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  Guizhou - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Guizhou was well known by the Chinese for thousands of years but it was not until the Ming dynasty that it came under Chinese domination during which it was made a province.
Guizhou adjoins Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality to the north, Yunnan Province to the west, Guangxi Province to the south and Hunan Province to the east.
Guizhou is a relatively poor and undeveloped province.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Guizhou   (625 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Guizhou
Guizhou (Simplified Chinese: 贵州, Traditional: 貴州;, pinyin: Gùizhōu, WG: Kuei-chou, also spelled Kweichow) is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the southwestern part of the country.
Perhaps best-known from the province is the lusheng, a type of mouth organ, used by the Miao of Guizhou for pentatonic antiphonal courting songs.
Guizhou (Simplified Chinese: 贵州; Traditional Chinese: 貴州;; pinyin: ; Wade-Giles: Kuei-chou; also spelled Kweichow) is a province of the Peoples Republic of China located in the southwestern part of the country.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Guizhou   (4028 words)

 AllRefer.com - Guizhou, China (Chinese Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Guizhou is almost entirely a high plateau, and its sheer limestone hills form some of the most spectacular karst scenery in the world.
Guizhou has many deep river valleys, notably those of the Wu (the major river), the He, and the Yuan.
Guizhou became a province in the 17th cent.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/G/Guizhou.html   (374 words)

With its warm weather and sufficient precipitation, Guizhou is a mountainous area typical in the sub-tropical plateau zone.
The general feature of change in terms of the education for the Guizhou population is that the percentage of the educated population at different levels was increasing year by year while that of the illiterate and semi-literate population was declining.
In addition, given the vulnerable ecological environment in Guizhou, the frequent activities of the population have caused a decrease in natural forests, reduction in resources and environmental quality, loss of soil because of the over-cultivation of land and pollution caused by three kinds of industrial waste, worsening the damage by mankind to the environment.
www.unescap.org /esid/psis/population/database/chinadata/guizhou.htm   (3409 words)

 Selling Guizhou
Guizhou Province occupies the heavily eroded limestone highlands of the eastern Yun-Gui Plateau, separating the fertile Sichuan Basin to the north from the low plains of Guangxi to the south.
Guizhou was even promoted as a model of the virtues of having been "poor and blank."46 Ultimately, however, rapid collectivization of agriculture and the excessive investment focus on extractive industry only led to economic and political chaos in Guizhou.
Guizhou’s peripheral situation is based on a combination of factors, including a topography unsuitable for agricultural accumulation, a rapidly increasing population in many regions where resources are already marginal, and a legacy of fiscal dependence on diminishing central subsidies and unprofitable resource-extraction and defense industries.
spot.colorado.edu /~toakes/Selling_Guizhou.htm   (16172 words)

 Gwen Moore | Guizhou: Coaxing Life from the Land | US-China Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Guizhou is primarily an agricultural province, with 82% of the population living in rural areas and coaxing a living from thin, rocky soil.
Guizhou possesses some raw materials—mercury, silicon, phosphorous ores, and coal—that are fueling development of a small industrial base.
Guizhou is one of the poorest of China’s 31 provinces and municipalities.
www.blazenetme.net /~gbmoore/articles/GuizhouWeb.html   (1515 words)

 Guizhou Travel / Guiyang / Maotai Village / Flower Stream (Huaxi) / Huangguoshu Waterfall
Guizhou is a polyethnic province in the northeast Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, southwest China.
The 2,572-metre-high Fanjing Mountain is a national nature reserve in Tongren Prefecture in east Guizhou, or 30 km from the seat of Jiangkou County.
Guizhou Museum at Beijing Road, Guiyang, is a comprehensive facility, though local history is its major theme, whose collection includes 30,000 or so cultural relics and more than 10,000 animal and plant samples.
www.chinatravelhub.com /regions/171guizhou.htm   (1241 words)

 Guizhou Province - Travel Guide & Tour Packages
Guizhou Province, called Qian or Gui for short, is located in the eastern part of southwest China's Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with Hunan Province to its east, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the south, Yunnan Province to the west, and Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality to the north.
Guizhou is one of the birthplaces of mankind.
Guizhou is the home to 49 minority peoples, 17 of which view the Province as their cultural home.
www.chinatravelz.com /china/Guizhou   (359 words)

 GUIZHOU PROVINCE (tdctrade.com)
Guizhou - abbreviated as Qian(黔)or Gui(貴)- is situated in the mountainous part of the Yunnan- Guizhou Plateau(雲貴高原)in Southwest China.
Guizhou has sub-tropical climate with average temperature of 25℃ in July and 5℃ in January.
Guizhou is also eager to co-operate with foreign investors in upgrading its major industrial enterprises, developing hi-tech industries, transforming its old urban districts, and improving its infrastructure.
www.tdctrade.com /mktprof/china/mpguz.htm   (1130 words)

 Terrestrial Ecoregions -- Guizhou Plateau broadleaf and mixed forests (PA0101)
The Guizhou Plateau, 1000 to 1400 m in elevation, is characterized by karst limestone arranged in blocked hills and intermontane basins.
Guizhou Province as a whole supports 64 species of endangered and protected plants, although data as to the number of species within the plateau ecoregion is not available.
The Guizhou snub-nosed monkey is of particular significance, as it is an endemic primate restricted to the Fanjing Shan National Nature Reserve where an estimated 300-500 individuals occur.
www.worldwildlife.org /wildworld/profiles/terrestrial/pa/pa0101_full.html   (914 words)

 Western China - china.org.cn
Guizhou is situated on the eastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwest China.
Guizhou is among the top ten sites in the nation in the reserve of 42 kinds of minerals and the top three in 22 kinds.
Guizhou is a key area for railway construction in the country.
www.china.org.cn /e-xibu/2JI/3JI/guizhou/guizhou-ban.htm   (2544 words)

 Guizhou, China
Guizhou province lies in southwest China, between 103°37' and 109°32'E and 24°37' and 29°13'N. Many national minorities (Dong, Hui, Yao, Zhuang) live in Guizhou, with the Miao in the majority.
When talking about Guizhou province the Chinese are fond of the saying ''There are never three days of clear skies nor three dry feet of earth to be seen in Guizhou''.
Guizhou's industries - iron and steel, engineering, electronics, tires, cement and fertilizers - are centered mainly in Guiyang and Zunyi.
www.planetware.com /china/guizhou-chn-gz-gz.htm   (279 words)

 Guizhou exposure tour
With unique surroundings, varied topography, pleasant weather and a temperature of 15 degrees centigrade on average with neither severe cold in winter or sweltering heat in summer, it is the most highly developed karst area in the world.
Guizhou has many minority nationalities with a wide variety of local customs, unique cultures and a long history.
Puding is in the central part of Guizhou province, covering a total area of 1,085 square kilometers.
www.amityfoundation.org /page.php?page=1548   (470 words)

 Animal Info - Guizhou Snub-nosed Monkey
In 1970, it was reported from northern Kweichow (Guizhou), to the south of the Yangtze River along the higher parts of the Kweichow/Szechwan (Guizhou/Sichuan) border region.
The Guizhou snub-nosed monkey is primarily arboreal, although it frequently crosses open areas on the ground.
The social organization in the Guizhou snub-nosed monkey appears to be based on small groups of 3 - 10 individuals, each with a single male.
www.animalinfo.org /species/primate/pygabrel.htm   (939 words)

 Guizhou Travel Information, Travel Guide to Guizhou China   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Guizhou is situated on the northeastern part of the YunGui Plateau in southwestern China.
The climate in Guizhou varies from place to place and the natural landscape is unique known as the Karst (limestone geology).
Kaili is the capital of Southeast Guizhou, the Miao and Dong Nationalities Autonomous Prefecture and the central tourist city in east part.
www.chinahighlights.com /guizhou/index.htm   (463 words)

 Guizhou Travel Guide: Map, Hotel, Attraction, Tour, People, China
Guizhou Province, with its capital Guiyang, is located in the southwest China mainland.
Guizhou covers an area of over 176,000 square kilometers (about 67,958 square miles) with a total population of more than 35,245,000.
Guizhou Province is a fascinating area that can be explored on foot and by basic transport.
www.travelchinaguide.com /cityguides/guizhou   (544 words)

 RedOrbit - Health - Bird Flu Kills 16,000 Quails in China's Guizhou Province
Beijing, 10 January: According to a report published by the Ministry of Agriculture on 10 January, the cause, which was unknown in the beginning, to the death of quails in Wudang District of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, on 1 January 2006 has been confirmed to be highly pathogenic avian influenza.
On 1 January 2006, the quails raised by a peasant household in Wudang District of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, were found dead.
The Guizhou Provincial People's Government seriously and properly carried out work in all aspects to deal with the outbreak of the disease according to its plan to deal with contingencies.
www.redorbit.com /news/health/353289/bird_flu_kills_16000_quails_in_chinas_guizhou_province/index.html?source=r_health'   (286 words)

 Guizhou Province
Historical significance:  Guizhou was part of the China since the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), when it was established as an administrative region.
Yunnan, Guizhou has helped to establish the Southwest China power network.
The province’s most famous export is Maotai liquor, named for the village of its origin in Renhuai County, Guizhou.
www.accci.com.au /keycity/guizhou.htm   (1258 words)

 Guizhou China Asia Regional   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The six cases in 2004 in southern Guizhou, China, marked the country's first outbreak in a decade.
But in 2004, scientists identified six children in Guizhou, China's poorest province, with a sudden and lasting paralysis that resembled the effects of polio.
Heat and drought had also hit the neighbouring province of Guizhou, the eastern provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi, and the central provinces...
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Regional/Asia/China/Guizhou   (345 words)

 Guizhou Province China - China tourist & travel guide for Guizhou Province, China
Guizhou province known for short as Qian, is situated at southwest of China.
Guizhou province is located at the northeastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with high terrain in the west and low relief in the middle.
The landforms with widely dispersed karst topography in Guizhou Province have created a picturesque scenery with grandeur.
www.orientaltravel.com /province/Guizhou.htm   (259 words)

 Map of Guizhou,Guizhou travel guide,Guizhou tour guide,Guizhou travel services, Guizhou tours,Guizhou hotel,Guizhou ...
Transfer to Chishui, Guizhou is nicknamed 'The Kingdom of Mountains', as 87% of its land is comprised of mountains and plateaus.
They have been named Four Seal as they once served the emperor and it is said that the seal was awarded to them by the emperor.
Cultural tours in Miao and Dong minority ethnic villages in Guizhou, southeastern province of China.
www.beijingholidays.net /guizhou-travel-tour.htm   (854 words)

 Guizhou - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "Guizhou" at HighBeam.
Guizhou Tianfu chemical established.(Guizhou Chitianhua Group and Guizhou Hongfu Industry & Commerce Development Co., Ltd. jointly establishes Guizhou Tianfu Chemical Co. Ltd.)(Brief Article)
www.encyclopedia.com /html/g/guizhou.asp   (339 words)

 Guizhou-China City Tours Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Main Cities Of Guizhou: Anshun, Bijie, Congjiang, Guiyang, Kaili, Tongren, Zunyi, Zhaoxing, Lupanshui, Duyun, Miao Region,Buyi Region
Guizhou Province,a landlocked province south of Chongqing is possibly one of China's most inhospitable areas.
80% of the land here is covered in either mountains or limestone and Guizhou has the highest rainfall in the entire country.
www.achinatravel.com /china-travel/china-guizhou.asp   (271 words)

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