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Topic: Green anarchism

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Green anarchism: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
Green anarchism is a branch of anarchism that focuses on the ecological and environmental[?] aspects of that philosophy - and means of ensuring human respect for ecology, e.g.
Green anarchism is often confused with primitivism or the less extreme eco-anarchism which advocates small-scale eco-villages.
However, not all green anarchists advocate a return to primitive styles of life; many support the use of advanced technology in an ecologically friendly way, and do not see an inherent conflict between human technology and biodiversity.
www.encyclopedian.com /gr/Green-anarchism.html   (447 words)

Anarchism is a generic name given to theories and movements which call for the abolition of government and other forms of authority - the simplest possible civics.
Anarchism first achieved mass media attention during the Second Industrial Revolution, when anarchists assassinated rulers of Russia (1881); in the French Republic (1894); in Italy (1900); and in the United States (1901).
Some critics of anarchism suggest that it is a rhetorical form, whereby individuals can cloak the pursuit of their own interests behind an interlocking web of abstract concepts.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/a/an/anarchism.html   (675 words)

 Green anarchism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Green anarchism is a set of related political theories that is derived from philosophical and social movements such as social ecologists, feminism, egoism, situationist, surrealism, the Luddites, Anarcho-primitivism, post- and anti-leftists, indigenous, anti-industrialism, and pre-civilized people.
Green anarchists can be described as anti-civilization anarchists and sometimes anarcho-primitivists, though not all green anarchists and anti-civilization anarchists are primitivists.
Green technology is often rejected because it simply keeps the same exploitative system and only changes it on the surface to make it seem environmentally friendly despite the constant level of human and natural exploitation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Green_anarchism   (537 words)

 Anarchism - Wikipedia
Anarchism is a generic name given to theories and movements that call for the abolition of government and other forms of authority.
Anarchism is vast subject that touches a lot of topics.
Below are links to articles that discuss and argue various aspects of anarchism, from the points of view of anarchists of various trends, as well as of non-anarchists.
wikipedia.findthelinks.com /an/Anarchism.html   (372 words)

 ANARCHISM.net: Green Anarchy
Green anarchy strives to move beyond human-centered ideas and decisions into a humble respect for all life and the dynamics of the ecosystems that sustain us.
From primitivists, green anarchists are informed with a critical and provocative look at the origins of civilization, so as to understand what this mess is and how we got here, to help inform a change in direction.
Deep ecology, despite its misanthropic tendencies, informs the green anarchist perspective with an understanding that the well-being and flourishing of all life is linked to the awareness of the inherent worth and intrinsic value of the non-human world independent of use value.
www.anarchism.net /schools_greenanarchy.htm   (5615 words)

 Wikinfo | Green anarchism
Green anarchism is system-opposed anarchism suggesting that hierarchies in general and the ecological unbalance, economism, authority-power, international injustice, war, racism and centralism of today are a direct result of a cruel industrialistic rule of civilization.
Green anarchists practise an underground resistance based on autonomous direct actions, uniting different system-critics such as non-violent action, ecoactivism, queeractivism, animal rights acitivism, anti-capitalism and anti-elitism, opposed to obsolete isms such as socialism and liberalism.
Ecoanarchism is a branch of anarchism that focuses mainly on the ecological and environmental aspects of that philosophy - and means of ensuring human respect for ecology, e.g.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Green_anarchism   (386 words)

 Green Anarchism Exposed
Green Anarchist and their collaborator Larry O'Hara wish to reorganise social struggle on the basis of what they claim to be a momentous discovery, the fact that the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight fails to operate independently of the British state!
Green Anarchist and Larry O'Hara treat fascism as a moral category, and as a result are prone to smearing anyone who is critical of their brand of activism as having connections to either Nazis or the Secret State.
Green Anarchist's false solutions to the contradictions of capital are identical to those of fascism.
www.stewarthomesociety.org /ga/exposed.htm   (1215 words)

 anarchism - Anarchopedia
As such anarchism opposes all forms of hierarchical control - be that control by the state or a capitalist - as harmful to the individual and their individuality as well as unnecessary.
Anarchism, therefore, is a political theory that aims to create a society which is without political, economic or social hierarchies.
Anarchism unites critical analysis with hope, for, as Bakunin pointed out, "the urge to destroy is a creative urge." One cannot build a better society without understanding what is wrong with the present one.
eng.anarchopedia.org /anarchism   (1191 words)

 civilization - G@
Green anarchists tend to view civilization as the logic, institutions, and physical apparatus of domestication, control, and domination.
The rise of civilization can roughly be described as the shift over the past 10,000 years from an existence within and deeply connected to the web of life, to one separated from and in control of the rest of life.
Many green anarchists promote and practice getting in touch with and rekindling dormant or underutilized methods of interaction and cognition, such as touch, smell, and telepathy, as well as experimenting with and developing unique and personal modes of comprehension and expression.
www.greenanarchy.info /civ.php   (789 words)

The green economists share broader ecological and social concerns, including a distrust of capitalism itself, that lie outside the mainstream concerns of the neoclassical subfields environmental economics, resource economics, and sustainable development.
Green economists vary drastically in how much they question conventional biology and ethics, how reliant they are on cognitive science as a neutral point of view for their micro-economics of human purchasing.
Most political Greens reject such an analysis as hopelessly unsustainable given modern terrorism and asymmetric warfare, but what seems to characterize green economists as a class is a willingness to work with such outrageous commodifying assumptions.
www.globalcpr.com /green.html   (2305 words)

 Wikinfo | Anarchism
Anarchism is a generic term describing various political philosophies and social movements that advocate the elimination of the state.
Green anarchists accept some restrictions on individual freedom as a means of preserving natural capital (for example, farmland and water) and often promote limited forms of social ecology.
Anarchism had a large influence on French Symbolism of the late 19th century, such as that of Mallarme, who was quoting as saying "La vraie bombe c'est le livre" (the true bomb is the book) and infiltrated the cafes and cabarets of turn of the century Paris (see the Drunken Boat #2).
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Anarchism   (9660 words)

 Green politics Summary
Green belt is a planning designation of land around cities or towns intended to prevent urban sprawl, for the benefit of both city and countryside.
Green politics and philosophy presents a holistic vision in which monetary reform, participative democracy, meaningful work, social justice, and equality are all of a piece with renewable energy, organic agriculture, protection of wildlife, recycling, and non-polluting technologies.
Green politics is usually said to include the green anarchism, eco-anarchism, anti-nuclear and peace movements - although these often claim not to be aligned with any party.
www.bookrags.com /Green_politics   (3040 words)

 A.3 What types of anarchism are there?
The union of anarchism and pacifism is not surprising given the fundamental ideals and arguments of anarchism.
Anarchism, therefore, is based on an awareness that fighting patriarchy is as important as fighting against the state or capitalism.
Anarchism, as can be seen, included a class and economic analysis which is missing from mainstream feminism while, at the same time, showing an awareness to domestic and sex-based power relations which eluded the mainstream socialist movement.
anarchism.ws /faq/secA3.html   (17810 words)

 The Unabomber and Kirkpatrick Sale (by L. Proyect)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Unabomber is to the green movement as the Weathermen were to the antiwar movement.
The green movement has been deeply saturated with anarchist ideology from the very beginning and its appropriate to say a few words about the politics of "green anarchism".
Green anarchists bypass the class struggle and seek to implement visions of their "new society" in the here-and-now within the framework of capitalist society.
www.columbia.edu /~lnp3/mydocs/ecology/sale_unabomber.htm   (964 words)

 [No title]
In the evolution of political ideas, anarchism can be seen as an ultimate projection of both liberalism and socialism, and the differing strands of anarchist thought can be related to their emphasis on one or the other of these aims.
Individualist anarchism has several traditions, one deriving from the `conscious egoism' of the German writer Max Stirner (1806-1856) and another from a series of American nineteenth-century thinkers who argued that in protecting our own autonomy and associating with others only for common advantages, we are promoting the good of all.
In the twentieth century, anarchism had a role in the Mexican revolution of 1911, the Russian revolution of 1917 and most notably in the Spanish revolution that followed the military rising that precipitated the civil war of 1936.
www.spunk.org /library/pubs/freedom/raven/sp000615.txt   (2295 words)

 anarcho-primitivism or green anarchism
I know that anarchism and ecology are intertwined and that any relevant and decent form of anarchism must be rooted in an ecological perspective.
To suggest that anarcho-primitivism is "'green anarchism" is blinkered, not to mention sectarian and downright false.
The idea of anarchism as being created from below, by the conscious desires of the oppressed for freedom and justice is missing.
anarchism.ws /writers/anarcho/environment/primitivism.html   (1012 words)

 ecological anarchism - Anarchopedia
It is the dedication to these ideals that distinguish it from the more general 'big-G' Green anarchism which sees a continuing role for global institutions and global definitions of fairness and safety, or at least dialog towards those.
What differentiates the eco-anarchist from the primitivist is this focus on the village and its social capital, as opposed to technology and its acceptance or rejection.
What differentiates the eco-anarchist from the big-G "Green" or small-g "green" anarchist is that the focus is strictly on ecological integrity and decentralization, with no import of rules from larger bodies into the ecoregion, or into the eco-village itself.
eng.anarchopedia.org /ecological_anarchism   (520 words)

 Greens Summary
Some greens (for example, social ecologists and ecofeminists) see their cause as connected to questions of social justice—the elimination of exploitation, militarism, racism, sexism, and so on—while others (deep ecologists, for instance) seek to separate their cause from such humanistic concerns, favoring a biocentric instead of an anthropocentric orientation.
The article on Worldwide green parties gives an overview about organized green parties all over the world, their history, their goals, and their cooperation.
The article on the Green movement describes the broader world-view of "being green" in the sense of a personal political identity.
www.bookrags.com /Greens   (610 words)

 GAIA - The Green Anarchist International Associaton - Eco-Anarchist International - Green Grass Confederation - Green ...
The eco-anarchist movement is clearly opposed to and in general denounces the sometimes fanatical and irrational tendencies and guru-hierarchies we have seen within the ecology and green movement in general, as well as terrorism and ochlarchy tendencies, sometimes wrongly called "anarchist" in the media.
In case b) the general principle is to reject the whole thing as marxian, as marxian ideas are incompatible with anarchism, and mixes of marxian ideas and anarchist rhetorics are marxism, not anarchism.
Although his books on anarchism may be interesting, say, because he is quoting anarchists a lot and discusses anarchism in several ways, these books have a more or less biased, marxian type approach.
www.anarchy.no /green.html   (3673 words)

 LGP - 25
The outcome was inevitable: that the "Green 2000" motion, to put the party under the direction of an executive committee, and to entrust its public persona in two speakers, would be passed; only the shape of the battle was left undetermined.
The degree of opposition to Green 2000 on the conference floor surprised both the backers and the opponents of Green 2000.
Green 2000 themselves seemed taken aback both by the scale and--as importantly--by the arguments of the opposition, and their reliance on proxy votes left them open to accusations of corrupt and undemocratic tactics.
www.social-ecology.org /lgp/issues/lgp25.html   (7535 words)

 Anarchist Strategy Discussion
However anarchism cannot be reduced to a branch of ecology.
Pinning their hopes on environmentalism has left the Green Anarchists and Social Ecologists hanging out to dry as green concepts have been adopted by authoritarians, corporate capitalists and state socialists.
Many of these people are sincere and support the Greens, the NDP, Labour Party or Democrats or whatever out of what they see as a lack of alternatives.
www.mutualist.org /id13.html   (2358 words)

 A.3 What types of anarchism are there?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
As Kropotkin noted, collectivist anarchism "express[es] a state of things in which all necessaries for production are owned in common by the labour groups and the free communes, while the ways of retribution of labour, communist or otherwise, would be settled by each group for itself." [Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets, p.
This leads to "Green Anarchist" developing a form of eco-vanguardism in order, to use Rousseau's expression, to "force people to be free" (as can be seen from articles published in it in 1998 celebrating terrorist acts).
Anarchism and feminism have shared much common history and a concern about individual freedom, equality and dignity for members of the female sex (although, as we will explain in more depth below, anarchists have always been very critical of mainstream/liberal feminism as not going far enough).
flag.blackened.net /intanark/faq/secA3.html   (12224 words)

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