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Topic: Guided missile

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  Guided missile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first missiles to be used operationally were a series of German missiles of WW2.
After the boost-stage ballistic missiles follow a trajectory mainly determined by ballistics, the guidance is for relatively small deviations from that.
Another major German missile development project was the anti-shipping class (such as the Fritz X and Henschel Hs 293), intended to stop any attempt at a cross-channel invasion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Guided_missile   (918 words)

 guided missile. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Guided missiles are powered either by rocket engines or by jet propulsion.
Missiles may be aerodynamic, i.e., controlled by aerodynamic surfaces and following a straight-line trajectory to the target, or ballistic, i.e., powered during flight and following a parabolic trajectory.
Cruise missiles, which are launched like a missile but use flipout wings and a turbofan engine to fly like an airplane to the target at altitudes of about 50 ft (15 m), are either air-to-surface or surface-to-surface missiles.
www.bartleby.com /65/gu/guidedmi.html   (625 words)

 Wire-guided missile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A wire-guided missile is a missile guided by signals sent to it via thin wires reeled out during flight.
This guidance system is most common for anti-tank missiles, where its ability to be used in areas of limited line-of-sight make it useful, while its limited maximum range, that of the wires, is not a serious concern.
The Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided Missile System (TOW), with a range of 3750 m and the British Swingfire missile, when vehicle launched, with a range of 4000m [1] but it would be unlikely to be used at extreme range.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wire-guided_missile   (494 words)

 Guided Missiles
Missiles may also be grouped by their area of operation: Tactical missiles are used by military forces in direct combat on and above the battlefield; support missiles are employed behind the main battle area; and strategic missiles are designed for intercontinental warfare.
Aerodynamic missiles normally travel on a straight-line or flat trajectory toward their target, and ballistic missiles are usually surface-to-surface weapons that follow curved or arched trajectories similar to that of an artillery projectile.
Missile velocity, pitch, yaw, and roll are sensed by internal gyroscopes and accelerometers, and course corrections are made mechanically by slightly altering the thrust of the rocket exhaust by means of movable vanes or deflectors.
www.defencejournal.com /jun99/guided-missiles.htm   (2088 words)

 Evading the Guided Missile
Certainly a missile has yet to be built with a 100% kill probability, therefore clever exploit ation of the inherent weaknesses of any particular class of contemporary weapon may well serve to defeat it.
If beam aspect is attained before the missile closes, it may not be advantageous to continue the turn and the best alternative can be an out-of-plane turn which maintains beam aspect and a high LOS rate while also maximising the rate at which the aircraft's aspect relative to the missile changes.
Guided missiles are a threat which can be countered, but success demands awareness both in planning and execution.
www.ausairpower.net /TE-Evading-Missiles.html   (3339 words)

 Missile Components
Guided missiles are made up of a series of subassemblies.
The elements for missile guidance and missile control can be housed in the same section of the missile, or they can be in separate sections.
Air-to-air guided missiles are normally fuzed for a proximity burst by using a TDDwith an SandA device.
www.ordnance.org /missile_components.htm   (1290 words)

 Laser Guided Missile - Background, Raw Materials, Design, The Manufacturing, Quality Control, Byproducts/Waste
The missile body is made from steel alloys or high-strength aluminum alloys that are often coated with chromium along the cavity of the body in order to protect against the excessive pressures and heat that accompany a missile launch.
The sensors measure the error between the missile's flight path and the path of the reflected light, and the electronics suite alters the control surfaces as necessary to guide the missile toward the target.
These missiles, currently under development in several countries, are called "fire-and-forget" because a pilot can fire one of these missiles and forget about it, relying on the missile's internal laser and detecting sensor to guide it towards its target.
www.madehow.com /Volume-1/Laser-Guided-Missile.html   (2226 words)

 Guided Missile, Guided Weapon and Rocket Designations
The majority of guided missiles used in the Navy are essentially rockets that are maneuvered while in flight.
Guided missiles are classified according to their range, speed, and launch environment, mission, and vehicle type.
Air-to-surface guided missiles are fired from an aircraft against a target on the land orwater surface.
www.ordnance.org /designat.htm   (1257 words)

The function of an air defense guided missile system is to deter or minimize the effects of enemy attacks by detecting and destroying enemy aircraft and missiles approaching a defended area.
A new guided missile system was needed which could destroy entire formations of high-altitude, high-speed aircraft at a greater ranges with a single missile.
Later studies were begun on the feasibility of adapting existing guided missile systems for use in countering the threat to the Field Army by enemy tactical ballistic missiles.
www.nikemissile.org /system_history_and_description.htm   (1360 words)

Then the operation of the guided missile launching set is controlled locally from the launching control console in the trailer mounted launching control station or from the Hercules launching control-indicator in the launching section.
The guided missile launching control officer who is in contact, by voice communications, with operating personnel in the battery control area and the launching sections.
33) supports and guides the missile on the launcher during the fraction of a second required for the missile to become airborne, thereby assuring that the missile is launched at the correct angle.
www.nikemissile.org /Missilelaunchingset.htm   (2042 words)

 AT - 4 SPIGOT Anti-Tank Guided Missile
The missile itself is estimated to have slightly smaller dimensions and a weight of 7 kg.
The deviation between the missile's path and the operator's line-of-sight is measured by an IR tracking apparatus, the IR source being in the tail of the missile.
The requirement that the missile launcher of a SACLOS system be collocated with the aiming and tracking assembly (i.e., the operator) eliminates the possibility of moving the operator to a remote position for safety.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/russia/at-4.htm   (705 words)

 guided missile - HighBeam Encyclopedia
GUIDED MISSILE [guided missile] self-propelled, unmanned space or air vehicle carrying an explosive warhead.
NATO aircraft are still particularly vulnerable to attack from certain forms of guided missiles.
Guided missiles stand by as US military goes red alert.(News)
www.encyclopedia.com /html/g/guidedmi.asp   (770 words)

 Army Technology - POLYPHEM - Fibre Optic Guided Missile System
The Polyphem fibre-optic guided missile is designed for strikes at long-range targets from light land vehicles and against anti-ship or land based targets from the sea in which case the missile is launched from small ships or is helicopter launched.
The Polyphem missile system is capable of fully automatic operation, with the operator as a "man in the loop", validating the automatic selection and if necessary adjusting the final impact position to within 10cm.
The main subsections of the missile are the infra-red sensor array and electronics, the warhead, the fuel tank and turbojet engine, the booster motor, battery, an actuator system and the fibre-optic bobbin and cable.
www.army-technology.com /projects/polyphem   (776 words)

 Anti-tank Guided Missile Encyclopedia Article @ LaunchBase.net (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
An Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) or Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) is a guided missile primarily designed to hit and destroy heavily armored tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles.
Second-generation semi-automatically command guided SACLOS missiles require the operator to keep the sights on the target until impact.
Guidance commands are sent to the missile through wires or radio, or rely on laser marking or a TV camera view from the nose of the missile.
www.launchbase.net /encyclopedia/Anti-tank_guided_missile   (404 words)

 Forgotten Battles: The Weapons: The X4 Missile
The first developed X missile was the X4, an air-to-air missle on which work began in June of 1943.
Guidance signals were sent down these wires to work spoiler tabs on the wing surfaces and thus guide the missile to it's intended destination.
Tests of the missile were carried out in September of 1944, and although these were successful, the missile operators found that the wire guidance system was too restricting.
www.geocities.com /pentagon/bunker/3351/germweps/x4.html   (380 words)

 CHAPARRAL GUIDED MISSILE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The missile is lightweight, supersonic, fire-and-forget, with an infrared homing guidance system capable of engaging fixed-wing and helicopter targets.
To enhance missile acquisition range and capability the Rosette Scan Seeker (RSS) guidance section has been developed and is effective against infrared jammers.
The missile is carried and handled as an assembled single round of ammunition.
www.au.af.mil /au/awc/systems/dvic413.htm   (211 words)

 Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile (EFOGM)
The missile is a terminal homing missile that utilizes a fiber optic data link to transmit and receive command and sensor inputs to find and defeat threat targets masked behind hills, in foliage, or in urban settings.
The missile has a high resolution infrared video camera in the nose to provide the gunner with an unobstructed view of the surrounding terrain from the missile's perspective.
The slug launches have demonstrated missile hot launch capability, missile canister separation, initial fiber optic cable payout, deployment of missile wings and fins, integration of the missile inertial measurement unit, and data downlink from the missile via the fiber optic cable.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ground/efogm.htm   (727 words)

 Lahat Laser Guided Missile
The LAHAT missile has a range of 8 km when launched from a ground platform, and up to 13 km, when deployed from high elevation.
The missile hits the target at an accuracy of 0.7meter CEP and an angle of over 30 degrees, providing effective penetration of up to 800mm of armor steel by the high performance warhead.
The missile weighs 13kg, and a quad launcher which can be carried by ground or aerial platforms, weighs 75kg, including four missiles.
www.defense-update.com /directory/lahat.htm   (497 words)

 Army Fact File - TOW Missile System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command-link guided) Missile System consists of a tripod, traversing unit, missile guidance set, launch tube, optical sight, battery assembly and any of five missile variations.
The TOW missile system also includes a thermal sight that provides a capability for operations at night, in reduced visibility, and in a countermeasure environment.
The TOW is guided to its target merely by the gunner keeping the cross-hairs on the target.
www.army.mil /fact_files_site/tow   (229 words)

 New U.S. guided missile ship sent to Japan - Boston.com
A new top-of-the-line U.S. guided missile destroyer was deployed to Japan on Saturday, amid tensions over North Korea's missile tests.
TOKYO --A new top-of-the-line U.S. guided missile destroyer was deployed to Japan on Saturday, amid tensions over North Korea's missile tests.
The system was instrumental in identifying and assessing Wednesday's missile launc hings, which all fell apparently harmlessly into the Sea of Japan.
www.boston.com /news/world/asia/articles/2006/07/08/new_us_guided_missile_ship_sent_to_japan   (238 words)

 Aerocon Systems Guided Missiles
Here is a technical guide and reference book for all concerned with the handling and operation of guided missiles and the training of personnel for this purpose.
Aerodynamics, propulsion, instrumentation, and electronic control and guidance systems are covered as they relate to the guided missiles field, and methods are given for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of guided missiles control and guidance systems.
Topics include the story of guided missiles, aerodynamics of guided missiles, propulsion of guided missiles, physics involved in guided missile desing, components of guided missile guidance systems, trajectory considerations of guided missiles, guided missile guidance systems, guided missile tactics, and guided missile instrumentation.
www.aeroconsystems.com /literature/USAF_guided_missiles.htm   (226 words)

 guided missile
, did important early work on rockets, but guided missiles were first developed in their military form by the Germans, who in World War II employed V-1 and V-2 missiles against Great Britain and the Low Countries.
, which are launched like a missile but use flipout wings and a turbofan engine to fly like an airplane to the target at altitudes of about 50 ft (15 m), are either air-to-surface or surface-to-surface missiles.
guided missile - missile, guided: see guided missile.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/history/A0822087.html   (562 words)

 NYT-020900-Guided-Missile-Ship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
But the presence of the ships and their missiles in the Taiwan Theater complicates the delicate calculus of cross-straits relations, the most volatile flashpoint in East Asia.
The radar-guided missiles can deliver a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead to a target beyond the horizon in about two minutes.
China's purchase of the destroyer and its missiles is part of an emerging pattern of procurement in the wake of warming relations with Russia.
taiwansecurity.org /NYT/NYT-020900-Guided-Missile-Ship.htm   (1318 words)

 Yorkshire CND - US forces fire satellite-guided missile in Iraq - 16/11/03
The missile, which contains a single 227-kilogram warhead and is guided by global positioning system, was fired from Taji, just outside Baghdad, 220 kilometres away, he said.
The missile, which contains a single 227-kilogramme warhead and is guided by global positioning system, was fired from Taji, just outside Baghdad, 220 kilometres away, he said.
MacDonald said the firing of the missile marked the launch of "Operation Ivy Cyclone II" in north-central Iraq by the Tikrit-based Task Force Ironhorse, predominantly comprised of members of the US army's 4th Infantry Division (ID).
www.cndyorks.gn.apc.org /yspace/articles/sat_guided_missile.htm   (793 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for missile, guided   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
guided missile GUIDED MISSILE [guided missile] self-propelled, unmanned space or air vehicle carrying an explosive warhead.
missile, guided MISSILE, GUIDED [missile, guided] see guided missile.
Smart weapons, which use guidance systems that rely on external assistance, are distinguished from brilliant weapons, which are totally self-guided.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/08556.html   (373 words)

 SLAM-ER Guided Missile
The missile is equipped with a 500 pound derivative of the Tomahawk Block III warhead developed by the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, Calif. The WDU-40/B warhead uses a titanium case shaped specifically to increase penetration and becomes reactive during detonation, substantially increasing the blast and incendiary effects.
The missiles is launched from a distance beyond 150 nautical miles, and flies a subsonic flight, navigating by INS/GPS navigation system.
The missile's image processor use pattern-matching algorithms to compare the target scene with on-board reference images to automatically locate the pre-planned aimpoint in the target scene.
www.defense-update.com /products/s/slam-er.htm   (640 words)

 Subject Category Guide
Missile handling and launching; Transportation of missiles; Preparations for launching; Surface, air, space or underwater launching; Launching equipment; Checkout equipment and procedures; Missile service support equipment; Missile sites and storage; Missile ranges.
Determination, analysis and processing of missile trajectory data including launch, boost, midcourse, unpowered, and reentry trajectories; Flight path analysis; Impact prediction; Impact data; Interior, exterior, terminal and reentry ballistics including hydroballistics and aeroballistics.
Operational characteristics and problems of full-scale missiles or models as they are affected by the dynamics of the environment.
www.dtic.mil /dtic/subcatguide/guided.html   (274 words)

 Mk-26 Guided Missile Launcher
The Mk-26 Guided Missile Launcher is a fully automated system that stows, handles, and launches a mixed load of weapons.
Similar to the Mk-41 Vertical Launching System, one of the cells in the magazine is used as "strike-down hatch" to accommodate a crane necessary to reload the magazine at sea.
The maximum length of missiles to be stored in the magazine is 12.1 feet (3.7 meters) which means that STANDARD ER Missiles can not be launched from the Mk-26 Launcher.
www.united-states-navy.com /launcher/tartar.htm   (211 words)

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