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Topic: Grunge speak

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Grunge music - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Grunge bands avoided the complex, high budget presentations that bands from other rock genres such as heavy metal were known for; complex light arrays, pyrotechnics, and other technological visual effects unrelated to playing the music were not part of the concerts.
Clothing commonly worn by grunge fans in the Northwest in its early years was a blend of the punk aesthetic with the typical outdoorsy clothing (most notably flannel shirts) of the region.
Another factor that may have led to the fall of grunge's mainstream popularity was the advent of the sub-genre of grunge known as post-grunge.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Grunge   (3350 words)

 Britain.tv Wikipedia - Grunge
It is likely that the term was seen as appropriate because of the "dirty"?title=guitar sound that grunge is known for (the word grunge itself means "dirt") and the unkempt appearance of most bands of the genre which was in direct contradiction to the relatively polished look of glam metal bands of the late 1980s.
Grunge bands avoided the complex, high budget presentations that bands from other musical genres such as heavy metal were known for; complex light arrays, pyrotechnics, and other technological visual effects unrelated to playing the music were not part of the concerts.
Grunge fans in the Pacific Northwest believed that the media gave excessive importance to the clothing worn by grunge musicians and fans, along with other aspects of the local culture.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Grunge   (3939 words)

 Grunge Music (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Clothing commonly worn by grunge fans in the Northwest in its early years was a blend of the punk aesthetic with the typical outdoorsy clothing (e.g., R.E.I. and Eddie Bauer flannel shirts) of the region.
The emergence of grunge as a popular genre and its embrace by the mainstream is usually thought of as a reaction against the popular dominance of hair metal.
Many grunge bands refused to cooperate with the record labels in making radio-friendly hooks, and the labels found new bands that were willing to do so, albeit with a watered-down sound that did not sit well with the genre's long-time fans.
www.freemusiclink.com.cob-web.org:8888 /grunge.htm   (1353 words)

 Grunge speak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Grunge speak was a hoax created by Megan Jasper, a sales representative for Sub Pop Records.
Under pressure from a reporter for The New York Times who wanted to know if grunge fans had their own slang, Jasper, 25 at the time, told the reporter a set of made-up on-the-spot slang terms that she claimed were associated with the Seattle grunge scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
While some members of the grunge scene may have used other forms of slang (such as those that have become commonly used in the English language), many felt no need to create their own to go along with grunge.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Grunge_speak   (499 words)

 Grunge, Grunge Home - www.musicfanzones.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
In fact, several grunge songs are filled with either a dark or fun sense of humor as well (for example, Mudhoney's "Touch Me, I'm Sick!" or Tad's "Stumblin' Man"), though this often went unnoticed by the general public.
Grunge evolved out of the Pacific Northwest's local punk rock scene, inspired by local punk bands such as The Fartz, The U-Men, the feedback- and distortion-intensive The Accused, and pop-punksters The Fastbacks.[3] Above all, the slow, heavy sound of The Melvins was the biggest influence on grunge.
Grunge's unique sound is often said to have resulted from Seattle's isolation from other alternative rock scenes.[6] However, outside of the Pacific Northwest, other musicians are said to have influenced grunge.
www.musicfanzones.com   (3146 words)

 JS Online:
In its simplest definition, grunge was a hard rock genre that came out of the Pacific Northwest in the late '80s and peaked commercially in the early '90s with the global success primarily of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.
Grunge's marriage to Generation X may have been one of convenience by a media trying to make sense of both the music and the people listening to it.
All these outlets led to grunge being the first genre of music to be analyzed in the present tense, as it was happening, which led to every element of grunge being reverse-engineered (by the media)," he added.
www.jsonline.com /onwisconsin/music/apr04/219687.asp   (1758 words)

 YourArt.com >> Encyclopedia >> Hype!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
is a documentary directed by Doug Pray about the popularity of grunge music in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.
It incorporates interviews and rare concert footage to trace the steps of grunge from its subversive inception in neighborhood basements to its explosion as a pop culture phenomenon.
is unique to media about grunge both in that it shows grunge from the point of view of people from the grunge scene and in that it attempts to dispel the myths of grunge created by media hype.
www.yourart.com /research/encyclopedia.cgi?subject=/Hype!   (210 words)

 Post-Grunge Downloads - Download Post-Grunge Music - Download Post-Grunge MP3s
The angst-ridden, sober introspection typically associated with grunge became virtual requirements in the hands of post-grunge, which tended to view it as a path to artistic legitimacy.
After grunge's breakthrough, it didn't take long for post-grunge to appear; bands like Bush and Candlebox became huge successes just a couple years after Nirvana topped the charts at the beginning of 1992.
After grunge's initial heyday had passed, post-grunge kept going strong, with a new wave of bands appearing in the mid- to late '90s; some were able to maintain their popularity from one album to the next, while others wound up as one-hit wonders.
www.mp3.com /post-grunge/genre/335/subgenre.html   (3423 words)

 An Ambulance Driver Speaks on Grunge
I wish to speak to you about a most serious plague on society-- grunge.
Now, I hear many of you murmuring, "What qualifies a mere ambulance driver to speak on grunge?" I am most impressed that you would have the presence of mind to form such a question.
It speaks well of your intelligence, wisdom, and scholarship, and I know that I will fraternize well with you because of this.
www.anti-grunge.org /ambdriv.htm   (961 words)

 Grungegate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
In the early nineties Grunge was the musical fad of the moment: greasy-haired, lumberjack-shirted garage bands playing punk-metal guitar rock.
Grunge terms, according to the Times, included literary gems such as Cob Nobbler (a loser), Lamestain (an uncool person), Wack Slacks (old, ripped jeans), and Swingin' on the Flippity-Flop (hanging out).
As if to rub it in, members of the grunge band Mudhoney began using the fake terms during interviews.
www.museumofhoaxes.com /grungegate.html   (261 words)

 Amazon.ca: Grunge Years: Music: Various Artists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
grunge quickly died a well-deserved death, and the result of the killing of rock/metal has been britney, christina, justin, and other overpromotoed mouseketeers...all thanks to kurt, eddie v., and the gang from seattle...way to go, guys.
But it is a great bunch of random songs from random bands of the genre.
I have been in to this kind of music for a long time this not the best stuff that I have heard by these artist but still it's not good music it's more than likely to be some of the best stuff in the universe
www.amazon.ca /Grunge-Years-Various-Artists/dp/B0000035F0   (819 words)

 purevolume™ | As We Speak
Grunge style hard rock, meets hardcore/punk.....minus the whining.
As We Speak hasn't posted a blog yet.
As We Speak hasn't posted any shows yet.
www.purevolume.com /aswespeak   (81 words)

 The X Project: March 2005
As for the grunge phenomenon, it had dissolved within a few years of Cobain’s death.
The “Homerpalooza” episode -- a send-up of the touring rock show Lollapalooza and grunge rock in general -- parodied the generalizations so well that viewers had to wonder if the joke was on Gen Xers or if it satirized observers’ preconceived notions of twentysomethings (or both).
Grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it’s crazy for it to become a fashion statement.”
www.dreamscape.com /nekritz/2005_03_01_   (9866 words)

 AGC Program Schedule
Contestants wearing grunge are selected from people passing the studio and given the opportunity to win a grunge-free wardrobe if they can guess the correct price of several articles of dress clothes.
A team of contestants wearing grunge challenges a celebrity team wearing dress clothes as both attempt to complete the same wacky series of stunts in a specified amount of time.
Arlene (Pauline Richmond) is unalterably opposed to grunge and now must find a way to dismantle the company despite the resistance of her guardian (Hugo Beady) and the company's board of directors, stockholders, and lawyers.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/asaucci/schedule.htm   (2441 words)

 purevolume™ | Fail To Speak
Despite playing a great show on April 29th, it was decided that Jason, Evan, Derek, and Anthony would start something fresh and new.
Both this new lineup, and Stuart's band will be ready to rock in no time, and it is guarunteed that this decision was the best for both parties involved.
We would like to sincerely thank anybody who supported Fail to Speak, throughout it's existence, and we ask that you keep an eye out for these two upcoming projects.
www.purevolume.com /failtospeak   (263 words)

 The Cole Papers, November 1997
Last month in San Diego, I was particularly taken with the keynote presentations at the annual workshop of the Society of News Design (that's the group's new name; it used to have the suffix "paper" after the third word).
Both grunge graphic designer David Carson and columnist/poet Patricia Smith spoke deeply and movingly about the core issue of creativity.
Carol Christopher, correspondent extraordinaire, handled the difficult assignment of writing about a meeting programmed and hosted by her boss (i.e.: me) with great aplomb.
www.colepapers.net /9711SA.HTML   (544 words)

 FURY Wrestling :: Rage - 6/17/02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Grunge defintley felt that hit in the side of the head from the left.
Grunge looks to be going out...and Vampiro may be close behind.
Simper: "Grunge has his title and he is heading up the rampway while Laura seems to be having some trouble finding someone to give her belt."
www.angelfire.com /mo3/fury/StormResults/617.html   (3780 words)

 Tom Frank, "The Great Grunge Hoax," and The Baffler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Started in 1988 by Frank while he was an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, The Baffler moved with him to the University of Chicago as he pursued a doctorate in American History under Neil Harris.
While The Baffler is famous for rekindling popular interest in the Frankfurt School, it is also often remembered as the journal which broke "The Great Grunge Hoax" story.
A November 15, 1992 piece in the New York Times explored the then recent phenomenon of "grunge" and included a sidebar discussion entitled "Lexicon of Grunge: Breaking the Code," which defined the hip new "grunge speak, coming soon to a high school or mall near you." The lexicon purported to translate
instruct1.cit.cornell.edu /courses/hist100.96/elc/baffler.html   (244 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Grunge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "Grunge" at HighBeam.
Australian Grunge Literature and the Conflict between Literary Generations.
10 years after Cobain, can grunge speak to spirit of a generation?
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Grunge   (156 words)

 Books & Culture Corner: Entertain Us - Books & Culture
But both tribes persist among thirtysomethings as well as post-Columbine youth throughout the Western world, the grunge label is useful shorthand, and the conjunction of a Nirvana greatest-hits package with the new Pearl Jam recording, Riot Act—not to mention the publication of Kurt Cobain's journals—offers a fitting occasion to examine an enduring cultural legacy.
Apart from the oversized flannel shirts, wool hats, and perhaps overly self-consciously bedraggled accoutrements, the music sought to imaginatively identify and forcibly uproot the seeds of dysfunction that are perhaps especially evident in American homes and schools.
The indifference associated with the grunge label is the last accusation one could now level at Pearl Jam, whose work includes an effort to overcome Ticketmaster's hegemonic hold over live performance and a longterm commitment to social action.
www.christianitytoday.com /books/features/bccorner/021216.html   (1250 words)

 portland imc - 2005.05.23 - Cascadian English
Many had even resented the assumption by the Times that they even had a slang language, as well as their claim that it was "coming soon to a high school or mall near you".
Jasper, known to be sarcastic, had been sick of the excessive amount of questions that reporters were asking people involved in the Seattle grunge scene, and thus pulled the prank to get back at them for their superfluous questioning.
Grunge was coined publically by a newsprint magazine in Seattle called Backlash, around 1989-90.
portland.indymedia.org /en/2005/05/317962.shtml   (12093 words)

 Knowledge Grunge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
If you are mad that hootie replaced grunge bands of the early 90's then i am sorry.
as the birthplace of the recent crazes for grunge rock and espresso coffee.
We were in a grunge band and all thatówe saw what the theories...
www.hotsalsamusic.com /grunge/knowledgegrunge   (1045 words)

 Speak Up › Deconstructive Typography Captches up   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
All comments, ideas and thoughts on Speak Up are property of their authors; reproduction without the author’s or Speak Up’s permission is strictly prohibited
Standing avidly in two-thousand-five and reminiscing fondly on typography — you too reminisce on typography from time to time, no? — the deconstructive days of yore seem far behind, even possibly, as Steve Heller said, appear as a “blip in the continuum of graphic design history”.
Grunge fonts are now bottom-sellers compared to fanciful scripts and comprehensive type families.
www.underconsideration.com /speakup/archives/002196.html   (880 words)

 Speak by Lindsay Lohan CD
Balancing dance-floor grooves of the Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera variety with rock moves borrowed from the Avril Lavigne/Michelle Branch axis, Lohan sings with authority over razor-sharp club beats (the title track, "To Know Your Name") and amps-on-11 guitar riffs ("First") in equal measure.
Though Lohan had little to do with writing most of these songs, the lyrics are well suited to her unique situation of living in the public eye from a young age, and they often address the difficulties of maintaining close personal relationships.
A surprisingly diverse and accomplished debut, SPEAK proves that Lohan has the mettle and talent necessary to compete with other young pop superstars.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/6820123/a/Speak.htm   (302 words)

 Growl Server - alt.games.warbirds
Racing season will be starting soon so let's help keep the server running.
Grunge has been kind enough to pay/upkeep/load the server so we can have fun.
Paypal is still the best option to do this,unless you want to send a money order direct.
agw.bombs-away.net /showthread.php?p=785704#post785704   (150 words)

 Grunge Music: Buy & Sell 90s Grunge Music at our New Jersey store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
We have been buying 90s Grunge Music and selling 90s Grunge music for over 10 years at our CD Shop.
In addition to Grunge Rock, we are also one of the llargest used DVD sellers and used DVD buyers in our area.
When you are ready to sell your collection, please call us at 609-921-0881 to speak to one of our appraisers, or you may fill out your collection information online—see our Sell CDs Online, Sell DVDs Online, Sell Vinyl Records Online or Sell Used Video Games questionnaire pages.
www.prex.com /buy/Grunge-Music.html   (707 words)

 Inside Tim's Blog
I was pleased as well with some of the chapter subheads I wrote, especially: Reporters scramble to cover the Gen X phenomenon; no one hurt but the New York Times Style section.
(This being an allusion to the Great Grunge Speak Hoax of 1992.) Now I'm still waiting for the professor with the connection with the SUNY Press to hear back from the senior editor.
A certain cat blogger and my brother had their new dining room set arrive, so I received her old dining room table and four chairs.
www.dreamscape.com /nekritz/2005/08/ive-turned-on-alarm-again.html   (429 words)

 GRUNGE LIVES: The Online Guide To Grunge Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
GRUNGE LIVES: The Online Guide To Grunge Music
Bush was formed in London as a grunge rock band in 1992 by singer and songwriter Gavin Rossdale, guitarist Nigel Pulsford, bassist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge.
This site is not affiliated with any of the listed bands nor any record label.
www25.brinkster.com /grungelives/bush.htm   (512 words)

 Silly canadians, eh? - Short-Media Forums
Come on down to Ottawa or T.O and you'll see that there are plenty of people who can speak english fine.
I know a few people who have lived their whole lives in Detroit, and they all speak with a slightly southern-ish accent.
The only people who can speak english correctly are California natives.
www.short-media.com /forum/showthread.php?t=1612   (1832 words)

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