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Topic: Guilt

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

The use of guilt here is not referring to the mere fact of being guilty of something, but it refers to seeing or projecting one's mistakes, while not knowing what to do about them or refusing to correct them.
In this definition, guilt is a negative, paralysing emotion, based on non-acceptance of oneself or the situation, and it leads to depression and frustration rather than change or improvement.
Guilt and shame are obstacles to overcome on the path, because they keep us trapped in our self-centered melodrama entitled "How Bad I Am." Regret, on the other hand, realizes that we erred, leads us to purify, and motivates us to refrain from acting like that in the future.
buddhism.kalachakranet.org /guilt.html   (1569 words)

  Guilt   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Because guilt is nothing but a psychological mechanism, there is neither logic nor "virtue" in dwelling on the pain or intensifying it.
If we dwell on the feeling of guilt, we are distracted from those duties of reparation and behavioral change; then our natural rebellion against the additional pain makes us rebel against the legitimate guilt itself, and we are thus less likely to perform those duties.
Inappropriate guilt can be caused by idealistic perfectionism (personal or religious), an inflated sense of responsibility (in which we have taken on the burden of another person -- or the whole world -- and inevitably failed), pleasure which seems undeserved (particularly in contrast to other people's misery).
www.alternative-doctor.com /jamesharveystout/guilt.htm   (1331 words)

 Archived Article: Ethics Matters
Guilt and shame as methods of discipline are to be eschewed along with raised hands and leather straps.
His theory is that guilt arises because there is a conflict between the demands of civilization and that of an individual's instincts.
He found that three factors were necessary to produce such guilt: they accepted the fact that there were people less fortunate than themselves; they believed that the needy were not deserving of their fate; and they believed that their well-being was linked to another's misfortune.
www.ethicalculture.org /ethicsmatters/AAZVklyuutxFqJFSl.html   (1637 words)

 Guilt | Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence
Guilt is both a cognitive and an emotional experience that occurs when the child realizes that he or she has violated a moral standard and is responsible for that violation.
This is known as a "guilt trip." Provoking another's sense of guilt in order to obtain something that he or she might not otherwise have offered is a manipulation of internal motivations.
Guilt can be deactivated, the conscience "turned off." Some people never seem to develop a healthy sense of guilt in the first place, through a failure to develop empathy or a lack of appropriate limits, while others choose to turn theirs off.
www.bookrags.com /research/guilt-geca   (959 words)

 Dealing with Guilt. How to ease a guilty conscience.
Guilt is a sense of remorse for thoughts, feelings, or attitudes that were or are negative, uncomplimentary, or non-accepting concerning yourself or others.
Guilt is a feeling of bewilderment and lack of balance for not responding to a situation in your typical, stereotype manner.
Guilt is a strong moral sense of right and wrong that inhibits you from choosing a ``wrong'' course of action; however, you assign your own definitions to the words.
www.dealingwithguilt.com   (267 words)

Guilt is an alarm mechanism by which we become aware that we have violated our values.
We can still be carrying unwarranted feelings of guilt from our childhood when our parents used it as a way to control us and punish us As adults, we can question the standards against which we were judged and decide whether we want to use those same standards.
Guilt is assuaged when we confirm our values by resolving to change our behavior and by making reparations.
members.tripod.com /david_gregory/guilt.htm   (1117 words)

 No More Guilt
Guilt is one of the more blatant sub -personalities of ego.
Guilt makes you feel responsible for people/situations for which you are not responsible.
Guilt allows you to feel pressured by others to be someone that you are not; to give more of yourself than you are capable of giving.
innerself.com /Lifestyle_Changes/No_More_Guilt.htm   (1528 words)

 "The Myth of Jewish Guilt - Forward.com"
Jewish guilt is the culprit for why you are so tidy, or so messy, date too much, or too little, indulge your children or discipline them.
Guilt is institutionalized, ritualized in daily prayer, part of the fabric of religious practice and language, but it is never personalized as an ineluctable trait of individuals.
Molly Jong-Fast, Erica Jong’s daughter, asserts that “we suffer two great inheritances of the Jewish people: irritable bowel syndrome and guilt,” and deems our quintessential Jewish way of life as “praying on a shrink’s sofa.” A recurrent theme is the daughter’s difficulties with her mother, magnified to represent the irredeemable villainy of all Jewish mothers.
www.forward.com /articles/the-myth-of-jewish-guilt   (1038 words)

 guilt definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Do not confuse the spelling of guilt and gilt, which sound similar.
Guilt is a noun denoting the fact or awareness of having done wrong: Guilt was written all over her face.
Gilt is a noun or adjective referring to a thin layer of gold (as in lettering in gilt, gilt picture frames).
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861615755   (183 words)

 GUILT - Holman Bible Dictionary on StudyLight.org
Guilt implies being responsible for an offense or a wrongdoing.
When Pilate said that he found no guilt in Jesus, he meant that He was innocent of the charges brought against Him (Luke 23:14; John 19:4,John 19:6).
To connect sin and guilt is a way of saying that human beings are responsible before God for their actions.
www.studylight.org /dic/hbd/view.cgi?number=T2401   (1106 words)

Guilt as an emotion is the feeling we get when we believe we have committed an offence by breaking a rule or law.
Guilt drives actions to reduce the feelings of guilt and also reduce the chance of being found out by others.
Guilt is used a lot by parents with their children ('What will your teacher say?').
changingminds.org /explanations/emotions/guilt.htm   (310 words)

 Jewish Guilt - Torah.org
Guilt is a very powerful and healthy emotion that keeps us honest with ourselves.
Guilt opens our eyes to the truth about our inappropriate actions and behavior and makes us feel badly about them.
I and a sisterhood who are right now midrashing on this very subject (guilt) (repentence) have the same difficulties that have been mentioned here.
www.torah.org /features/spirfocus/guilt.html   (838 words)

Guilt is an inherent human trait that should be seen as a gift, however, most of us do not see it as such and rather than deal with guilt, we naturally attempt to squelch it.
Guilt means there is a right and wrong way for us to operate and there are standards of what is good and what is worthy of guilt.
Guilt is God's way of telling us that we fall short of His standard and agreeing with God's standard is the right way to free us of guilt.
www.allaboutlifechallenges.org /guilt.htm   (749 words)

 Guilt! It's Good For You!
One of the major goals of therapy is to extend the range of conscious decision-making that people have in their lives, reducing the range of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are governed by unquestioned habits and assumptions.
Guilt, when applied to behavior, is the little alarm system that tells us when we are not living up to our own standards.
Guilt, not agriculture or the wheel, may be the foundation of civilization.
www.innerself.com /Behavior_Modification/guilt.htm   (664 words)

 Gift From Within - Article: "Guilt Following Traumatic Events"
Guilt can occur not only in relationship to what we ought or ought not to do but in relationship to our views about what we ought to be.
Guilt may prevent someone from facing other key issues or intense emotions, and, in that sense, may serve as an unrecognized method of avoidance (Chaplin, 1975; Nader, 1997).
Survival guilt may help to counteract some of these feelings by helping to provide a sense of belonging to the culture or group that experienced the event and provide a sense of justice and security in relationship to the world (Danieli, 1984; Klein, 1968).
www.giftfromwithin.org /html/guilt.html   (6116 words)

 OpinionJournal - Featured Article
I call this white guilt not because it is a guilt of conscience but because people stigmatized with moral crimes--here racism and imperialism--lack moral authority and so act guiltily whether they feel guilt or not.
White guilt is a vacuum of moral authority visited on the present by the shames of the past.
Possibly white guilt's worst effect is that it does not permit whites--and nonwhites--to appreciate something extraordinary: the fact that whites in America, and even elsewhere in the West, have achieved a truly remarkable moral transformation.
www.opinionjournal.com /editorial/feature.html?id=110008318   (1607 words)

 False Guilt
As we turn now to look at the causes and the cures for false guilt, we hope to explain how to break down the confining walls and tiresome chains that may have kept you or a loved one in bondage to false guilt.
False guilt makes a person restless, continually looking for a rule to be kept, a scruple to observe, an expectation to be fulfilled, or a way to be an asset to a person or a group.
In essence, false guilt is a stern warden that may give a temporary reprieve but is always ready to call upon you to prove your worthiness once again.
www.leaderu.com /orgs/probe/docs/falguilt.html   (2639 words)

Because it is less guilt inducing to take care of others first, instead of yourself, you hide behind the mask of self denial.
Because you feel guilt and the discomfort it brings, you can use it as a barometer of the need to change things in your life and rid yourself of the guilt.
It is important to be objective with yourself when you are experiencing guilt; be sure that your decisions are based on sound, rational thinking.
www.coping.org /growth/guilt.htm   (1441 words)

 Guilt Sanctified by Murray N. Rothbard
Now, the entire culture is characterized by massive collective guilt, and if anyone fails to give due public lip-service to a long list of solemnly avowed guilts, he is literally driven from public life.
Guilt is everywhere, all-pervasive, and brought to us by the same scoundrels who once promised us easy liberation.
A brief rundown: guilt for centuries of slavery, guilt for the oppression and rape of women, guilt for the Holocaust, guilt for the existence of the handicapped, guilt for eating and killing animals, guilt for being fat, guilt for not recycling your garbage, guilt for "desecrating the Earth."
www.lewrockwell.com /rothbard/rothbard71.html   (605 words)

 [No title]
Or, guilt can gently lead us back to a right relationship with Him, more fully convinced than ever of the Father's love.
True guilt is God's way of warning us to repent and turn away from our sins so He can forgive us, cleanse us and make us entirely guilt-free.
Guilt is a fact of life because sin is a fact of life.
www.cbn.com /spirituallife/teachingsheets/keys-Overcoming_Guilt.aspx   (1135 words)

 [No title]
Guilt, because it emphasizes what someone did wrong, tends to elicit more constructive responses, particularly responses which seek to mend the damage done.
Our ideas about guilt and shame (what is right and wrong) come from social situations -- education, family, work, etc. As a result, it is important that educators, parents, friends, and family work to make sure that those around them (particularly children) have a sense of self-worth.
Shame and guilt are self-conscious, self-evaluative emotions that occur in a social context, and have important behavioral and attitudinal implications.
www.beyondintractability.org /m/guilt_shame.jsp   (1937 words)

 Bad Guilt
When we are most emotionally vulnerable, bad guilt can assault us with a terrifying ferocity, and it is only right that we learn to fight back.
Rather, the feelings rooted in true guilt must be met and overcome by something bigger: an understanding of the grace and mercy of God.
Guilt has gone bad when the sinner feels only guilt and not the joy, the release, the thirst-quenching goodness of God's grace.
www.mckenziestudycenter.org /theology/articles/badguilt.html   (2175 words)

 Guilt at SherryArt
Mary W (not her real name) contends guilt likens to a trip down the aisle of a grocery store with various choices available with the highest root breakdown being Catholicism on the one side and Judaism on the opposing shelves.
Provenance of the next generation of guilt then will come into question considering the majority of children are being raised in households renegade to religion of the grandparents.
Guilt is just another way to control the universe with the advantage of operating in retrospect.
www.sherryart.com /guilt/guilt.html   (989 words)

 Guilt Will Eat You Alive - Associated Content
Guilt is something that every human being faces in the world in which we live in.
Guilt has been around since the beginning of time and its something that most of us feel from one time or another in our lives.
Guilt is something that we all carry around.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/83322/guilt_will_eat_you_alive.html   (560 words)

 How to Handle Guilt - Bible Study - In Touch Ministries
Guilt is a legal term meaning "to commit a breach of conduct." There are two forms of guilt—genuine guilt, which comes as a result of violating one's moral beliefs and false guilt, which is derived from misconceptions or feelings gone astray.
Time after time they say, "I just have an overwhelming feeling of guilt." There may be no definable reason for their guilt—just a pressing sense of guilt that is slowly destroying them on the inside.
Sadly, and especially with those overcome by feelings of false guilt, the incident that occurred was not their fault.
www.intouch.org /myintouch/exploring/studies/pressures/lesson4/index_345897.html   (1989 words)

 Dealing with Guilt | Hypnosis Downloads.com
Guilt stops you forgiving yourself, ties you to the past, and makes the future frightening and uncertain.
No-one would say that a little guilt, or rather conscience, is a bad thing, but when guilt takes over it can make life incredibly hard.
Guilt is most often a learned pattern from when you were younger, and can interfere with the development of emotional intelligence, leaving the person less able to determine where the limits of their responsibility lie.
www.hypnosisdownloads.com /downloads/hypnotherapy/dealing_guilt.html?1625   (339 words)

 Guilt, Guilt-Trips, and Scrupulosity
Because many people have seen guilt become destructive, they have decided to be in denial of guilt, and they vigilantly warn everyone not to put anyone on a guilt trip, except for politically correct things.
However, denying guilt becomes a problem because we are sinned against and know that others are guilty.
False guilt may be caused by lack of knowledge and faith.
www.presentationministries.com /brochures/Guilt.asp   (689 words)

 PonderIt: Guilt
Our own feelings of guilt arising from not living up to our own sense of what we should be doing are quite another thing.
I just did a search on the scriptures for guilt and it always appears (from the summaries I read which doesn't really count as good scholarship) that guilt is something we feel rather than something that is forced on us.
I took Elder Ballard's reference to guilt in the context of not trying to throw guilt trips on others as a method of motivation to do their callings, as well as not trying to do our own guilt trips when we are doing our best to fulfill our own callings.
www.lavalane.org /ponderit/2006/09/guilt.html   (921 words)

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