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Topic: Gyrator

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In the News (Wed 24 Jul 19)

  Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
The primary use of a gyrator is to simulate an inductive element in a small electronic circuit or integrated circuit.
Gyrator circuits are extensively used in telephony devices that connect to a POTS system.
Gyrators are also widely used in Graphic Equalizers, Parametric Equalizers, discrete Bandstop and Bandpass filters, such as rumble filters and FM pilot tone filters.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=gyrator   (596 words)

  Spiral gyrator for washing machines - Patent 4391107
While the gyrator is operated in a normal direction of rotation and wash at its base is being driven outwardly by the spiral surface and the jets, the spiral on the lower portion of the post drives the wash downwardly to the vicinity of the base.
While the gyrator is operated in the reverse direction to cause an upward flow in the center of the tub, the upper spiral on the post tends to force the wash downwardly and thereby prevents materials that are being washed from being pushed over the top of the post.
Even when the gyrator is operated in the direction for causing downward flow in the center of the tub, the reverse upper spiral is required in washing machines in which the direction of rotation of an electric motor is reversed to change from a washing cycle to a spinning cycle.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4391107.html   (1553 words)

 Gyrator with loop amplifiers connected to inductive elements - Patent 6025765
The gyrator of claim 5, wherein the capacitive-coupling means comprises four capacitance elements, each coupling one of the outputs of the transconductance amplifiers to the respective input.
The gyrator of claim 11, wherein the detection means comprises means for detecting the peak of the differential signal to produce the gain control voltage which automatically controls the gain of the first and second transconductance amplifiers.
The gyrator of claim 13, wherein the tuning means comprises two differential amplifiers, each comprising a pair of transistors and a current source, the two differential amplifiers being coupled, so as to produce quadrant signals, the gain of the differential amplifiers being varied in response to the gain control voltage.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6025765.html   (5582 words)

 AAVSO: A Minimal Gyrator II VLF Receiver
The Gyrator II VLF receiver is described in another section of the SID equipment.
The Minimal Gyrator II receiver described here is an attempt to show a lower parts cost receiver for solar monitoring that would be a suitable school project.
The basic circuit is the same as the previous Gyrator II circuit with the exception of the power supply.
www.aavso.org /observing/programs/solar/minimalVLF.shtml   (815 words)

The primary use of a gyrator is to simulate an inductive element in a small electronic circuit or integrated circuit.
Gyrator circuits are extensively used in telephony devices that connect to a POTS system.
This has allowed telephones to be much smaller, as the gyrator circuit carries the DC part of the line loop current, allowing the transformer carrying the AC voice signal to be much smaller, due to the massively reduced current.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Gyrator   (576 words)

 Gyrator Information
The gyrator is an electric circuit which inverts an impedance.
The primary use of a gyrator is to simulate an inductive element in a small electronic circuit or integrated circuit.
Thus, use of capacitors and gyrators may improve the quality of filter networks that would otherwise be built using inductors.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Gyrator   (381 words)

 Balanced gyrator and devices including the balanced gyrator patent invention   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Channel filters may comprise MOS gyrators which suffer from capacitive feedforward which is the result of non-reciprocal gate-drain capacitance in its MOSTs and this is results in filters with a distorted high frequency response.
Gyrators comprise transconductor feedback pairs and ideally transconductors linearly convert an input voltage into an output current with both input and output ports presenting an infinite impedance.
[0014] According to a further aspect of the invention there is provided a device comprising a balanced gyrator in accordance with the first aspect of the invention or a filter in accordance with the second aspect of the invention or a transceiver in accordance with the third aspect of the invention.
www.freshpatents.com /Balanced-gyrator-and-devices-including-the-balanced-gyrator-dt20060126ptan20060017526.php   (941 words)

 Gyrator Information - gyrator
The primary use of a gyrator is to simulate an inductive element in a small electronic circuit or integrated circuit.
Because of this, a synthetic inductor realized with a gyrator and a capacitor may, for certain applications, be closer to an "ideal inductor" than any real inductor can be.
Thus, use of capacitors and gyrators may improve the quality of filter networks that would otherwise be built using inductors.
www.inanot.com /Ina-Electronics_Topics_G_-_H-/Gyrator.html   (462 words)

 AAVSO: An Improved Gyrator Tuned VLF Receiver
It occurred to me that the problem could very well be a result of the gyrator tuning function of the circuit being too close in proximity to the amplifier function, inasmuch as both functions are on the same integrated circuit chip.
It is advisable to use shielded audio cable or small coax for the connections to the potentiometers and to the BNC antenna connector.
I have found the Gyrator II circuit to be very stable with the advantage of increased gain without oscillation.
www.aavso.org /observing/programs/solar/gyrator.shtml   (904 words)

 4QD-TEC: Audio Graphic Equaliser
A gyrator is a circuit using active devices and transistors to simulate an inductor.
In this case the gyrator is the transistor acting with R1, R3 and C2.
If you consider a 'tuned circuit' (the gyrator) hanging from the pot slider, it is being connected either to the positive input or the negative to a variable extent.
www.4qdtec.com /graph.html   (435 words)

 Gyrator Macro - Winter 1997
The gyrator is a two port network that is designed to transform a load impedance into an input impedance where the input impedance is proportional to the inverse of the load impedance.
The g parameter defines the gyrator ratio and is used to calculate the gain of the dependent sources.
The equation for a gyrator transforming a capacitor to an inductor is as follows:
www.spectrum-soft.com /news/winter97/gyrator.shtm   (288 words)

 ME 244L Pre-Lab Note   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A basic gyrator is a two-port modeling element used to represent physical devices that have the following characteristics.
The unique nature of devices we model with a gyrator is that there exists a relationship between the effort on one port and the flow on the other, usually derived from a physical law.
Restrict the relationship to be power-conserving (we could add the necessary losses later), so T*omega = v*i, where omega is the angular velocity of the motor shaft and v is the voltage across the "gyrator" model for electromechanical conversion in the motor.
www.me.utexas.edu /~lotario/me244L/labs/analogmeter/gyrator.html   (265 words)

 Gyrator Circuit
A gyrator is a circuit which transforms reactances.
Normally gyrators are used to simulate inductors, since inductors are often expensive and bulky.
Gyrators find application in DC holding circuits which are used in most DAAs (Data Access Arrangements).
www.daycounter.com /Circuits/Gyrator/Gyrator.phtml   (212 words)

 Gyrator and RC Active Filters
In filter circuit design in this project, attempt was made to study the theory and design of a gyrator to replace an inductor in a filter circuit.
After we could design the filter circuits that used lossless components, we would replace inductances with gyrators and test them to see whether the result of replacement was satisfactory.
The gyrator circuit which was used in replacing an inductor was composed of capacitors, resistors and op-amps.
library.kmitnb.ac.th /projects/eng/EE/ee0052e.html   (228 words)

 gyrator question
Okay, gyrators in all their ever so slightly different forms all do a great job of acting just like a coil hooked up to mass.
No gyrator in that mag article I lost, but there was some example circuits like unity gain amplifier, sum and difference amp (unity gain) and Baxandall tone control.
There was "gyrator" suggested in that old mag article anyhow, but not in same meaning what Puretube asks.
www.diystompboxes.com /smfforum/index.php?topic=1562.msg143223   (976 words)

 Signal coupler
The output of the gyrator is connected across the pair of communication wires, whereby the gyrator modulates the loop holding current in accordance with the nature of the signal to be coupled.
A gyrator can be used to perform the function of a holding coil by connecting a capacitor across the input terminals of the gyrator and connecting the output terminals of the gyrator to a pair of communication wires (e.g., tip and ring leads).
As will be readily understood by those familiar with gyrators, the capacitor C in combination with the gyrator forms a circuit that functions as an inductor.
www.skk-banjaluckapivara.com /invent/filter/signal_coupler.html   (2415 words)

 Gyrator   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The gyrator is an electric circuit which inverts an impedance.
In other words, it can make an inductive circuit behave capacitively, a bandpass filter behave like a bandcut filter, and so on.
The Q-factor of gyrators using positive-feedback loops (Práce Ústavu radiotechniky a elektroniky Ceskoslovenské akademie ved, 41)
www.abacci.com /wikipedia/topic.aspx?cur_title=Gyrator   (399 words)

 stephen luecking
Situated on a sandstone bluff in Giant City State Park, Gyrator was commissioned under the State of Illinois' 1/2% for Art program.
Gyrator's form, part gyroscope, part plumb bob and part compass, marks solar noon and the change of each season.
It measures, then, the gyration of the earth about its axis and about the sun.
facweb.cs.depaul.edu /sluecking/gyrator.htm   (56 words)

To overcome there is one solution which can be used in many applications: simulate the behauvior of coils using electronics.
This circuit is one transistor gyrator circuit which can be easily adjusted to simulate different inductance coils just by changing the value of capacitor C2.
The value of inductance the circuit simulates is approximally simulates has value of 1 henry for every 2 microfarads in C2.
www.epanorama.net /documents/telecom/gyrator.html   (230 words)

 Broadband microwave active inductor circuit
A gyrator is a non-reciprocal two-port network which presents an impedance at one port proportional to the reciprocal of the impedance attached to a second port.
In other words, a gyrator is basically an impedance inverter, where the load on the output is the inverse of the impedance on the input.
Because the transistors exhibit intrinsic characteristics which influence the inductive response of the active inductor circuit, a feedback network is connected to the gyrator configuration to compensate for the intrinsic characteristics of the transistors.
www.devileye.net /catalog/flexible_sheating_connecting_corridors/broadband_microwave_active_inductor_circuit.html   (3911 words)

 IEEE - Bernard D.H. Tellegen, 1900 - 1990
During his basic study of the classical passive network elements, Tellegen arrived at the conclusion that a further element "the gyrator" could complete the series in an elegant way.
Tellegen studied the properties of circuits with the "gyrator".
When the miniaturization of electronic circuits led to new possibilities, the gyrator soon became an important building block for selective circuits at low frequencies.
www.ieee.org /web/aboutus/history_center/biography/tellegen.html   (763 words)

 Urban Dictionary: gyrator
The act of using gyrating motions on a young lady.
Jay used the gyrating motions that made her scream
When a "huge bitch" dances and all of her fat jiggles out of her clothing, creating a horrid sight for everyone around.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=gyrator   (229 words)

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