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Topic: Gravitational field

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Chapter 19. The Gravitational Field. Einstein, Albert. 1920. Relativity: The Special and General Theory
the earth) produces a field in its immediate neighbourhood directly; the intensity and direction of the field at points farther removed from the body are thence determined by the law which governs the properties in space of the gravitational fields themselves.
Bodies which are moving under the sole influence of a gravitational field receive an acceleration, which does not in the least depend either on the material or on the physical state of the body.
given gravitational field, then the ratio of the gravitational to the inertial mass must likewise be the same for all bodies.
www.bartleby.com /173/19.html   (642 words)

 Chapter 20. The Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass as an Argument for the General Postulate of Relativity. ...
Relying on his knowledge of the gravitational field (as it was discussed in the preceding section), the man in the chest will thus come to the conclusion that he and the chest are in a gravitational field which is constant with regard to time.
A gravitational field exists for the man in the chest, despite the fact that there was no such field for the co-ordinate system first chosen.
It is, for instance, impossible to choose a body of reference such that, as judged from it, the gravitational field of the earth (in its entirety) vanishes.
www.bartleby.com /173/20.html   (1221 words)

 [No title]
According to this a gravitational field of force is precisely equivalent to acceleration.
Patent numbers 5,473,957 and 5,150,626 describe implementations of super- conducting magnetic fields of the quadrupole electromagnetic configuration and the equivalence principle that illustrates the effects of an acceleration field being equal to the effects of a gravitational field.
The development of a theory of gravitation based on the exchange of gravitons and the unification of this theory with the GUT (Grand Unified field Theory) is the task that this generation of inventors like Mr.
www.supersymmetry.com   (2345 words)

 A Study of the Retarded Gravitational Field
The gravitational wave has not yet been directly detected, but the observations of the pulsar binaries are now accurate enough that the orbital decay due to gravitational radiation can be measured [6].
In particular, in the weak field of the Schwarzschild solution the acceleration is the gradient of the expansion factor, yet this equation plays no role in the radiative field, with the consequence being that the gravitational wave is not an acceleration wave.
In that frame of reference, and in the weak field limit, the gravitational 4-potential along the future light cone is equivalent to the simple inverse square law relationship of the Newton theory if the particle is moving at a constant velocity.
www.s-4.com /retard   (1024 words)

 NEAR Science Update
This simplest possible gravity field obeys the familiar inverse square law, where the field strength decreases as the inverse square of the distance from the center.
The monopole field decreases as the inverse square of the distance from the center; the dipole field decreases as the inverse cube as we saw on April 7; and the quadrupole field decreases as the inverse fourth power of the distance.
Again, quadrupole fields have a characteristic angular dependence that is distinct from those of the dipole and the monopole fields (the latter is spherical).
near.jhuapl.edu /news/sci_updates/000418.html   (865 words)

 The Gravitational Field
Defining the direction of the gravitational field is easy enough: we simply go to the location of interest and measure the direction of the gravitational force on an object, such as a weight tied to the end of a string.
Gravitational forces are weaker on the moon than on the earth, but we cannot specify the strength of gravity simply by giving a certain number of newtons.
Knowledge of the field is interchangeable with knowledge of its sources (at least in the case of a static, unchanging field).
www.vias.org /physics/bk4_06_03.html   (912 words)

 Fields   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gravitational and electromagnetic forces appear to act at a distance: Massive bodies exert a force on each other, and charged particles, such as electrons or protons, exert a force on other charged particles, all without direct contact.
The strength of the electromagnetic field of a point charge (a charge that has a very small physical size compared to its distance from other objects) is proportional to the value of the charge and decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the charge.
Similarly, the strength of the gravitational field of a point mass is proportional to the value of the object's mass and decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the object.
www.levity.com /mavericks/fields.htm   (665 words)

 Gravitational Time-Dilation
Is the gravitational field producing such effects independent from the machines used to observe the effect, or is the gravitational field simply altering the machines that observe a specific physical scenario and the field is not actually altering the physical scenario as predicted by a time-dilation derivation?
When the standard frequency is measured in a very weak gravitational field and the attenuated frequency occurs in a very strong field, then this expression is the same as the one that appears in Bergmann, (1976, p.
Although their use is analogue in character, there is no doubt that infinitesimal light-clocks imply that gravitational alterations attributed to "time-dilation" are actually alterations in behavior associated with an electromagnetic interaction with the gravitational field.
www.serve.com /herrmann/time.htm   (4633 words)

 Electric Fields
The electrical field force acts between two charges, in the same way that the gravitational field force acts between two masses.
We already studied about gravitational force of an object on earth, which is F = m*g, where "m" is mass of the object and "g" is the gravity of the earth.
However, electric field E is a little bit different from gravitational field g.
library.thinkquest.org /10796/ch12/ch12.htm   (762 words)

 Gravitomagnetic Field / 'Gravity-Shielding' Experiments
The gravitomagnetic field generated by the spinning disk is tightly coupled (0.01 inch air gap) to a gravitomagnetic field circuit composed of material also having half integral nuclear spin, and analogous to magnetic core material in transformers and motors.
Gravitational field equations are derived from General Relativity in a form similar to Maxwells equations.
The velocity of a gravitational wave in a superconductor is estimated to be two orders of magnitude slower than the vacuum velocity, resulting in an estimate of relative gravitational permeability of a superconductor material which is as much as four magnitudes greater than free space.
www.geocities.com /Area51/Shadowlands/6583/project124.html   (3778 words)

 Visualising Gravity: the Gravitational Field
The gravitational field at any point P in space is defined as the gravitational force felt by a tiny unit mass placed at P.
A different way to represent a field is to draw “field lines”, curves such that at every point along the curve’s length, its direction is the direction of the field at that point.
Once we know the gravitational field outside a shell of matter is the same as if all the mass were at a point at the center, it’s easy to find the field outside a solid sphere: that’s just a nesting set of shells, like spherical Russian dolls.
galileo.phys.virginia.edu /classes/152.mf1i.spring02/GravField.htm   (1715 words)

I have separated the fields to two basic categories: the first one is the fields' group that attracts the empty space, i.e.
The electrostatic field attracts the vacuum and the magnetic field repulses the vacuum and that is Meissner effect.
Gravitational field has to repulse the vacuum and the dynamic gravitational field that is equivalent to magnetic field attracts the vacuum.
www.andrijar.com /physics.htm   (638 words)

 Relationships Between the Gravitational Field and the Matter Field
Alternative 4: That the matter field and the gravitational field are the same entity and that the gravitational field provides the medium for light transmission in vacuo.while exhibiting Newtonian gravitational forces upon such transmitted light.
Alternative 5: That the gravitational field and the matter field interact to comprise the conducting medium for light in vacuo and that the gravitational field component does not exhibit Newtonian gravitational forces upon such transmitted light.
It is important to note that, although the matter field or the gravitational field medium may constitute an ideal transmitting medium for electromagnetic energy in vacuo and may be essentially non-dispersive, the possibility of dispersion of the deflected light should not be disregarded.
www.einstein-test.com /relationships.htm   (826 words)

 The Gravitational Field   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In this case, the distance from the center of the earth is doubled, so the field is divided by a factor of 2 times 2 or a factor of 4.
The earth would continue feeling the same gravitational field for eight minutes after the sun vanished --- until the news reached it.
During that time, the gravitational field near the earth would not have any source.
www.people.vcu.edu /~rgowdy/mod/g33/xmp.htm   (262 words)

 Electric field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Electric fields exist around all charges; the direction of field lines at a point is defined by the direction of the electric force exerted on a positive test charge placed at that point.
In the dynamic case the electric field is accompanied by a magnetic field (if charges producing electric field move with constant velocity), or by electromagnetic field (when charges move with acceleration).
The electric field or electric field intensity is a vector quantity, and the electric field strength is the magnitude of this vector.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electric_field   (1020 words)

 EBTX - Quantifying the Earth's Gravitational Field
A particle accelerating in a gravitational field can increase its rate of acceleration only to the extent allowed by its own field which is left behind owing to the fact that no signal can be propagated at infinite velocity.
The field cannot follow its center instantaneously and is therefore distorted in such a way as to prevent further increase in the rate of acceleration by self-interaction.
Two different test masses will fall at the same rate in a given gravitational field since it is the rate of acceleration which causes the distortion and not the mass itself.
www.ebtx.com /ntx/gravnumb.htm   (550 words)

 Electric field
The electric field E is analogous to g, which we called the acceleration due to gravity but which is really the gravitational field.
Field lines start on positive charges and end on negative charges, and the direction of the field line at a point tells you what direction the force experienced by a charge will be if the charge is placed at that point.
The net electric field with the point charge and the charged sphere, then, is the sum of the fields from the point charge alone and from the sphere alone (except inside the solid part of the sphere, where the field must be zero).
physics.bu.edu /~duffy/PY106/Electricfield.html   (1958 words)

Satellite data since 1998 indicates the bulge in the Earth's gravity field at the equator is growing, and scientists think that the ocean may hold the answer to the mystery of how the changes in the trend of Earth's gravity are occurring.
Such changes in the gravity field can be sensed using ultra precise laser tracking of satellites to observe tiny changes in the orbits of those satellites and by tracking changes in the length of day or rotation of the Earth.
If melting ice were the cause of the recent changes in the gravitational field, it would require melting a block of ice 10 km (6.2 miles) on each side by 5 km (3.1 miles) high every year since 1997 and pouring it into the oceans.
www.gsfc.nasa.gov /topstory/20020801gravityfield.html   (789 words)

 How a standing wave (particle) behaves in a gravitational field
To see how such a wave structure behaves in a gravitational field, we must consider how each of the component waves are affected by the gravitational field.
The gravitational field itself is a field of varying time dilation.
Normally light waves don’t stay within the gravitational field for very long, as their speed is so high – so only a slight bending of the wave occurs towards the mass.
www.wbabin.net /traill2/gravity.htm   (454 words)

 Temperature and Gravitational Field
It is worth noting that for historical reasons, temperature is defined in such a way that the "hotter" the body the larger the number we assign to its temperature.
The amount of thermal energy in a 1 kg iron ball at room temperature is about 60,000 J. The amount of energy in its rest mass is about 90,000,000,000,000,000 J. This enormous ratio is indicative of the relative power of a nuclear bomb and a chemical bomb.
This is because the gravitational mass of the ball is exactly proportional (as far as we know) to the inertial mass of the ball.
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/phy00/phy00746.htm   (608 words)

 Gravitational Field
The gravitational field at any point is the gravitational force on some test mass placed at that point, divided by the mass of the test mass.
The dimensions of the gravitational field are length over time squared, which is the same as acceleration.
If there is more than one mass, then the total gravitational field at a test point is obtained by computing the individual fields produced by each mass at the test point, and vectorially adding these fields.
www.physics.nmt.edu /~raymond/classes/ph13xbook/node128.html   (176 words)

 Gravitational Lens
The gravitational lens is then moved into position between the 'star', that is the truck lamp, and the video camera, that is the observers eye.
The gravitational lens simulator is imposed between the lamp and the camera.
The deflection of light by a gravitational field is an important prediction of general relativity.
www.physics.brown.edu /physics/demopages/Demo/astro/demo/8c2040.htm   (635 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does gravity work?"
where G is the gravitational constant, m1 and m2 are the masses of the two objects for which you are calculating the force, and d is the distance between the centers of gravity of the two masses.
In one of his famous thought-experiments, Einstein showed that it is not possible to distinguish between an inertial frame of reference in a gravitational field and an accelerated frame of reference.
That is, an observer in a closed space capsule who found himself pressing down on his seat could not tell whether he and the capsule were at rest in a gravitational field, or whether he and the capsule were undergoing acceleration.
www.howstuffworks.com /question232.htm   (627 words)

 Earth's Gravitational Field
Nevertheless, the gravitational field of the earth behaves like that of a point, at least in outer space (inside the earth it's a different story).
The fact that the flux is inward makes sense, since the gravitational field of the mass m is attractive and points toward the mass, not away from it.
Getting back to the gravitational field of the earth, let us assume that the mass distribution of the earth is spherically symmetric, which is approximately true.
www.math.iupui.edu /m261vis/earthfield2.html   (661 words)

 A The longitudinal character of the scalar wave in the field gravity theory
It is important that the problem of the physical interaction of a gravitational wave with an detector may be completely analyzed in terms of the weak field approximation where classical relativistic field theory is applicable (see Landau and Lifshitz 1971).
The scalar gravitational wave in the field gravity theory is generated by the trace of the energy momentum tensor
The very important property of the scalar gravitational potential is that it does not interact with the electromagnetic field.
aanda.u-strasbg.fr:2002 /papers/aa/full/2001/19/aa9919/node7.html   (687 words)

 Gravitational redshift
Gravitational redshift -- that is, the redshifting of photons that climb out of a gravity well -- occurs for fundamentally the same reason that projectiles slow down when rising -- because they have to transfer kinetic energy (their speed) into potential energy (their height).
We can let this photon rise through the gravitational field back up to point P. Now, if the energy of this photon is unaffected by the gravitational field -- i.e.
Clearly this cannot be the case since it directly violates conservation of energy -- thus photons must be affected by the gravitational field; that is, there must be a gravitational redshift.
www.alcyone.com /max/writing/essays/gravitational-redshift.html   (653 words)

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