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Topic: Greyhound racing

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Greyhound Racing Facts
Greyhound racing constitutes animal abuse because of the industry's excessive surplus breeding practices, the often cruel methods by which unwanted dogs are destroyed, the daily conditions in which many dogs are forced to live, and the killing and maiming of bait animals, such as rabbits, during training exercises.
Racing greyhounds spend the majority of their adult lives in crates or pens or in fenced enclosures.
Greyhound racing is a form of gaming in which the amount of money a dog generates determines his or her expendability.
www.hsus.org /pets/issues_affecting_our_pets/running_for_their_lives_the_realities_of_greyhound_racing/greyhound_racing_facts.html   (1378 words)

 [No title]
Greyhounds are forced to race in extreme weather conditions from sub zero weather to temperatures reaching over 100 degrees.
The bulk of missing greyhounds are now killed in more secretive ways — by owners/breeders on private farms, by veterinarians who profit from the industry, and by privately-owned chemical/testing companies and research facilities that are not required to make the details of their research records public.
Racing greyhounds are often unable to race due to bad batches of this meat and suffer acute vomiting and diarrhea, known in the industry as a "blow-out." Handling this meat creates a human health risk due to potential exposure to E. coli and salmonella.
www.angelfire.com /il2/BlessedBe/racing.html   (844 words)

 Gambling Guide > Events > Greyhound Racing
Greyhound racing is a sport which involves the racing of greyhound dogs.
The first recorded attempt at racing greyhounds on a track was made at Hendon in 1876, but this experiment did not develop.
Like horse racing, it is popular to bet on the greyhound races as a form of parimutuel gambling.
www.gambling.freegames.eu.com /sportsbetting/greyhound_racing.html   (337 words)

 Greyhound racing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the UK Greyhounds are not kept at the tracks and are instead housed in the kennels of private individuals, and transported to the tracks to race.
Greyhound adoption groups frequently report that the dogs from the tracks have tooth problems the cause of which is debated although it is likely related to either a low-quality raw meat diet or damage to the gums from chewing on metal cage bars.
The racing industry is actively working to prevent the spread of this practice; attempts are made to recover urine samples from all greyhounds in a race, not just the winners.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Greyhound_racing   (1555 words)

 GreyHound Dog Racing - Terms Glossary
Greyhound races are comprised of fields of eight or nine racers.
Before a race, the greyhounds are weighed, identified by a paddock judge, walked and blanketed before entering the track.
Racing Secretary - The track official whose major functions include determining how many races of each grade are to be run over each distance for any given performance and conducting the random draw for post position.
www.greyhoundracingtoday.com /HowToBet/Glossary.htm   (2715 words)

 Running for Their Lives: The Realities of Greyhound Racing
"Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane and should be outlawed nationwide," says Carey Theil, president of GREY2K USA, a national anti-greyhound-racing group based in Massachusetts that has partnered with The HSUS and the ASPCA to form the National Greyhound Legislative Coalition.
Because greyhound racing has little to do with dogs and everything to do with money, scant regard is given to the humane treatment of the greyhounds.
Greyhound racing is not an isolated occurrence—tracks exist legally in almost every part of the nation, from New England to the Rockies.
www.hsus.org /pets/issues_affecting_our_pets/running_for_their_lives_the_realities_of_greyhound_racing   (1092 words)

 Australian Greyhound Racing
Greyhound racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in the country and there are greyhound racing tracks dotted all around the country for the racing fans.
Greyhounds were used almost exclusively for hare coursing, and from the times of King Henry VIII the dog proved to be the most popular participant in this event.
The greyhounds compete in tests of speed chasing an artificial hare and betting on greyhound racing is one of the most popular activities today.
www.greyhoundraces.com.au   (402 words)

 Racing Home Greyhound Adoption
Racing Home Greyhound Adoption, racinghome.info, provides veterinary care, food, shelter, greyhound education, loving and socialization to the retired racing greyhounds, retired greyhounds, or homeless greyhounds during their transition to a greyhound adoption or greyhound placement home that is adopting greyhounds.
Shelter and greyhound care for retired racing Greyhounds and homeless greyhounds are provided as they are taken off the racetrack to retire and to become retired greyhounds for greyhound placement to an adopting greyhound home or to become a foster greyhounds.
Greyhound education and greyhound care is provided, when needed, to adopting Greyhounds already in permanent homes or foster greyhounds, in order to keep the greyhound in a good racing greyhound retirement environment and in greyhound placement.
www.racinghome.info   (520 words)

 Greyhound Racing
Varying reports of greyhounds being put to death after their racing days are over or if they don't make the grade are anywhere from 16,000 to 45,000 dogs a year.
If greyhound racing is legal in your state, support all efforts to pass state legislation to abolish it.
The photo of the greyhound and rabbit was provided by Dan Schmidt of The Greyhound Project, Inc. from their 1999 calendar of Tiger and Peaches, adopted by Susan and John Short of Macedon NY through GPA New Hampshire.
www.hopperhome.com /greyhound_racing.htm   (506 words)

 Who is Behind This Pathetic Industry
The greyhound racing industry is fueled by the dog tracks and their patrons demand for newer, faster dogs to replace the sickly abused dogs that can no longer win races.
Of course the unfortunate victims at the bottom of the food chain are always the racing greyhounds, bred only to live a tortured and thankless life that usually ends in an early death.
May genuinely like greyhounds, however their perpetuation of dog racing cancels out any love of the dogs they claim to have.
www.greyhoundracingsucks.com /grs_whoisbehind.htm   (712 words)

 UK Dog Tracks and Greyhound Racing
Greyhounds race from 15 months of age, but typically are best from 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old.
Greyhound Racing is the second largest spectator sport in the country and there are greyhound tracks all over the UK, a list of these is available here.
A range of bets can be placed on Greyhound racing, if you'd like to bet on the results of a Greyhound race at any track in the UK you can open an account and get a free £25 bet with Totesport.
www.dog-track.co.uk   (246 words)

 The Greyhound Recorder - Australia's Highest Selling Greyhound Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Respected greyhound caller Paul Ambrosoli also expressed his excitement at how well the night went and believes the professional approach undertaken by all the advertising parties was the crucial element in the night's success.
For greyhound racing and his beloved NSW National Coursing Association, Bailey was a trail-blazing astronaut who took the industry to new horizons.
The influence and ideas of Bailey and his NCA loyalists resulted in the introduction of the Greyhound of the Year, the National Derby dinner and many other promotions that were taken up and further refined by the thoroughbred and harness racing industries.
www.greyhoundrecorder.com.au   (593 words)

 Greyhound Protection League
The Greyhound Protection League (GPL) is a national, non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds from the exploitation and abuses inherent in the greyhound racing industry.
We believe that through education and continued media exposure, the public perception of greyhound racing will be altered from that of a harmless spectator activity to its brutal reality - a blood sport responsible for immense animal suffering and the routine killing of thousands of young, healthy dogs each year.
Founded in 1991, the Greyhound Protection League was the first organization of its kind to break the silence and speak out nationally to expose the atrocities inflicted upon racing greyhounds.
www.greyhounds.org /gpl/contents/entry.html   (401 words)

 Greyhound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Greyhounds are generally loyal, tractable dogs with developed intellects, although their territorial instinct is weak and they make poor guard dogs.
The racing gait of the greyhound is a double suspension gallop, in which all four feet are off the ground twice during each full stride.
Greyhound was the name of several roller coasters in the United States and Canada.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Greyhound   (1295 words)

 Greyhound Racing Today - Online Dog Racing Results,Betting, Basics,Greyhound Racing Tracks, Directory, Tipster, Rules
Betting has always been the main attraction in greyhound racing and it seems that it might be the only sport in which the majority of visitors are bettors.
Although greyhound racing betting is based more on knowledge and experience than on mere luck, most bettors still loose money on greyhound racing.
Our aim is to help you make the most of greyhound racing both in terms of understanding and enjoying the sport as well as being a better bettor.
www.greyhoundracingtoday.com   (292 words)

 Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Track
Race meetings are held on Friday nights and Saturdya afternoons.
Kennelling times for Saturday racing are for races 1 to 4 from 11.45am until 12.15pm and for races 5 to 7 from 12.15 to 12.45pm.
Friday, if racing, is for races 1 to 4 from 5.15pm until 5.45pm and for races 5 to 8 from 5.45pm until 6.15pm.
www.greyhoundraces.com.au /greyhound-tracks/?track=26   (146 words)

 Facts: Animal Racing
These state laws prohibiting racing are largely ineffectual, because federal law does not prohibit the interstate shipment of greyhounds used in racing.
Thus, greyhound racing functions not only as a "sport" and gambling enterprise, but as a breeding facility for cruel vivisection practices.
Because jockeys race horses year round on hard tracks, which give less and are therefor harder on a horse’s joints and bones, horses incur greater injury risk.
www.idausa.org /facts/racing.html   (810 words)

The Greyhound Racing Association of America is a non-profit membership association founded to promote, protect and enhance the sport of greyhound racing and the greyhound industry through education, example and media for the benefit of its members, fans, supporters and the greyhound racing dogs that make this great sport possible.
The American Greyhound Council (AGC) was established in 1987 to develop, fund and oversee programs to ensure the welfare of racing greyhounds on the farm, at the track and upon retirement.
Greyhound Racing is all about recognizing talent, and GRA/America is pleased to showcase the work of talented photogaphers, writers and artists among our beautiful Greyhound athletes.
www.gra-america.org   (1072 words)

 Greyhound Resources for owners and breeders of greyhound racing dogs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The International Greyhound Research Forum is a comprehensive online resource that has been developed to provide all those interested in greyhound dogs and greyhound racing with a ‘one-stop’ website that focuses on providing current and relevant information.
Of special interest to owners, breeders and trainers is the research articles section, where the International Greyhound research Forum has accumulated hundreds of articles about greyhound dogs and greyhound racing.
The International Greyhound Research Forum contains a huge collection of links - we have searched the web and created what we believe is the largest collection of greyhound dog related links available.
www.greyhoundresearch.com   (633 words)

 Greyhound Racing Today - Dog Racing and Greyhound Racing,History, About the dogs
The Origin of Greyhounds and Greyhound racing remains unclear, but it is believed that Greyhounds have originated in ancient Egypt.
In the days of Queen Elizabeth the first (1533-1603) coursing rules were finally introduced, and new rules established issues like: hares head start, the judging of the speed and agility of the greyhounds racing in the chase.
Greyhound racing was finally introduced in England in 1926, with the first official meeting taking place at Belle Vue Manchester.
www.greyhoundracingtoday.com /AboutTheDogs.htm   (347 words)

 Stonehaven Racing Greyhounds, Inc. - Greyhound Racing Partnerships   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Every Stonehaven Racing Greyhound owner will have full access to the development farm, training facilities, and of course if we are lucky - a visit to the winners circle for photographs of the winning greyhound and owner(s).
Greyhound tracks usually have 15-25 "racing kennels" on location that race greyhounds under contract with the track.
Racing Licenses (Required): When placement of a greyhound in a racing kennel occurs, it is the owner's obligation to acquire a racing owner's license in the jurisdiction of the particular racetrack.
www.stonehavenracing.com /ownership.htm   (2159 words)

 Northwest Canadian Greyhound League, Providing Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Services to Northwest Canada
Most people are under the impression that Greyhound racing is illegal in Canada and so were we when we heard about Calida Greyhound Race Track in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada.
It is illegal to have paramutual betting on any animal race except horse racing but that does not prevent people from racing other types of animals and having other forms of betting.
Calida Greyhound Race Track in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada is considered a legal entity by the Government bodies that license their operation.
www.ncgl.ca /php/racinginfo.php   (660 words)

 Stag Weekend Greyhound Racing Activities. Outstanding Greyhound Racing Experiences For Stags... Prepare To Party! - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
We can arrange entry to greyhound stadiums nationwide (and also in Ireland), at many of which we organise a 3 course dinner with a great view of the track and table service betting.
Races start close to 7.30pm and the last is usually around 10.30pm, so it's very convenient to make it part of a stag weekend and set you up for a big evening.
book your greyhound racing now: you won’t regret it, with Stagweb you’ll be in the most professional stag weekend hands for your event.
www.stagweb.co.uk.cob-web.org:8888 /entertainment/greyhound.asp   (279 words)

 The Greyhound Breeding and Racing Database
Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world and drawn from the last four centuries.
Available are 2,068,992 race results and 1,267,073 greyhound pedigrees.
Here you will find the races from a country or a racecourse, and for a selected time.
www.greyhound-data.com   (239 words)

 Morree Greyhound Racing Track
The Moree Greyhound Racing Track is located at the Moree Racecourse on the Newell Highway.
There are Tote facilities as well as two bookmakers operating at the track at race meetings for local events as well as other horse racing meetings.
Race meetings are held on Saturday afternoons and some public holidays.
www.greyhoundraces.com.au /greyhound-tracks/?track=56   (204 words)

 Greyhound Wizard - Handicapping Software for Greyhound Races - Greyhound Dog Racing Track Software - Download Wagering ...
The Greyhound Wizard has 21 years of programming experience in it's software it to help you become a more consistent winner at the greyhound track.
Just download the greyhound racing performance program from the track's website, import that program into Greyhound Wizard handicapping software program, a few clicks of the mouse, you have a race summary print out to take with you to the track.
In the advance version of Greyhound Wizard, you download text programs from the internet and import them into Greyhound Wizard and it saves the racing lines and Greyhound's names for expanded racing calculations.
www.greyhoundwizard.com   (218 words)

 Greyhound Players -Greyhound racing picks, greyhound handicapping & greyhound racing information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Greyhound Players --- Don't delay ---- Years of Handicapping Greyhounds gives us confidence as it will in turn give you.
Greyhound Players also offers phone accounts knowledge for your comfort, betting on the phone with popular phone account establishments.
RTN Racetrack Television Network offers a dish setup to watch greyhound racing on T. in the comfort of your own home with 40 channels.
www.greyhoundplayers.com   (245 words)

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