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Topic: Great circle

In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Great circle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Equivalently, a great circle on a sphere is a circle on the sphere's surface whose center is the same as the center of the sphere.
The great circle on the spherical surface is the path with the smallest curvature, and hence an arc (an orthodrome) is the shortest path between two points on the surface.
On the Earth, the meridians are on great circles, and the equator is a great circle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Great_circle   (429 words)

 Great-circle distance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Geodesics on the sphere are the great circles (circles on the sphere whose centers are coincident with the center of the sphere).
Between any two points on a sphere which are not directly opposite each other, there is a unique great circle.
Between two points which are directly opposite each other (called antipodal points) there infinitely many great circles, but all have the same length, equal to half the circumference of the circle, or πr, where r is the radius of the sphere.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Great_circle_distance   (610 words)

 Great Circle
For any great circle other than the equator, the longitude of the axis points are 90° east and west of the two points where the great circle crosses the equator, and the two axis points are 90° of latitude away from the two points where the great circle reaches it's maximum latitudes.
The maximum latitude of the circle is 30° 22' north latitude at 41° 24' east longitude and 30° 22' south latitude at 138° 36' west longitude.
Since all of the sites on the great circle alignment are equally distant from the axis point at one quarter of the circumference of the earth, the alignment forms a perfect circle halfway between the center and the outer edge of the projection.
home.hiwaay.net /~jalison   (758 words)

 JavaScript Navigator - Great Circle Sailing
A great circle is defined as a circle on the earth's surface the plane of which passes through the centre of the earth.
The vertices of a great circle are the two points nearest to the poles which have a course on the great circle track due EAST / WEST.
Although the great circle track is the shortest route between two locations, it also usually enroutes closer to the pole (or to higher latitude) than the two places.
www.geocities.com /CapeCanaveral/2265/gcsail.htm   (625 words)

 Great Circle Route
A great circle is the intersection of a sphere with a plane passing through the center of the sphere.
Arcs of great circles on the earth represent the shortest route between two points on its surface.
The equator is a great circle as are all meridians of longitude.
home.att.net /~srschmitt/great_circle_route.html   (397 words)

 Pilot's Web The Aviators' Journal - Direction and Distance
Since a loxodrome is not a great circle, it follows that by tracking a loxodrome a longer distance must be traveled compared to a great circle line.
A great circle is a circle on a sphere's surface whose plane is passing exactly through the center of the sphere.
Since the great circle is not a straight line and therefore difficult to follow, it is divided into a sequence of shorter rhumb lines segments.
www.pilotsweb.com /navigate/dis_dir.htm   (667 words)

 Great Circle Associates
Great Circle Associates founder and principal Brent Chapman is once again available for consulting work, after moving to Australia for a couple of years to earn his MBA at the Melbourne Business School, returning to Silicon Valley, and then spending a little over a year full-time as Senior Manager of Network Architecture for Tellme Networks.
Great Circle Associates founder and principal Brent Chapman was honored with the 2004 SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award "for outstanding sustained contributions to the community of system administrators".
Great Circle's Brent Chapman was at the conference all week long, where he hosted a Guru Session on MBAs for Sys Admins and participated in the Advanced Topics Workshop.
www.greatcircle.com   (446 words)

 Visit OHS - The Newark Earthworks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The circle is nearly 1200 feet in diameter and was used as a vast ceremonial center by its builders.
The Great Circle is one part of the Newark Earthworks State Memorial, the largest system of connected geometric earthworks built anywhere in the world.
PARK ADMISSION IS The Great Circle Earthworks is on the south side of Newark, in Licking County, off of State Route 79 between Parkview Drive and Cooper Street.
www.ohiohistory.org /places/newarkearthworks/greatCircle.cfm   (120 words)

Hint: A great circle is the path traced by the intersection of a plane passing through the center of a sphere and the surface of the sphere.
Both the tanker and bomber fly great circle paths for a roundtrip distance of 21,614.5 nmi (mean circumference).
Note the comparable great circle path approximation between the equator’s intersection with the Greenwich meridian (latitude 0° and longitude 0°) and the North Pole (latitude 90°, longitude undefined) is simply the latitude difference multiplied by 60nmi/° or 90° x 60 nmi/° = 5,400 nmi.
www.navworld.com /navcerebrations/flights.htm   (920 words)

 Stanton Drew Stone Circle: New Geophysical Survey Evidence
Both the great Circle and the north-east circle were approached from the north-east by short `avenues' of standing stones.
The circles are believed to have played an important part in contemporary social and religious life, and there is evidence that some were aligned with major events of the solar and lunar calendar.
Lying under the pasture within the Great Circle are the remains of a highly elaborate pattern of buried pits.
www.eng-h.gov.uk /archaeometry/StantonDrew   (1306 words)

 Wisconsin Highways: Lake Michigan Circle Tour
While a loosely-organized "circle route" around Lake Superior was promoted by local tourist organizations as early as the 1960s, the first official (and signed) Great Lakes Circle Tour was the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.
The only single-nation Circle Tour (Lake Michigan being the only Great Lake completely within the US, of course), the LMCT also is the longer of the two Circle Tours in the state.
The Circle Tour route and its first Guide were the culmination of innovation and hard work by the WMTA staff, led by visionary Jack Morgan of the Michigan Department of Transportation.
www.wisconsinhighways.org /other/lmct.html   (1060 words)

 Great circle quotes & quotations
circles and with the best surroundings and circumstances, one must keep something of the original character of an anchorite, for other wise one has no root in oneself; one must never let the fire go out in one's soul, but keep it burning.
And whoever chooses poverty for himself and loves it possesses a great treasure, and will always clearly hear the voice of his conscience; he who hears and obeys that voice, which is the best gift of God, finds at least a friend in it, and is never alone.
Alexander The Great, Catherine the Great, Alfred the Great, Frederick The Great.
en.thinkexist.com /quotes/with/keyword/great_circle   (357 words)

 Great Circle International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A Great Circle is the largest circle that can be drawn on the earth's surface and the shortest distance between any two places in the world will follow a great circle route.
For centuries mariners have navigated the oceans following great circle routes, trading their goods and services to distant lands, returning with their ships filled with silks, spices and other new products from faraway civilizations.
Great Circle International, LLC was incorporated to facilitate the worldwide transfer of environmental technology and to provide the finest in erosion control products and revegetation equipment.
www.greatcircleint.com   (168 words)

 [No title]
Unlike a great circle which is a closed curve encircling the earth, a rhumb line spirals indefinitely poleward.
Natural questions are to seek the great circle distance between two specified points and the true course at points along the route.
Since the length of a complete circular arc of unit radius is 2*pi, the conversion is 360 degrees equals 2*pi radians, or: angle_radians=(pi/180)*angle_degrees (and angle_degrees=(180/pi)*angle_radians) Great circle distance can be likewise be expressed in radians by defining the distance to be the angle subtended by the arc at the center of the earth.
vancouver-webpages.com /peter/faq_calc.txt   (1568 words)

 Moundbuilders State Memorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
"Great Circle", is one of the few remaining traces of a series of earthworks that once covered 4 square miles.
At the center of the circle, there is an effigy mound composed of four conical mounds arranged in the shape of a bird with its head pointing towards the entrance, and a low wall, 200' in length, that creates a partial arc, 100' behind the effigy mound.
From a ground perspective, the earthwork appears to be a perfect circle, but it is actually shaped like an ellipse with diameters of 1150' and 1250'.
users1.ee.net /jconley/article100.htm   (220 words)

 Geodesic Great Circle: a Product Review | Linux Journal
Great Circle finds memory leaks, multiple frees, heap corruption and so on--and presents it all in a browser-based interface.
Because Great Circle is itself a web server, gone is the potentially complicated step of making it working with Apache.
Great Circle reported the expected amount of memory was being leaked.
www.linuxjournal.com /article.php?sid=5866   (1106 words)

 gc_latlon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This function calculates the great circle distance between two points on the surface of the globe.
returns the great circle distance (as a double if any of the input lat/lon values are double, and float otherwise) between two points on the surface of the globe in units specified by the value of iu.
Example 3 - calculate the great circle distance (in degrees) between the specifed coordinate pairs and interpolate 8 points in-between, return the longitudes in the range 0-360 [iu positive].
ngwww.ucar.edu /ngdoc/ng/ref/ncl/functions/gc_latlon.html   (507 words)

 About Great Circle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Great Circle Yacht Services is a low-cost alternative to store-front chandleries and large online stores.
Great Circle's business model is designed to minimize the company's overhead, and maximize the customer's savings.
You have probably caught on by now that Great Circle is geared toward the sailor who knows his boat and what he wants.
www.greatcircleyachting.com /AboutGreatCircle.htm   (897 words)

 Michigan Highways: Other Highways: Lake Michigan Circle Tour
At the nothern terminus of M-63, the circle tour proceeds northerly on I-196/US-31 toward South Haven.
Between Mackinaw City and St Ignace, the LMCT is jointed by the Lake Huron Circle Tour.
While the Lake Michigan Circle Tour generally follows the closest posted state trunkline to its namesake body of water, the Sleeping Bear Dunes area is one exception.
www.michiganhighways.org /other/lmct.html   (1523 words)

 Archaeogeodesy, a Key to Prehistory II, by James Q. Jacobs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The largest Newark feature, the Octagon State Memorial, or Newark Octagon, consists of a true circle two-thousand eight-hundred eighty feet in circumference connected by three hundred feet long parallel embankments to a large octagon enclosing fifty acres.
The embankments are nearly six feet tall excepting the fourteen feet tall by one-hundred and seventy feet long mound connected to the circle opposite its entrance from the octagon.
At Newark Circle the ratio of equal arc angles of latitude and longitude, adjusted for secular polar motion to 250 AD (1.3010 to 1) forms a right triangle with a 52.452° obtuse angle.
www.jqjacobs.net /astro/aegeo_2.html   (1976 words)

 Cruising America's Great Loop - Southwinds, January 2002
His Big Ditch concept was considered loony by many, but in 1819 the New Yorkers, determined to be an empire state, began digging the Niagara River eastward to connect with the Seneca, the Oswego and the Mohawk rivers until there was a connection between the Hudson and Lake Erie.
The Erie Canal is one of the routes for boaters on the Great Loop.
At the historic village of Bobcaygeon we saw a great white Swan with Norfolk, Virginia, on the transom, and Eva approached the captain.
www.southwindssailing.com /articles/0201/greatloop.html   (1018 words)

 Great circle distance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The above diagram tries to show the two locations as small blue spheres, the red lines being their position vectors from the centre of the sphere.
From this you can see that the shortest distance between the two points is given by the length of an arc of a circle concentric with the sphere and with the same radius as the sphere.
Knowing that arc length is just the product of the radius and the angle subtended at the centre of the circle, you can use your knowledge of spherical polar coordinates and the dot product to find this distance.
members.tripod.com /%7EPaul_Kirby/appletgreatcircle/greatc.html   (227 words)

 Great Circle Distance Calculator and Swell Arrival Time Calculator
Use this tool to calculate the Great Circle distance between any two points on the planet (in nautical miles) or to determine how long it will take a swell to travel to your beach.
The time the storm is first forecast (or actually started) to produce seas aimed at your location (Assumes "local time" unless you set your PC to GMT/UTC).
These fields are not required when calculating Great Circle Distance only.
www.stormsurf.com /page2/papers/Java/Swivel.shtml   (250 words)

 Tourism: The Great Lakes Circle Tour on GLIN!
At its Annual Meeting in November 1988, the Great Lakes Commission approved a “Great Lakes Circle Tour” project.
The Circle Tour offers an opportunity to showcase the Great Lakes resource where promotion can be both collaborative and localized.
On August 23, 1990 the Great Lake Circle Tour as well as the U.S. portion of the Lake Erie Circle Tour were dedicated at Sandusky, Ohio with the Ohio Governor and the Commission Chairman presiding.
www.glc.org /tourism/background.html   (483 words)

 Great Circle Mapper FAQ
It displays a map depicting the great circle path between locations and computes the distance along that path.
A great circle path is the shortest path on the surface of a sphere between two points on that sphere.
The great circle route is the same in either direction but is only used for the westbound, ORD-HKG flight, which would encounter substantial headwinds if it flew the more southerly route.
gc.kls2.com /faq.html   (3619 words)

 America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association
The purpose of the association is to provide information to boaters who are interested in cruising America's eastern waterways, including the Atlantic and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, the Canadian Heritage Canals, and the inland rivers of America's heartland.
America's Great Loop is the continuous waterway that circumnavigates the eastern portion of North America - along the Atlantic seaboard, across the Great Lakes, through the inland rivers, and around the Gulf of Mexico.
It is sometimes referred to as the Great Circle Route.
www.greatloop.com   (103 words)

 Aviation Formulary V1.42
Great circle distance can be likewise be expressed in radians by defining the distance to be the angle subtended by the arc at the center of the earth.
The great circle route from LAX to JFK crosses the 111degree W meridian at a latitude of:
Compare this with the great circle course of 66 degrees and distance of 2144 nm.
williams.best.vwh.net /avform.htm   (5620 words)

 Graphical great circle sailing
If you were to sail a rhumb line course from San Francisco to Yokohama Japan you could pick a destination point a few miles outside of Yokohama harbor, but if you were to try and use that point for a great circle course you would run aground many miles from your destination.
Using a great-circle chart it would be obvious that you would be approaching Japan from the North-Easterly direction and that there would be land in the way, so it would be better to pick a great-circle destination up the coast to avoid collision.
The vertex of a great circle path is that point that is nearest the North or South poles of the earth and where the direction is exactly East and West.
www.angelfire.com /nt/navtrig/D2.html   (366 words)

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