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Topic: Group (sociology)

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Group (sociology) - Psychology Wiki - a Wikia wiki
In sociology, a group is usually defined as a collection of humans or animals, who share certain characteristics, interact with one another, accept expectations and obligations as members of the group, and share a common identity.
Secondary groups, in contrast to primary groups, are large groups whose relationships are formal and institutional.
A Google search on "group" had 1,640,000,000 hits, most of which were organizations of some type that had Group in their title implying that they were a number of individuals seeking a common goal, often financial.
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Group_(sociology)   (4292 words)

In mathematics, a group is a set together with a binary operation satisfying certain algebraic laws.
In astronomy, a group is a small number of galaxies (up to 50 or so) that are near each other, like the Local Group, which is the group of galaxies we live in.
In sociology, a group involves a sub-set of a culture or of a society: see Group (sociology).
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/gr/Group.html   (140 words)

 BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Home Page
A particular concern of the Study Group is to encourage younger members of the Group and to increase the profile of the Sociology of Religion within Sociology.
The Study Group is pleased to announce the launch of a postgraduate essay competition, the aim of which is to encourage new scholars in the Sociology of Religion.
The relationship between secularisation and spirituality is examined and consideration is given to the significance of Simmel in relation to a sociology of spirituality.
www.socrel.org.uk   (353 words)

 Wageningen UR - Wageningen University - Rural Sociology Group
Wageningen UR - Wageningen University - Rural Sociology Group
The Rural Sociology Group of Wageningen University studies the dynamics of agro-food networks and rural areas in Europe.
The aim of rural sociology research programme is to be scientifically relevant as well as relevant to policymakers and practitioners.
www.rso.wur.nl /uk   (94 words)

 Walter B. Bodenhafer: The Comparative role of the group concept in Ward's Dynamic Sociology and contemporary American ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This emphasis upon the group concept, as the key to the claims of the sociologist for standing among the social sciences, is one of the important contributions to fundamental sociological conceptions.
With this introductory definition of the term group, as he understands it, we may pass on in the discussion to the general problem of the relation of the individual to the group or of the relation between the two concepts, the group and the individual.
In other words, the group concept has not served as well as it might, The argument implies, of course, that the group must be brought in to explain the interests, but the total impression is one of undue emphasis on the interests, rather than on the group's place in the formation of the interests.
spartan.ac.brocku.ca /~lward/Bodenhafer/Bodenhafer_1920_3.html   (4100 words)

 REED COLLEGE | Sociology | Courses
This course is an introduction to the sociology of race and ethnic relations, with particular emphasis on the socially structured situations of African Americans.
Prerequisite: Sociology 211 and one upper-division course in sociology or consent of the instructor.
This is an advanced treatment of the theory and empirical practice of institutional analysis in sociology and related fields.  Part one of the course focuses on structure, treating institutions as contextual determinants of action, and identifying different mechanisms by which institutions promote order, stability and distinctive patterns of organization, behavior and public policy.
academic.reed.edu /sociology/courses.html   (2132 words)

 Sociology at Sussex : Sociology : University of Sussex
Sociology at Sussex : Sociology : University of Sussex
Sociology at Sussex is rated amongst the top departments in the country.
Sociology offers a range of single and joint degree programmes with an emphasis on mixing with other disciplines and learning how to do research yourself.
www.sussex.ac.uk /sociology   (135 words)

 Sociology at Vanier College
At the centre of the sociological perspective is the question of how people are influenced by their society; a group of people who share a culture and a territory, and in turn, how individuals influence the groups and society to which we belong.
Sociology is the study of human group life.
Whether your group life involves your family, your peer group, your work world or your ethnic group, sociology offers a way to understand your behaviour and that of your fellow humans.
www.vaniercollege.qc.ca /sociology/whatissoc.html   (261 words)

 Additional Information
The Sociology Club is a student activity group committed to increasing student awareness of the practice of sociology.
The group helps students recognize the ways sociology enters into the everyday affairs of communities and the connections between ideas discussed in the classroom and society at large.
All sociology majors are required to be members of the Sociology Club and are expected to be present at the first meeting.
www.georgian.edu /sociology/additional_info.htm   (242 words)

 Group Dynamics, Processes & Development
When group patterns are combined with study of individual development, then group dynamics can also be applied to education and therapy (as is often the case in experiential, outdoor and adventure education).
The nature of these groups can be quite varied, from a family going for a walk, to the crowd at a football game, to an internet discussion group, to a group of fellow workers.
For example, Tuckman's (1965) forming, storming, norming, performing model of group development is commonly used to describe the evolving experience and organization of adventure-based groups.
www.wilderdom.com /Group.html   (688 words)

 group | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
Group of galaxies, a small number of galaxies near each other; a special case is the Local Group, containing the Milky Way Galaxy.
Group (sociology), a sub-set of a culture or of a society.
A group G is a non-empty set upon which a binary operator * is defined with the following properties for all a,b,c in G:Closure: G is closed under *, a*b in G Associative: * is associative on G, (a*b)*c = a*(b*c) Identity: There is an identity element e such that a*e = e*a = a.
www.babylon.com /definition/group/English   (518 words)

 Medical Sociologists Turn Their Lens on Themselves
The meetings were held in response to the growing belief among many sociologists and others that the field of medical sociology was not keeping pace with changes in the health care sector, reducing its ability to contribute insights and solutions to problems of health and health care, including the development of health policy.
In addition to these meetings in 1996, 11 sociology department chairpersons and medical sociology professors from 6 universities met in June 1998, to discuss developing "centers of excellence" in medical sociology at their respective institutions (for a list of participants see Appendix 4).
Sociology faculty and graduates often are unfamiliar with advances in health care policy, and academic journals frequently are not the best source about emerging issues.
www.rwjf.org /reports/grr/028843s.htm   (1325 words)

 Course Development Competition
It is the intent of this course on comparative political sociology to continue the task of outlining the boundaries of the field and to translate traditional democratic ideals into their modern social and political context.
The group discussion was intended to compare the structures of the government in Russia and Ukraine based on theoretical material and experience of other countries.
Group discussion "The New Middle Class" is devoted to the analysis of the prospects for development of middle classes in post-communist societies.
www.ceu.hu /crc/cdc/syllabi/Bakirov.html   (2151 words)

 Subject benchmark statements: Sociology
Sociology seeks to understand how societies, institutions and practices of all kinds came into being, how they are currently organised, and how they might change in the future.
Sociology students are required to weigh up the relative strengths of alternatives according to such considerations as consistency with evidence, logic, fit with other supposedly established findings, and breadth of explanatory power.
The benchmarks for Sociology may be achieved in a number of ways and are compatible with a diversity of curricula and a variety of modes of assessment.
www.qaa.ac.uk /academicinfrastructure/benchmark/honours/sociology.asp   (3729 words)

 Interest Group Results for “politics” on Vox
Description: This group is intended for those who consider themselves conservatives in the modern political sense.
Description: A group for socialists, marxists, leninists, stalinists and communists of all sorts, as well as those who might be curious.
Description: This group was formed purely for Centralizing all articles on the European Union and to stimulate debate.
www.vox.com /explore/groups/tags/politics   (641 words)

 sociology subject index and sociological subfields
All aspects of deviant behavior are discussed, including crime, juvenile delinquency, alcohol abuse and narcotic addiction, sexual deviance, societal reaction to handicap and disfigurement, mental illness, and socially inappropriate behavior.
Department of Sociology, University of Iowa - - uiowa.edu/~strat/index.htm
British Journal of Sociology of Education - This journal publishes academic articles in the sociology of education, syllabus.
sociologyindex.com   (1209 words)

 SocioSite: JOHAN GOUDSBLOM - Twenty years of Figurational Sociology in the Netherlands
Another cluster of publications bearing the traces of a strong exposure to the perspective of figurational sociology is formed by a number of dissertations in sociology written under the supervision of De Swaan and myself at the University of Amsterdam.
Within sociology, however, it is being aided by the currently reviving interest in such fields as comparative historical sociology and the sociology of culture, and by the emergence of new research areas such as the sociology of emotions.
Figurational sociology, or process sociology, in the Netherlands is a continually expanding field, in terms of both the number of studies carried out and the range of subjects covered by these studies.
www.sociosite.net /topics/goudsblom_20years.php   (5129 words)

 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater | College of Letters & Sciences
Sociology of Disability is an examination of the social construction of disability, including its historical and cross-cultural variations, institutional and organizational contexts, and interactional and emotional dimensions.
Sociology of News and the Mass Media examines the emergence of news organizations and the mass media as specialized subsystems within modern society and explores the interrelations between them and other social institutions and their impact on modern culture.
To acquaint the student with research methods in sociology and the social sciences; the foundation of sociology in science; the role of theory in research; construction of the research design; sampling, data gathering techniques, and analysis and interpretation of data.
www.uww.edu /cls/departments/sociology/sociology/courses   (2633 words)

 Sociology and Demography Admissions
The purpose of this new Ph.D. program,administered by the Graduate Group in Sociology and Demography (GGSD), is to foster intellectual exchange between graduate students and faculty in the two disciplines, and to improve the competitiveness of graduate students with interests in both sociology and demography on the academic job market.
The foreign language exam for the Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography is administered by the Graduate Group in Sociology and Demography (GGSD) following the standards and procedures used by the Department of Demography.
After all the coursework, methods, and paper requirements in Sociology are met, each student in the program is required to have an MA Advising Conference, organized by GGSD in conjunction with the Department of Sociology (and following the rules prevailing in that department), where it is decided whether the student satisfies doctoral requirements or not.
www.demog.berkeley.edu /acadprograms/socdemog.html   (1593 words)

 Small Group Leadership:
While Hersi's class was a dynamic group, it was not a small group because it was not small enough for members to be perceptually aware of each other as an individual person.
Structuration is the process of forming and maintaining a small group through verbal and nonverbal communication that establishes the norms and rules governing members' behaviors.
Groupthink is the failure of a group to evaluate its options thoroughly and critically because members fail to express disagreement.
www.roch.edu /course/spch2214/sample_questions_group.htm   (3704 words)

 How prophecy never fails: interpretive reason in a flying-saucer group Sociology of Religion - Find Articles
Recently the worldview of such spiritual groups have been better documented and inspected (Balch and Taylor 1978; Bartholomew 1989, 1991; Kirkpatrick and Tumminia 1992; Lewis 1995), revealing a complex picture of organizational and interpretive life.
Second, the authors state that millennial groups are organized around the prediction of prospective events.
Melton argues that the notion that a single belief organizes millennial groups is commonly held by the media, religious rivals, and distant scholars.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0SOR/is_n2_v59/ai_20913876   (789 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for group   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Group of Eight The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition...
Group 1 buys BMW-Mini, VW stores in Kansas.(Group 1 Automotive Inc. acquired Baron Automotive Group)(Clemons Auto Group acquired Oskaloosa Motors LLC)(AutoNation Inc. acquried Land Rover Fort Lauderdale)(Brief article)
Warner Music Group Corp. Announces Potential Proposal to Acquire EMI Group plc.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=group&StartAt=1   (368 words)

 SAGE Publications - Group Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Group Analysis explores the theory, practice and experience of analytical group psychotherapy, embracing concepts derived from psychoanalytic psychology, social psychology, group dynamics, sociology and anthropology.
Group Analysis does not exclusively represent one approach to group psychotherapy but aims to bring together differing approaches within the field.
SAGE pubish Group Analysis, The Journal of Group Analytic Psychotherapy on behalf of the Group-Analytic Society, London and it is distributed to members quarterly as part of the subscription benefits.
www.sagepub.com /journal.aspx?pid=124   (338 words)

 Group (sociology)
In sociology, a group is usually defined as a collection consisting of a number of humans or animals, who share certain aspects, interact with one another, accept rights and obligations as members of the group and share a common identity.
Aspects that members in the group may share include interests, values, ethnic/linguistic background and kinship.
Primary groups consist of small groups with intimate, kin-based relationships: families, for example.
www.pillscatalog.net /Group_%28sociology%29.html   (447 words)

 Department of Sociology, University of California Berkeley   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sociology 101A and 101B is a yearlong sequence course in sociological theory.
Enrollment in Sociology 190 seminars is done manually in order to ensure placement for those who are graduating majors and those considered high priority in needing to fulfill this major requirement.
Independent Study is specialized study between 1 and 4 units arranged by a student or group of students in conjunction with a faculty member or current visiting lecturer in studying a particular area of interest.
sociology.berkeley.edu /academics/?page=special_enrollment   (2361 words)

 Anthony Guye-Vuillème's PhD Project
The design of virtual humans which are at the same time self-sufficient individuals and group members, is not only more realistic but also has the advantage of serving as a more flexible control paradigm.
For example, a stimulus can be sent to an agent in order to temporarily detach it from the group and make it perform a given action, or on the contrary it may be allowed to ask for the collaboration of the other group members in order to complete the task.
Behavioral outcomes - Since the visual simulation of the group and group members behavior is the main target, a special attention should be given to nonverbal behavior, such as proxemic choices (distance and angle) and kinesic activities (gestures and postural shifts) during member's interactions.
ligwww.epfl.ch /~aguye/phd.html   (678 words)

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