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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Guntur travel guide
Guntur is located in a fertile area where cotton, rice, tobacco, and cashew nuts are grown.
Guntur is an industrial town famous for educational institutions, largest production of tobaco and mirch.
Guntur City and its region is a major commercial center in India.
www.world66.com /asia/southasia/india/andhrapradesh/guntur   (753 words)

 Guntur - LoveToKnow 1911
GUNTUR; a town and district of British India, in the Madras presidency.
At the time of the cession of the Circars to the English in 1765, Guntur was specially exempted during the life of Basalat Jang, whose personal jagir it was.
Until 1859, Guntur was the headquarters of a district of the same name, and in 1904 a new District Of Guntur was constituted, covering territory which till then had been divided between Kistna and Nellore.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Guntur   (220 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Krishna District
Vijayawada is the largest city and commercial center of this district.The district is bounded by Khammam District to the north-west, West Godavari District to the north-east, the Bay of Bengal to the south-east, Guntur District to the southwest, and Nalgonda District to the west.
Guntur (గుంటూరు in Telugu) is a city and a municipal corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
The district is bounded by Khammam District to the north, West Godavari District to the east, the Bay of Bengal to the south, Guntur District to the southwest, and Nalgonda District to the northwest.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Krishna-District   (501 words)

 Guntur - Glasgledius   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Guntur is an important district of Andhra Pradesh covering an area of 11,391 sq.
Guntur was successively ruled by famous dynasties such as the Satavahanas, Ikshavakus, Pallavas, Anandagothrins, Vishnu Kundins, Chalukyas, Cholas, Kakatiyas, Reddies, Vijayanagara and Jutub Shahis during ancient and medieval times.
Guntur is also the historical place where helium was discovered.
www.glasglow.com /E2/gu/Guntur.html   (394 words)

 Guntur, India
Guntur is a city and district in Andhra Pradesh state of southern India.
Guntur District is home to the oldest evidence of humans in India, in the form of Palaeolithic (old stone age) implements.
Guntur became part of the Mughal empire in 1687 when the emperor Aurangzeb conquered the Qutb Shahi sultanate of Golconda, of which Guntur was then part.
www.creekin.net /c4109-n85-guntur-india.html   (586 words)

 Global Volcanism Program | Guntur | Summary
Guntur is a complex of several overlapping stratovolcanoes about 10 km NW of the city of Garut in western Java.
Guntur is one of a group of younger cones constructed to the SW of an older eroded group of volcanoes at the NE end of the complex.
Guntur, whose name means "thunder," is the only historically active center, with eruptions having been recorded since the late-17th century.
www.volcano.si.edu /world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0603-13=   (152 words)

 guntur   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Guntur is one among 17 active volcanoes in the West Java.
The main danger of the Guntur eruption are lava flows, pyroclastic flow and pyroclastic falls including ejected material, whereas the secondary danger consist of rain lahar.
The eruptions of Guntur are generally accompanied by lava fountain, volcanic bomb, lapili and other ejected materials, followed by lava flows.
www.vsi.esdm.go.id /volcanoes/guntur/history.html   (527 words)

 Guntur,Guntur Travel,Tourism in Guntur,Guntur Tours,Guntur in Andhra Pradesh,India
The Undavalli caves, in the village of Undavalli, are at a distance of 8-km from Vijayawada and nearly 32-km from Guntur.
This village on the Guntur-Macherla highway lies 11-km to the northeast of Gurajala town, the headquarters of Palnad Taluk and 90-km to the west of Guntur.
Guntur, the district headquarters is an important railway junction and it is connected with Macherla, Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Hubli, Tenali and Repalk.
www.indiantravelportal.com /andhra-pradesh/guntur   (1171 words)

 Guntur City Guide
Rail: The nearest railheads are Guntur and Vijayawada.
Guntur District is home to the oldest evidence of humans in India, in the form of Palaeolithic (old stone age) implements.
Guntur became part of the Mughal empire in 1687 when the emperor Aurangzeb conquered the Qutb Shahi sultanate of Golconda, of which Guntur was then part.
www.indnav.com /servlet/Browse?mt=goToName&name=Guntur   (933 words)

 The Hindu Business Line : Guntur farmers keen to continue growing cotton
Guntur farmers' commercial crops include chilli, coriander and turmeric besides cotton and the major agribusiness firms such as the ITC and AVT, which entered into Guntur market to buy these crops at premium, have given a boost to these farmers' hopes on commercial varieties.
Guntur farmers want the Coimbatore-based textile company Super Spinning Mills Ltd, which is involved in organising contract cotton farming to arrange a demo cotton farming in Guntur on ELS, to re-expose the region's farmers in ELS cotton cultivation.
According to Mr Soundararajan, President of the SICA, the visit of the Guntur farmers to Coimbatore is part of SICA's exercise of interacting with cotton farmers to create awareness on bridging the demand-supply gap in the ELS cotton.
www.thehindubusinessline.com /2006/01/25/stories/2006012501231200.htm   (727 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Nizamabad district
Adilabad Anantapur Chittoor East Godavari Guntur Hyderabad Kadapa Karimnagar Khammam Krishna Kurnool Mahbubnagar Medak Nalgonda Nellore Nizamabad Prakasam Rangareddi Srikakulam Visakhapatnam Vizianagaram Warangal • West Godavari
Anantapur Adoni Chittoor Kadapa Eluru Guntur Kakinada Karimnagar Khammam Kurnool Machilipatnam Nandyal Nalgonda Nellore Nizamabad Ongole Proddatur Ramagundam Rajahmundry Sangareddi Secunderabad Srikakulam Tirupati Vijayawada Vizianagaram Visakhapatnam Warangal
Guntur is a city located in the south-eastern part of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Nizamabad-district   (1058 words)

 Guntur Diocese
On February 23, 1940, the civil district of Guntur was detached from the Diocese of Nellore and constituted into the new Diocese of Guntur with Msgr Thomas Pothacamury as its First Bishop.
Later in 1834, the Telugu districts were attached to the Vicariate of Madras which was first manned by the Irish Priests from Maynooth and All Hallows and next by the Mill Hill Fathers till the constitution of the diocese in 1940, when it was entrusted to the indigenous Diocesan Clergy.
The Diocese of Guntur originally corresponded to the civil district of Guntur.
www.cbcisite.com /Guntur.htm   (230 words)

 About Guntur   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Guntur district was under the rule of the Mauryas, Ikshvakus, Anandagotrins, Vishnukandins, Eastern Chalukyas, Velananti Cholas, Kakatiyas, Reddys, Gajapatis, Vijayanagaras Qutub Shalin and the British Sathavahana.
The Agricultural income of the district is Rs.200 crores, contributing to the extent of 1/16th of the agricultural income of the State.
Accessibility: Guntur is an important railway junction of the South.
www.cs.umu.se /~int04pgi/feedback.htm   (426 words)

 The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Guntur News : YSR's Guntur visit cancelled
GUNTUR: There was a huge loss of money and manpower owing to cancellation of Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's proposed visit to Guntur due to inclement weather on Saturday.
Reddy was to fly to Guntur did not take off from Hyderabad for Guntur due to overcast conditions there and the weather was similar in Guntur also.
Hundreds of people, who had arrived at Guntur from surrounding mandals came to know about the cancellation only by noon and the money spent on mobilizing these crowds and banners put all over the city with a huge investment had gone waste.
www.hindu.com /2006/10/29/stories/2006102904510500.htm   (408 words)

 The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Guntur News : Congress bid to reverse performance
The former Guntur MP, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, has entered the fray for the fourth time as the Congress candidate and the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has reposed faith in its MP, Yemparala Venkateswara Rao, by nominating him for the second time.
The TDP nominee is confident of repeating his performance this time also and concentrated on the Guntur city urban pockets in his campaign on the last day.
The TDP Guntur-I nominee, S.M. Ziauddin, won the seat in 1999 consecutively for the second time by a margin of over 6,000 votes, despite the fact that Mr.
www.hindu.com /2004/04/25/stories/2004042509250300.htm   (579 words)

 ICLEI South Asia: guntur
Guntur city is located in the State of Andhra Pradesh and is the headquarters of Guntur District.
The population of Guntur was then more than 5,000 and the town improvement program was implemented.
In 1866 Guntur Municipality was established and the first elected body was constituted in the year 1881.
www.iclei.org /index.php?id=1629   (195 words)

 Definition of Mount Guntur
Mount Guntur is an active stratovolcalo in western Java.
It is part of a complex of several overlapping stratovolcanoes about 10 km NW of the city of Garut.
The name Guntur means in Bahasa Indonesia, the offical language of Indonesia, "thunder".
www.wordiq.com /definition/Mount_Guntur   (152 words)

 The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Guntur News : Acute shortage of blood in Guntur
GUNTUR: Closure of four private independent blood banks in Guntur following alleged improper maintenance of records has put severe pressure on the other seven blood banks in the district.
Guntur district, on an average, needs 100 to 125 units of blood for transfusion at various hospitals.
The Lions Club of Guntur Visions Blood Bank which gets requests for 20 units a day is able to supply only 10 units despite patients getting donors for replacements, according to in-charge doctor M. Srinivasa Rao.
www.hindu.com /2006/12/23/stories/2006122322090300.htm   (421 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
GUNTUR: The Chennai-Kakinada and Kakinada-Chennai Express trains have been diverted via New Guntur railway station with effect from Monday.
Guntur Member of Parliament Rayapati Sambasiva Rao flagged off the Circar Express (Train No.6044) Kakinada-Chennai train at New Guntur station at 10.05 p.m.
Guntur Divisional Railway Manager C.S. Chauhan and other divisional officials were present on the occasion.
www.hinduonnet.com /thehindu/thscrip/print.pl?file=2006082913340300.htm&date=2006/08/29/&prd=th&   (200 words)

 Home/Family » family » Re: Hot hot Guntur food:-) on Sulekha Groups
The other half is the Gunturians' own inexhaustible appetite for the fiery spice, unknown on the subcontinent till the Portuguese brought it barely 500 years ago.
She makes it sound like all of Guntur ate at that Anand Bhavan place cuz they couldn't handle the heat from the chillis.
Must an article on the rich Guntur chilli and the vibrant Telugus who make their lives by it end so limply at the foot of an eatery that the author so clearly chose to mention because it was run by a tamil brahmin?
www.sulekha.com /groups/postdisplay.aspx?cid=53269&forumid=756945   (907 words)

 The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Guntur News : Traders observe bandh in Guntur
GUNTUR: A majority of commercial establishments and banks were closed in the city on Thursday when the Indian Chamber of Commerce and the Bank Employees' Union effectively enforced `trade bandh' protesting against shifting of the cheques clearing house from Guntur to Vijayawada.
The Reserve Bank of India shifted the cheques clearing house from Guntur to Vijayawada under its policy to have one such facility within a radius of 50 km.
The clearing house was functioning for only two days at Guntur currently and some traders and farmers were losing interest on large draft and cheque amounts for two to three days.
www.hindu.com /2006/09/08/stories/2006090821580300.htm   (357 words)

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