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Topic: Greenwich Village

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  American Masters . Greenwich Village | PBS
For nearly all of the 20th century Greenwich Village was a central location for artists and innovators from around the world.
One of the first great venues was the Greenwich Village Follies, where dancers and musicians such as Martha Graham and Cole Porter got their start.
By the 1950s and 1960s, Greenwich Village was attracting the furthest ranges of diverse creative minds, among whom composer John Cage, artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, and dancers Merce Cunningham, Alwin Nikolais, and Murray Louis were only a few.
www.pbs.org /wnet/americanmasters/database/greenwich_village.html   (471 words)

  New York (city)/Greenwich Village - Wikitravel
Greenwich Village (often simply referred to as "the Village") is a well-known, largely residential district in Manhattan, one of the boroughs of New York.
The neighborhoods surrounding it are the East Village to the east, SoHo to the south, and Chelsea to the north.
Greenwich Village is also the main setting for the TV series Friends as Monica's apartment has a Grove St. address, and there are numerous references to nearby areas such as Bleecker St. and SoHo (although the series was actually filmed in the Warner Brother studios in Los Angeles).
wikitravel.org /en/New_York_(city)/Greenwich_Village   (1072 words)

 GVSHP | Village History
Greenwich Village’s known history dates back to the 16th century, when it was a marshland called Sapokanikan by Native Americans who camped and fished in the meandering trout stream known as Minetta Brook.
The Village at the turn of the 20th century was quaintly picturesque and ethnically diverse.
Greenwich Village became a rallying place for antiwar protesters in the 1970s and for activity mobilized by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.
www.gvshp.org /history.htm   (1032 words)

 New York Architecture Images- SEARCH- greenwich village
The best way to see the Village is to walk, and by far the best place to start is its natural center, Washington Square, commemorated as a novel title by Henry James and haunted by most of the Village's illustrious past names.
Greenwich Village’s known history dates back to the 16th century, when it was a marshland called Sapokanikan by Native Americans who camped and fished in the meandering trout stream known as Minetta Brook.
Greenwich Village became a rallying place for antiwar protesters in the 1970s and for activity mobilized by the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.
www.nyc-architecture.com /GV/GV.htm   (1944 words)

 Greenwich Village
First, Greenwich Village was a denizen of pop culture, the obscene, the absurd, the unusual.
If one was feeling the constraints of the conformist culture of the fifties, he or she might have visualized the Village as a sort of escape from the "normal" life, a place to be free.
She cites David Boroff who explains that the village has the atmosphere of a neighborhood that one might find in a small town, yet people are still able to maintain the autonomy that a big city can provide.
www.wam.umd.edu /~molouns/amst450/village/basic.html   (1936 words)

 About Greenwich
In 2000, there were approximately 1525 persons living within the Greenwich Village corporation area of about one square mile, according to a population study made by the Ohio Department of Development.
The village of Greenwich was incorporated in 1879.
Greenwich Reservoir Lake Park, a community-owned park, was begun in 1956 with the combined work of a large number of Greenwich men and women.
www.villageofgreenwich.com /about.html   (1047 words)

 Greenwich Town: Greenwich Village - New York NY USA
Greenwich Village, New York City or GVNY is set in the heart of New York City, in Lower Manhattan, it is a dynamic and fascinating area has many common themes with Greenwich, England.
Greenwich Village is bounded by 14th Street to the north, Houston Street to the south, the Hudson River to the west and Broadway to the east.
Greenwich has a long heritage; it was the birth place of King Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) and Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen).
wwp.greenwichtown.com /village/greenwichny.htm   (505 words)

 The 10 Worst London Tourist Attractions - Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village is a so-called tourist attraction far from the heart of London which takes a while to get to.
As a former resident of greenwich village i think it is a WONDERFUL place to visit.
Greenwich is a fantastic place to visit, especially the markets, park, observatory and restaurants.
www.londonp.com /attraction/greenwich-village   (327 words)

 Greenwich Guide - Greenwich
To the right of the statue, mostly hidden by trees, is the Old Greenwich Royal Observatory, famous for being the site of the prime meridian, or 0 degrees longitude.
The London Borough of Greenwich was formed in 1965 from the former metropolitan boroughs of Greenwich and Woolwich.
Greenwich was chosen as the site for the U.K.'s Millennium Exhibition, comprising mainly of the Millennium Dome, which closed on 31 December 2000.
www.greenwich-guide.org.uk /greenwich.htm   (458 words)

 Greenwich Village
Antic or no, the Village is noted as a refuge for non-conformists, possibly because Greenwich Village itself refused to conform when the steamrollers of progress started leveling the villages of Manhattan to create one vast, standardized metropolis.
All five are native Greenwich Villagers, born and raised in the vicinity, and from restaurant families.
The Village Barn, at 52 W. 8th St., is, next to EL CHICO, the oldest fun spot in the Village, still functioning after 30 years.
www.oldandsold.com /articles06/new-york-city-83.shtml   (4189 words)

 LitKicks: Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village, a long walk away from what was then 'the city,' was an actual village; that is, people lived there because they didn't want to live in the city.
But this was the age of skyscrapers, and it was discovered that the ground under the humble Greenwich Village was too soft to build upon.
The Village Voice, a weekly tabloid partly founded by Norman Mailer, was an important voice for the radical and artistic factions in the 50's and 60's.
www.litkicks.com /Places/GreenwichVillage.html   (550 words)

 nycvisit.com - Maps & Neighborhoods - Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village extends from Broadway to the Hudson and from 14th Street down to Houston Street.
The Village is primarily a residential neighborhood that gave birth to the Beat Generation.
The Village is home to a large community of gays and lesbians.
www.nycvisit.com /content/index.cfm?pagePkey=439   (808 words)

 Greenwich Village Now | Greenwich Village Bed and Breakfast | Rooms to Let | New York City
What you see now in the West Village is a conglomeration of all the architectural, artistic, and intellectual history that came before...
In the 20s, it was divided into apartments and, like many of the private homes in The Village, it has been carefully "reconverted" to reflect its 150 year history.
Within the boundaries of Greenwich Village are the oldest houses, the most historic landmarks (but not the tallest!), and the quaintest streets.
www.roomstolet.net /villagenow.html   (196 words)

 Walking and Eating Tour of Greenwich Village (New York City) - Associated Content
Greenwich Village has a lot of excellent restaurants and food specialty shops.
Greenwich Village is a can't-miss neighborhood to visit for food lovers.
Visitors to Greenwich Village are charmed by its quaint looks and European "feel" - the small, winding streets are lined with row houses and brownstones dating from the 1800s, in constrast to most of Manhattan which follows the grid street pattern.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/24585/walking_and_eating_tour_of_greenwich.html   (695 words)

The street pattern of the Village is largely the same as it was in the late 1700s-early 1800s with crooked cart paths better suited for foot traffic than automobiles.
Greenwich Street meanders to the northeast and northwest because it was originally the westernmost street and followed the Hudson riverbank.
The portion west of Greenwich Lane was named for a large kiln in the area, and eventually the spelling was corrupted to Great Kills Road.
www.forgotten-ny.com /streetnecrology/greenwich/greenw.html   (2523 words)

 Greenwich Village Townhouse Apartments, Bed And Breakfast Apartments & Hotel Accommodation New York City - West Eleventh
Trip Advisor ranks West Eleventh Apartments as the #2 Bed and Breakfast in the Soho/Greenwich Village area.
Its name is a link with its namesake, Greenwich, England, and it keeps as many connections to its past as possible.
West Eleventh Townhouse Apartments is situated between two major city districts - Midtown and the Wall Street area - and is strategically placed for access to all of the cultural attractions of this grand city.
www.west-eleventh.com   (244 words)

 Greenwich Village - Greenwich Village - Villagers
I want to try to throw a few dim sidelights on these Villagers whom I love and whom I know to be as alien to the average metropolitan consciousness and perception as though they were aboriginal representatives of interior and unexplored China.
If our Villagers run off at tangents on occasion, follow a few false gods and tie the cosmos into knots, it is, one may take it, rather to their credit than otherwise.
The author is not a Villager, and his message is one which has its root and spring in the signs and wonders of another, an older and a more intimately wise land than ours.
www.oldandsold.com /articles13/greenwich-village-9.shtml   (4497 words)

 NYC: Greenwich Village: LEGO® creations by Sean Kenney : MOCpages.com
Greenwich Village is the LEGO city that I built in 2002, inspired by the clutter and bustle of the historic districts of New York City.
These are some close up photos and city-wide pictures of my "Greenwich Village".
The Village was my second LEGO city as an adult.
www.mocpages.com /folder.php/5   (352 words)

 Greenwich Village Hotel | Bed and Breakfast Manhattan | Greenwich Village Bed and Breakfast | Abingdon Guest House
Abingdon Guest House consists of two landmarked 1850's Federal style townhouses located in Greenwich Village, one of Manhattan's most charming and historic neighborhoods, for decades the center of New York's artistic and intellectual life.
Two landmark West Village town houses contain nine themed rooms, such as the Martinique, with a canopied four-poster and a skylight, and the Ambassador Suite, with dark red walls and a faux tiger-skin rug.
Located in the brownstone-lined, boutique-dotted West Village, the Abingdon boasts an inviting residential ambiance that combines an authentic neighborhood vibe with all the modern comforts.
www.abingdonguesthouse.com /about.shtml   (654 words)

 Amazon.com: Next Stop, Greenwich Village: DVD: Lenny Baker,Shelley Winters,Ellen Greene,Lois Smith,Christopher ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
This is the Village of the mid-'50s; Dylan and the folkies wouldn't take root there for years, and even the beat poet scene wasn't yet in full bloom.
Greenwich Village in the 50s, the Bohemian era with its cafes, rent parties, and blossoming sexual freedoms.
Mazursky convinces me that in the 1950s, Greenwich Village and the rest of the United States were different planets.
www.amazon.com /Next-Greenwich-Village-Lenny-Baker/dp/B000B7QCRW   (2027 words)

 New York City.com : Hotels in Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village has retained much of its charm and historic character in recent years, thanks in part to its activist residents and zoning regulations.
And it was in Greenwich Village that the gay-rights movement intensified after the Stonewall riots of the 1960s; the Stonewall/Christopher Street area today is testimony to the neighborhood’s unique and liberal character.
Feel like a New Yorker in the heart of the Greenwich Village historic district and stay in a small...
www.nyc.com /search/find.aspx?secid=4&area=n-10&sort=distance   (566 words)

 Welcome to Greenwich Village!
We are a not-for-profit Business Improvement District located in the heart of Greenwich Village one block north of Washington Square Park on 8th Street and extending eastward to Second Avenue and St Marks Place.
Over the years, the 12 blocks included in the Village Alliance have been home to some of America's most creative minds and artists.
This Web site is being sponsored by the Village Alliance to inform you of all the on-and-off-beat activities in our district that will make your shopping, dining, walking and people watching experiences in Greenwich Village and especially on 8th Street, St Marks and Astor Place, a memorable one.
www.villagealliance.org   (226 words)

 Greenwich Village, New York : LEGO® modelmaker Sean Kenney
Greenwich Village is a LEGO city inspired by the clutter and bustle of the famed trendy historic district of New York City.
In this model, upper floors are not even tall enough for a LEGO figure to stand, but the effect is that of the real Greenwich Village...
This tavern was inspired by one of Sean's favorite Irish pubs, "Fiddlesticks", on Greenwich Street in the West Village.
www.seankenney.com /portfolio/greenwich_village   (877 words)

 Bohemia in Greenwich Village
It was in fact the legacy of Maya Deren, in particular her golden glorious “Meshes of the Afternoon,” that inspired Karen Kramer, the first time she saw “Meshes,” back in college in Denver, Colorado, to become a filmmaker herself.
The climax to a full career of almost 30 years in that line – well, the climax so far — is an evocative, informative 70-minute documentary, “The Ballad of Greenwich Village,” more than a dozen years in the making, that’s on its way to the Quad Cinema on 13th Street.
It’s opening July 22 at the Quad, and Leroy Street resident Karen Kramer, who as a young woman made a beeline for the Village from where she’d grown up in the suburbs – hopes that all Greenwich Villagers will be proud of it.
www.thevillager.com /villager_115/boemiaingreenwich.html   (1174 words)

 Greenwich Village Apartments | Find Your Manhattan New York Apartment at CitySitesNY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Greenwich Village apartments in New York City are some of the most sought after in Manhattan.
What's so wonderful about The Village are all the nooks and crannies, cobblestone streets and many generational mom-and-pop stores that still dominate the area.
Your Greenwich Village apartment search may require an added investment of time and money as rental rates and sale prices here are among the highest in Manhattan, and apartments tend to move very quickly.
www.citysitesny.com /about-nyc/manhattan-neighborhoods/greenwich-village-apartments.php   (266 words)

 GVSHP | Home
The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation was founded in 1980 to preserve the architectural heritage and cultural history of the Village...
The South Village: A Proposal for Historic District Designation, by Andrew Dolkart, Commissioned by GVSHP
Latest Census Data on Greenwich Village and the East Village
www.gvshp.org   (405 words)

 The Greenwich Village Gazette since 1996 Columnists
www.gvny.com   (36 words)

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