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Topic: Greek Catholic Church

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

Thus the Ruthenian Church of Galicia, the Rumanian Church of Austria-Hungary, the Bulgarian Church of Turkish Bulgaria, the Melchite Church of Syria, the Georgian Church, the Italo-Greek Church, and the Church of the Greeks in Turkey or in the Hellenic Kingdom -- all of them Catholic -- are often called the United Greek Churches.
The superior hierarchy of a Greek Church at the period we are treating of, viz., from the fourth to the tenth century, was composed of a patriarch, a catholicos, the greater metropolitans, the autocephalous metropolitans, the archbishops and the bishops.
A sub-type of the Syriac rite is represented by the liturgies used in the Syriac Churches of Mesopotamia and Persia; the liturgy of Sts.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/06752a.htm   (18354 words)

 Four Hierarchs - Four Martyrs - Greek Catholic Church during Communism in Eastern Europe
In 1947 the Polish Communist govern- ment abolished the Greek Catholic Church in that country and deported the Greek Catholics either to the Soviet Union or to the western lands recently seized from defeated Germany.
In 1948 the Greek Catholic Church in Romania was similarly suppressed and its properties given to the Orthodox.
It became the silent church of the cellar, the field and the forest awaiting the eventual liberation of Europe from the German heresy.
www.byzantines.net /epiphany/martyrs.htm   (2386 words)

 Patron Saints Index: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Catholics of the Byzantine rite, known as Greek Catholics, are heirs of the Union of Brest of 1596, which the hierarchy of the Kyivan Metropolia established with the Church of Rome.
The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was liquidated by Stalin's regime and forcibly "re-united" with the Russian Orthodox Church after World War Two.
There are patrons of the Greek Catholic Union, and the Greek Church in America.
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/define89.htm   (133 words)

 Melkite Greek Catholic Church
The Melkite Church is affiliated to the Roman Catholic Church, through the regime of Eastern Rite Churches, allowing it a great deal of autonomy and the right to preserve its original character.
The word comes from the Semitic word for king, pointing at that the Melkites took the position of the emperor (which is a powerful king) of Byzantine in the 5th century on the greatest division issue in early Christianity: the nature of Jesus.
The liturgy of the church is performed in vernacular Arabic.
lexicorient.com /e.o/melkite.htm   (309 words)

 Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The foundation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church was laid by the communion of the Patriarch of Constantinople with the Popes in Rome throughout most of the first millennium (until 1054) and intermittent communion thereafter.
The identity and further separate development of the Kievan Church was achieved by the election of Metropolitans, native and/or not confirmed by the Patriarch of Constantinople (Ilarion, 1051-1054; Klym Smolyatich 1147-1154; and, Hryhoriy Tsamblak 1415-1419).
The dissolution of the Uniate Church in Russia finished in 1875 with the abolition of the Eparchy of Kholm.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ukrainian_Greek_Catholic_Church   (2381 words)

 Romanian Church
It proved difficult for the new Greek Catholic community, known popularly as the Greek Catholic Church, to obtain in practice the religious and civil rights that had been guaranteed it when the union was concluded.
The Catholics insisted that all property be returned as a matter of justice, while the Orthodox held that any transfer of property must take into account the present pastoral needs of both communities.
Provincial councils of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church were held at Blaj from May 5 to 14, 1872, from May 30 to June 6, 1882, and from September 13 to 26, 1900.
www.faswebdesign.com /ECPA/Byzantine/Romanian.html   (1072 words)

 Greek Catholic Union
At that time, the Greek Catholic churches in the United States had no hierarchs of their own and were placed accordingly under the jurisdiction of the local Roman Catholic bishops.
In addition the practice of holding church property in the name of parish trustees was prohibited in favor of the Roman Catholic practice of placing all property in the name of the local bishop as corporation sole.
Greek Catholic young people abandoned the Church of their ancestors in order to enter or disappear into the mainstream of Catholicism, viz.
www.byzantines.net /epiphany/gcu.htm   (1402 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : The Third Centenary of the Union of the Greek-Catholic Church of Romania with the ...
A particularly outstanding merit of your Church is to have mediated between the East and the West by adopting the values promoted by the Holy See in Transylvania and by communicating to the entire Catholic world the values of the Christian East, which were not very accessible due to the existing divisions.
For the Jubilee the Church seeks to renew herself in the joyful light of the risen Christ, inviting her children to respond to God's grace with a serious examination of conscience and the effort of purification and penance.
The Greek-Catholic Church of Romania is also rooted in the Word of God, in the teaching of the Fathers and in the Byzantine tradition, but in addition finds her own particular expression in her union with the Apostolic See, in the mark of the 20th-century persecutions and in the Latin character of her people.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=2938   (3677 words)

 Melkite greek catholic church
The Catholics in the Near-East are mostly Catholics of the Eastern Rites.
It is based on the Rite of St. James of Jerusalem and the Churches of Antioch and reformed by St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom.
Greek, the language of Constantinople was the tongue for all Catholics for the first two or three hundred years after the Apostles.
www.holy-cross.ca /eglisang.html   (3341 words)

 Greek Church
It was his task to oversee the immigration of virtually the entire Byzantine Catholic community of Constantinople to Athens, and those of the two villages in Thrace to a town in Macedonia.
Although their presence in Greece aroused the anger of the local Orthodox hierarchy, these Greek Catholics were determined to serve their fellow countrymen by works of charity and social assistance.
The Greek Orthodox Church remains very hostile to the very idea of the existence of this church, which it views as a gratuitous creation of the Catholic Church in Orthodox territory.
www.faswebdesign.com /ECPA/Byzantine/Greek.html   (448 words)

 The Ruthenian Catholic Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Despite this sad turn of events, the American Greek Catholics in union with Rome continued to grow and establish new parishes; and, in 1950, Saints Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary was established by the second Bishop of Pittsburgh, Daniel Ivancho, for the spiritual and educational formation of a native clergy.
The term "Greek Catholic" would change to "Byzantine Catholic," stressing that the church was not Hellenic (Greek) in nationality, and that the spirituality and liturgical services were of the Byzantine Rite; also, English, now the vernacular, became the dominant liturgical language.
The Byzantine Catholic Church is an Eastern Church in union with Rome; Carpatho-Rusyn in background and flavor, but indeed an American Eastern Church celebrating the Gospel in words, symbols, and action.
www.dreamwater.org /edu/passaic/history.htm   (1302 words)

 Melkite Greek Catholic Church Information Center The Melkite Greek Catholic Church
The Melkite Greek Catholic Church / Grec Melkite Catholique is one of the approximately 22 particular Churches in the Catholic Communion, that Melkite Greek Catholic Church is "Ecclesiastical Communion" with the Holy See of Rome (The Roman Catholic Church).
Melkites are the "Catholic" in the "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church".
In the Middle East, the Melkite Greek Catholic Church is generally known in Greek as "Room Katuleek" and in Arabic as "Rumi Kathuliki".
www.mliles.com /melkite/melkite.shtml   (1350 words)

 Catholicism in the Ukraine: Unresolved problems
Similarly the organization of the Greek Catholic Churches and the administration of the sacraments and so forth, were to be formed on the basis of Roman canon law.
It seems essential, as the Catholic Church, the Orthodox world and Greek Catholics themselves desire, that the life of the Greek Catholics be fully Eastern and correspond to their own ancient Christian roots and traditions in as pure a way as possible.
Although, the Greek Catholics should purify themselves of the effects of Latinization, it can not be suggested that they return to the way they were before the Unions, to a type of Old believer type of Church and traditions.
catholic-church.org /church-unity/gk_cat_e.htm   (1724 words)

 Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church
Consecration of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church by Bishop Basil Schott.
It was not until 1915 that a new Greek Catholic church edifice was built on the east side of Joliet by these individuals.
The "First Greek Catholic Church" was formally dedicated On October 14, 1906, on the Feast of the "Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary." However, the church building was destroyed by fire on February 14, 1909.
www.byzantinecatholic.com /aboutus.htm   (1339 words)

 The Greek
According to him, the Greek-Catholic Church was reminiscent of the Habsburg Empire, an outcome of the "intrigues" of the Viennese House and a hope for the Pope's propaganda in Romania.
The cooperation of the Piarist Church of Cluj was exemplary.
Reîntregirea Bisericii Românesti din Ardeal [Re-unification of the Romanian Church in Transylvania], (Bucharest, 1948).
www.crvp.org /book/Series04/IVA-15/greek.htm   (5717 words)

 A brief history of the Greek Catholic church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The official term is “Greek Catholic,” introduced by the Austrian empress Maria-Teresa in 1774.
In 1989, the Greek Catholic church gained legal existence, generating enormous property disputes in the Western Ukraine over control of churches and other property.
Greek Catholics routinely refer to Husar as their patriarch, although this title has not been recognized by Rome.
www.natcath.com /NCR_Online/archives/071301/071301j.htm   (434 words)

 Saint Demetrius Church, Porac, Slovakia
Saint Demetrius Greek Catholic Church was founded in 1640 in the town of Porac, Slovakia.
In the Liber Nativitdtis of Saint Demetrius Church the first birth recorded was that of Anna Stecz, daughter of Joannes Stecz and Maria Bednar on 17 January 1789.
The Parish Register of Saint Demetrius Greek Catholic Church is available on microfilms 1791519 and 1791520 at the Family History Centers run by the Latter Day Saints Church in most communities.
www.iarelative.com /demetri.htm   (593 words)

 Greek Catholic Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Greek Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church.
Historically this sui juris particular Church represents a schism and was part of the Eastern Orthodox Church but it came into communion with the Vatican.
A minority group in terms of population in Greece, its territory encompasses most of Greece, but is not to be confused with the other Eastern Rite churches in the Roman Catholic communion (which are sometimes also termed Greek Catholic), nor is it to be confused with the Greek Orthodox Church.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Greek_Catholic_Church   (151 words)

 Melkite Greek Catholic Church Information Center Main Home Page
The "Church of Antioch" is also called "Melkite Greek Catholic Church", "Grec Melkite Catholique", and "Roum Melkite Catholique".
The spiritual leader of The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is The Patriarch of Antioch.
Patriarchate of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church  --   Patriarch / Batriyark of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church  --   Clergy in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church
www.mliles.com /melkite   (1019 words)

 PC(USA) News: Arab-Israeli becomes archbishop of Greek Catholic church in Holy Land
Chacour is the first Israeli citizen to become an archbishop in the church, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church.
Chacour’s inauguration ceremony was attended by local church leaders and representatives of the Greek Catholic patriarch and of local Muslim and Druze-Arab communities.
It is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, but retains Greek liturgy and a separate synod of bishops.
www.pcusa.org /pcnews/2006/06139.htm   (363 words)

 Church Records   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Style Although the data included in the church records is fairly consistent throughout the ages, the style and presentation varies, seemingly due to the scribe's own inclination.
Latin is found quite frequently in Roman Catholic records but infrequently in Greek Catholic records.
Although Latin was little used in the Greek Catholic church, it does occasionally appear.
www.iabsi.com /gen/public/church_records_e_slovakia.htm   (694 words)

 Melkite Greek Catholic Church
The official name of the Melkite Church is The Melkite Greek Catholic (Grec Melkite Catholique).
The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is a Catholic Church within the Greek variant within the Byzantine Rite within the Byzantine (Constantinopolitan) Great Tradition of Eastern Catholicism.
This means that Melkites follow the Greek variant of the Byzantine Rite in worship, theology, and spirituality.
www.stgeorgeinzababdeh.com /melkite.shtml   (541 words)

 Legalization of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the years 1987_1989 the demand ``legalization of UGCC'' was one of the main appeals in the period of ``perestroika'', the motion for the democratization of the society.
passing to the UGCC of the parish priest of the church of Transfiguration together with its faithful, and obtaining the right of registration of greek-catholics as religious community (20.11.1989) _ all this led to the exit from the underground and the start of a new period in the life of the Church.
It is the period of renewal and development of the structure and administration, organizing of the church life under the condition of revival Ukrainian State.
www.ichistory.org /churchex/church16.html   (230 words)

Living symbol of tradition, this church was built to replace the original one which was no longer large enough.
The sanctuary, as in all oriental churches, is separated from the nave by an iconostasis or a wooden partition covered with paintings of saints.
and Marseilles.Ancient Greek is still the liturgical language, whereas modern Greek tends to disappear nowadays from spoken conversation.
www.corsica.net /corsica/uk/regajac/cargese/carg_egg.htm   (447 words)

 Saint Demetrius Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
Wasyl Senchyshyn found a fantastic candidate for a church of their own--it was formerly the 2nd Baptist Church of Jeannette until the German speaking assemblage merged with the 1st Baptist Church.
Having the church loaded with children was wonderful, but then with the desire to further education, many children would move away to go to school and to find jobs.
Taking such pride in their church and always seeking to improve it, the iconostas was reconditioned in 1973 and a year later new rugs were added.
www.stjosaphateparchy.org /stdemetrius/history.htm   (921 words)

 Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia homepage
Our aim is to introduce you the Byzantine Catholic (Greek Catholic) Church in general and especially that of Slovakia.
In English language you will find here basic information on the Byzantine Catholic (Greek Catholic) Church in Slovakia, on her structure, history and on the byzantine-slavonic rite and spirituality.
This is NOT an official webpage of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia.
www.grkat.nfo.sk /eng/index.html   (308 words)

 Byzantine Catholic Church in America
In reporting this, the official newspaper of the Ecumenical Patriarchate spoke of new relations between "sister churches," anticipating language to be adopted in due course by the Churches themselves.
All of the Catholic Churches, including the Byzantine Catholic Church, embrace full communion with the Church of Rome and its primate, Pope John Paul II, the successor of St. Peter, the first among the Apostles.
In several common declarations the Holy Father and the Patriarchs of those Churches have announced that today we profess together that Jesus Christ is true God and true man, one person in two natures.
www.byzcath.org /links/Links-to-Sister-Churches.htm   (715 words)

 Saint Joseph Melkite Catholic Church, Lawrence, MA.
Joseph Church (with two small golden domes) will appear on the right.
The parking lot is on the Right side between the Church Complex and the next building (St. Joseph Plains Community Center/ Adelante Youth Center).
With grateful acknowledgement, all media is given credit to its authorship by listing in "Divine Liturgy Directory" and "Our Links Directory" with no infringement of copyright implied.
www.stjosephmelkitecatholicchurch.org   (148 words)

 Welcome to St. George Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Zababdeh
Welcome to St. George Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Zababdeh
These "Living Stones" are the members of St. George Church.
George Church reopened on the Sunday of Thomas, 27 April 2003.
www.stgeorgeinzababdeh.com   (294 words)

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