of its citizens, Mr La Grande, and won (though sadly not preventing his execution).
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4633402-111575,00.html   (364 words)

There are two justifications for taxpayer subsidies: Market failure where the competitive market fails to provide (or provide enough of) an essential service and social equity where the competitive market does not supply sufficient amounts of an essential service to low income and other disadvantaged people.
Likewise, Amtrak's subsidy cannot be justified on the basis of social equity.
Amtrak should be freed from the yoke of taxpayer subsidies and rules and be allowed to compete with the airlines and the highways.
www.publicpurpose.com /pp-amtrk.htm   (989 words)

 Government Failure: the Boondoggle Way of Life
According to the government's own data, kids with legal access to guns are less likely to become criminals than their non-shooting friends.
Government law enforcement agencies can never replace private action- their interests and incentives are at odds with those of the people they "protect." (5/14/99)
The government's bizarre requirement that Web sites operated by the government and operators who do business with the government beusable by people with disabilities is raising fears that private sites are next.
www.bmstahoe.com /Libertarian/govfail.html   (2395 words)

 Another Government failure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The government's job is to set priorities and to treat scarce resources with respect.
According to the Budget of the U.S. Government for Fiscal Year 2003: "The integrity of NASA's merit-based research is seriously eroded by the practice of congressionally directed spending known as earmarks.
The governments first responsibility is to defend the country, secondly to "regulate commerce" with foregin nations and between the states, meaning in the latter case to make sure that states do not restrict it.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/836958/posts   (1255 words)

 Reasons for the Government Failure to Honor its Commitments
It is the government which makes fun of the Cocopa and its initiative, it is the government which does not keep its word, it is the government which persecutes and kills us, it is the government which refuses to dialogue with seriousness and responsibility.
It is to the government that the Cocopa should complain for their "hands being tied", it is to the government that they should demand that it stops the war and return to the ways of the dialogue.
The government refuses to comply with the accords because they are the result of a new type of dialogue.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/mexico/ezln/1997/marcos_why_gov_fails_oct.html   (3219 words)

 Government Failure: Congestion, Pollution and the Pensions Crisis - Lesson Plan
To this end, the lessons will combine an understanding of market failure, methods of correcting government failure and the source of imperfections in government decision-making with respect to resource allocation.
Problems of measuring the effects of government intervention are then introduced, finishing off with a short report on one of the issues identified.
The hope is that students will try to put themselves in the position of the government and to think about where problems could arise, how they would measure effects and so on.
www.bized.ac.uk /educators/16-19/economics/govpol/lesson/failure2.htm   (784 words)

 eGovernment for Development - Impact of eGovernment Failure
Six categories of potential costs of e-government failure can be identified.
Five categories of potential benefits of e-government failure can be identified.
Thanks to all those who contributed their ideas to the discussion of costs and benefits of e-government failure.
www.egov4dev.org /impactfailure.htm   (1284 words)

 Sudan: Government failure leads to humanitarian crisis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The Sudanese government is largely responsible for the human rights crisis in Darfur, western Sudan, Amnesty International said today after its delegates returned from visiting refugee camps in eastern Chad.
The government has said that the problem was one of desertification and competition for scarce resources and denied that security forces failed to act against abuses.
In September 2003, a ceasefire was agreed between the Sudanese government and the SLA/M under the auspices of the Chadian government.
www.amnesty.org.uk /deliver/document/15031   (1464 words)

 rediff.com: Sajid Bhombal on the government's failure in Gujarat
A government is called a government because its primary function is governance.
Modi failed to govern when it was needed the most.
Failure to do so will only push the community further into the hands of communal forces.
www.rediff.com /news/2002/may/11guest.htm   (1638 words)

 Government Failure of the Year
As Phyllis Schlafly has emphasized, Columbine was a model of progressive educational experiments, complete with pc politics (Eric followed a class assignment and wrote an essay against "hate" only a week before the killings), counselors around every corner, sex and death education, and more electives classes than kids in college used to have.
What's more difficult to understand is the parents' failure to understand what it means to place their children in such a school.
But in conformity to the federal government's rules against arms, everyone was at the mercy of the killers.
www.lewrockwell.com /orig/tucker1.html   (1126 words)

 Education | Ucas figures 'mask government failure'
The National Union of Students today claimed the latest figures for applications to university "masked" the government's failure to attract more students.
Until this government recognises the role debt plays in deterring certain sections of society from university we will continue to have an inequitable system that favours the wealthy," she said.
The government has in the past made it clear that it believed much of the increase needed to hit the target would come at the latter half of the decade, as foundation degree provision increases.
education.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4654731-111348,00.html   (569 words)

 [No title]
Government Failure: Government is not a perfect instrument for correcting market failures (Buchanan 1962a).
When economists tell government things which clash with the preferences of underlying interest groups, it is true that such advice is usually ignored.
Exposing the social costs of government transfer schemes may sway disinterested observers to see the policy for what it is, namely, a transfer of wealth to organized labor.
www.gmu.edu /jbc/fest/files/shughart.htm   (3546 words)

 Sinn Féin European Union Election: Government failure threatens post office network
Sinn Fein North West EU candidate Pearse Doherty has said that the continuing failure of the government to meet its social obligations to support An Post threatens hundreds of Posts Offices and the rural post office network in particular.
There is social obligation on the government to cost the implications of these commitments and meet them financially.
Under EU legislation government subsidy for the protection of its social obligations is allowed and we already see them operating in terms of CIE, RTE, ESB and the regional airports.
www.sinnfein.ie /euteam/news/detail/5057   (534 words)

 AlterNet: The Government's Failure to Protect
The federal government is not protecting the public from health hazards resulting from strip mining, say employees in the Interior Department.
The U.S. Office of Surface Mining Control and Reclamation's (OSM) employees, in a non-governmental report released last week, say that the agency is not enforcing basic safeguards against the effects of leaching acids and toxins from abandoned mines and that environmental clean-up is not getting done.
The report concludes that the record of the Clinton Administration on strip mining enforcement is worse than the records of the Reagan and Bush Administrations.
www.alternet.org /story/5012   (859 words)

 Poynter Online - Awarding Government Failure
I don't suppose that government officials who write up the thousands of documents created each year in Washington usually care what the literati think of their prose.
The person most directly blamed in the report for the intelligence failures before 9/11 is a man who left the government.
But what the government doesn't have is a distrust of power, something a real watchdog press is supposed to have.
www.poynter.org /column.asp?id=57&aid=73082   (1008 words)

 More evidence of Australian government's failure to warn of Bali bombings
Right up until the bombing, the government insisted it was safe to visit Bali, despite receiving several explicit warnings from US intelligence agencies, as well as its own Office of National Assessments (ONA), about likely attacks on the island in response to Australia’s participation in the US-led assault on Afghanistan.
On the morning of May 5 he stated that the government was not aware of approaches that Qantas may have made to ASIO about travel advisory warnings.
Howard also declared that his government would not alter travel advisories in response to pressure from anybody, because the advisories were designed to “protect and help Australians”.
www.wsws.org /articles/2004/may2004/bali-m15.shtml   (1720 words)

 DevASP Government Failure : A Primer in Public Choice Book - 1930865201   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
While the discussion is illuminating and generally crisp and comprehensible, the over-use of the term "public choice analyis" proved annoying: Hardly a page went by without "public choice analyis," sometimes twice in the same sentence.
The general thrust of the text is that, however well-intentioned, no government can sustain a vibrant and diverse welfare-state over the long-term.
Full of vigor, he brings ip several issues that are of critical interest to proponents of small government: the Fabian fallacy, the growth of addiction to the welfare-state, and the welfare-state's role in the collapse of the family.
www.devasp.com /store/shop62/pd1930865201/Books_and_Software   (582 words)

 catallaxy » Blog Archive » Government failure in science, health, welfare, eduction…   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The search also led to a piece on the case against government science which drew attention to other work on government failure in health and welfare.
Instead of simply funding the poor, Governments gave in to the public education lobby that was pushing for free schools and the rest is history.
I don’t see how the damage can be repaired; not because the task is educationally beyond us, mind you, but because those politicians who know what needs to be done, also know they’d put their careers on the line were they to even raise it.
badanalysis.com /catallaxy/index.php?p=464   (1073 words)

 Galen's Log: Market Failure or Government Failure?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Imagine, now, that the government were to do the same thing for x-ray machines, painkillers, MRIs, nurses, obstetricians, and just about everything else.
Government need not be the "provider" of health care to make lives worse.
The reason that there is a shortage is because a government decided to decree that a company didn't meet their ridiculous regulations.
galenslog.typepad.com /galens_log/2004/10/market_failure_.html   (729 words)

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