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Topic: Group process

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  Group process - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In organizational development (OD), the phrase group process refers to the behavior of people in groups, such as task groups that are trying to solve a problem or make a decision.
An individual with expertise in group process, such as a trained facilitator, can assist a group toward accomplishing its objective by diagnosing how well the group is functioning as a problem solving or decision making entity and subsequently intervening to alter the group's operating behavior.
Even in such cases, an individual with expertise in group process can be helpful in the role of facilitator.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Group_process   (200 words)

 Gestalt Group Process   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
From this perspective, the group is regarded not just as a collection of individuals, but as a potent psychosocial environment which profoundly affects the feelings, attitudes and behaviours of the individuals in that system, and conversely, is profoundly affected by the feelings, attitudes and behaviours of the individual in that system.
Group tasks are placed on a continuum that has learning (in the sense of cognitive/perceptual change) at one end and psychological change (in the sense of altered coping capacity, personality structure, or response repertoire) at the other end.
Some examples of system processes are the beliefs and assumptions that people hold, the way they go about accomplishing their tasks and making decisions, the roles they play, and the informal and formal rules and norms that operate in the relationship.
www.elementsuk.com /gestaltgroupproc.html   (6832 words)

Groups of individuals gathered together to achieve a goal or objective, either as a committee or some other grouping, go through several predicatable stages before useful work can be done.
Any individual in a ledership position whose responsibilities involve getting groups of individuals to work together should both be conversant with the phases of the group process and possess the skills necessaryy to capitalize on these stages to accomplish the objective of forming a productive, cohesive team.
Group members exhibit behavior to test what behavior is acceptable and what is taboo, and begin to establish boundaries, to consider themselves as individuals vis-a-vis the group, and to define the function of the group and the leader.
www.cedanet.com /meta/group_process.htm   (1167 words)

 [No title]
Group task roles focus on the task at hand and include, for example, roles such as the "elaborator," the "coordinator," and the "orienter." Group maintenance roles focus on keeping the group together and include roles such as the "encourager," the "harmonizer," and the "compromiser." Both task and maintenance roles help the group pursue its goals.
As the groups worked, observers behind one-way mirrors classified every communicative act according to three criteria: who said it, to whom it was said (for example, to an individual member or to the group as a whole), and the act's function.
He believes that a scientist who wishes to claim that group process really affects group output must show that the effects of group process are independent of the effects of input variables.
www.udel.edu /communication/COMM356/pavitt/chap8.htm   (15416 words)

 Dream Group Process   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Groups are a rich source of support and information for the dreamworker.
The members of a dream group can be helpful by remembering the questions they ask themselves as they work on their own dreams.
The group can get insight into the dynamics of the dreamer as well as into what works and what doesn't in terms of dreamwork within the group.
www.iris-publishing.com /sleep/dreamgroupprocess.html   (1070 words)

 Process Solutions Group
Process Solutions Group is the business consulting division of Prairie View, a non-profit psychiatric hospital and 7 outpatient behavioral health facilities serving Kansas for over 50 years.
Process Solutions Group, based within the rich history of Prairie View, was created to fill this need.
Through this specialized creative process, individuals gain insight into strengths and skills to enhance communication and revitalize personal energy essential for improving individual perceptions and contributions vital for conscious living and effective communication.
www.processsolutionsgroup.org   (1195 words)

 Group Facilitation: Process Expertise for Group Effectiveness
Group Facilitation is a moderated discussion on the practice and theory of group facilitation.
Group Facilitation was started in 1995 and was adopted in 1997 as the official electronic discussion group of the International Association of Facilitators.  In 2004 we averaged about 5 posts per day and 825 subscribers in 35 countries.
Information about group facilitation listservs in other languages and on related topics can be found on the IAF website.
www.albany.edu /cpr/gf   (128 words)

 Making Group Decisions
Research in group dynamics indicates that more ideas are expressed by individuals working alone--but in a group environment-- than by individuals in a formal group discussion.
The nominal group process is a structured problem-solving or idea-generating strategy in which individual’s ideas are gathered and combined in a face-to-face, non-threatening group situation.
Nominal group process is used in health, social service, and education fields, as well as industry and government, to maximize participation in group problem solving.
crs.uvm.edu /citizens/decision.htm   (2273 words)

 Group Process
At a first century formal dinner party, after the group had eaten they passed around a cup of wine; that signified that the dinner portion of the meal was over and it was now time to move into a period of philosophical and moral discussion on the issues of the day.
That is the basis for three discernment groups led by the Rev. John Lewis, assistant rector at St. Mark's, San Antonio, and director of The Center for Faith in the Workplace, a ministry of St. Mark's.
The groups generally meet weekly, and in essence function much like a Quaker "conscience committee." The groups are a sounding board for situations encountered in the workplace, at home, or in other every-day settings.
www.episcopal-dwtx.org /spiritlife/discrn-groupprocess.htm   (715 words)

Each affinity group is encouraged to choose a name for identification and may wish to have similar T-shirts or arm bands.
At least one group meeting is needed before the action, which may be after the nonviolence training, in order to discuss legal and jail preparation and allow time to explore everyone's questions, fears, reactions, emotions, and attitudes in depth.
The assumption that the dominant group represents humanity as a whole: for example, that "man" refers to all people, that pink band-aids are flesh-colored.
www.san.beck.org /NAH3-Group.html   (3792 words)

 Small Group Process
It is important to maintain both the task and process oriented behaviors and for each of us to be able to make sure that all task and process roles are being fulfilled by someone in the small groups during each study session.
The third part is that the small group then shares with the larger group when the opportunity arises and teaches difficult concepts as needed.
Group Observer: Monitors and critiques the group process as an outsider who is not responsible for task accomplishment.
faculty.ed.umuc.edu /~prichard/crs_guid_gen/smlgrp_process.html   (460 words)

 Nominal Group Process
Nominal group process is a structured problem-solving or ides-generating strategy in which individuals'; ideas are gathered and combined in a face-to-face nonthreatening group situation.
The process is used in health, social service, and education fields, as well as in industry and government to maximize creative participation in group problem-solving.
While the nominal group process can be varied, one approach might be for members of a small group to write their individual ideas on paper.
web1.msue.msu.edu /msue/imp/modii/iii00005.html   (665 words)

 Group Process
As part of the course we will learn and talk about types of groups, group structures, group dynamics, roles in groups, what gets triggered within a group within the individual, what defenses get mobilized individually and interpersonally, and how to be fully present to yourself and participate richly within a group.
This course is a laboratory in group process, and it requires your full participation to be effective.
This means staying with yourself and your own process, and sharing this in your own time and in your own way with the group, listening respectfully to others, and engaging in the group with your own fullness of experience.
www.sonoma.edu /users/m/mccabel/group03.html   (1195 words)

 IPG - The Informatics Process Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Informatics Process Group (IPG) was established in 1991 within the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester to advance the application of Process Modelling in the context of the organization.
The group is led by Professor Brian Warboys, who has been working in the field of Process Modelling since 1984.
The process of migration to www.manchester.ac.uk is in progress.
www.cs.man.ac.uk /ipg   (401 words)

 BPMG :: The Global Business Process Management Community - est. 1992
Extending well beyond the Staffware Process Suite (although it is a central point of architecture collaboration), the latest advancements from TIBCO deliver on every key point required to fulfill the requirements of unified process architecture (i.e.
Then there is the issue of how to group the enterprise processes (from the view point of process) and then decompose the identified process to link with the current functional divisions.
Through a single user interface, it provides a process, document and records management tool that automates, where appropriate workflow, capture, storage and retrieval of documents required or generated as a result of a business process.
www.bpmg.org   (3302 words)

 TeraQuest : Training : PMO & SEPG Training   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Process improvement leaders in a Software Engineering Process Group, Engineering Process Group, Project Management Office, or a similar team chartered with organizational process improvement plan and organize a improvement strategy during the workshop.
The workshop results in an implementation plan for process improvement tailored to the needs of the organization, and is based on extensive experience coaching process improvement teams, leveraging concepts from capability maturity and organizational change models.
This workshop facilitates the work of a process group in defining or modifying their organizational process architecture, standards for documenting process materials, tailoring guidelines, and processes for managing the evolution of the process set and the data that measures its use.
www.teraquest.com /training/pmo.shtml   (361 words)

 Group Process
The group code will be used as the group identifier when your teachers and evaluators log-in to the Lesson Plan Builder.
Teachers always need to log-in as a part of the group in order for the lessons they create to be included in the group's lesson plans.
If teachers don't log-in using the group code, then the lesson will not be included in the group's lesson plans and will be a part of the GLC group.
www.glc.k12.ga.us /lp/group.asp   (613 words)

 Group Process Consulting
Learn storytelling on your own, teach storytelling to a group, or use story as a tool to build connections within and between groups.
Beyond objective analysis, this tool reveals hidden culture, emotions, and perceptions in a self-diagnostic process that pops people’s paradigms.
Powerful Self Awareness Intervention: Pass out disposable cameras and ask a group to tell their story.
www.groupprocessconsulting.com   (299 words)

 The Process Group Post Newsletter
Steamrolling the organization with process, or is there a better way?
Process improvement meets 'Peopleware': People are the key asset of any organization
Shoestring Process Improvement - don't stop because times are tough (download PDF file Vol.9, No. 2, October 2002)
www.processgroup.com /fpost.htm   (595 words)

The staff of the Process Engineering Group at IIM-CSIC performs research in the area of Bioprocess Engineering, namely regarding the mathematical modelling and computer-aided simulation, optimization and control of unit operations and processes in the bio-industries (e.g.
Regarding optimization, the group has extensive experience in global optimization of complex systems, using both deterministic and stochastic approaches, including evolutionary computation techniques.
Regarding control, the group is developing methods for observation, identification and robust nonlinear control with applications in distributed process systems and (bio)chemical process plants.
www.iim.csic.es /~gingproc   (112 words)

 Process Improvement Consultants
Each process improvement project is designed to meet your unique and desired outcomes.
This leverages the use of consulting resources and promotes the ownership and buy-in of your employees to the process.
Take a look around our site and contact us for more information and an impact analysis to see how our process improvement consultants can help you meet your improvement challenges.
www.hpkgroupllc.com   (264 words)

 SES Process Technology Group
Using advanced computational tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Custom-Written Fluid System Simulations, the Process Technology Group offers our clients the opportunity to improve their equipment and processes while avoiding the time and expense of traditional ‘build and test’ methods.
This predictive analysis technology is complemented by our expertise in developing special-purpose tests used to diagnose problems, provide design data, and validate final designs.
The SES Process Technology Group is a division of Stress Engineering Services, Inc. To view the complete range of engineering services offered by SES, please visit www.stress.com.
www.processinnovation.com   (208 words)

 Group Process in Strategic Planning
Two of these learnings (#1 and #3) have resulted in more processes that are deliberately inclusive in the data-gathering phase of strategic planning.
As these groups are assembled and tasked the quality of the results hinges on the preparedness and abilities of the facilitator.
While core group processes include everything from creating and implementing structures to navigating decision processes, the core processes involved in the information-gathering phase of strategic planning must include four key exercises.
www.planonline.org /planning/strategic/overview.htm   (413 words)

 Rummler-Brache Group: Process Improvement & Process Management
Our team of experts can provide your people the in-depth training necessary to make your organization self-sufficient in addressing process issues.
The RBG approach brings your organization the structure, professional support, and specialized tools you need to achieve your process objectives.
Discover the powerful methodology that has helped hundreds of organizations achieve dramatic gains in speed, quality, and costs by managing the "white space" on the organization chart.
www.rummler-brache.com   (146 words)

Briefly, according to classical literature the signs of an awakened kundalini can be grouped into: mental signs, vocal signs and physical signs.
Mental signs can include visions that range from ecstatically blissful to terrifyingly frightful.
For example when the members of a group of people holding one anothers hands fall simultaneously).
www.inplainsite.org /html/kundalini.html   (1688 words)

 AG vP Home (English)
Welcome to the homepage of the Robotics and Process Control Research Group at the University of Kaiserslautern.
Our group's main topic in research and education is the application of computers in the control of technical processes.
The Robotics and Process Control Research Group is a member of the Centre for Learning Systems and Applications (LSA) and the Zentrum für Rechnergestützte Ingenieursysteme (ZRI).
ag-vp-www.informatik.uni-kl.de   (120 words)

 Pfeiffer :: The New Encyclopedia of Group Activities (w/CD)
If you are an instructor, you may request an evaluation copy for this title.
The New Encyclopedia of Group Activities -- the sequel to the best-selling encyclopedia that was first published more than a decade ago -- is an expansive collection of hands-on activities and games that will help you explore the many elements of group process skills.
This thoroughly revised and updated resource covers a multitude of content topics that you can use in a variety of group settings.
www.pfeiffer.com /WileyCDA/PfeifferTitle/productCd-0787968544.html   (205 words)

 decision.ca - Decision Making Process   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Use SmartDraw to diagram your business processes and help you decrease costs and improve efficiencies.
under a state plan to change the allocation process for interstate maintenance dollars.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) has approved changes to the intellectual property agreement making permanent a decision on patents and public health originally adopted in 2003.
www.decision.ca /Decision-Making-Process/all/search   (297 words)

 Process Development Division - AIChE
Visit the Chemical process development Forum at Eng-Tips.
The Process Development Division is one of the divisions of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' National Programming Committee.
Process development includes process research and innovation; scale-up; design, construction and operation of pilot plant or laboratory units; technology transfer; and optimization of manufacturing processes.
www.pd-aiche.com   (91 words)

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