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Topic: Grassroots PR

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Grassroots Enterprise: About
Grassroots Enterprise uses the Internet to create movements around causes, companies and products to achieve organizational and business objectives.
Grassroots Enterprise is the future of public affairs, public relations and communications.
We take the guess work out of investment in communications, providing our clients with far greater visibility than traditional PR and grassroots efforts into the actual impact of our communications - how many people hear us, how many change their behavior as a result, and how many spread the word.
www.grassroots.com /about   (303 words)

  Public relations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PR historians say the first PR firm, the Publicity Bureau, was established in 1900 by former newspapermen, with Harvard University as its first client.
After a PR practitioner has been working in the field for a while, he or she accumulates a list of contacts in the media and elsewhere in the public affairs sphere.
Critics of the public relations industry, such as PR Watch, have contended that Public Relations involves a "multi-billion dollar propaganda-for-hire industry" that "concoct[s] and spin[s] the news, organize[s] phony 'grassroots' front groups, sp[ies] on citizens, and conspire[s] with lobbyists and politicians to thwart democracy." [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_relations   (4422 words)

 What is PR?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Grassroots groups in several states are now organizing to bring proportional representation to local elections.
Because of such inducements, voters in PR countries typically turnout at rates of 70-80 per cent, compared to 50 per cent or less in the U.S. Voting systems are not the only factor that affects turnout, but it can be a significant one.
If the multi-member PR districts are sufficiently large (five or more seats), it doesn't matter whether a party is a majority or a minority -- all parties receive their fair share of seats.
www.mtholyoke.edu /acad/polit/damy/BeginnningReading/whatispr.htm   (3072 words)

 Astroturf PR - Wikipedia
Astroturf PR is a type of public relations which attempts to create a false impression that "real" people support the special interest group paying the PR firm.
On the other hand, a well-funded PR firm with a large budget for collecting signatures is hard for a real citizens' group to match.
Earlier examples of Astroturf include a 1991 campaign by PR firm Kloberg where leaked internal documents> claimed to have placed dozens of letters to the editor as well as op-eds and articles praising Mobutu's regime in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
wikipedia.findthelinks.com /gr/Grassroots_PR.html   (245 words)

 Grassroots PR Activists Swap War Stories - SourceWatch
Cohen himself, of course, is a notorious practitioner of manipulative grassroots techniques including the creation of deceptive front groups for the tobacco and insurance industries (see PR Watch, v.
The PR practitioners at Key West worried that this media environment, combined with today's cynical public mood, creates opportunities for its enemies--unions, trial lawyers, the environmentalists, and "NIMBY" groups--organized citizens who are the real grassroots.
Finally, corporate PR operatives fear that their own innovative use of ever-more-affordable information technology--e-mail, patch-through 800 lines, sophisticated polling, broadcast faxes, internet web sites--could become a double-edged sword used against them.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Grassroots_PR_Activists_Swap_War_Stories   (1076 words)

 MediaChannel.org - ISSUE GUIDES | PR Unspun
PR practitioners are aware of their image, of course, which is why the Public Relations Society of America has a "Reputation Management Division" (see the commentary from one of its members, below).
PR firms don't just step in to cover up messes, but are increasingly involved in helping shape policy and practice with a sensitivity to the public's concerns.
To John Stauber, longtime PR industry watcher and critic, public relations has led to the "overall management of public opinion and policy by the few." The highly sophisticated techniques used by PR firms and the high cost of their services, he asserts, create an environment where corporations can manufacture and control public perception.
www.mediachannel.org /atissue/prunspun   (1215 words)

 Interview with Jack Bonner - by Ashley Mannes | Planet Blacksburg
He is Jack Bonner, president and founder of Bonner and Associates, a ground-breaking grassroots lobbying firm located in Washington, D.C. Bonner, a graduate of the University of Arizona, began his career in public relations as the PR Director for the City of Tucson, Arizona.
One of our PR stunts was that we decided to promote the Kemp Roth Tax Cut by renting a 727 airplane and loading it up with Republican senators and house members, such as Alan Greenspan for example.
Through PR I also learned to never ever lie or mislead a reporter, it is always better to say “no comment.” You should help the reporter get their story, give them other sources to speak with to answer more of their questions.
www.planetblacksburg.com /interview/mannes041006.html   (1747 words)

 Public Relations and Artificial Grass Roots Coalitions
Artificially created grassroots coalitions are referred to in the industry as 'astroturf' (after a synthetic grass product).
Mario Cooper, senior vice president of PR firm Porter/Novelli, says that the challenge for a grassroots specialists is to create the impression that millions of people support their client's view of a particular issue, so that a politician can't ignore it; this means targeting potential supporters and targeting 'persuadable' politicians.
Another expert in creating grassroots support for corporations is John Davies, who features a picture of an old lady carrying a sign "Not in my backyard" in his advertisements.
www.uow.edu.au /arts/sts/sbeder/PR.html   (2255 words)

 PR Fuel: PR's Public Image Is Public Enemy #1
In its truest form, PR plays a part in our lives almost everyday, whether we're trying to convince someone to go out on a date with us ("I'm not like other guys"), impart knowledge to students or children ("This is important because..."), or get our point across in the workplace.
Its concept of PR is shaped by celebrity publicists, political and corporate spokespeople, and the image of PR people fostered by Hollywood and the media.
PR people, however, are rarely shown in a good light, oftentimes relegated in the media to the "bearer of bad news" position, or put on the defensive.
www.ereleases.com /pr/pr-public-image.html   (1333 words)

 Confidence Game: Burson-Marsteller's PR Plan for Silicone Breast Implants
PR Watch has obtained internal documents from Burson-Marsteller, the PR firm which engineered Dow Corning's PR strategy in the early 1990s.
The PR story begins in 1985, when Burson-Marsteller warned Dow Corning of "the potential for a corporate media crisis" after a federal jury in San Francisco ordered the company to pay $1.7 million to Maria Stern in Carson City, Nevada for what the court judged were "defectively designed and manufactured" breast implants.
It may be that there are women with an allergic reaction to the silicone gel," although she termed this "unlikely." Worried that the FDA was considering a ban on silicone breast implants, Matthews outlined a strategy for "getting women angry about having the right to make their own decision about implants taken away from them.
www.pahealthsystems.com /message60454.html   (4538 words)

 Lobicilik.com [ Lobbying & Advocacy Definition ]
Under other definitions, lobbying includes attempts at indirect, or 'grassroots,' influence, such as persuading members of a group to write or visit their district's representative and state's senators, or attempting to create a climate of opinion favorable to a desired legislative goal.
If your organization has chosen to come under the 1976 lobby law, expenditures for grassroots lobbying, that is attempting to influence legislation through an attempt to affect the opinions of the general public or any segment thereof, and urging them to lobby, are limited to one quarter of the overall ceiling permitted for lobbying.
It is grassroots lobbying when there is a call to action and the communication is going to the public at large.
www.lobicilik.com /Projects/LobbyingDef.htm   (8693 words)

 FindLaw's Modern Practice - Grassroots Legal PR with Marc Hausman   (Site not responding. Last check: )
All politics are local, and in the same way that individual politicians are responsible to their constituents, the grassroots approach to marketing holds that individual partners are responsible for driving their law firm revenue.
Thus, grassroots PR focuses on assisting partners invest the time and resources, within the context of their firm's overall activities, to make sure that they're establishing their name and expertise in their local or regional market.
By targeting these variables that are actually used by clients when deciding on a law firm, the grassroots PR is able to effectively support a firm's client acquisition program.
practice.findlaw.com /archives/20questions_1102.html   (2647 words)

The Grassroots Leadership Academy is 4-month/8-session educational programs that facilitates the empowerment of members of underserved and underrepresented communities by providing tools and developing skills that assist participants in leading collective actions and participation in public decisions affecting their quality of life.
The Grassroots Leadership Academy is organized by Marin Grassroots Leadership Network – a 6 years old San Rafael-based nonprofit aimed at facilitating the empowerment of underserved and underrepresented communities through education and technical assistance on leadership, advocacy, and activism.
Therefore, the Grassroots Leadership Academy encourages individual initiative and group participation with coordinators, dialogues, leading the participants to recognize that “the knowledge is in the room”.
www.bapd.org /n4439.html   (586 words)

 Cymfony: PR Professionals Cite Blog Mania, Ethics Miasma as Top Trends For 2005 and Into 2006
As one year readies to exit and another is waiting to be rung in, PR News editors Phil Hall and Courtney Barnes surveyed a wide range of industry professionals to determine their thoughts on the waning year and the next 12 months.
PR professionalism took quite a hit in 2005, thanks in large part to questions regarding ethics relating to federal policies.
A recent study by the strategic communications firm Peppercom of more than 900 PR professionals across the country found the majority of respondents (62%) stating the blogosphere is an appropriate venue for corporations to communicate with stakeholders.
www.cymfony.com /nws_innws_story.asp?docid=20051222_30982.html   (2622 words)

 PR Communications: Internet PR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
PR professionals will not necessarily have to know how to develop the data but they will have to know how to understand how to use metrics on their public relations results.
If a PR professional determines that a company is doing something against their promise it is their role to speak out within the company and ask the company to address that issue.
It is the PR Professionals job to advise senior management they are not keeping to their brand, if management refuses to work within their company’s promise the ethical dilemma for the professional is should they do what management asks or leave.
pr.typepad.com /pr_communications/internet_pr   (9132 words)

 PR War
In this and other cases, the degree of success PR firms have in manipulating public opinion and policy is almost imposssible to determine.
PR firms often bypass activist organizations and custom design their own "grassroots citizen movements" using rapidly evolving high-tech data and communications systems.
"Grassroots" PR is the specialty of Pamela Whitney at National Grassroots and Communications, the firm that spied on Lynn Tylczak.
environmentvoters.org /enemies/PR_War.html   (4411 words)

 [No title]
Which is why my first concern with any PR client has to do with understanding what their story is, rather than with the visual appeal of their website or sales collateral.
The new rules of PR in the world of Web 2.0 imply a new answer.  and that answer is (drum roll, please): the buyer.
PR Is DeadLong Live PR, will pay tribute to the historical mission of traditional public relations while focusing on its renewal through an array of technologies encompassing Web 2.0, pod casts and blogs.
www.bluelineresults.com /boss   (741 words)

 grassroots.org | Techie Media Release
Subscribe to Grassroots News Unsubscribe from Grassroots News Grassroots News Archives Grassroots Client News Archives Interview - Michael Mann, founder of Grassroots.org Grassroots.org Founder Featured in Modern Domainer Article Grassroots.org Featured on VolunteerMatch.org The New Face of Grassroots TNTGrantAnnouncement 9407 Techie Media Release
Katrin Verclas, executive director of NTEN, “We here at NTEN are excited to host and celebrate grassroots innovations in web development.
The mission of Grassroots.org is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and business best practices.
grassroots.org /cs/root/news/techie_media_release   (308 words)

 Training at The Leadership Institute: Conservative Training for Tomorrow's Leaders   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Grassroots Activist School is an intensive one/two-day school that equips conservative candidates and leaders to win tough campaigns.
The Grassroots Fundraising Workshop is a one-day seminar to teach you the best ways to raise money for your candidate or organization.
Grassroots Campaign School - Whether you want to run for office, manage a campaign or just become a more effective and organized volunteer, the down-to-earth principles you'll learn at the Grassroots Campaign School will help you become a better activist.
www.leadershipinstitute.org /schools/schoolinfo.cfm?gras=1   (262 words)

 POP! PR Jots: Pro-PR Grassroots Campaign - by Jeremy Pepper
PR is necessary for any corporation, but will need to continue to evolve.
As a blogger, I have run into that - PR firms that I call to get information for a post, or for my presentation for the NewComm Forum, and then having the Heismann pulled on me. It's bad when a PR person would do that to another PR person.
She noted that there are times that PR people should circle the wagons, because outsiders are looking to see what we are going to say about our colleagues.
pop-pr.blogspot.com /2005/02/pro-pr-grassroots-campaign.html   (821 words)

 Hill & Knowlton
When Tylczak began pushing for legislation to require bitterant, another PR firm was sent into the breach: National Grassroots and Communications, which specializes in passing and defeating legislation at the federal and state level.
In this and other cases, the degree of success PR firms have in manipulating public opinion and policy is almost impossible to determine.
Kelly Sarber, a PR specialist in sludge crisis management, is especially proud of her PR work in 1991-92, when she quietly lined up business leaders and politicians to help Enviro-Gro target the small rural town of Holly, Colorado as a dumping site for New York City sludge.
www.whatreallyhappened.com /RANCHO/LIE/HK/PR.html   (5140 words)

 PR Industry Impacted by Franchise Revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To help franchises succeed, PR pros must switch gears and take on a larger and often less traditional role that involves everything from franchise development to franchisee communications.
As companies expand their territories, they need PR help to seed regions and cities with news about the new job prospects they offer.
PR deliverables such as newsletters and local press releases can help fill the information gap.
www.tmcnet.com /scripts/print-page.aspx?PagePrint=http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2004/Aug/1063474.htm   (737 words)

 Access Intelligence, LLC
Now in its 61st year, PR News is the most trusted, executive level, reader-supported publica­tion that helps enhance the business impact of PR.
Written for corporate PR and agency professionals and the challenges they face, PR News is your blueprint for the strategies, tactics and insights you need to become an even more effective and successful communicator.
PR News also presents seven virtual seminars each year on topics ranging from PR measurement to crisis management to analyst relations.
www.pbimedia.com /cgi/catalog/info?PRN   (476 words)

 Public Relations Secret War on Activists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Known in the trade as astroturf, this tactic is defined by Campaigns & Elections magazine as a grassroots program that involves the instant manufacturing of public support for a point of view in which either uninformed activists are recruited or means of deception are used to recruit them.
Grassroots PR is the specialty of Pamela Whitney at National Grassroots & Communications, the firm that spied on Lynn Tylczak.
Childs, who has been organizing grassroots support for the insurance industry for a decade, wasn't the only PR genius behind the anti-health care campaign, but his coalition can honestly claim the kill.
mediafilter.org /CAQ/CAQ55prwar3.html   (2738 words)

 PR News Online — Minimizing Crisis Through Grassroots Efforts & Coalition Building
Too little too late may be the cry of many a PR pro whose organization is in the midst of a crisis with little to no third parties to help out; with the media all over your case and with very little internal and external understanding and support.
Join PR News and three highly experienced crisis managers and coalition builders for a 90-minute workshop that will provide you and your team with the ideas, strategies and tactics for minimizing a crisis and coming out ahead.
from 1:30- 3p.m., is designed for forward-thinking PR professionals who want to know the best strategies for aligning with the right parties, for dealing with media effectively during and after a crisis and communicating with all shareholders during a legal and/or highly publicized battle.
www.prnewsonline.com /webinars/crisis_webinar_april26.html   (793 words)

 Mythbuster! APCO Associates
APCO Associates is a grassroots lobbying/PR firm, founded in 1984 by the beltway law firm, Arnold and Porter.
APCO Associates specializes in corporate "grassroots lobbying" which the New York Times described as "a technique often used to camouflage an unpopular or unsympathetic client." Fritsch, "Sometimes, Lobbyists Strive to Keep Public In the Dark," New York Times, March 19, 1996.
In 1994, APCO's Neil Cohen explained its "grassroots" strategy and the need for front groups in a speech before a gathering of corporate public affairs executives sponsored by the Public Affairs Council, an organization of some 500 corporations and trade associations.
www.centerjd.org /private/mythbuster/MB_APCO.htm   (454 words)

 GlaxoSmithKline Goes Grassroots - 8,000 Evangelists at infOpinions?
People that say "command and control" of your PR message is old school have a point.
But, any goober that thinks he/she will train PR advocates in 50 minutes may be dipping into the free samples from the hallucinogenic section.
PR is necessary … spread the love day.
www.auburnmedia.com /wordpress/2006/02/25/glaxo-goes-grassroots   (1725 words)

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