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Topic: Graphite

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Graphite is intended to serve as the principal non-Roman renderer for the
Graphite development list is for those who would like to participate in the development of the Graphite system, either by seeing new features added, porting to other platforms, or integrating Graphite support into an application.
Graphite fonts list is for those are interested in using Graphite to create smart fonts.
scripts.sil.org /cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&cat_id=RenderingGraphite   (802 words)

  Graphite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In its pure glassy (isotropic) synthetic forms, pyrolytic graphite and carbon fiber graphite is an extremely strong, heat-resistant (to 3000 °C) material, used in reentry shields for missile nosecones, solid rocket engines, high temperature reactors, brake shoes, electric motor brushes and as electrodes in EDM electrical discharge machines.
During a fire, the graphite intumesces (expands and chars) to resist fire penetration and reduce the likelihood of the spread of fire and fumes.
Care must be taken that reactor-grade graphite is free of neutron absorbing materials such as boron, widely used as the seed electrode in commercial graphite deposition systems-- this caused the failure of the Germans' World War II graphite-based nuclear reactors.
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 GRAPHITE - LoveToKnow Article on GRAPHITE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Graphite is fl and opaque, whilst diamond is colorless and transparent; it is one of the softest (H= 1) of minerals, and diamond the hardest of all; it is a good conductor of electricity, whilst diamond is a bad conductor.
Graphite occurs mainly in the older crystalline rocksgneiss, granulite, schist and crystalline limestoneand also sometimes in granite: it is found as isolated scales embedded in these rocks, or as large irregular masses or filling veins.
The graphite veins in the older crystalline rocks are probably akin to metalli- I ferous veins and the material derived from deep-seated sources; the decomposition of metallic carbides by water and the reduction of hydrocarbon vapours have been suggested as possible modes of origin.
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 Graphite (C) — Classifications, Properties and Applications of Graphite   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Graphite flake occurs as a scaly or lamella form in certain metamorphic rocks such as limestone, gneisses and schists.
In this application graphite flake is mixed with alumina and zirconia and then isostatically pressed to form components such as stopper rods, subentry nozzles and ladle shrouds used in both regulating flow of molten steel and protecting against oxidation.
Flake graphite is used predominantly in refractory applications mainly in secondary steel making; in addition to this it may also be used in lubricants, powder metallurgy, pencils and coatings.
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Moses Graphite is proud to offer Fingerboard Inlay for standard and custom headstocks and as an option on all Moses neck product models.
"Steve Mosher of Moses, Inc. has developed his graphite composite fabrication business into a major supplier of quality parts for the music industry.
I personally purchase graphite fingerboards for my NSDB-US-5 electric upright basses because Moses is able to provide quality custom molded parts, moderate tooling cost, and timely delivery.
www.mosesgraphite.com   (334 words)

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