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Topic: Ground plane

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  GROUND - Definition
{Ground liverwort} (Bot.), a flowerless plant with a broad flat forking thallus and the fruit raised on peduncled and radiated receptacles ({Marchantia polymorpha}).
{Ground plum} (Bot.), a leguminous plant ({Astragalus caryocarpus}) occurring from the Saskatchewan to Texas, and having a succulent plum-shaped pod.
{Ground cock}, a cock, the plug of which is ground into its seat, as distinguished from a compression cock.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/ground   (2229 words)

 Embedded ground plane and shielding structures using sidewall insulators in high frequency circuits having vias - ...
Ground planes ensure that reflections in signal datapaths from variations in geometry are minimized, and that signal line impedance does not vary substantially as the signal path traverses the circuitry.
Further, because the high frequency electric field emitting from a given signal path using a ground plane is concentrated between that signal path and the ground plane, crosstalk between the given signal path and an adjacent signal path is commensurately reduced.
Unlike ground planes fabricated according to prior art methods, the present invention takes full advantage of the triple layer "sandwich" 15 formed by layers 6, 7, and 8 by providing that the constituent layers of sandwich 15 all be etched using a single photolithographic mask layer (not yet deposited).
www.freepatentsonline.com /5386088.html   (6065 words)

 Sonnet Software - Chapter 8 - Lossy Ground Plane And Lossy Dielectric Tests
The two capacitors are different in that the ground plane of one is formed from regular subsectioned metal while the other is formed from the bottom cover of the box.
Ground plane loss is important when magnetic current subsections are used to simulate gaps in a ground plane.
In this case, the usual analysis ground plane (bottom cover of the box) is moved far from the capacitor so that it has no influence.
www.sonnetusa.com /products/benchmarking/eval_ch8.asp   (1175 words)

 Panel antenna having groups of dipoles fed with insertable delay lines for electrical beam tilting and a mechanically ...
A panel antenna as claimed in claim 1 wherein the ground plane is tiltable about one end thereof and the other end is secured to the housing by a turnbuckle arrangement which, upon rotation, allows mechanical down-tilting of the antenna beam.
A panel antenna as claimed in claim 1 wherein said means to mechanically tilt said ground plane is performed by an electric motor via a mechanical linkage connected between the ground plane and the housing.
The height of the radiating element above the ground plane is 0.223 L and the width of the ground plane is 0.564 L. 17g shows a radiation plot for a beam width of 105.33.degree.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5440318.html   (4594 words)

 Simple propagation issues
On the surface of the ground plane the fields fall off as 1/distance from the antenna footprint, in the far field.
However, the lobe maximum closest to the ground is at an angle to the horizontal, for which angle the differential phase delay between the radiation from the source and the image amounts to one half wavelength.
The point at the centre of this antenna lies at an angle to the "ground zero" point which is on the ground plane between source and image.
www.ee.surrey.ac.uk /Personal/D.Jefferies/reflection.html   (752 words)

 Any different btw copper pour & ground plane?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Planes can be internal layers, or the top and bottom layers of a PCB can be planes.
Planes can be cut into sections called "split planes" by drawing void lines on the plane with the PCB editor.
Split planes are used to allow differenct nets to share the same copper plane layer without connecting to one another.
www.edaboard.com /ftopic93940.html   (433 words)

 Ground Plane Estimation, Error Analysis and Applications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ground plane perception is of vital importance to human mobility.
By calibrating the ground plane at each frame, we show that a partial pose estimate can be recovered.
Moreover, by keeping track of how the ground plane changes and analyzing the ground plane, we show that obstacles and curbs are detected.
www.cs.ubc.ca /spider/se/papers/ras02_abs.html   (113 words)

 J. C. Chiao - A Beam-Steerer Using Reconfigurable Photonic Bandgap Crystal PBG Ground Plane
Photonic band gaps are periodic structures [5-7] on the ground plane that have been shown to produce frequency dependent amplitude characteristics on the microstrip circuits, and have been utilized as filters and resonators for various applications.
It was shown [8] that PBG ground planes in addition to producing a stopband, also changes the propagation constant (b) in its passband.
Eight periods of PBG holes in three columns for a stopband frequency of 10 GHz was etched in the ground plane, as shown in Fig.
www.uta.edu /faculty/jcchiao/pbg.htm   (1702 words)

 High Impedance Metallic Surfaces   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
On the new high impedance ground plane, the image currents are actually in-phase with the antenna currents, reinforcing its electromagnetic radiation.
Thus if our new ground planes were to form the edges of a wave-guide, the electric field could have a uniform distribution across the wave-guide aperture.
This is a cordless telephone handset application in which the new high impedance ground plane is being used to shield the antenna from the telephone user.
www.ee.ucla.edu /~pbmuri/report/impedance.html   (1637 words)

 Re: mobile ground plane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I have noticed several S units increase on 40 meters when I added a ground rod and connected it to the car body.
No radials, just a ground rod clipped to the body at a ground point, namely the battery negative lead.
My military experience showed me that a tracked vehicle, such as an armored personnel carrier, had great coupling to ground, both due to the tracks, which were insulated, on the ground and also the flat bottom of the APC being about 6 inches above ground.
www.antennex.com /storage/atheory/_atheory/000000b2.htm   (240 words)

 Antennas, images, and ground
Light travels approximately one foot a nanosecond (30 cm a nanosecond), and so the time delay to the "signal" represented by the currents in the ground plane from the energizing "signal" in the antenna is roughly the same number of nanoseconds as the average height of the antenna measured in feet.
Thus there is a time delay from the currents in the image to the currents in the ground plane.
Depending on the loss in the ground, this may or may not increase the gain, after allowing for the overall antenna efficiency.
www.ee.surrey.ac.uk /Personal/D.Jefferies/antennexarticles/image.htm   (1332 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A thin layer of alumina (aluminum oxide) is coated onto the ground plane of a microchannel plate (MCP) without covering the pores of the MCP so it does not effect the performance.
The coating is sputtered onto the ground plane at a very steep angle.
With the coating on the ground plane and the same gap the phosphor screen can be ran at 9000 volts, as compared to 3 kV without the coating.
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=672587   (204 words)

 design your own ground plane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The standard ground plane antenna consists of a vertical radiator which is insulated and centered between 4 horizontal surrounding radials which extend out from the base of the antenna.
Some of these factors are:the height above ground, the diameter of the wire, nearby structures, the effects of other antennas in the area and even the conductivity of the soil.
If you've experimented with ground planes before and know of a better formula for your QTH, feel free to change the formula to suit.
ac3l.com /gndplmet.htm   (160 words)

 McCook Daily Gazette: Story: Skilled crews in air, on ground, save plane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Special skills on the ground and in the air -- and lots of coincidence, luck and answered prayers -- prevented an emergency landing that could have resulted in disaster on a runway at the McCook Regional Airport Wednesday afternoon.
Brosius said he had brought the plane to Malleck and his aviation mechanics to repair an oil leak from the flaps and the gear.
Brosius said, "Griff said it was lucky I brought it (the plane) to him with a full tank of fuel, because that gave them the time to keep trying," to grab the gear as the plane passed over the pickup racing down the runway.
www.mccookgazette.com /story/1109870.html   (987 words)

 Plane Pocket FAQ's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Plane Pocket was specifically designed to protect the most critical part of an airplane -- the cockpit and fuselage -- against sun and moisture.
The plane, tied to the same tie-down anchor would exert a force that is primarily vertical.
The spike functions similar to those which support the guy wires of a circus tent, but these are driven flush with the ground and have a recessed threaded top that a bolt can be screwed into, tying onto the
planepocket.homestead.com /FAQ.html   (1985 words)

 Find power to ground plane shorts with a Toneohm
Lets think about what's happening in phase I, imagine for a while the plane is not a plane but a rectangular conductor, shrink this in your mind until it is thin - very thin, in fact just a piece of wire.
Plane short location is quite simple on a board with a continuous plane on one layer.
However if there are multiple planes, for example analog and digital ground for example together on the same layer, you need to know the exact layout of the planes so you can connect the stimulus leads correctly.
www.polarinstruments.com /support/faults/AP201.html   (811 words)

 Ground Tab   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Although the ground plane is infinite, you can set the scale for the texture you apply in the x and y fields.
A ground plane is infinite in size, and cannot be moved.
Particles, such as those generated by Fountain effects, will bounce from the ground plane if they come in contact with it, or simply gather on the surface, depending on the amount of energy the particles have.
www.strata.com /support/3dmanual/ch6/ch6_23.html   (292 words)

 VCC and Ground Plane Thermal Relief - OrCAD Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The purpose of thermal reliefs is to give some degree of heat insulation between the hole and the planes of the board, assuming that the hole is to contain the lead of a component which is to be soldered.
On a normal routing layer (not a plane layer), any hole will have a copper pad which is somewhat larger than the drill size, maybe about 14 mils or so in diameter for inner routing layers, and maybe more for outer routing layers.
Thus, on a plane layer, the structure we would see at our example hole would be only a colored ring, the antipad, 54 mils inner diameter and 84 mils outer diameter.
www.orcad.com /forums/PrintPost.aspx?PostID=5764   (1699 words)

 Groundplane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It is a quarter wave vertical radiator and four radials that simulate a ground for the radiator.
Large ground planes for lower frequencies must be made of tubing or pipe and suitably constructed mechanically.
This means that for example, if the ground plane has 9 ft elements and is to be mounted 30 feet in the air it should be at a distance of 48 feet from any wires.
www.northcountryradio.com /Articles/groundplane.htm   (447 words)

 Finite Ground Coplanar (FGC) Waveguide Evaluated for Communication Circuits
Thus, capacitors in the ground planes can be made shorter and still provide the same capacitance as capacitors placed in the center conductor.
Furthermore, since the parasitic reactance is independent of element placement, the self-resonant frequency of the capacitors in the ground planes is higher.
Lastly, coupling is reduced as the ground plane width is reduced while the distance between the center of each line is kept constant.
www.lerc.nasa.gov /WWW/RT1998/5000/5620ponchak.html   (816 words)

 Proximity effect of a ground plane on an electric field
The proximity of a ground plane to the signal trace can significantly reduce the area of influence projected around a trace.
The three diagrams show how the electric field area associated with a trace can be significantly reduced by decreasing the height of the underlying substrate and bringing the ground plane closer to the trace.
The voltage distribution is constrained by the presence of the ground plane above and below.
www.polarinstruments.com /support/cits/AP174.html   (483 words)

 Do I need a no-ground-plane antenna?
The ground wave field strength of a GP antenna on a metallic surface is about 15% stronger than a NGP system on the same vehicle in the same location.
A one foot square chunk of metal on the roof of a motorhome falls under the catagory of "lack of sufficient ground plane mass".
The fact that the coax cable may be grounded at the radio connection is NOT sufficient and does not exempt you from having a good chassis ground on the mount of a GP set-up.
www.firestik.com /Tech_Docs/GP-or-NGP.htm   (976 words)

 NTSB: Plane hit ground at 600 mph - PGATOUR.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The plane carved a 10-foot-deep crater in the ground, and the aircraft was torn to pieces.
During the ghostly journey, the jet -- shadowed by military planes -- was flying as much as nine miles high.
Bone and tissue from the plane's occupants are being analyzed to see whether carbon monoxide may have contributed to the crash, or if one of the two pilots had a heart attack, Benzon said.
www.golfweb.com /u/ce/multi/0,1977,1520013,00.html   (465 words)

 Single Point Ground
You recommended that instead of the chip pwr/gnd pins being routed first to the cap, then the cap being routed to the planes, the preferred way would be to route the IC pins to the planes, and the nearby bypass cap to the planes.
As on an ADC, both grounds must be referred to one "system ground." The AVDD analog supply is bypassed to the ground plane close to the chip.
Since no ground plane is perfect, the ground plane currents caused small potential differences across the plane, and digital noise then coupled directly into the AVDD analog supply through the analog bypass cap, since that cap is connected to the ground plane.
www.sigcon.com /Pubs/news/2_26.htm   (1200 words)

 FM-Band Ground Plane Antenna   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Here you can find plans for a simple ground plane antenna that works well in the FM Band (88-108MHz).
The longer 75cm wire should be connected to the transmitter output and must have no electrical connection whatsoever to ground.
Use the central pin to carry the signal and the metal case for ground.
www.geocities.com /tomzi.geo/antenna/antenna.htm   (307 words)

 Venice No Ground Plane Antenna Kit by Firestik®
PURPOSE: The E30-NGP is a complete 'No ground plane" (NGP) CB antenna kit specifically designed to solve the lack of ground plane (counterpoise) problems found on vehicles constructed of plastic, fiberglass, wood or aluminum.
Ground plane problems typically show up in the form of high standing wave ratio (SWR) and poor performance.
This could be due to the size of available ground plane (ATV, bicycle, motorcycle, wheelchair, etc.), or because the operator chooses to mount the antenna in a location that is unable too properly take advantage of available ground plane.
www.firestik.com /Catalog/e30-ngp.htm   (763 words)

 Columbia Lost   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Since the tragedy, NASA has proposed speeding up work on the space plane so that it could take over some of the duties now performed by the aging shuttle fleet.
The orbital space plane, still a concept on paper, would do nothing to address the weaknesses of the fragile shuttle fleet, the lawmakers wrote.
Funding for the space plane is currently in limbo, waiting for the House and Senate to complete action on NASA's budget for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.
www.floridatoday.com /columbia/columbiastory21028SPACEPLANE.htm   (510 words)

 CNN.com - Survivor recalls crash, screams as plane hit ground - Oct 21, 2004
The plane crashed two miles from the Kirksville Regional Airport.
Initially, crews found eight bodies in the charred wreckage of the plane, but the other five were recovered Wednesday.
The plane, which had left St. Louis, Missouri, was a Jetstream 32 twin-turboprop aircraft.
www.cnn.com /2004/US/10/21/crash.survivor   (633 words)

 ABC News: NSTB Probing on Ground Plane Collision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The planes were separated and towed to hangars around 1:30 a.m., said Patrick Hogan, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission.
The plane apparently lost control of either its steering or braking as it was taxiing to the gate.
No passengers were hurt in the collision, but afterward one passenger complained of shortness of breath and was treated as a precaution.
abcnews.go.com /US/wireStory?id=747755   (369 words)

 Ground Plane Segmentation from Multiple Visual Cues - Liang, Pears (ResearchIndex)
Abstract: An approach which uses multiple sources of visual information (or visual cues) to identify and segment the ground plane in indoor mobile robot visual navigation applications is presented.
Information from color, contours and corners and their motion are applied, in conjunction with planar homography relations, to identify the navigable area of the ground, which may be textured or non-textured.
Liang, B. and N. Pears, 2002, "Ground Plane Segmentation from Multiple Visual Cues", to appear in Proc.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /liang02ground.html   (434 words)

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