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Grover, Colorado Grover is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 153.
Grover, Marinette County, Wisconsin Grover is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 1,729.
Grover, Taylor County, Wisconsin Grover is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 233.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/grover.html   (373 words)

 Grover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grover described himself on the show as a "cute furry, little monster." He is fuzzy and blue, and much like other Muppets on the show in appearance.
Grover, along with Elmo, is one of the more popular characters created during the show's run, partially for his silly manner of speaking and also for his numerous imaginary adventures (namely as Super Grover), adventures children felt they could easily identify with.
Despite Grover nailing pages together and building a brick wall to block access to the end of the book, eventually the reader does reach the end of the book, where it is discovered that Grover is, in fact, the monster at the end of the book.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grover   (570 words)

 War Of The Worlds: Grovers Mill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
At one time or another, all the properties in the village were owned by the Grover family, and certainly in the case of the Mill Pond, their dominance erased an old name.
This was house where Walter S Grover was born, and it is said that Hessian soldiers hid in a carriage house that was once located to the rear of the building.
Another home worthy of note in Grover's Mill is 148 Cranbury Road, known by some long-time residents of the area as the "old Snedeker place", a rather charming reference to the family who were resident there between the 1920's and 1970's.
www.war-ofthe-worlds.co.uk /mill.htm   (1023 words)

 Grover Norquist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grover Glenn Norquist (born October 19, 1956) is the Republican president of the noted anti-tax lobbying group Americans for Tax Reform, and a well-connected conservative activist with close ties to business and the media.
Grover Norquist compares the estate tax to the Holocaust.
Government website from 1997 listing Grover Norquist as an agent of Jonas Savimbi's UNITA rebels in Angola and as an agent of the government of Seychelles who attempted to influence US Government policy in both of these nations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grover_Norquist   (2554 words)

 MSN Encarta - Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), 22nd and 24th president of the United States (1885-1889, 1893-1897), the only chief executive to be reelected after defeat.
Cleveland adopted the credo “a public office is a public trust,” and in his two nonconsecutive terms, he spent much of his energy resisting political influences and the party favoritism characteristic of that era.
Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761554156/Grover_Cleveland.html   (785 words)

 GROVER IS BITTER Chapter 1- The Early Years
Grover's father was a tyrant who was seldom at home to care for him and his brood of 9 brothers and sisters, and when his dad was home he made life very difficult for the whole family.
They had encountered Grover & Fozzie's street performances once or twice and found them amusing, but it was Grover's clumsy bungling in the restaurant that really made them laugh.
One day this couple, known to Grover only as Ernie and Bert, asked him if he might want to audition for a new television show they were throwing together, a little project tentatively called "Sesame Street".
www.zeroboutique.com /grover/grover1.htm   (438 words)

 Lov Grover - What's a Quantum Phone Book?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grover, who works in Advanced Technologies, did the work on the algorithm on the side in addition to his normal job of designing and implementing CAD circuit simulators.
To Be and Yet Not to Be The key to Grover's search mechanism lies in a quantum computer's ability to exist in more than one state at a time, and search different parts of the database at the same time.
Grover's discovery involves a sequence of simple quantum operations on the register's state.
www.bell-labs.com /user/feature/archives/lkgrover   (749 words)

 NOW with Bill Moyers. Transcript. Bill Moyers Interviews Grover Norquist. 1.10.03 | PBS
GROVER NORQUIST: I think you have to look at the total level of what government does to her in terms of the taxes that they impose on...
GROVER NORQUIST: Well, I've been active with groups, the Institute for Children and some of the pro-adoption groups in Washington, D.C. The last numbers I saw, there are about 500,000 kids in foster care, about 50,000 kids free to adopt, and more than a million parents looking to adopt.
GROVER NORQUIST: I think given what's been going on in that neighborhood we are going to go in and remove Saddam Hussein and hopefully establish a free society in Iraq.
www.pbs.org /now/transcript/transcript_norquist.html   (2455 words)

 Terry Gross, Grover Norquist and the Holocaust
Grover Norquist: No, the morality that says it's OK to do something to do a group because they're a small percentage of the population is the morality that says that the Holocaust is OK because they didn't target everybody, just a small percentage.
Grover Norquist: Well, what you pick -- you can use different rhetoric or different points for different purposes, and I would argue that those who say, 'Don't let this bother you; I'm only doing it' -- I, the government.
First of all, Grover, the morality underpinning the estate tax is the not same as the "morality" underpinning the holocaust.
www.commondreams.org /views03/1008-07.htm   (1164 words)

 Grover   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grover isn't part of the main show, and he appears doing many different professions under many different characters.
Grover likes righting wrongs (or thinking he is) and acting as Super Grover in his costume.
For example, in Germany, Grover is known as Grobi, Coco in Spain, and Archibaldo in Mexico.
www.chs.helena.k12.mt.us /faculty/hhillZ/web00/webper2/mzanto2.htm   (477 words)

 USATODAY.com - Grover parlays 'Street' cred into DVD gig   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sesame Street's Grover may not be aware he appears on TV, but the media-savvy Muppet does know who Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker Michael Moore is. We caught up with Grover as his new DVD, A Celebration of Me, Grover (Sony Wonder, $13), arrives in stores, marking the 35th season of the children's TV show.
Grover has been a waiter, a disco dancer, a lawman, an elevator operator, a taxi driver, even a wig salesman.
Grover is not always very good at what he does, but his work ethic is admirable.
www.usatoday.com /life/television/news/2004-09-06-grover_x.htm   (605 words)

 Grover, Colorado
Grover is located in northeastern Colorado, 58 miles northeast of Greeley in Weld County.
Grover's population is approximately 150 and has a grocery store, deli, cafe, post office, bed & breakfast, town park, K-12 school, two churches, senior citizen apartments, Grover Depot Museum, RV park and a volunteer fire department.
Grover is not at the edge of the world but some people feel you can see it from here, come and enjoy the wide open space's and beauty of the prairie.
groverlibrary.8m.com /grover.html   (403 words)

 USA-Presidents.Info - Grover Cleveland
Stephen Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 - June 24, 1908) was the 22nd (1885 - 1889) and 24th (1893 - 1897) President of the United States, and the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.
The First Democrat elected after the Civil War, Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later.
One of nine children of a Presbyterian minister, Cleveland was born in New Jersey in 1837.
www.usa-presidents.info /cleveland.htm   (685 words)

 Grover   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grover is a puppet in the children's television show Sesame Street.
Grover doesn't use contractions when speaking, giving him a distinctive vocal pattern in comparison to most television characters.
Grover and Herry as cops singing the alphabet (may only be shown on Plaza Sesamo.)
www.aaaah.org /wiki/en/gr/Grover.htm   (236 words)

 Grover, South Carolina
Grover, South Carolina, originally known as Murray's Crossroads, was once a major stagecoach route from Charleston SC to Augusta, GA. The name was changed to Grover in 1892, in honor of President Grover Cleveland, when the United Postal Service established a post office in the community.
Grover, South Carolina, is home to Appleby Methodist Church, Est.
Grover is located in the Charleston-Trident Metro area and is roughly 45 minutes from Charleston and 5 minutes from
www.charmingtowns.com /dorchester_county/grover   (177 words)

 Guitar Machine Heads & Accessories by Grover
If you are already using Grover products, thank you for your support in making Grover the most trusted name in music around the world.
The Grover® deluxe machine heads are mounted three to a plate for the vintage look that has been popular for decades.
Grover’s two-piece, screw-on button design lets the player change styles easily while the oversized die-cast buttons and custom-fitted O-rings safely secure the strap.
www.jhs.co.uk /grover.html   (1678 words)

 Welcome To Groverland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Who, besides Grover, could teach us the difference between near and far, be a superhero, reign as king of the disco, and be so darn cute in the process.
Grover is one of the most under rated muppets on Sesame Street.
Grover and Sesame Street are registered trademarks of CTW.
www.geocities.com /EnchantedForest/Palace/3382   (162 words)

 Grover Cleveland's Obituary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
     Grover Cleveland, President of the United States from 1885 to 1889 and again from 1893 to 1897, died at 8:40 o'clock this morning at his home in Princeton, N.J. In his death the Nation has been deprived of one of its greatest citizens.
Like every commanding figure, he had zealous supporters and earnest opponents, but those who differed from him were as ready as his warmest friends to concede to him the possession of elements of leadership to an extraordinary degree.
Both in office and in private life Grover Cleveland was a positive moral force, bringing to the Republic such elements of rugged strength that we do not yet fully appreciate how great his services were.
starship.python.net /crew/manus/Presidents/sgc/sgcobit.html   (8134 words)

 Request the best on your truck - Grover Truck Horns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grover is a diversified company that is over 60 years old.
Grover manufactures air horns for every U.S. Heavy Duty Trucking Manufacturer.
Our 60 years of experience have helped us tremendously in dealing with softball bats, making our bats one of the quality leaders in the industry.
www.groverproducts.com   (167 words)

 Sesame Street: 25 Of My Favorite Memories - Progressive Boink
Never mind the fact that Grover's like the guy with 89 pieces of flare and waits tables like he's welcoming freshmen to college.
He may not actually save the day all the time, and by all the time I mean ever, but his mere presence has helped children all around the big city solve their own problems, all by themselves.
My favorite Super Grover moment is when he answers a cry for help from a girl who can't get her computer working.
www.progressiveboink.com /archive/sesamestreet.html   (3913 words)

 Grover Norquist - SourceWatch
Grover Glenn Norquist (born Oct. 19, 1956) is a well-connected Republican activist with close ties to business and the media.
He is one of the "Gang of Five" in Nina Easton's 2000 book by that name, giving the history of leaders of the modern conservative movement.
Grover G. Norquist, "Reducing the Government by Half (http://www.heritage.org/about/community/insider/2000/may00/welcome.html): How and Why We Can Cut the Size and Cost of Government in Half in One Generation--the Next Twenty-five Years," The Insider (Heritage Foundation), May 2000.
www.sourcewatch.org /wiki.phtml?title=Grover_Norquist   (2923 words)

 GROVER IS BITTER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
For many of us, Grover was hands-down the best character on the show: bringing laughter, intelligence and a certain irreverence not seen in other 2-dimensional children's programs of the day.
But what many of us didn't see behind that brave exterior was a monster cowering in the face of his own insecurities, a monster so unsure of himself he wouldn't even watch his own performances, and a monster who ultimately allowed his own weaknesses to overcome him and nearly ruin his career.
It's time to expose Grover- the monster behind the myth.
www.zeroboutique.com /grover   (144 words)

 PhotoShelter™ - Photographer: Grover Sanschagrin
Grover is a former photojournalist who has turned his attention to various Internet projects, including the SportsShooter.com and AltPick.com websites, where he served as executive producer.
Grover was the manager of interactive product development for the Chicago Tribune's Internet Edition, and the former Director of Product Development for Quokka Sports.
Grover is a Long Island native, who now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.
www.photoshelter.com /user-show?PUB_UID=U000084E4417qzzI   (197 words)

 Internet Public Library: POTUS
Grover Cleveland -- from The Presidents of the United States of America
From the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, in addition to information on the Presidents themselves, they have first lady and cabinet member biographies, listings of presidential staff and advisers, and timelines detailing significant events in the lives of each administration.
"Death and Destruction" was the name that Grover Cleveland gave to his favorite hunting rifle.
www.ipl.org /div/potus/gcleveland.html   (550 words)

 Grover Cleveland [Encyclopedia of Presidents]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Grover Grover Come on Over Step into Reading Books Step 1 Book
Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum, Featuring Lovable, Furry Old Grover, [A Random House Pictureback]
Grover s Tubby: Featuring Jim Henson s Sesame Street Muppets
www.klbook.com /22944_grover-cleveland-encyclopedia-of-presidents/zach...   (162 words)

 Grover Cleveland Encyclopedia Article, Information, History and Biography @ Encyclopedia.LocalColorArt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Looking For grover cleveland - Find grover cleveland and more at Lycos Search.
Find grover cleveland - Your relevant result is a click away!
Look for grover cleveland - Find grover cleveland at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Grover_Cleveland   (118 words)

 Grover Norquist: 'Field Marshal' of the Bush Plan
It's early April, tax time, and Grover Norquist is moving into high gear.
The President's $1.6 trillion tax cut package is working its way through Congress, and Norquist--president of Americans for Tax Reform and arguably Washington's leading right-wing strategist--is rushing from meetings on Capitol Hill to strategy sessions with antitax activists.
"Grover does not mince words." In the battle over taxes this year, Neas and Norquist have clashed repeatedly as heads of the left and right coalitions on tax reform, and Neas frankly admires Norquist's skills.
www.thenation.com /doc/20010514/dreyfuss   (1368 words)

 ATR: Staff: Biography of Grover Norquist
Norquist, a native of Massachusetts, has been one of Washington’s most effective issues management strategists for over a decade.
In the words of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist is “the person who I regard as the most innovative, creative, courageous and entrepreneurial leader of the anti-tax efforts and of conservative grassroots activism in America.
GROVER ON NPR: Grover Norquist talks about freedom, the role of government, and taxation in a half-hour interview on NPR.
www.atr.org /home/about/ggnbio.html   (345 words)

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