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Topic: Gulf Islands National Seashore

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 Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Islands National Seashore Information on the widespread islands of the national seashore area, composed of barrier islands along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, provided by GORP.
National Park Service: Gulf Islands National Seashore Offers information about the national seashore along with a list of activities, events calendar and fees.
national seashore seashore persian gulf florida gulf florida gulf coast texas gulf coast texas gulf fishing mississippi gulf coast florida gulf coast university islands canary islands frisian islands philippine islands /encyclopedia/article-Gulf_Islands_National_Seashore.html

 EPA: Federal Register: Gulf Islands National Seashore, Personal Watercraft Use
Purpose of Gulf Islands National Seashore Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida and Mississippi, was authorized by Act of Congress, Public Law 91-660, January 8, 1971, to provide for recognition of certain historic values such as coastal fortifications and other purposes such as the preservation and enjoyment of undeveloped barrier islands and beaches.
The Gulf sturgeon and its designated critical habitat may be affected but are not likely to be adversely affected by PWC noise and water quality impacts, because much of this habitat in the national seashore occurs within the 300-yard PWC flat wake zone.
Within the national seashore, the gopher tortoise is known mainly to occur in inland locations, away from areas of PWC access, and is unlikely to be adversely affected by PWC use. /fedrgstr/EPA-IMPACT/2005/March/Day-17/i4734.htm

 Geology of Gulf Islands National Seashore
This then is Gulf Islands National Seashore, a park rich in cultural and natural history opportunities.
The barrier islands, however, are the glue that holds this mosaic of land and water together.
The barrier islands give shelter to rich plant and animal communities on the islands, in the sound and bayou, and on the mainland itself. /geology/parks/guis/index.htm

 Gulf Islands National Seashore - Florida
The authorized acreage for Gulf Islands National Seashore is 135,625 acres.
The northern terminus of the Florida National Scenic Trail is at the Santa Rosa area and Fort Pickens area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.
The National Seashore was authorized in January, 1971 in order to preserve for public use and enjoyment certain areas possessing outstanding natural, historic and recreational values. /nationalparks/guis

 NPCA Destination Finder
Gulf Islands National Seashore, a park rich in natural and cultural resources, is yours to enjoy and protect.
The islands that make up Gulf Islands National Seashore are made of quartz sand eroded and washed down rivers from the Appalachian mountains.
In the national seashore there are 19th century forts, shaded picnic areas, winding nature trails, and comfortable campgrounds. /npca/destination_summary/352.html

 The Seattle Times: Politics: Protected Gulf Islands National Seashore park faces drilling
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the former head of the Republican National Committee and a powerhouse in Washington, laid the groundwork for drilling in the Gulf Islands National Seashore by signing a bill last year allowing oil and gas leases in state waters surrounding the islands.
In the early 1970s, when the Gulf Islands National Seashore was being established, Ford's family conveyed 500 acres of land they owned on Horn Island to the park service for safekeeping.
Park officials have been so insistent on maintaining the islands' primitive nature that personal watercraft are banned in their waters — the Mississippi Sound to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. /html/politics/2002297318_drilling03.html

 GORP - Gulf Islands National Seashore - Camping
Separating the shallow waters of the Mississippi Sound from the Gulf of Mexico is a chain of narrow, sandy, barrier islands.
The passage of the bill recognized the islands as being among the last undisturbed in a chain of islands stretching from Maine to Texas.
Arrowheads and pottery fragments found on Horn and Ship Islands indicate that the first humans to visit the islands were coastal Indians who came to take advantage of the abundant food supply. /gorp/resource/us_ns/fl/camp_gul.htm

 Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB: Gulf Islands National Seashore
Please note that daily passenger service to Gulf Islands National Seashore is only available from March through October.
Behind these islands, waters of the sounds, bays, and bayous are less salty than the Gulf waters.
Despite the continual changes that occur, the islands remain to buffer the mainland from storms and provide habitat for the rich, diverse wildlife residing within the area. /Attractions/gulf_islands.html

 Gulf Islands National Seashore
Courtesy of National Park Service, Gulf Islands National Seashore.
Transportation to wilderness islands must be made with National Park Service-licensed boat operators.
In the seashore there are forts, a federal tree farm approved by John Quincy Adams and traces of early inhabitants. /parksearch/parks/html/8836gd.htm

 Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Islands National Seashore not only protects old, 19th century forts, but also is teeming with life.
Because the life and blood of the Gulf Islands NS are the barrier islands, the park is split up into 11 different units.
There are mainly two distinct features about the park: its preservation of the historical forts and the natural beauty of the barrier islands. /3627/parks/Gulf_Islands.html

 Pensacolas Greatest Resource - Fort Pickens Area
You can reserve a pavilion by calling the Gulf Islands National Seashore National Park Service at 1-800-365-2267.
You can bike down the National Scenic Trail, a historic route of the old 1900's railroad on the Fort Pickens bike path, that starts at the Langdon beach area and goes all the way past Fort Pickens.
Fort Pickens then, is protected and maintained by the National Park Service. /FortPickens.html

 Gulf Islands National Seashore on
(housing development may impinge on the ecology of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Mississippi)
(Regional: The Coast).(Deer Island bought by state, Cat Island to become part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore)(Statistical Data Included)
Spectators watch tiny turtles make their way to the Gulf of Mexico during a release of 174 Kemps Ridley sea turtles at the Visitors Center of the Padre Island National Seashore on North Padre Island, /html/X/X-G1ulfI1sls.asp

 Georgia Geography - NETSTATE
Similar to the flat landscape of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the flat East Gulf Coastal Plain's soil is less sandy.
The Okefenokee Swamp lies in the southern part of the Atlantic Plain and in part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain.
East Gulf Coastal Plain: The East Gulf Coastal Plain covers almost 1/4 of Georgia in the southwest. /states/geography/ga_geography.htm

 CCC & STSL :: Gulf Islands Loggerhead Tracking Project
Gulf Islands National Seashore (GUIS) obtained funding from the Washington Office of the National Park Service to conduct a 3 year study, tagging several sea turtles per summer in the Florida District of GUIS.
She was tagged on July 14, 2001 in the Santa Rosa Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.
She was located at 2:15 AM while on a false crawl on Pensacola Beach, just outside the Fort Pickens Area of the national seashore. /sat18.htm

 Nature and Historical
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NAVAL AVIATION : The National Museum of Naval Aviation is one of the largest and most beautiful air and space museums in the world.
Picnic shelters are between the Gulf and the Old River, which bounds Perdido Key on the north.
Located in the heart of one of the oldest National Register historic districts in the Southeast. /historical.htm

 Onroute Destinations - Gulf Islands National Seashore - Pensacola - Florida
tretching westward from Santa Rosa Island east of Pensacola, Florida, to West Ship island south of Biloxi, Mississippi, the barrier islands of the national seashore provide some of the finest opportunities to explore the unique lifestyles of the barrier islands of the Gulf of Mexico.
Onroute Destinations - Gulf Islands National Seashore - Pensacola - Florida
One of two units on this island, just off the coast southeast of Pensacola, the Santa Rosa section is another day-use area (no camping), located on State Route 399, east of the toll bridge that joins the island to the town of Gulf Breeze. /destinations/florida/gulfislandsns.html

 Gulf Island National Seashore
The Gulf Island National Seashore has about 74,000 acres of land, 169 campsites and is perfect for a day with the family.
At the Gulf Island National Seashore you can play in the waves coming off the gulf or relax in the warm calm waters of the Bay.
These beaches are full of wildlife, the gulf water is usually warm, and the white sands are cool to the touch. /attractions/gulfisl.htm

 Gulf Islands National Seashore
The patch of National Seashore occupied by Fort Barrancas lies also on the mainland at Pensacola Naval Air Station, overlooking the entrance to Pensacola Bay and Fort Pickens, erstwhile enemy camp.
The seashore is not continuous, but spread out over three Florida islands and some mainland coast line.
National parks and other protected public-use areas provide access to the intriguing terrain and opportunity for playing in the seductive sand. /cms/index.php/id=77

 Gulf Islands Nations Seashore Example - Over 101,000 essays, term papers and book reports!
Gulf Islands National Seashore The Gulf Islands National Seashore, a part of the National Park Service, is a 150-mile stretch of barrier islands and coastal land in Mississippi and Florida.
The Gulf Island National Seashore was created in 1971 through the joint efforts of concerned environmentalists in the two states and is the largest of the ten National Seashores.
Barrier islands buffer the mainland from storms and create shelter for a variety of plant and animal species on the islands themselves as well as in the bayous on the mainland. /viewpaper/5568.html

 Gulf Island National Seashore Pensacola Florida Panhandle nudist and eco-tourist vacations.
Gulf Islands National Seashore Weather: Average highs are 77-degrees F; average lows are 60-degrees F. Gulf Islands National Seashore Facilities: Fort Pickens Museum, campgrounds, restrooms, a fishing pier, bike paths and scenic trails.
Gulf Islands National Seashore Area Attractions: Fort Pickens is a must-see when visiting this area, located just west of Pensacola Beach.
Beach Fees: Admission is $25 per car (1-6 passenger capacity) per day; $40 per van (7-25 passengers) per day and $3 for per individual for Gulf Islands National Seashore. /beaches/gulf-islands.aspx

 Gulf Islands National Seashore — Complete Florida Gulf Islands Visitors Guide
Gulf Islands National Seashore extends from Mississippi's Cat Island to the eastern end of Florida's Santa Rosa Island.
Complete Gulf Islands National Seashore visitors guide including details on camping, hiking, boating, fishing, birding, historic forts and more.
The Florida Gulf Islands district is home to four historic forts built to guard Pensacola Bay. /gulf_islands_national_seashore.asp

 FNST Map 01 Seashore
The eastern terminus is at the east boundary of the Santa Rosa Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.
The western terminus is at the Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.
Visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore web site of the National Park Service. /maps/map01.htm

 Exploring Gulf Islands National Seashore (Exploring Series): Current Amazon U.S.A. One-Edition Data
Exploring Gulf Islands National Seashore will help you find the ideal spot to pitch your tent, enjoy a picnic, cast a line, frolic in the surf, hike a trail, or investigate plant and animal life.
This guidebook includes detailed descriptions of more than ten protected areas on barrier islands within the national seashore - places where development is prohibited, motorized vehicles are banned, and wilderness areas have been established.
Florida's and Mississippi's barrier islands abound with many natural wonders. /books-reviewed/1585920363.html

 GORP - Gulf Islands National Seashore, Mississippi & Florida
The Gulf Islands National Seashore is a wild 150-mile stretch of barrier islands and coastal mainland in Mississippi and Florida.
The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico nourish eleven separate units that include bayou, salt marsh, live oak and southern magnolia forest, and snow-white beaches.
Four out of the five Mississippi regions are barrier islands: Horn Island, Petit Bois Island, East Ship Island, and West Ship Island. /gorp/resource/us_ns/fl_gulfi.htm

 Tour Gulf Islands National Seashore Vacation Adventure Guide by MainTour - Florida Panhandle, Resort, Hotel, Lodging, Fishing, Home
Gulf Islands National Seashore stretches for 150 miles from Fort Walton Beach to Ship Island, Mississippi and covers more than 95,000 acres.
Located on the western end of Santa Rosa Island, Fort Pickens was built by the US Corps of Engineers 1829-34.
The Florida section covers portions of Santa Rosa Island, NAS Pensacola and Perdido Key. /northflr/pscgins.htm

 Personal Watercraft Industry Association Advocates Safe And Responsible Use Of Gulf Islands National Seashore - PWIA News
PENSACOLA, FL— Last week the superintendent of Gulf Islands National Seashore decided to support the National Park Service ban of personal watercraft use in the Gulf Islands after April 2002.
As the park superintendent continues to receive public comment on this important issue, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) remains staunch advocates of sensible and responsible use of personal watercraft at Gulf Islands National Seashore.
Personal Watercraft Industry Association Advocates Safe And Responsible Use Of Gulf Islands National Seashore /news2001/news36.html

 Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Islands National Seashore confirms that statement, without question.
It’s long been said that the beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast are the state’s finest, even if they don’t receive as much publicity as Daytona, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale.
Special Attractions: Numerous walks along the Gulf including the nation’s top ranked beach, Perdido Key. /tcatalog_trail.asp?AffID=mz01&TrailID=HGD040-001

 Pensacolas Greatest Resource - Fort Pickens Camping
The Fort Pickens Campground is within Gulf Islands National Seashore.
The above information was obtained from a pamphlet distributed by the Gulf Islands National Seashore National Park Service.
To make a reservation call the National Park Reservation System at 1-800-365-2267 or go online at /FtPickensCamp.html

 NPS Group Guidelines and Safety Requirements
Any other activities that may result in conflicts with other park visitors, or interfere with the services provided by the National Seashore, or have the potential to impact park resources or park ambiance may also require a permit.
The National Park Service requires the release of all specimens even when permits are issued.
Once on Ship Island, passengers must cross a 1/3-mile long boardwalk before arriving at the popular Gulf beaches. /npsguide.htm

 Wildlife Viewing Site - Gulf Islands National Seashore
The Fort Pickens and Naval Live Oaks areas are the two best sites to view wildlife in Florida's portion of this national seashore.
The Naval Live Oaks area is located near the town of Gulf Breeze on the mainland.
Naval Live Oaks is just east of Gulf Breeze on U.S. Highway 98. /viewing/sites/site-nw1.html

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