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Topic: Ground and neutral

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Ground fault circuit interrupter having loss of neutral or loss of ground protection - Patent 4994933   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A ground fault circuit interrupter is described which provides protection in the event of loss of neutral or ground, excess potential between neutral and ground and reversed input connections.
The ground fault circuit interrupter as recited in claim 2 wherein said light emitting means comprises an opto-emitter connected in series with a rectifier, said rectifier determining the neutral to ground potential at which said opto-emitter is activated.
Power for the operation of a loss of neutral or ground detection circuit is provided via a lead 20 and a resistor 21 between the line and neutral leads and a lead 22 and a resistor 23 between the line and ground leads.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4994933.html   (2010 words)

 Ground and neutral
Ground wire cut: The safety ground to equipment is lost.It continues to work nicely and there is no danger as long as there is no fault inside the equipment.
If the neutral and ground were shared on same wire, the current flowing on neutral wire would easily cause a large voltage difference (up to many volts) on different outlets grounds.
It is true that in some special cases neutral to ground voltages can cause this kidn of problems, but in those cases it is not to blame the separate wires, because the problem lies in some other place.
www.epanorama.net /documents/groundloop/neutral_ground_separate.html   (1051 words)

 Neutral Ground Non-Profit Support Group, in Rochester, NY for Divorced Separated Widow Widower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Neutral Ground Neutral Ground is a non-profit, non-sectarian, peer support organization for people in pain over the loss of a marriage or significant relationship.
Neutral Ground is a safe place for men and women of all ages to share their feelings and talk with other people who are going through the same difficult experience.
Neutral Ground is a non-profit peer support organization which has existed for over a quarter century, helping thousands of people to start over.
www.neutralground1.com   (1308 words)

 Ground and neutral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ground or earth in a mains (AC power) electrical wiring system is a conductor that exists primarily to help protect against faults and which in normal operation does not carry current.
Neutral is a circuit conductor that carries current in normal operation, and which is connected to earth.
Combining the ground and the neutral (grounding to the neutral) provides some protection against live shorts to the case, but will produce a dangerous live case if the neutral connection is broken.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ground_and_neutral   (1153 words)

 Breakers and Ground Wires
Part of the role of the ground wire is to force the breaker to trip by supplying a path to ground if a "hot" wire comes in contact with the metal case of the appliance.
In that case, if the hot wire shorts to the case and the neutral wire does not, then the breaker may not trip and the entire 120 volts will be applied to the metal case of the appliance, representing a shock hazard.
The DC resistance from both the ground and neutral electrical terminals to that copper pipe was measured and found to be essentially zero.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/electric/bregnd.html   (845 words)

 Understanding Neutral versus Ground
This grounding procedure is done to reduce the possibilities of shocks due to an internal fault in the transformer.
Although this type of ground is usually suitable for 60 cycle leakage and fault currents, it is not suitable for leakage currents that exist when non linear loads such as computers, electronic lighting, variable speed drives and other equipment using internal switch mode power supplies and other types of conversion rectifiers are used.
The normal grounding practice is to connect the RFI filters to same ground point used by the equipment causing the condition.
www.ab.com /drives/techpapers/rfignds.htm   (941 words)

 A quick primer on the grounding process for telecom facilities
Utilizing a digital ground resistance meter, two auxiliary electrodes are driven into the soil at predetermined distances as per testing specifications in a straight line from the ground rod under test.
A series of measurements of the voltage drops between the ground rod under test and the remote electrode are made by moving the intermediate electrode in steps away from the ground rod under test.
If you are testing a single electrode grounding system, then the remote electrode probe must be placed at a minimum distance of five times (10 recommended) the length of the ground rod under test (or the diagonal of the grid under test).
ceenews.com /mag/electric_quick_primer_grounding   (1158 words)

 Neutral Ground   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Neutral, at the center of the three phases, is denoted as white.
Ground is denoted as green, and is underlined with the universal symbol for electrical ground.
Ground is green or bare copper (which turns green as it oxidizes over the years), and connects the metal frame of the breaker panel to earth, usually by way of a copper pipe (which may also turn green in time).
wearcam.org /neutral_ground.htm   (428 words)

 Ground loop information page
The neutral wire is connected to the building ground in the central mains distribution panel where is the building main grounding bar.
The difference of neutral and safety gound wires is that neutral wire does carry current in normal operation (the difference of currents taken from each phase) but safety ground does not carry any current in normal operations.
The grounding is most commonly done using the small bare metal parts on the sides on the the connector (you can see one near the pace where the wire leaves and another on the the opposite side).
www.epanorama.net /documents/groundloop/mains_connectors.html   (2364 words)

 ProSoundWeb | Tie neutral to ground on a gennie (generator)?
The neutral and earth ground are not supposed to be tied togeather at a load center.
Grounding 2 gennies to the same ground rod is a major no-no. Explanation was over my head, but he said it would make the earthworms come out of the ground.
As far as genny phasing/syncing goes, a common ground rod doesn't see it at all, as both neutral/ground bonding points are at earth, and the phasing of the hot legs is referenced off of that.
www.prosoundweb.com /live/labbest/generator/generator.shtml   (1133 words)

 A Clear Path to Ground
If a ground fault occurs while the tie device is closed, the tie device would open first due to the interlocking of the ground relays.
If while the tie device is open, the ground fault current will flow from the switchboard ground bus to the neutral bus through the associated neutral current sensor and finally back to the service transformer’s neutral-to-ground connection.
A ground fault occurring on either side of the tie device on the main bus or feeder circuit from the bus will produce a proportional amount of secondary current in the corresponding current sensor.
ecmweb.com /mag/electric_clear_path_ground/index.html   (1372 words)

 Equipment ground theory - Self Help Forums
If you're thinking about subpanels where the neutral and ground are separated, remember that in the service where the feeder(s) to that subpanel originate, the neutral and grounding conductors are bonded together.
The ground rod [aka grounding electrode] and the groudnign electrode conductor is only allowed to be installed in a structure where the power enters the structure.
The purpose of a grounding electrode [aka ground rod] is to divert a huge surge of electricity such as a lightening strike into the ground before it has a chance to enter the structure.
www.selfhelpforums.com /showthread.php?t=336   (1530 words)

 Ground (electricity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ground wire is also usually bonded to pipework to keep it at the same potential as the electrical ground during a fault.
Grounding is primarily used for safety to prevent electric shock or fires caused by a voltage potential between the earth and a conductor such as an appliance cabinet or chassis.
During dry weather, the ground connection often developed a high resistance, requiring water to be poured on the ground rod to enable the telegraph to work or phones to ring.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ground_(electricity)   (1260 words)

 Monitor Ground Fault Leakage Currents
This shielding is grounded to the grounding circuits of D1 and D2.
Because of contact between the neutral and ground at Point A, the return current flowing from the load also flows through the grounding network and the grounding circuits in Devices D1 and D2.
The procedure for measuring ground fault current flow is to place the phase conductors and the neutral conductor through a current transformer (CT) as shown in Fig.
ecmweb.com /mag/electric_monitor_ground_fault/index.html   (2309 words)

 Mounting And Wiring A New Sub-Panel - Old House Electrical Update
This is called a "bonding strap" and is used to connect (or "bond") the neutral bus to ground (the metal case) only when the panel is being used as a main panel.
The neutral wire is essentially a "low-risk" return path for the electric current in that branch of the system.
The neutral (white) wire is connected to the large lug on the neutral bus bar.
www.hammerzone.com /archives/elect/panel/sub_panel/01/new.htm   (1266 words)

After this source is tripped then the effective grounding is not effectively holding the voltage to ground and the phase to ground voltage on the un-faulted phases will rise and you need to have all the devices rated for line to line voltage.
The generator neutral is permanently connected to the service transformer neutral and grounded only at the transformer and not grounded at the transformer.
In such a case during the transfer interval the neutral is not broken and the neutral-earth bond remains in the circuit.
expert.ecmweb.com /resistance_grounding_experts   (1030 words)

 N>G voltage
Under those conditions if you are reading neutral to ground voltage this might be an indication that there is a poor neutral to ground bond from the venue's source as portable AC systems should maintain completely discrete ground and neutral paths throughout the AC system.
Having voltage between neutral and ground is not necessarily an indication that there is a power problem but you should absolutely examine your AC system connections to make sure it is not something more sinister than being far away from the source.
Often, excessive ground to neutral voltage is an indication that the source ground to neutral bond is poorly executed.
pws.prserv.net /SGhome/gndtss/pages/s1_ngv.htm   (519 words)

 Historical Places of Louisiana: Neutral Ground
On this page is the history of that effort, including the Neutral Ground between Spanish Texas and the French colony of Louisiana and later the Territory of Orleans and the State of Louisiana.
A Neutral ground is established between San Juan on the South and Altamaha on the north, but the War of Jenkins Ear breaks out, to end indecisively in 1742.
In 1806 a „neutral ground¾ treaty was signed setting up a 40-mile strip of land between the Rio Hondo (just west of Natchitoches) and the Sabine River, which was supposed to remain unsettled.
www.enlou.com /places/neutralground.htm   (2365 words)

 No Ground in Circuit panel.
Ground bus and neutral bus are connected and both ground and neutral
Ground bus and neutral bus are connected and both ground and neutral wires
electrode, with the neutral to ground UNbonded in the sub-panel.
www.diyprojects.info /bb/ftopic5340.html   (2412 words)

 CBC: Rough Cuts - February 19 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Neutral Ground presents the struggle to overcome the intolerance and violence faced by children growing up in Northern Ireland.
Through the eyes and words of the young participants, Neutral Ground takes a candid look at the project, and what can be achieved by giving these children a month of respite.
Neutral Ground is produced by West Street Pictures and Dreamsmith Entertainment of Moncton, in association with CBC Newsworld.
www.cbc.ca /roughcuts/feature_190204.html   (332 words)

 Neutral Ground
Neutral Ground invites artists to submit proposals for exhibitions, projects or performance in all media including performance, installation and new media.
Neutral Ground is an artistñrun centre organized to support artists and curators in all stages of their development, through presentation, production & development of contemporary, visual art in all media while encouraging collaborations among the disciplines.
Neutral Ground provides installation assistance, documentation and insurance for works while in the gallery.
www.neutralground.sk.ca /about/submissions/proposals.shtml   (328 words)

 BNO BBS - BNO's Bulletin Board System: Ground Loops, Generators, and Trace SW4024 (long tech question)
The neutrals are internally tied together (both AC input neutrals and the AC output neutral are internally bonded).
In a correctly wired park, the neutral and ground will be bonded upstream of the receptacle -- usually either at the subpanel where the circuit breaker for the receptacle is located, or maybe all the way back at the transformer from which the subpanel derives.
Its ground wire is bolted to the lug where my 12 volt neg wire is and where the ground wire for the Trace is, all in one place.
www.busnut.com /bbs/messages/233/3211.html?1042082652   (1565 words)

 Neutral Grounding Resistors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In a typical solidly grounded three phase system, the neutral is tied directly to earth ground.
This can cause high ground fault current (typically 10,000 to 20,000 amps) and excessive damage to transformers, generators, motors, wiring, and associated equipment.
Avtron Neutral Grounding Transformers are similar in design to Avtron Neutral Grounding Resistors and provide high resistance grounding for medium voltage generators and transformers.
www.avtron.com /neutral_grounding_resistors.htm   (242 words)

 Howstuffworks "Why do the plugs on some appliances have two prongs and others have three prongs?" (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The appliance you plug into an outlet completes the circuit from the hot slot to the neutral slot, and electricity flows through the appliance to run a motor, heat some coils or whatever.
That is, if you go back to the fuse box, you will find that the neutral and ground wires from all of the outlets go to the same place.
With the case grounded, the electricity from the hot wire flows straight to ground, and this trips the fuse in the fuse box.
www.howstuffworks.com.cob-web.org:8888 /question110.htm   (597 words)

 On Neutral Ground
With annual total returns averaging a solid, if unspectacular, 8.4 percent from 2000 through 2002, the bear market was business as usual for them and for many other market-neutral fund investors.
And even some strict market-neutral funds can be tempted to stray from a purely neutral stance in search of higher returns, Saut says.
But they can be a good alternative for investors who've grown weary of the stock market's recent gyrations, but aren't willing to accept the paltry yields and interest rate risk of fixed-income investments.
registeredrep.com /mag/finance_neutral_ground/index.html   (1533 words)

 Ground wire in neutral bar, neutral to breaker, hot to ground? - NACHI Message Board
The Ground wire of this branch circuit is electrical taped and attached to the Neutral bus bar.
The Neutral wire is electrical taped and attached to the circuit breaker.
And the hot wire (grey wire) is attached to the ground bus bar.
www.nachi.org /forum/showthread.php?p=70814   (288 words)

 Neutral and ground again - NACHI Message Board
In the service disconnect panel there is nothing wrong with mixing neutrals and grounds on the same bus, as long as the neutrals are one per terminal.
But as Kevin's pic shows, the neutrals are one per terminal but are tapped with a ground wire.
In addition to the need to remove the neut/gnd bonding jumper at the sub panel, there also needs to be a ground wire run to it from the main panel.
www.nachi.org /forum/showthread.php?t=946   (532 words)

 SCAA - Saskatchewan and the Visual Arts - Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre & Gallery
As the first artist-run center in Regina, Neutral Ground was founded in 1982 as an alternative to institutional galleries in order to offer contemporary and non-traditional art forms, such as performance art, video, and installations.
Their work led to the April 29th, 1982, incorporation of Neutral Ground - so named as a mark of its neutrality in regards to factions within the arts community.
In 1983, Neutral Ground was accepted as a member of the Association of National Non- profit Artists' Centres and received funding from the Canada Council a year later.
lib74123.usask.ca /scaa/gallery/art/galleries-neutral.html   (325 words)

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