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Topic: Great Depression

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  The American Experience | Surviving The Dust Bowl | People & Events | The Great Depression
The unemployment brought on by the Depression caused self-blame and self-doubt.
The Great Depression and the New Deal changed forever the relationship between Americans and their government.
Government involvement and responsibility in caring for the needy and regulating the economy came to be expected.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/amex/dustbowl/peopleevents/pandeAMEX05.html   (570 words)

 Great Depression. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Although it shared the basic characteristics of other such crises (see depression), the Great Depression was unprecedented in its length and in the wholesale poverty and tragedy it inflicted on society.
The American depression produced severe effects abroad, especially in Europe, where many countries had not fully recovered from the aftermath of World War I; in Germany, the economic disaster and resulting social dislocation contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler.
In the United States, at the depth (1932–33) of the depression, there were 16 million unemployed—about one third of the available labor force.
www.bartleby.com /65/gr/GreatDep.html   (400 words)

 Great Depression, Depression mythology, Great Depression facts
They proceeded to use the Great Depression - successfully - to discredit capitalism in whole or in part - to cast blame on capitalism for the Great Depression - and to offer their own approaches as substitutes for - or the means to save - capitalism.
For several years before the Great Depression, economists criticized the over valuation of the pound and warned that this would force economic contraction until domestic prices and wages were driven down far enough to justify those valuations.
The psychological explanation for the Great Depression asserts that the "irrational optimism" of the boom was replaced by "irrational pessimism" during the Crash.
www.futurecasts.com /Depression_mythology-I.html   (11302 words)

 Great Depression, Collapse of governments
He concluded that the Great Depression was a world wide problem that can't be licked by any one nation acting on its own.
The Great Depression led logically to the destruction of public confidence not only in the physical and financial aspects of the economy, but in democratic government as well.
The aftereffects of the Great War placed severe strains on the international mechanism of credit and exchange and spurred a cycle of increased governmental expenses, borrowing and interest costs that resulted in rising tax burdens throughout the world.
www.futurecasts.com /Depression_bottom-1932-1933.html   (7999 words)

 The Great Depression - pictures & causes of great depression
Policies of "autarchy" had developed after the war an were to be perpetuated during the Great Depression; that is, countries that were no longer prepared to trust the international order tried to insulate their economies by tariffs, import quotas, or a managed currency.
During the 1920s, while sometimes readjusting the rate at which their currencies were exchanged for gold, most nations clung to the gold standard, which facilitated international trade by permitting currencies to be freely exchanged in terms of gold.
But beginning in 1931, when Great Britain was driven off the gold standard, country after country left it in order to protect themselves against a flight of gold leading to deflation and unemployment.
www.indianchild.com /the_great_depression.htm   (1161 words)

 Great Depression, Rebound from Crash of '29, Great Depression facts, rebound from Crash of 1929 (1930)
Great Depression, Rebound from Crash of '29, Great Depression facts, rebound from Crash of 1929 (1930)
There was depression practically throughout all the advanced economic nations except for France and the Scandinavian states.
The bankers group - which had rallied to support the market by making large purchases of blue chip stock during the darkest moments of the Great Depression Crash - reported that they had successfully unloaded their holdings by the end of February - at a profit.
www.futurecasts.com /Depression_descent-beginning-'30.htm   (2302 words)

 America's Great Depression - Causes and Cures
But a further irony is the fact that the very existence of the Federal Reserve caused banks to wait for the central bank to act and not turn to the solutions they had devised in the face of the banking crises of the nineteenth century.
Their criticism of the underconsumptionist view is that it ignores an obvious adjustment mechanism; if deficient demand for goods and services is caused by unequal distribution of income, then the price level would fall to cause the quantity of goods and services demanded to rise.
World War II The end of the Great Depression is often marked as December 1941, the same time that America became officially involved in World War II.
www.amatecon.com /gd/gdcandc.html   (1940 words)

  The Great Depression - Stories from Australia's Culture Portal
Depression: A time of low economic activity, distinguished from a recession by being prolonged and sustained, characterised by continuing falls in output, high and rising unemployment and companies burdened with unsold stocks because demand is low.
Joseph Lyons was a minister in Scullin's government during the Depression and was responsible for the portfolios of Postmaster-General, and Works and Railways.
Lyons was able to bring stability to government after the difficulties associated with the impact of the Great Depression and internal problems within the ALP.
www.acn.net.au /articles/greatdepression   (1533 words)

  Great Depression in the United States - MSN Encarta
Great Depression in the United States, worst and longest economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world, lasting from the end of 1929 until the early 1940s.
The Great Depression fundamentally changed the relationship between the government and the people, who came to expect and accept a larger federal role in their lives and the economy.
The initial government response to the Great Depression was ineffective, as President Hoover insisted that the economy was sound and that prosperity would soon return.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761584403/Great_Depression_in_the_United_States.html   (2550 words)

 Great Depression in the United States - Printer-friendly - MSN Encarta
The establishment of government programs to counteract the depression indicated to many of the unemployed that the crisis was a large social problem, not a matter of personal failing.
The effects of the depression on children were often radically different from the impact on their parents.
The depression experience discredited the extreme individualism and pursuit of self-interest that characterized the 1920s, and revived an emphasis on community, cooperation, and compassion.
encarta.msn.com /text_761584403___0/Great_Depression_in_the_United_States.html   (4435 words)

 The Great Depression
At the worst point of the Great Depression, in 1933, one in four Americans who wanted to work was unable to find a job.
From the Civil War until the Depression, the Republican party was the dominant political party--it generally controlled the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the Presidency.
The questions that the Great Depression raises are similar to those that the Great Inflation raised.
ingrimayne.com /econ/EconomicCatastrophe/GreatDepression.html   (1366 words)

 great depression distribution of wealth   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. cause for the Great Depression was the combination of the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's...
The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. history, and one which spread to virtually all of the industrialized world.
for the Great Depression was the combination of the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the...
www.realestate-supersite.com /articles/23/great-depression-distribution-of-wealth.html   (290 words)

 Great Depression, by Robert J. Samuelson: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics: Library of Economics and Liberty
To view the Great Depression as the last gasp of the gold standard—as economic historians Barry Eichengreen and Peter Temin suggest—bridges the gap between two popular explanations.
The depression is often blamed on the passivity of President Hoover and the Federal Reserve.
The basic lesson from the Great Depression is that governments cannot permit massive collapses of banks or spending.
www.econlib.org /library/Enc/GreatDepression.html   (3132 words)

 Our Great Depression - New York Times
Depressives continue to be stigmatized, which makes their lives even more difficult and lonely.
Depression centers that could deliver a high standard of comprehensive care would be a dream come true — not only for millions of depressives, but also for the research community.
Depression and bipolar illness will affect some 20 percent of Americans during their lives, and yet the stigma endures.
www.nytimes.com /2006/11/17/opinion/17solomon.html?ex=1321419600&en=4034415edba54768&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss   (937 words)

 Sliding into the Great Depression
This doctrine--that in the long run the Great Depression would turn out to have been "good medicine" for the economy, and that proponents of stimulative policies were shortsighted enemies of the public welfare--drew anguished cries of dissent from those less hindered by their theoretical blinders.
The rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany is inconceivable in the absence of the Great Depression.
The Great Depression is the greatest case of self-inflicted economic catastrophe in the twentieth century.
econ161.berkeley.edu /TCEH/Slouch_Crash14.html   (5846 words)

 Great Depression of the 1930's History Guide .. The History Beat
The Great Depression is the period of history that followed "Black Thursday", the stock market crash of Thursday, October 24, 1929.
The Crash of 1929 - Argues that the Great Depression was caused by the Bank of England, the British government and the City of London.
Sliding into the Great Depression - A study of the economics of the Great Depression by J. Bradford De Long of University of California at Berkeley.
history.searchbeat.com /greatdepression.htm   (2105 words)

 The crash of 1929
The potential for the Great Depression derived from the economic and human destruction wrought by World War I, which was itself a product of British geopolitics and especially of the British policy, exemplified by King Edward VII, of creating an encircling anti-German alliance in order to wage war.
The events leading to the Great Depression are all related to British economic warfare against the rest of the world, which mainly took the form of the attempt to restore a London- centered world monetary system incorporating the gold standard.
Great Britain and France had been able to maintain relative firmness in real estate values, with the result that "mortgage business is sound and the multitude of loans granted on the security of real estate are unimpaired." The worst crash of real estate prices had occurred in the United States, Keynes found.
www.tarpley.net /29crash.htm   (19357 words)

 The Great Depression and Deflation
Before the Great Depression, the term depression was often used to describe an economic downturn.
In 1930, it declined by 7.6% and in 1931 it declined by 14.7%.
To lift the country out of the Great Depression, the New Deal was launched including a dramatic dose of expansionary fiscal policy.
darkwing.uoregon.edu /~pshea/Teaching/Econ_370/Lecture_Notes/Great_Depression.html   (1962 words)

 The Great Depression: A Brief Overview
America's "Great Depression" began with the dramatic crash of the stock market on "Black Thursday", October 24, 1929 when 16 million shares of stock were quickly sold by panicking investors who had lost faith in the American economy.
"Okies", victims of the drought and dust storms in the Great Plains, left their farms and headed for California, the new land of "milk and honey" where they believed all one had to do was reach out and pluck food from the trees.
The Great Depression tested the fabric of American life as it had been seldom tested before or has since.
www.todaysteacher.com /TheGreatDepressionWebQuest/BriefOverview.htm   (605 words)

 Great Depression - AskTheBrain.com
Great Depression Surveys The 1930's saw a huge increase in funds for public works as part of the effort to get the country out of the Great Depression and the C and GS field and office staffs were significantly increased.
While the Great Depression was the defining event of the 1930s in the West, Japanese imperialism in the Far East held ominous portents for America, not the least of which for Navy planners was the potential cutoff of a cheap, menial labor supply.
Only in the Great Depression decade of the 1930s when the childbearing rate dropped to two births per woman and net immigration from abroad became negligible was the growth rate lower.
www.askthebrain.com /depression_great-.html   (503 words)

 Great Depression as a Generational Fulcrum
After the Great Depression, some people tried their best to pay back loans, but some were never able to do so.
The Great Depression was the time when the old music met the new.
The popular songs of the Great Depression were often characterized by a folk and roots mix with flashy brass.
www.trinity.edu /mkearl/socpsy01/music/great%20depression.htm   (535 words)

 The Great Depression - Stories from Australia's Culture and Recreation Portal
Depression: A time of low economic activity, distinguished from a recession by being prolonged and sustained, characterised by continuing falls in output, high and rising unemployment and companies burdened with unsold stocks because demand is low.
The Great Depression's impact on Australian society was devastating.
Joseph Lyons was a minister in Scullin's government during the Depression and was responsible for the portfolios of Postmaster-General, and Works and Railways.
www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au /articles/greatdepression   (1527 words)

 The Great Depression
Riding the Rails - From PBS.....how the Great Depression affected 250,000 teenagers who were living on the road at this time in history.
The Great Depression and the New Deal - Information on the causes of the Depression and the legacy of the New Deal.
The Great Depression, the 30s, and the Roosevelt Administration - An educational guide to the Great Depression of the 1930s.
webtech.kennesaw.edu /jcheek3/depression.htm   (252 words)

 PHMC Doc Heritage: The "Great Depression"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The most serious economic crisis in the nation's history was the "Great Depression" which occurred during the 1930s.
Europe's economy was affected adversely by the demand of the Allies, Great Britain and France, for monetary reparations from Germany as payment for damage that it inflicted during the Great War (1914-1918) at least some of which the German government paid with loans from the United States.
The "Great Depression" had a disastrous effect on many working class Pennsylvanians, as the letter to the Dauphin County Board of Assistance reveals so poignantly.
www.docheritage.state.pa.us /documents/greatdepression.asp   (1076 words)

 Native americans and great depression Info - Admirable Native americans and great depression Help
From a bird's eye view, californians consistently want native americans and great depression, and the strange thing is that labourers usually select them.
Correspondingly, new yorkers always understand native americans and great depression, but at the same time, a small minority cautiously speculate about them.
In the big picture, lawmakers most often discuss native americans and great depression, although the majority of americans too challenge the idea of them.
www.bardito.com /language/native-americans-and-great-depression.html   (350 words)

 Great Depression
This unit is important for students, because the Great Depression is a historic and momentous event in the history of the United States.
In order for the students to realize how the Great Depression was such a staggering event, the prosperity and feel of the country during the “Roaring Twenties” must be noted.
Create a dramatic scene set in the great depression, to be acted out in front of the class at a later time.
lilt.ilstu.edu /connections/2002BBabstracts/great_depression.htm   (3070 words)

 Great Depression and Stock Trading at TradeStars + Stock Trading   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Great Depression and stock trading - your one stop source for Great Depression from the quickest website with a simple index.
Great Depression buyers and sellers meet in order to try and exchange their requirements.
We, of course, are interested primarily in Great Depressionstock markets, which may actually be the most perfect of all for themselves, all the way up to billion dollar Great Depression funds managed by major corporations.
www.tradestars.com /content/Great-Depression.asp   (104 words)

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