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Topic: Grozny

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  Scotsman.com News - International - Money and murder are key to Grozny regeneration
Scenes which, considering this is Grozny, capital of Chechnya, feel out of place and from another time.
At the start of 2006, Grozny was less a city than rows of shattered buildings overlooking cesspits.
Russia's military defeat of the heart of the rebellion in Chechnya appears to flow, in the simplest sense, from a two-stage formula: extraordinary violence, followed by extraordinary investment.
news.scotsman.com /international.cfm?id=1601832007   (913 words)

 The Grozny Lacerta
With a snout to vent length (SVL) of 4.25 inches (for males) to 4.40 inches (for females), a Grozny lacerta is a moderately large lacertid.
Because of its tolerance, I believe that if properly housed, the Grozny lizard is an ideal species for outdoor terraria over much of the United States.
However, while the Grozny lizard is tolerant of winter cold, it is intolerant of excessive rain and ground moisture.
www.agamainternational.com /pages/grozny_lacertas.htm   (0 words)

 Activist : Grozny - Chechnya : Photo Essay
I photographed the Russian front as it advanced from Daghestan to Grozny from October to December 1999.
I had visited Grozny four times in the last war, but this time I couldn't even be sure where I was.
Arriving in downtown Grozny's Minutka Square the first shock was discovering a huge expanse of flattened land where once the proud Dudayev Palace stood -- dynamited and levelled by the Russians after the last war.
users.westnet.gr /~cgian/grozny.htm   (0 words)

  Газета.Ru - Moscow's echo won't reach Grozny
The Grozny Television and Radio Broadcasting Company will make its own programmes and beam for 42 hours a week, six hours each day, from 1800 to midnight.
If no bids are made, Radio Russia and Grozny TRC will receive their licences automatically, after paying a fee of 1,000 roubles for their frequencies.
Grozny could be a great investment for the future, it would be an investment in reputation, but it would be an impermissible luxury in our situation.
www.gazeta.ru /2003/05/22/Moscowsechow.shtml   (598 words)

  The Battle(s) of Grozny
The Chechen defence of Grozny was lead by the Chechen Chief of Staff, Aslan Maskhadov, from the basement of the so-called presidential palace.
The battle of Grozny had been exceptionally costly, and it was the civilian population, which had taken the majority of the casualties.
The guerrilla war outside Grozny, in the lowlands, in the fool-hills and in the mountains is, however, outside the scope of this article.
www.caucasus.dk /publication1.htm   (5996 words)

  Grozny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grozny or Groznyy (Russian: Гро́зный) is the capital of the Chechen Republic in Russia.
Grozny was once again the epicenter of fighting after the outbreak of the Second Chechen War, which further caused thousands of fatalities.
Grozny was also known for its modern architecture and as a spa town.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grozny   (1686 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Grozny
Grozny was once again the scene of fighting after the outbreak of the Second Chechen War, which caused nearly 150000 thousands of fatalities including the third battle of Grozny (1999-2000).
Grozny was founded in 1818 as a military outpost and grew only slowly until the early twentieth century.
Grozny was captured by Russia Army forces during the First Chechen War, but guerrilla units operating from nearby mountains managed to harass and demoralize the Russian Army enough to provoke a withdrawal in 1996.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Grozny   (4470 words)

 Grozny   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Grozny (Russian Гро́зный;, Chechen Djovkhar Ghaala) is the capital of Chechnya.
Population: 223,000 (2002) Nearly all of Grozny was destroyed or seriously damaged during the Chechen Wars.
Grozny was captured by Russia n forces during the First Chechen War, but guerrilla units operating from nearby mountains managed to harass and demoralize the Russian occupation force enough to provoke a withdrawal in 1996.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Grozny.html   (209 words)

 Prague Watchdog - Crisis in Chechnya - Dispatches from Chechnya n. 14 - The Situation in Grozny Worsens
GROZNY, July 9, 2001, by LAM - During the past two months, the conditions in Grozny, as in the rest of the Chechen Republic, have become much worse.
According to the mayor of Grozny, many of these buildings, particularly brick buildings, could be repaired fairly quickly, and by the end of the summer, at least 30 percent of Grozny could have a roof over their heads.
Residents of Grozny say that because of nighttime shelling, they are unable to put new glass into their windows and must sleep on the floor.
www.watchdog.cz /index.php?show=000000-000002-000001-000029&lang=1   (1937 words)

 Nr.54 'Grozny' - Polish armoured train
Then, "Grozny" was covering Polish retreat, and in August 1920 it took part in Warsaw Battle, being employed in the 4th Army.
According to the most reliable source [8], the first wagon came from a Soviet train BP no. 56 "Kommunar", captured in March 1920, while the other one was captured in autumn of 1920 (possibly between March-September 1920 "Grozny" consisted of one modern wagon and a few others).
The wagon of "Grozny" was built in 1920 in Polish railway workshops in Nowy Sacz, as an artillery wagon for the armoured train PP "Stefan Czarniecki".
derela.republika.pl /grozny.htm   (2706 words)

 Russia Scurries to Cover Up Grozny Defeat   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As Russian tanks were televised afire inside Grozny, a general was announcing, with a straight face, that Russia had not invaded the capital of Chechnya.
Wire service reports from correspondents within the beleaguered city told of the flened bodies of at least 115 Russian soldiers strewn in the streets of central Grozny, amid the smoldering wreckage of seven tanks and eight armored personnel carriers.
In retaliation for the destruction of the column inside Grozny, Russian shells and rockets rained down on the city.
www.newsmax.com /articles/?a=1999/12/17/63939   (616 words)

 michael specter--times--grozny
Basayev said this week, ''were left by their leaders in 1995 on the streets of Grozny to be eaten by dogs'' -- are bitter and cynical.
To take Grozny back would cost Russia many more men, and the prize would be a city so completely in ruins that it would take years and billions of dollars to put back together again.
And in Grozny, where cynicism about Russia has a long and well-deserved place, most rebel fighters say they are willing to give a chance to the man who has praised their courage-- as long as they control the city.
www.michaelspecter.com /times/1996/1996_08_18_nyt_grozny.html   (2273 words)

 Russland Tschetschenien: Rights Group Says Russians Executed Grozny Civilians. /NYT 6.2.2000
Hedi survived by pretending she was dead even as the soldiers heaped several mattresses on the bodies, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire, according to the account she gave this week to Human Rights Watch, an international rights group, from a hospital in the neighboring republic of Ingushetia.
After interviewing refugees from Grozny, the group said today that it has documented 22 cases in which Grozny residents were killed by occupying Russian troops, and it is investigating at least 14 more.
Saidpudin, a Grozny resident who asked that his last name not be published, said he was detained in mid-January after witnessing the shooting of a civilian by Russian troops.
www.asyl.net /Magazin/Docs/Docs08/l5655rus.htm   (713 words)

 Foreign Military Studies Office Publications - Grozny 2000: Urban Combat Lessons Learned   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In fall 1994 Grozny was the scene of fighting between opposing Chechen forces, those of President Djokhar Dudayev versus the Dudayev opposition, which received covert support from President Boris Yeltsin's government in Moscow.
Grozny had 20,000 to 30,000 residents still huddled in basements when the battle for the city began.
During the first battle for Grozny, dividing the city into sectors (using the railroad lines and the Sunzha River as dividers) was also part of the Russian plan.
www.bob-oracle.com /Grozny.htm   (5689 words)

 PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Summer 1999
Knowing the situation so clearly, Grachev's bold prediction that he could take Grozny with a single airborne regiment in two hours is incomprehensible.[4] Perhaps Grachev privately understood the true problems in the force but put on the face of public bravado to support the presidential directive he had received.
Grozny was a three-tiered fight (upper floors of buildings, street level, and subterranean or basement), and the weapons had to fit.
When considering the initial failure of the Russian forces in Grozny in January 1995, it seems apparent that the issues outlined above, drawn from one-on-one discussions with participants as reported in Russian military literature from January to March 1995, would be at the center of the lessons-learned discussion.
www.carlisle.army.mil /usawc/Parameters/99summer/thomas.htm   (6199 words)

 Russians Make 3-Way Advance Into Grozny (washingtonpost.com)
The Russians were trying to blast snipers and antitank gunners out of their positions, rather than rely solely on airstrikes and long-distance artillery to clear a path.
Russian forces were advancing from the northwest, east and southeast with the immediate goals appearing to be Minutka Square, a major intersection in south-central Grozny, and a bridge of the Sunzha River.
Russian officials have been predicting a "final" assault on Grozny for several days, to drive rebels from the city and claim the only major Chechen urban center still outside their control.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/pmextra/jan00/19/russians.htm   (783 words)

 TheStar.com | News | Grozny: `It's like we are in a fairy tale'
Grozny: `It's like we are in a fairy tale'
GROZNY, Russia–In the evenings, unexpected sights appear in this city, which less than two years ago seemed beyond saving and repair.
A recently as early 2006, Grozny was less a city than rows of shattered buildings overlooking cesspools.
www.thestar.com /article/262142   (0 words)

 ASIL Insight: Russian Use of Force in Grozny
ASIL Insight: Russian Use of Force in Grozny
Article 17(2) clearly prohibits deportation or forced expulsion of civilians from their own country; it is less clear whether it prohibits deportation or forced expulsion of civilians from their territory within a country to another territory within the same country-as would be the case if Chechens are forced to leave Chechnya for Ingushetia.
Even though these uncertainties exist, the treaty provisions set out above provide the standards under international humanitarian law for assessing the Russian assault on Grozny.
www.asil.org /insights/insigh39.htm   (786 words)

 Grozny's Maverick Mayor Resigns   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Grozny mayor Bislan Gantamirov has announced his resignation, just days after local civilian leaders unanimously condemned his hardline policies in the Chechen capital.
Last month, the Grozny mayor accused federal troops stationed in Khanty-Mantaisk of torturing and murdering dozens of local civilians, before concealing their bodies in a mass grave.
It was after this confrontation that the Chechen leader announced his resignation, appealing to Grozny residents not to stage any protest rallies on his behalf and to accept the rulings of the civilian administration.
www.iwpr.net /?p=crs&s=f&o=160910&apc_state=henicrs2001   (783 words)

 Destruction of Grozny / Chechnya with Pictures   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A capital city Grozny which was the biggest and most beautiful in the North Caucasus is turned into rubble.
Grozny is often compared to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and justly so.
It is worth noting that during the second war which started in 1999 intensity of the firepower released on Grozny and Chechnya was three times more than it was in the first war.
www.tzfa.org /r_rpt004.html   (1498 words)

 CNN - Chechens use tunnels, snipers to stop Russians in Grozny - January 21, 2000
GROZNY, Russia (CNN) -- Chechen rebels are crawling through underground passages to mount surprise attacks on Russian troops in the capital of Grozny, while Russian forces use tanks and artillery to pulverize buildings sheltering Chechen snipers.
Soldiers are being pinned down in parts of Grozny by rebels firing from high- rise buildings even as tanks and helicopter gunships blast the buildings where the sharpshooters are holed up.
Whatever progress is being made in Grozny appears to be coming at a high cost for the Russian troops.
archives.cnn.com /2000/WORLD/europe/01/21/chechnya.01   (985 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Russians in Grozny bloodbath
The streets of central Grozny were littered with the corpses of young Russian soldiers early this morning after a column of tanks and armoured vehicles suddenly stormed the Chechen capital only to be attacked by entrenched rebel forces wielding rocket-propelled grenades.
The surprise Russian assault followed a day of skirmishes on the outskirts of Grozny and came despite pledges from senior military figures only a few hours before the attack that there would be no Russian assault on Grozny while "a single civilian" remained in the city.
Lechi Islamov, one of the commanders of the Chechen forces in Grozny, estimated a between 2,000 and 7,000, said there was fierce fighting in six areas of Grozny as the Russians stepped up the ground operations launched on Tuesday.
www.guardian.co.uk /yeltsin/Story/0,2763,194986,00.html   (750 words)

 Definition of Grozny
The city was also known for its modern architecture and as a spa town.
It had a university and was home to FC Terek Grozny.
Grozny has been returned to Russia since the Second Chechen War began in 1999.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Grozny   (295 words)

 CNN - Russian troops launch heaviest assault yet on Grozny - November 25, 1999
GROZNY, Russia -- Russian troops are preparing to resume the fiercest attacks so far on beleaguered Grozny.
From outside Alkhan-Kala, a village overlooking western Grozny, shells were seen crashing into the capital, sending huge clouds of orange smoke into the night sky.
Russian forces have said Grozny is almost surrounded and they have been tightening a noose of troops, armor and artillery around the town for several weeks.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/europe/9911/25/russia.chechnya.02   (796 words)

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