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Topic: Guiding center

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  ICLE - Character Education Programs
A guiding principle is a positive, general principle that becomes an important foundation for the conduct of behavior, both individually and in relationships with others.
Guiding principles are beliefs that most people would agree with because they are viewed as socially appropriate and inherently valuable, such as the idea to "be responsible." Guiding principles are qualities that are naturally viewed as leading to higher level functioning, creating positive relationships with others, and promoting a civil society.
Through the research efforts of the International Center, 12 guiding principles have been identified as key principles upon which to base a character education program.
www.leadered.com /guiding_princ.html   (386 words)

  Guiding center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In many cases of practical interest, the motion in a magnetic field of an electrically charged particle (such as an electron or ion in a plasma) can be treated as the superposition of a relatively fast circular motion around a point called the guiding center and a relatively slow drift of this point.
While it is closely related to guiding center drifts in its physics and mathematics, is nevertheless considered to be distinct from them.
Guiding center drifts may also result not only from external forces but also from non-uniformities in the magnetic field.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Guiding_center   (1227 words)

 LFC Cookbook
The idea is that you should use the resume feature if you've lost guiding for a brief period and would like to bring the guide star back to its original position in the center of the box.
Guiding is as simple as moving the boxes around a suitable star and pressing "Start." The star box will center itself on the star, and you'll be merrily on your way (I hope).
As guide frames come in, the guider will send guiding corrections to the telescope if necessary and plot the FWHM (arcsec), normalized flux (flux divided by exposure time), and the location of the star relative to the guiding center.
www.astro.caltech.edu /palomar/200inch/lfc/lfcguide.html   (1285 words)

The aurora is generally caused by fast electrons from space, guided earthward by magnetic field lines, and its light comes from collisions between such electrons and the atoms of the upper atmosphere, typically 100 km (60 miles) above ground.
Guiding center--An ion and electron in a magnetic field, of suitably low energy, is constrained to circle ("gyrate") around a local magnetic field line, while the center of its circular motion slides up or down along the line and also slowly shifts from one guiding field line to its neighbor, following certain rules.
The center of that circle is known as the particle´s guiding center and the entire mode of mottion is called guiding center motion.
www-istp.gsfc.nasa.gov /Education/gloss.html   (5877 words)

 Guiding Eyes for the Blind: GuidingEyes.Org Guiding Eyes for the Blind - Seeing Eye Dog - Trained Guide Dogs - New York
Guiding Eyes for the Blind works to enrich the lives of blind and visually impaired men and women by providing them with superbly bred and expertly trained guide dogs.
Guiding Eyes breeds, raises, and trains guide dogs and trains students to work with guide dogs that have been carefully selected to match their individual needs.
Guiding Eyes is committed to helping expand the awareness and use of guide dogs among this group through our various programs.
www.guidingeyes.org /site/PageServer?pagename=about_faq   (834 words)

 The W.M. Keck Center for Interdisciplinary Bioscience Training
The primary mission of the GCC’s training arm, the W. Keck Center for Interdisciplinary Bioscience Training, is to foster the training of the next generation of scientists with interdisciplinary expertise in areas where the biological sciences intersect with the physical, chemical, computational, mathematical and engineering sciences.
The Keck Center nurtures its trainees and stimulates the intellectual curiosity of the faculty at large, many of whom also wish to engage with disciplines outside of their traditional field of training, through a number of learning opportunities, including didactic courses, sponsored symposia, workshops, weekly seminars and monthly journal clubs.
The Keck Center is program-centric, governed by the Keck Executive Committee and with a steering committee for each training grant established to focus on the unique aims and program components required to support these aims.
cohesion.rice.edu /centersandinst/gcc/keck_about.cfm   (2172 words)

 Converting Magazine - Web guide lines up sheeter productivity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Initially, the guide would be used primarily in three different modes: center-guiding without taking any edge trim, center-guiding when center slitting rolls into two equal sides, and edge-guiding with or without removing any trim.
However, precise guiding is essential to ensure that the four webs line up accurately, one on top of another, for presentation to the slitting, cross-web cutting and sheet stacking portions of the operation.
During guiding or web width monitoring, the SE-34 transmits a collimated light curtain, which is obtained by using a set of cross-cylindrical lens-based optics with a semiconductor laser diode.
convertingmagazine.com /Archives/searcharch.cgi?view=12_00_24.html&...   (1214 words)

 FIVE GUIDING PRINCIPLES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Partnerships are expected to address the Center's Five Guiding Principles through the school's existing arts education program combined with the proposed Partnership program.
The Center believes the arts are a significant part of the core curriculum.
The Center believes that professional development is key to building and sustaining arts education programs.
www.cae-nyc.org /programs/fivegp.htm   (538 words)

 Wrangell Mountains Center
Located within walking distance of the Kennicott Glacier, the Wrangell Mountains Center's activities are based in the small community of McCarthy, on private land, within the boundaries of the nation's largest National Park.
The Wrangell Mountains Center is headquartered in the "Old Hardware Store," a historic building which originally served as a general store for the boomtown of McCarthy during the copper mining period of the early-20th century.
What was once a store, family living quarters, and rooming house is now an active solar-powered educational center, with a library, seminar room, program office, equipment storage for rafting and mountaineering expeditions, workshop, office/studio space for visiting scholars and artists, a cooperatively-run kitchen, flower, vegetable gardens, and a small green house.
www.alaska.net /~wmc/about.html   (1643 words)

 Welcome to Watson Literacy Center
But the Watson Literacy Center is really a living entity made up of people who care about literacy, who care about young people, and who support teachers and others who want to help children discover the joys, and the power, that come with literacy.
The first two are related to the Literacy Center as a place, and the second two are related to the Literacy Center as an entity, in its broader sense.
Therefore, it is natural that a Literacy Center bearing her name is grounded upon the whole language world view.
captain.park.edu /watson/index.htm   (1662 words)

 FPMT Dharma Centers - Frequently Asked Questions
Most of our centers are founded by a student with some connection with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, often by a student who meets Rinpoche on a teaching tour, or at the annual one-month course at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, or through connection with another one of our centers.
In addition to attending the meetings if possible and establishing contact with nearby centers, as mentioned above we require that new study groups have a one-two year “trial” period to ensure that they are comfortable operating under the auspices of FPMT, and that there is enough local support for their activities, and so on.
Each FPMT center and group is responsible for itself legally and financially - you would be responsible for creating a separate, appropriate legal entity, based on the guidelines which we provide.
www.fpmt.org /centers/faq.asp   (1123 words)

 The National Parks: Lesser-Known Areas
Combining the historic district of downtown Skagway and the old Trail of '98 from Skagway to the Chilkoot and White Passes, the park reflects an atmosphere of the old-time gold rush era.
From 1817 to 1896, a center of authority for the untamed region to the west.
Visitor center, museum exhibits, audiovisual presentation, self-guiding trail, scenic views along 300-foot high bluff, trailside exhibits, hiking, guided group tours.
www.soaringeaglesoftware.com /travel10.htm   (6014 words)

 GEB - Catoctin Region
Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) is one of the leading guide dog schools in the United States.
Guiding Eyes is dedicated to enriching the lives of blind and visually impaired men and women by providing them with the freedom to travel safely, thereby ensuring greater independence, dignity and new horizons of opportunity.
Guiding Eyes depends on volunteer puppy raisers to provide the love, support and direction the puppies need to prepare them for formal training as future guide dogs.
www.guidingeyescatoctin.org   (270 words)

 p40   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The guiding center moves with constant velocity along the dashed circle of radius r
The body M moves in an "epicycle" around the guiding center.
The resulting motion of M is an ellipse which almost coincides with the undashed circle which has its center at O.
history.nasa.gov /SP-345/p40.htm   (108 words)

 Kennedy Center: History of the Living Memorial
The National Cultural Center Act included four basic components: it authorized the Center's construction, spelled out an artistic mandate to present a wide variety of both classical and contemporary performances, specified an educational mission for the Center, and stated that the Center was to be an independent facility, self-sustaining and privately funded.
The Center renewed its commitment to the creation of new works, and became a national leader in arts education and community outreach as well as a friendlier and more accessible home for the arts in Washington.
Johnson’s vision of the Center as a performing arts center attractive to people of all levels of income and artistic taste led him to create the Performing Arts for Everyone initiative, increasing the visibility of the Center’s frequent low-priced and free events.
www.kennedy-center.org /about/history.html   (1096 words)

 Jung and Self and Dreams - Richard Wilkerson -E.l.e.c.t.r.i.c D.r.e.a.m.s - Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The guiding assumption in most all of Jung's ideas is that there is a something behind all psychological events that guides and directs us in the path of wholeness.
Handled properly, this wound may guide the individual to a wider and larger life, handled improperly the wound can lead to the person seeking to bridge the wound or gap with substance abuse or neurotic and destructive behavior.
Sometimes this is the literal center, like a building around which activity takes place or a sacred fountain in the center of a courtyard.
www.improverse.com /ed-articles/richard_wilkerson_2001_mar_jung_self.htm   (2509 words)

 Gyrofluid Turbulence Models with Kinetic Effects -- from Mathematica Information Center
The principal model presented includes evolution equations for the guiding center n, u parallel, T parallel, and T perpendicular, along with an equation expressing the quasineutrality constraint.
These "FLR phase-mixing" terms introduce a hyperviscositylike damping variation k 2 perpendicular bar Phi sub k kl time k prime bar, which should provide a physics-based damping mechanism at high k perpendicular rho which is potentially as important as the usual polarization drift nonlinearity.
The moments are taken in guiding center space to pick up the correct nonlinear FLR terms and the gyroaveraging of the shear.
library.wolfram.com /infocenter/Articles/1238   (219 words)

 PVSO - Space Science Division
The "guiding field line" [4 9] approach is an extension of the "guiding center" approximation.
It consists in replacing the particle motion with the motion of the center of gyration of the particle.
It has been noticed that the guiding center wobbles about the guiding field line, and that this wobbling can be separated from the guiding field line motion.
www.pvamu.edu /cps/space/space_files/space_science_work.htm   (1729 words)

 Mountain Guides & Instruction: Sierra Mountain Center
There are few working guides who know the Sierra as well as we do from the popular paths of the Sierra, but the little-known places where we have been exploring new routes, tours and remote summits.
Certified guides have demonstrated before his or her peers high levels of competence and judgment as well as fulfilling additional technical requirements such as emergency medical certification, rescue training, and snow stability forecasting.
SMC guides are trained in Leave No Trace principles and travel lightly upon the land.
www.sierramountaincenter.com   (497 words)

 TFCBooks -- Tesla Site Glossary
guiding center Particles placed in a magnetic field will gyrate in circles around the magnetic field lines, and drift in various directions.
The guiding center represents the instantaneous center of the circular motion.
The idea is that you can think of the guiding center as drifting, and the particle as orbiting the guiding center.
www.tfcbooks.com /mainpage/glossary.htm   (12766 words)

 National Park Service Pueblo Listing for SouthWestern Area
Visitor center, museum, native crafts exhibits, self-guiding tours, local campground near monument, picnicking.
Located in the valley of a small tributary of the Rio Grande, Taos comprises a group of habitations and ceremonial centers which are representative of a culture largely derived from the traditions of the...
Camping, visitor centers, fishing, backcountry camping, hiking, boat trips, campfire programs, exhibits, world-famous display of dinosaur fossils in quarry visitor center.
www.indian-nations.com /npspuebl.htm   (2259 words)

 Center Guiding
Analog signals from the output circuits may be connected to existing guide control amplifiers in O.E.M. applications and in other situations where customer supplied electronics must be utilized.
With the FAULT detector circuit occasional defective scans due to strobe light interference or to falling debris are rejected so that improper scans will not cause the guide system to track off target.
A linear position transducer or potentiometer mounted to the guide roll provides position information feedback to the Model DCPU to compensate for the delayed movement.
www.harris-instrument.com /center_guiding.htm   (485 words)

 NMC Center for Learning Mission
The mission of Northwestern Michigan College's Center for Learning is to provide resources and support necessary for NMC's students, faculty, and staff to become successful lifelong learners.
Center offerings will be phased in over the next few years.
Northwestern Michigan College's Center for Learning is committed to providing the personnel, the technology, and the space needed to aid students at every level develop the necessary critical thinking and independent learning skills to ensure academic success.
www.nmc.edu /centerforlearning/info/index.html   (404 words)

 About the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship
The Polsky Center exists to advance the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship through a broad range of experiences including academics, leading edge research, conferences, competitions and community outreach.
The Polsky Center is run by the center team, a group of professionals dedicated to promoting the study, teaching, and practice of entrepreneurship.
Also guiding the center is the advisory board, made up of some of the country's leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and private equity investors.
www.chicagogsb.edu /entrepreneurship/about/index.aspx   (380 words)

 Famine Center: Publications: Guiding Principles for Research at the Famine Center
As researchers working under the auspices of the Center, we are committed to research that meets the highest standards of ethical conduct and methodological rigor.
Finally, the Center also recognizes that some research questions and contexts require a conventional research approach—participation is not always the only valid approach.
During the next three years the Center will review experiences of participatory research within academic institutions in the US and beyond, and we will test our draft guidelines at the community level with current and future research projects.
nutrition.tufts.edu /research/famine/publications   (572 words)

 PCA Historical Center - Home Page
Kennedy was ordained to the ministry by the Presbytery of the Everglades (PCUS) on 21 July 1959 and he was installed as pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, where he remained senior pastor until his recent retirement.
The PCA Historical Center was blessed last week with the donation of the Papers of the Rev. Dr.
The Historical Center of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a ministry of the PCA Stated Clerk's Office, with facilities located in St. Louis, Missouri on the campus of Covenant Theological Seminary.
www.pcahistory.org   (1528 words)

 ITER and Fusion Energy
The trajectory of the center of the gyro-oscillation is known as the "guiding center".
Such a configuration is stable as it solves the problem of the drifts (which are compensated on average by spinning around the machine poloidally) and thus manages to confine the very energetic particles, or at least to keep them sufficiently long in the machine for fusion to take place.
Particles for which the velocity component perpendicular to the total magnetic field is significant have guiding centers that reflect from the central high magnetic field regions as their parallel velocity goes through zero there.
iter.rma.ac.be /en/physics/tokamak/index.php   (632 words)

 Volume 23, Number 2, 1997
For the system describing the motion of a moss point under the action of two static gravity centers (with equal masses), we find a subset of the set of the regular values of the energy and momentum, where the condition of isoenergetical non-degeneracy is fulfilled.
A new approach is proposed for the quantum mechanics of guiding center motion in strong magnetic field.
This is achieved by use of the coherent state path integral for the coupled systems of the cyclotron and the guiding center motion.
www.math.bas.bg /serdica/n2_97.html   (776 words)

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