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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  linux software and linux documentation for all your needs : usinglinux.org
These can be used on the web, as well as in graphic application programs (such as XWindow applications) which can call the GCL interpeter internally and have it create a counter or a timer.
Gracula is the compiler/interpreter for Graphic Counter Language, developed under FreeBSD, though usable on any Unix system.
Gracula is written in C and highly optimized for speed which makes it work reliably even on the busiest web sites.
www.usinglinux.org /graphics/gracula.html   (224 words)

 Mynah, Birds, Mynah, Bird Pictures, Catalog, Encyclopedia
Date : 9/4/2005 Time : 9:08:20 AM Mynah, or myna, is the common name for six genera (12 species) of birds in the starling family, Sturnidae, order Passeriformes.
The best known is the hill mynah, Gracula religiosa, native to India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Its plumage is glossy fl, the bill orange, and it has yellow wattles beneath the eye and on the back of the head.
www.4to40.com /earth/geography/htm/birdsindex.asp?counter=62   (112 words)

Gracula, the Graphic Counter Language and the images ressource files.
Here you must pass a command to Gracula, the default is hits counter :
Gracula is © 1999 G. Adam Stanislav, all Rights Reserved.
anamorphose.free.fr /poorcount.html   (760 words)

 Count Gracula's Gallery
Others are gif files, but even they were produced by gracula from the original GCL script.
This is a combination of the FBI badge (found at Police Graphics Library and fl.gd from Poorcount above, changed with the colorize keyword.
In case you are wondering, I was a volunteer deputy sheriff of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for many years while I lived in Pittsburgh.
www.whizkidtech.redprince.net /gcl/gallery   (411 words)

 Whiz Kid Technomagic - Downloading the Graphic Counter Language
NNL contains the Whiz Kid Technomagic No-Nonsense License gracula is released under.
Note: The gd.c file included with GCL contains two of my own patches due to a rather obscure bug in the original (I have informed the author about it, so no doubt the problem will be fixed in gd 1.4, but for now please make sure to use the patched version with GCL).
Version 3.0 was added to it the same day it was released (1999-06-22).
www.whizkidtech.redprince.net /gcl/download.html   (744 words)

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