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Topic: Grand vizier

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

The 2 main empires which used the institution of vizier were the Abbasids (750 CE- 1258) and the Ottomans (1300-1922).
From the mid-15th century under sultan Mehmed 2, the title "vizier" came to be used for the chief minister, just with the epithet "grand".
In the beginning of the 19th century, the grand vizier had a council of ministers which were appointed by the sultan.
i-cias.com /e.o/vizier.htm   (338 words)

  General glossary - All About Turkey
Vizier was the highest rank in the military/administrative hierarchy of the Empire; the chief minister (like a prime minister) was the Grand Vizier.
At various times in history, the Grand (First) Vizier was often given full deputy powers by the sultan over the Empire.
And under a weak or incompetent sultan, the Grand Vizier ruled the Empire.
www.allaboutturkey.com /sozluk.htm   (413 words)

 T.C. Kultur Bakanligi / Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey
The mosque that was built in Üsküdar on high ground overlooking the sea in 1471 by grand vizier Rum Mehmed Paşa is brick-built and it a further example of a mosque with a dervish dormitory.
A mosque built by grand vizier Mesih Mehmet Paşa in the Fatih district in 1586 is remarkable for its enamelled tiles and embellished marble and, in terms of its proportions, is a bold statement and a great work.
Paşa 'külliye', built by the then grand vizier; it is enriched with a public fountain, charity fountain, a graveyard within the precincts and even a bazaar, and is located in the Şehzadebaşı district of the city.
www.discoverturkey.com /english/yeni/istanbul/smallmosques.html   (4783 words)

 Grand Vizier - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Grand Vizier was the office in the Galactic Empire responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the Empire and the Bureaucracy.
Essentially, the Grand Vizier performed almost all the day-to-day duties which the Emperor couldn't perform due to the hunt for the remaining Jedi and the Rebellion.
The position of Grand Vizier was formed after the establishment of the Empire, and may have been a replacement for two pre-existing offices, those of Vice Chair and Staff Aide.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Grand_Vizier   (298 words)

The 2 main empires which used the institution of vizier were the Abbasids (750 CE- 1258) and the Ottomans (1300-1922).
From the mid-15th century under sultan Mehmed 2, the title "vizier" came to be used for the chief minister, just with the epithet "grand".
In the beginning of the 19th century, the grand vizier had a council of ministers which were appointed by the sultan.
lexicorient.com /e.o/vizier.htm   (338 words)

 Yogi Bhajan Lecture Archive: The Meaning of Dharma
Once a king told the Grand Vizier, he said, "I want to change and you should change.
We want to go into the country and see how my people are." Grand Vizier said, "King, you don't have to go, please." He said, "Look, somebody will kill me, what it matters to me? I have no child, I have nobody.
Grand Vizier looked at him and said, "Lord, what are you talking about?" He said, "This is the ring which rules, not me. This is the royal seal.
www.sikhnet.com /sikhnet/articles.nsf/9dee2aa6164e1d9b87256671004e06c7/acd34218c44b263f87256671004e4686!OpenDocument   (5178 words)

One indication that I may be on the right track in attempting to merge the C12th BC king of Babylon, Nebuchednezzar I, with the C8th BC king of Assyria, Sennacherib, is that one finds during the reign of 'each' a vizier of such fame that he was to be remembered for centuries to come.
It is now reasonable to assume that this is one and the same vizier.
Whilst we have arrived at a variety of names for the vizier, they basically seem to contain a Babylonian theophoric, followed by a word similar to 'son' (ah or ahi), and a final element that varies.
www.specialtyinterests.net /the_grand_vizier.html   (3759 words)

 grand - definition by dict.die.net
I should hardly yield my rigid fibers to be regenerated by them; nor begin, in my grand climacteric, to squall in their new accents, or to stammer, in my second cradle, the elemental sounds of their barbarous metaphysics.
Grand action, a pianoforte action, used in grand pianos, in which special devices are employed to obtain perfect action of the hammer in striking and leaving the string.
Grand Army of the Republic, an organized voluntary association of men who served in the Union army or navy during the civil war in the United States.
dict.die.net /grand   (383 words)

 Inalcik, Suleyman, Man and Statesman
The grand vizier's attempt to interfere in nisanci's jurisdiction, for example, was prevented by the rule that any change in the registers of landholding and timars had to be made directly by the nisanci.
Rustem, twice grand vizier in the periods 1544-1553 and 1555-1561, together with his ambitious and authoritative wife Mihrumah and his mother-in-law Hurrem, formed an inner circle in the government which evidently influenced the sultan's decisions particularly in issues concerning the succession and the future of the sultanate.
The reason for this was that when the grand vizier acts as the commander-in-chief of the army, he is inclined to misuse his authority, dismissing men of rank under him for the sake of bribery and replacing them with his own men.
coursesa.matrix.msu.edu /~fisher/hst373/readings/inalcik1.html   (5678 words)

 Koprulu. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Mehmed Köprülü, 1583–1661, became grand vizier of Muhammad IV in 1656.
An able statesman and soldier, he took (1669) the last Venetian stronghold in Crete, but he was severely defeated (1664) by Montecucculi at Szentgotthárd in Hungary and suffered reverses in his campaigns against John III of Poland.
Ahmed’s brother, Mustafa Köprülü, 1637–91, became vizier in 1689, at a time when the Austrians and their allies were advancing victoriously into the Ottoman Empire.
www.bartleby.com /65/ko/Koprulu.html   (303 words)

 Midhat Pasa
In 1861 Midhat was made a vizier and entrusted with the government of Nis, where his reforms were so successful that Sultan Abdülaziz charged him to help prepare a scheme for their adoption in other parts of the empire.
Deteriorating conditions in the empire in 1876 led to a coalition of Midhat, the grand vizier, and the minister of war that deposed Sultan Abdülaziz on May 30 and placed his nephew Murad V on the throne; Murad's insanity led to his deposition in August, and he was replaced by his brother Abdülhamid II.
Midhat again became grand vizier, and, mainly at his urging, the empire's first constitution was promulgated on December 23, guaranteeing a broad range of democratic freedoms.
www.naqshbandi.org /ottomans/khalifa/midhat_pasa.htm   (416 words)

 Husein   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
On July 18 of the same year Gradašcevic met a large force commanded by the grand vizier himself near Shtimje/Štimlje in Kosovo and dealt a heavy defeat to the imperial army.
The Grand Vizier promised this delegation that he would insist to the Sultan that he accept the Bosniak demands and appoint Gradašcevic as the official vizier of an autonomous Bosnia.
When the Vizier's troops succeeded in crossing the Drina, Gradašcevic ordered 6,000 men under Ali-paša Fidahic to meet them in Rogatica while units stationed in Višegrad were to head to Pale on the outskirts of Sarajevo.
koz.vianet.ca /boshis81.htm   (3829 words)

 Iranica.com - FOREIGN AFFAIRS
Relations with foreign powers were the domain of the shah and the grand vizier as far as the decision-making process was concerned.
During the entire Safavid period the point-man for all foreign affairs was the grand vizier.
It also depended on the personalities of the grand vizier and the minister, who, as in the case of M^rza@ H®osayn Khan, played a more pronounced role than his predecessors or successors.
www.iranica.com /articles/v10f1/v10f125.html   (3229 words)

 Arabic words in English: live usage examples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A Vizier (????, sometimes also spelled Vizir, Wasir, Wazir, Wesir, Wezir - grammatical vowel changes are common in many oriental languages) is an oriental, originally Persian, term for a high-ranking political (and sometimes religious) advisor or Minister, often to a Muslim monarch such as a Caliph, Amir, Malik (king) or Sultan.
Art In contemporary literature and pantomime, the "Grand Vizier" is a character stereotype and is usually portrayed as a scheming backroom plotter and the clear power behind the throne of a usually bumbling or incompetent monarch.
Throughout history the notion of the sinister Grand Vizier has often been invoked when a political leader appears to be developing a cozy relationship with a spiritual advisor of questionable scruples or talents.
www.1001inventions.com /words/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.viewWord&vcWord=vizier   (856 words)

 uExpress.com: Tell Me A Story by Amy Friedman and Jillian Gilliland -- (04/21/2002) adapted by Amy Friedman and ...
When the grand vizier and the doctor were gone, Abu and his wife began to laugh again at the success of their trick.
In the meantime, though, the grand vizier ran to the caliph.
The caliph and the grand vizier, their servants and the doctors and neighbors gathered.
www.uexpress.com /tellmeastory/?uc_full_date=20020421   (822 words)

Five Grand Viziers, including Midhat Pasha who masterminded the first Constitutional Monarchic regime, Turkish ambassadors to European countries and foreign ambassadors to Turkey, famous freedom writers and poets were members of this lodge.
The Grand Lodges of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir were created, and finally those three grand lodges united on the 16th December 1956 to create a totally independent Grand Lodge of Turkey.
In 1970 the Grand Lodges of England and Ireland recognized the Grand Lodge of Turkey.
www.freemasons-freemasonry.com /layiktez.html   (3064 words)

 The Grand Empire of Krath
The Grand Empire was an utter conglomeration of tribes, most of which were conquered by the Krathaszhar in their long and momentous history of war and conquest.
Theoretically the Grand Karoth was the state: He possessed absolute power and was believed to be involved in every decision of the government.
The most powerful of these were the viziers of the Imperial Divan, a council led by the Grand Vizier where viziers gathered to debate the politics of the empire.
www.santharia.com /places/krath_empire.htm   (5664 words)

 Parashat Vayigash: Repent, then forgive | Jerusalem Post   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
What led to that meeting was the speech of Judah, in which he pleads with the Grand Vizier not to detain Benjamin - charged with stealing a goblet - as his servant.
Undoubtedly, it is the substance as well as the style of Judah's defense that causes the Grand Vizier to reveal himself, leading to the rapprochement between father and son.
Once the Grand Vizier rejected Judah's offer that all of them remain as slaves (with the exception of Benjamin), it became clear that it wasn't God who was punishing them.
www.jpost.com /servlet/Satellite?cid=1164881988468&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FPrinter   (904 words)

 The Emperor's Same, Old Clothes
It came to pass that all Baghdad did fall before the emperor, and the tailors were happy, the king was happy, and above all the Grand Vizier was happy as his rivals lost influence.
The Grand Vizier, it seemed, never had an adequate plan, and the price for the new clothes kept rising.
One day the Grand Vizier decided to go to Kuwait to boost the morale of his soldiers who were being killed in defense of the empire.
www.commondreams.org /views04/1217-21.htm   (879 words)

 The Grand Vizier   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loyal confidant and surrogate father to Pyrus, the Vizier has faith in the young Prince, and guards his safety with a vengeance.
The Vizier is openly hostile of the Alliance and constantly tries to persuade Pyrus that they are not to be trusted.
At times irritable and testy, the Vizier is extremely dedicated to tradition and the old laws, something that the boy, much to his aggravation, would rather update.
alswaiter.codedaemon.com /SR/Cast/vizier.htm   (101 words)

 The Journal of Civilized Man
The executioner is going to behead him now, then the new Grand Vizier will be made to step over the dead body of his predecessor before being installed in his office." When asked the reason for this, he was told, "As an admonition to the incoming minister."
The new minister witnessed this scene, then trod on the corpse of his executed predecessor to mount the Grand Vizier's throne of office.
When he came in front of the Grand Vizier, he handed him the purse containing the gold pieces.
johnathanmaxfield.blogspot.com   (2066 words)

 TURKEY TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Kusadasi City Information
It is constructed on 1618 by Grand Vizier Öküz Pasa.
Built in 1618 by Grand Vizier Okuz Pasa, there are artillery holes still visible on the external walls, in an effort to protect the city against pirates.
The most famous beach in the area is Kadinlar Denizi (Ladies’ Beach), 3km south of town and well connected by dolmus, which is very crowded in high season.
www.istanbulhotelsresorts.com /kusadasiturkey.asp   (455 words)

 Amazon.com: "Grand Vizier": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The redoubtable Grand Vizier, Damad Ibrahim, had already wrested from them Tauris, Erivan, Kermandzasahan, and Hamadan, and the good folks of Stambul could talk...
Key Phrases: Grand Vizier, Sidi ibn Thalabi, Abou Hassan, Haroun Alraschid, Commander of the Faithful, Governor of Bagdad, Murad Essed, Emir Bargash ibn Beynin, Prince of the Faithful, King Selim, Ali ibn Moulk, Gholab Khan, Grand Chamberlain, Ishak ibn Ibrahim, Mazoudi Khan, Mirza Aga, Abbas Bey, fortunate merchant, magic tube, cheaper edition, slave merchants
Shahzenan having departed, Shahriar informed his Grand Vizier of his vow, and ordered him to provide him with a new wife every day.
www.amazon.com /phrase/Grand-Vizier   (366 words)

 The Story of Ahikar, Grand Vizier of Assyria
Wise, Vizier of Sennacherib the King, and of Nadan, sister's son to Haiqar the Sage.
67 There are four things in which neither the king nor his army can be secure: oppression by the vizier, and bad government, and perversion of the will, and tyranny over the subject; and four things which cannot be hidden: the prudent, and the foolish, and the rich, and the poor.
He took it and read it and gave it to his viziers and to the nobles of his kingdom, and they were perplexed and ashamed, and he was wroth with a great wrath, and was puzzled about how he should act.
www.piney.com /ApocAhikar.html   (10905 words)

 Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / The emperor's same, old clothes
It came to pass that all Baghdad did fall before the emperor, and the tailors were happy, the king was happy, and above all the Grand Vizier was happy as his rivals lost influence.
One day the Grand Vizier decided to go to Kuwait to boost the morale of his soldiers who were being killed in defense of the empire.
Now if Hans Christian Andersen were telling this story, it would become clear to all that both the emperor and his Grand Vizier were standing naked before them, but this has not yet come to pass.
www.boston.com /news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2004/12/17/the_emperors_same_old_clothes   (798 words)

 The story of Caliph Stork
The Caliph and the Vizier watched her, until she stood on one foot and spread her wings; then they both, at the same time, burst into such peals of laughter that the two storks flew away.
Suddenly the Vizier stopped and remarked that if it were not ridiculous for a stork to be afraid of ghosts, he would feel decidedly nervous.
The Vizier had cautiously stolen up beside the Caliph; and at sight of the two storks, the screech owl uttered a cry of pleasure.
fairytales4u.com /story/caliph.htm   (1966 words)

 Weekly Reader Classroom Magazines and Educational Supplements | What's Your Story | Folktales | South Africa
Each night he commanded his Grand Vizier to bring him a young woman to marry, and each morning he would have his new bride killed.
The king was very surprised to see Scheherazade, but he told the Grand Vizier that the deal remained the same.
At dawn, the Grand Vizier would be expected to kill his own daughter.
www.weeklyreader.com /wys/folk_meast.asp   (479 words)

 Diablo World
May request promotions for people on their House (must be approved by Grand Vizier) THERE SHALL BE FIVE LT. COMMANDERS in The Dark Conclave each one shall represent a different planet and a planet shall be specific to a timezone.
If Grand Vizier in on a Leave of absence then the Magistrate shall be Speaker for Grand Vizier.
The Grand Thanatos shall also be able to choose others to be his underlings in covert ops.
members.tripod.com /thedarkconclave/leaders.html   (1219 words)

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