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Topic: Grateful Dead

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In the News (Tue 11 Dec 18)

  The Grateful Dead
July 19, 1948: Keith Godchaux, keyboardist with the Grateful Dead from 1972 to 1979, is born in Concord, California.
February 22, 1951: Vince Welnick, keyboardist with the Grateful Dead from 1991 to 1995, is born in Phoenix, Arizona.
October 21, 1952: Brent Mydland, keyboardist with the Grateful Dead from 1979 to 1990, is born in Munich, West Germany.
www.rockhall.com /hof/inductee.asp?id=113   (1893 words)

  Grateful Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grateful Dead members have said that it was after attending a concert by the touring New York "folk-rock" band The Lovin' Spoonful that they decided to "go electric." Gradually, many of the East-Coast American folk musicians, formerly luminaries of the coffee-house scene, were moving in the electric direction.
Listening to their first LP (The Grateful Dead, Warner Brothers, 1967), one is also reminded that it was recorded only a few years after the big "surfing music" craze; that California rock-music sound seeped in, to some degree, as well.
The Grateful Dead’s early music (in the mid 1960s) was part of the process of establishing what "psychedelic music" was, but theirs was essentially a "street party" form of it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grateful_Dead   (3884 words)

 Grateful Dead - Music, Listen to Sound Clips, Read Reviews
The Grateful Dead extends beyond the music that was generated by the members of the band.
The album was the brain child of the Grateful Dead family, as to how to take an all expense paid vacation in Europe.
This is the Grateful Dead as they began to gain confidence and move out of their days of earlier experimentation.
www.damoon.net /store/DeadCD.htm   (1538 words)

 Reason: Come Hear Uncle Sam’s Band: The hippie capitalism of the Grateful Dead
Robert Hunter, lyricist for the Grateful Dead, was interviewed in the 1990s by someone who wanted to know where that quintessential ’60s countercultural band had stood on the key issue of those times-that-were-a-changin’.
The Dead were a throwback to the ’50s Beat cool that reigned when Garcia and Hunter, born in 1942 and 1941 respectively, were kids.
The Dead had to explain that while they reserved the right to play for fun and for free in their community and among their friends, they were in fact trying to earn a living through music.
www.reason.com /0303/cr.bd.come.shtml   (2243 words)

 The Grateful Dead
The roots of the Grateful Dead lie with singer/songwriter Jerry Garcia, a long-time bluegrass enthusiast who began playing the guitar at age 15.
Following, 1974's "Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel", the group took a hiatus from the road to allow its members the opportunity to pursue solo projects.
Although Garcia is gone, The Grateful Dead have left their loyal legion of fans a musical legacy that will be treasured for years.
www.classicbands.com /dead.html   (1843 words)

 A San Francisco Music Chronicle: "Aesthetics of the Grateful Dead"
The members of the Grateful Dead seem to like their jobs and it's possible the band has refused to fade away simply because they have recognized themselves as unique and artistically irreplaceable.
If, in many ways, the Grateful Dead have enjoyed a prolonged adolescence that still pulsates with the spirit of the sixties, the Dead ethos, in itself, is not the hippie ethos of Anthem of the Sun, which was a rather shallow off-shoot of the hippie ethos in its entirety.
Of course, the Dead were all this and more; they had had time to indulge their musical interests, but critics prefer categories and labels, so the easy tags of "acid-rock" and "hippie-country" stuck, despite their inappropriateness.
www.crecon.com /davidwomack/grateful.html   (2598 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Grateful Dead: biography, discography, reviews, links
The Grateful Dead, considered by many as "the" greatest rock band of all times, were a monument of San Francisco's hippy civilization, and, in general, a monument of the psychedelic civilization of the 1960s.
Contrary to their image of junkies and misfits, the Grateful Dead were one of the most erudite groups of all times, aware of the atonal compositions of the European avantgarde as well of the modal improvisation of free-jazz as well as the rhythms of other cultures.
I Grateful Dead, da molti considerati il massimo complesso di musica rock di tutti i tempi, furono un monumento della civilta` hippie di San Francisco e, in generale, un monumento della civilta` psichedelica degli anni '60.
www.scaruffi.com /vol2/grateful.html   (4516 words)

 Grateful Dead History
Around the time of its follow-up, 1974's Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel, the group took a hiatus from the road in order to allow its members the opportunity to pursue solo projects.
In 1995, the Grateful Dead operation included 30 fulltime employees and was grossing $50 million a year supporting deadhead fans, with The Grateful Dead performing with up to 85 times per year.
What Dead heads have always argued - that the band was best represented on stage - probably will prove true, but this argument has helped disguise the fact that the band's original releases, given the band member's individual musical styles, and their rarified ensemble playing, are generally underrated.
www.sfmission.com /gratefuldead/grateful_dead_history.htm   (1107 words)

 Only the memories remain: Grateful Dead's recordings moved - Marin Independent Journal
While the deal is liberating for the band, it continues to shrink the Grateful Dead's presence in Marin County, which has been on the decline since the death in 1995 of the Dead's de facto leader, the charismatic guitarist, singer and songwriter Jerry Garcia.
At the band's commercial peak in the mid-'90s, the Grateful Dead held the title of top touring act in the world, grossing some $50 million a year and overflowing stadiums across the country with tie-dye legions of Deadheads.
Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh and his Phil and Friends band have had a busy summer concert tour and have released CDs of their own.
www.marinij.com /marin/ci_4136208   (1342 words)

 The Grateful Dead (1977)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I am and was a big fan of the dead but too young to have been a fan when this film was made.
the movie shows the essence of the grateful dead experience from the fans to the crew to the band.
if you like the dead and have been to a show (or 2 or 20) this is a must see.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0076104   (439 words)

 The Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead and Yes considered touring together in 2004; I guess this never materialized.
Visit our page of Grateful Dead personnel to see who played in the band at various times.
The Grateful Dead at Veneta, OR on 8/27/72, known as the "The Field Trip." The web-site nugs.net put up a good page.
thebestofwebsite.com /bands/GD.htm   (376 words)

 Grateful Dead
See, when the Grateful Dead formed out of several different shards and smithereens of their former bands, they weren't exactly driven together by the will to experiment and come up with a radically new type of music.
Pigpen was dead and gone by the time the Dead finally got around to recording this album, their first new studio release in three years.
Dead Set, on the other hand, shows us the Dead suspiciously staring at the future - a band that's trying to get their fans to cope with material from their last three records and make them believe they are as worthy of recognition as the best stuff from years ago.
starling.rinet.ru /music/dead.htm   (17676 words)

 Grateful Lithuania   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The conference was highlighted by the unveiling of a ceremonial jersey honoring Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, who died last August.
The Dead became sponsors of the Lithuanian basketball team shortly before the '92 games, and through the band's Rex Foundation, have donated thousands of dollars for children's charities in that country.
A figure of a skeleton -- one of many Dead symbols -- wearing a green Lithuanian shirt is shown reverse-dunking a ball through the hoop, in the center of a ring of fire.
www.sfgate.com /sf/deadshirts.html   (423 words)

 The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, by David Dodd
I would especially like to acknowledge the support of the Kraemer Family Library of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs during the inception of this project, and of the Grateful Dead, and in particular, Alan Trist of Ice Nine Publishing.
Biblical Symbolics and the Grateful Dead, by Bryan Miller.
Grateful Goose: Nursery Rhymes in the Dead's Lyrics.
arts.ucsc.edu /gdead/agdl   (849 words)

 Learn more about Grateful Dead in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Playing originally as The Warlocks, and later "The Grateful Dead" (a name inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead), they became the de facto resident band of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, with the early sound heavily influenced by Kesey's LSD-soaked Trips Festivals.
A hallmark of their concert sets were continuous sets of music where each song would blend into the next (a segue).
Bob, Bill, Phil and Mickey reunited in mid-2002 as The Other Ones, and embarked on a fall tour throughout the eastern half of the U.S. On February 14, 2003, reflecting the reality what was, they renamed themselves The Dead, keeping 'Grateful' retired out of respect for Jerry.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /g/gr/grateful_dead.html   (841 words)

 Grateful Dead MP3 Downloads - Grateful Dead Music Downloads - Grateful Dead Music Videos - Grateful Dead Pictures - ...
Rock's longest, strangest trip, the Grateful Dead were the psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors as well as its most enduring survivors, spreading their message of peace, love, and mind-expansion across the globe throughout the better part of three decades.
In March of 1967 the Dead issued their self-titled Warner Bros. debut LP, a disappointing effort which failed to recapture the cosmic sprawl of their live appearances; after performing at the Monterey Pop Festival, the group expanded to a six-piece with the addition of second drummer Mickey Hart.
In the autumn of 1992 Garcia was again hospitalized with diabetes and an enlarged heart, forcing the Dead to postpone their upcoming tour until the year's end; he eventually returned to action looking more fit than he had in years.
www.mp3.com /artist/grateful-dead/summary   (2114 words)

 Grateful Dead - The New York Times
Today, the Dead are neither part of nor leaders of the Deadheads they play to; they are simply the axis around which that community revolves.
The Grateful Dead established a basic template for performances through the 1980's and 90's: two sets, one bright and full of singable hits, the second stretching out into darker, more fractured group improvising but snapping back into the band's rock anthems at the end.
The Grateful Dead will donate a cache of their papers and props to the University of California, Santa Cruz, which plans to use the items in a research center.
topics.nytimes.com /top/reference/timestopics/organizations/g/grateful_dead/index.html?inline=nyt-org   (1079 words)

 Grateful Dead Concerts and Interviews - Free streaming live music, Live concert recordings, Live music downloads, ...
Enlisted to be house band for Ken Kesey's Acid Tests in 1965, The Grateful Dead (nee Warlocks) became synonymous with the cult of psychedelia and emerged as one of the most popular bands of the 20th century.
Never a huge seller of records, the Grateful Dead has maintained an incredibly loyal fan base to this day, even after losing lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Jerry Garcia to a sudden fatal heart attack in 1995, and regularly sells out contemporary concerts.
The fact that the Grateful Dead has stayed so popular for so long attests to the universality and competence of their music.
concerts.wolfgangsvault.com /arr/grateful-dead-and-related-artists/7413.html   (227 words)

 Free The Grateful Dead Music Online, Music Downloads, Music Videos and Lyrics - Rhapsody Online
The Dead's concert performances live forever in the often-altered minds of those who attended show after show, and in thousands of hours of recorded material.
The majority of these Dead bootlegs were recorded really well and sound like someone took the time to master and equalize them.
Those who identified best with the Workingman's Dead and American Beauty LPs will be pleased to know that there is an overwhelming amount of well-recorded and downloadable live jams from that era when Jerry was younger, the songs were fresh, and the guitars sounded especially warm.
www.rhapsody.com /thegratefuldead   (332 words)

 The GRATEFUL DEAD HOUR Conference (g gdh)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dead to the World is the local version of the program, heard Wednesdays 7-9pm on KPFA (94.1 fm) in Northern California.
David Gans, the producer/host of the Grateful Dead Hour, is the author of three books about the Dead: Playing in the Band: an Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead (with Peter Simon), Conversations with the Dead and Not Fade Away: The Online World Remembers Jerry Garcia.
The Grateful Dead Hour is produced on a Macintosh computer using the Sonic Solutions system, from analog and digital master tapes provided by the Grateful Dead.
www.well.com /conf/gdhour   (248 words)

 The Grateful Dead
Because many Grateful Dead sites are done by college students who only have temporary web sites while in college, Grateful Dead sites tend to come and go like the wind, so if you find any bad links, please let me know so I can fix them.
This is an index of the recordings by the Grateful Dead.
A local Dead cover band, Kuli Loach recently did a cybercast of one of their gigs there.
wild-bohemian.com /dead.htm   (1056 words)

 The Grateful Dead : Rolling Stone
The Dead had also beat the devilry of arena acoustics with a monstrous, traveling PA that was worth the bills just for the ice-knife slice of Jerry...
Psychedelic pioneers, the Grateful Dead was probably the most imporvisatory of all major rock groups.
From the late '60's until the 1995 death of Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead played long, freeform concerts that touched down on their own country-, blues-, and folk-tinged rock songs, and on a wide range of country, blues, and rock cover versions.
www.rollingstone.com /artists/thegratefuldead   (295 words)

 The Grateful Dead
This was the Dead's first recording after the death of Pig Pen and their first studio album in almost three years.
At least at this point, the Dead were still trucking along with their mellow, melodic vibe, adapting a little but not yet losing their collective cool.
The Dead were really in trouble here, grasping at passing fads in an effort to keep up.
www.warr.org /dead.html   (2616 words)

 Taper's Section | Grateful Dead
In this space, every Monday, you will find information on the recorded history of the Grateful Dead’s music as it pertains to that week, specifically focusing on the shows for that week, through the band’s 30 year performing history, that reside in the Grateful Dead’s storied tape vault.
This week we'll cover 20 years in the Grateful Dead's recorded history, from 1973 to 1993, with a little taste of something in between.
Plenty took place this week in the Grateful Dead's recorded history, including some rehearsal material, plus a lot of live material 1969 to 1991, which we're pleased to bring to you today.
www.dead.net /features/tapers-section   (1941 words)

 Al's Grateful Dead Page
If you haven't read much, or if you've not experienced the Grateful Dead then it's probably important to mention that for many hard-core fans the Dead's music was the focus for an entire community and counter-culture.
By allowing recordists to tape their concerts right from the band's inception in 1965 through to their final concerts in 1995 a full 30 year history of the band is available and in the public domain.
Whichever era of Dead you listen to there is a commitment to playing directly from the heart, with every performance a new opportunity for exploration and variation.
www.alc.enta.net /dead.htm   (2244 words)

 Grateful Dead Live Concert at Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA) Jul 2, 1971 - Free streaming live music, Live concert ...
The Grateful Dead's last show at the Fillmore West was inherently a legendary event, and despite the fact that the group often failed to deliver their best performances at major events, on this night they did rise to the occasion.
This is also one of the last shows featuring the original five-piece, prototypical Dead lineup.
Pigpen would become deathly ill a few days later, and Keith Godchaux began rehearsing with the band a few weeks later; but Pigpen is in remarkably strong form here, and Garcia seems to have boundless energy on this night, as he also played on every song by the Rowan…entire summary
concerts.wolfgangsvault.com /dt/grateful-dead-concert/50621-7413.html   (409 words)

 WFUV Public Radio | The Grateful Dead Hour
The Grateful Dead Hour, after a break missing from the New York airwaves, is on the air every week on WFUV.
Hosted by David Gans, The Grateful Dead Hour features music from this legendary band's albums and live tapes, and explores the influences that artists like John Coltrane and Merle Haggard have had on the Dead's music.
The Dead are no strangers to 90.7 FM, New York's adult alternative station, which features a variety of artists who cross genres of rock, folk, country, blues, world music and other styles.
www.wfuv.org /programs/deadhour.html   (263 words)

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