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Topic: Gyrfalcon

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  IDC: Gyrfalcon History
The Gyrfalcon is an impressive and powerful bird whose swiftness and beauty have been admired for centuries.
To acknowledge we were embarking upon a time of regeneration and renewal, the Inuvialuit chose the Gyrfalcon as our symbol during the early days of land claims negotiations.
It is said that at the height of the epidemics, in Tunnuk, a tiny island in the Mackenzie River, barely enough children remained to join hands and encircle the island.
www.idc.inuvialuit.com /about/gyrfalcon.html   (277 words)

  Gyrfalcon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus), also spelled Gyr Falcon (The 'g' is pronounced as "j" in "jar"), is a large bird of prey.
The Gyrfalcon is a bird of tundra and mountains, with cliffs or a few patches of trees.
For example, one known mating of a pair of captive gyrfalcons produced a clutch of 4 young: one white, one silver, one brown, one fl.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gyrfalcon   (509 words)

 Species Status Reports - Peregrine Falcon, Gyrfalcon
Gyrfalcons and, to a lesser extent, peregrines are highly valued for sport falconry; their high value may predispose them to poaching losses from the wild.
Gyrfalcons have specialized food habits during part of their annual life history and are, over most of their range, restricted to areas where ptarmigan are common.
Gyrfalcons are rarely seen in the south and are therefore a preferred attraction to birders travelling in the north.
www.taiga.net /wmac/researchplan/reports/falcon.html   (1144 words)

 All About Birds
The female Gyrfalcon regularly stores prey during the breeding season, generally within 100 meters (328 feet) of the nest.
Little is known of food-caching outside the breeding season; in one case, a Gyrfalcon was seen retrieving a frozen ptarmigan and chipping off pieces of meat to eat, in mid-winter in the Aleutian Islands.
Gyrfalcon is pronounced as "JER-falcon." The name probably evolved from Old Norse, but linguists do not completely agree on the specific origin of the word.
www.birds.cornell.edu /programs/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Gyrfalcon.html   (241 words)

Gyrfalcons live in both tundra (treeless heath plains) and taiga habitats (swampy coniferous areas) with bluffs and cliffs along shorelines, rivers, or mountains.
Gyrfalcons have a variety of plumage colors that range from white to almost fl.
Gyrfalcons that nest in the arctic regions frequently begin breeding and laying eggs when the temperature is still below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
www.peregrinefund.org /Explore_Raptors/falcons/gyrfalcn.html   (370 words)

 Gyrfalcon - Birds of Prey
Gyrfalcons do not construct their own stick nests in trees (although old common raven (Corvus corax) stick nests in trees are sometimes used), and usually find suitable nesting sites on cliff faces where there is a shelf with an overhang.
Gyrfalcons are powerful enough to have sustained flight while hunting and occasionally wear their prey out until capture is easy.
Gyrfalcons are thus an economic benefit to those who can catch and sell them; unfortunately some are captured illegally and sold on the fl market.
www.raptorcenter.org /gyrfalcon.asp   (1459 words)

 The Canadian Peregrine Foundation -- Raptor Identification Gallery
The gyrfalcon’s name is thought to be derived from the Latin hierofalco, meaning "sacred falcon" in reference to the bird’s exalted position in falconry, where it was traditionally reserved for use by only kings and princes.
The gyrfalcon is unusual among birds in having three distinct colour morphs, generally referred to as white, gray, and dark (or fl).
In most areas, the gyrfalcon’s diet is primarily birds, especially ptarmigan and colonial seabirds; in fact, in some areas fluctuations in the gyrfalcon population are thought to be related to ptarmigan numbers.
www.peregrine-foundation.ca /raptors/Gyrfalcon.html   (967 words)

In this language gyrfalcon means "greedy falcon," possibly because the gyr is such a determined hunter.
In the past the differently colored gyrfalcons were thought to be different subspecies or even different species (the white variety, because of its beauty and rarity, was the favorite of falconers).
The gyrfalcon's various plumage types can't be neatly divided like that, because they occur in so many different shades and patterns.
www.wingmasters.net /gfalcon.htm   (710 words)

Gyrfalcons nest in April in the Mackenzie Mountains and in May over the rest of their range.
Gyrfalcons nesting near the Arctic coast feed primarily upon seabirds which are attacked in the air.
The habits of the gyrfalcon are not well known, and since 1982 have been under study by the NWT Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
www.nwtwildlife.com /NWTwildlife/BirdsofPrey/gyrfalcon.htm   (326 words)

 Gyrfalcon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A long while ago the falcons, including the gyrfalcon, were used in a sport called falconry, and the kings had gyrfalcons, that is one way the people got food.
The gyrfalcon’s color all depends on where it lives.In eastern labrador, the gyrfalcon is a gray color, and in northern Canada the gyrfalcon is a whitish, grayish color.There are many different colors of gyrfalcon, try to find a dfferent color no one has seen.
First the parent gyrfalcons will find an abandoned nest.The female will lay 3 or 4 eggs for a month, while the male prvides food.after the month is over, the chicks hatch covered with soft feathers called down,and the female would give them food.
www.msad54.k12.me.us /MSAD54Pages/MCSS/Greenlaw/animaladapt/Gyrfalcon.html   (565 words)

 Gyrfalcon: Nature Snapshots from Minnesota DNR: Minnesota DNR
The gyrfalcon is 20 to 25 inches tall and has a 4-foot wingspan.
Young gyrfalcons may be killed by predators such as foxes, owls and eagles.
The gyrfalcon is fairly common in the far northern latitudes.
www.dnr.state.mn.us /snapshots/birds/gyrfalcon.html   (273 words)

 Gyrfalcon Visits Anderson Elementary, Eielson AFB, Alaska
This female Gyrfalcon was born in 2001 (captive bred), and raised by Mr.
Gyrfalcons are able to hunt from very high in the sky because they have excellent sight.
Gyrfalcons use their notched beak for gripping and killing by severing (cutting) the spinal column just below the head of their prey.
www.birdsinalaska.org /gyrfalcon.htm   (281 words)

 BirdWeb - Bird Details   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gyrfalcons inhabit Arctic regions, from the northern coastal tundra to the edge of the boreal forest.
Gyrfalcons are powerful flyers and pursue their prey in flight until overtaking them.
Many Gyrfalcons remain in the far north year round, but the most northerly breeders are migratory.
www.birdweb.org /birdweb/bird_details.aspx?id=113   (440 words)

Characteristic of Gyrfalcons are attacks of such force that a duck can be disemboweled in flight and even such an excellent flyer as the Kite may lose six or seven wing-feathers.
References to Gyrfalcons are of a considerable interest to the historians as they can, directly or indirectly, provide information about the economic, political and military links between countries in the past.
Gyrfalcons, apparently sent 50 camels loaded with swans brought down by the birds to Samarkand to be distributed among the public.
proeco.visti.net /naturalist/falconry/krech.htm   (1543 words)

 Gyrfalcon   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A bird that hunts primarily other birds at high speeds, as do gyrfalcons, would be too handicapped by the loss of one eye to survive in the wild.
The Gyrfalcon is distinguished from the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) by the lack of a dark cap and a crown and/or nape that is heavily streaked.
Gyrfalcons are opportunistic hunters, taking the easily seen displaying male ptarmigans during breeding season even when ptarmigan numbers are not larger than other potential prey species.
www.eraptors.org /gyrfalcon.htm   (986 words)

 Species Status Reports - Peregrine Falcon, Gyrfalcon
Gyrfalcon nesting sites are widespread at relatively even densities across the North Slope, but are most common along the major river drainages.
Gyrfalcons are relatively prolific on the Yukon North Slope, reaching the highest known breeding density in the Yukon at about 1 pair/167-211 km2 in suitable habitat.
Gyrfalcons hunt both avian and mammalian prey, but because of a very long nesting period and therefore advanced egg laying, they require nest sites that offer adequate protection against winter conditions.
www.taiga.net /wmac/consandmanagementplan_volume3/falcon.html   (1211 words)

Gyrfalcons hunt from high in the sky because of their excellent eye sight.
The Gyrfalcon is the largest of the true falcons standing about two feet tall as an adult.
Gyrfalcons are restricted to areas where ptarmigan and grouse are prevalent.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/arctic_wildlife/109684   (445 words)

 ADW: Falco rusticolus: Information
Although gyrfalcons are non-migratory, they will disperse from the breeding range during the winter season, very rarely reaching the northern limit of the United States (Poole 1987; Wheeler and Clark 1995; Cade 1982).
To observe gyrfalcons in the wild, the best time is usually the winter when they seasonally disperse from their breeding grounds.
Aspects of the ecology of the gyrfalcon in the central Canadian arctic, 1983 and 1984.
animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu /site/accounts/information/Falco_rusticolus.html   (1888 words)

 Offshore Technology - Shell Gas Field Project - Gyrfalcon - Gulf of Mexico
Gyrfalcon came on-stream in December 1999, based on the world’s first 15,000psi subsea tree.
The Gyrfalcon field was originally discovered by well GC-20 no 1, in Green Canyon Block 20.
Installation of a conventional riser was difficult and expensive due to the number of risers attached to the Boxer platform.
www.offshore-technology.com /projects/gyrfalcon   (691 words)

 Gyrfalcon - Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota
Gyrfalcons are found in arctic and subarctic regions around the world.
Like the peregrine falcon, the gyrfalcon lays its eggs on the bare rock of a cliff, although some birds use the old stick nest of a raven or golden eagle.
Like other large falcons, gyrfalcons can be either the most trusting and endearing of patients or the most self-destructive.
www.raptor.cvm.umn.edu /raptor/info/gyrfalcon.html   (300 words)

 Gyrfalcon Food Habits in Central West Greenland
Using a combination of video, prey remains, and pellets was important to accurately document gyrfalcon diet, and we strongly recommend using time-lapse video in future diet studies to identify biases in prey remains and pellet data.
Gyrfalcon diet in central West Greenland during the nesting period.
Gyrfalcon feeding behavior during the nestling period in central West Greenland.
rrc.boisestate.edu /Past%20Projects/Gyrfalcon/Gyrfalcon%20project.htm   (610 words)

 Birds » Raptors » Gyrfalcon Main Page
Used in falconry for centuries, the Gyrfalcon is one of the larger falcons kept in captivity.
Gyrfalcons rely on large open spaces in which to hunt and each year their populations fluctuate according to Ptarmigan numbers.
Gyrfalcons have their first breeding at two to three years of age and mate for life.
www.centralpets.com /animals/birds/raptors/RPT3089.shtml   (596 words)

 Daniel Bergmann - Gyrfalcon
I had permission from the Ministry for the Environment to photograph at a Gyrfalcon eyrie, with the condition that I select a suitable nest in cooperation with Ólafur.
The Gyrfalcon is adapted to catch prey both on the ground and in the air.
Since the Gyrfalcon breeds so early in the year its breeding success is heavily dependent on the weather conditions during breeding.
www.danielbergmann.com /html/articles/gyrfalcon.html   (2032 words)

A white gyrfalcon with its lazy flapping flight, easily mistaken for a gull from a distance.
She is watching me from a distance, as we get closer to the eyrie she takes of with a low ga, ga, ga, Quite unlike the explosive sound from a female peregrine as she fling her self from the crag emotionally screaming, a sound that fills the valleys.
The gyrfalcon is more reserved and some of them are pretty laid back even though you are approaching the nest full of young ones.
www.gyrfalcons.co.uk /research.htm   (924 words)

 The Gyrfalcon - Potapov, Eugene; Sale, Richard - Yale University Press
Drawing on extensive research and travel to every country within the range of the Gyrfalcon, Eugene Potapov and Richard Sale delineate a new map of the bird’s range, conclude that the Gyrfalcon is more adaptable than previously thought, and restore the traditional Linnean scientific name of the species, Falco gyrfalco.
The authors also reveal that Gyrfalcons, for much of their lives, are true stenophagous raptors, a rarity not only among raptors but among all birds.
Elegantly illustrated with many photographs and line drawings, this is an essential volume for ornithologists, ecologists, wildlife rehabilitators, falconers, and all others fascinated by birds of prey.
yalepress.yale.edu /yupbooks/book.asp?isbn=0300107781   (202 words)

 Gyrfalcons in Kansas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The gyrfalcon is the only diurnal raptor that inhabits the extreme northern habitats of the arctic.
It is a rare occurrence for a gyrfalcon to come as far south as Kansas, but in recent winters several have been seen.
Gyrfalcons depend on speed and sustained pursuit to capture their quarry.
www.gpnc.org /gyrfalcon.htm   (128 words)

 NYSARC - Gallery of NY Rarities - Gyrfalcon
Whilst collecting his morning paper, Dan's attention was drawn to a raptor, which he quickly identified as a Gyrfalcon, being aggressively scolded by the local American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos).
The bird was perched on the top of a large evergreen on the opposite side of the frozen pond and had apparently killed a male Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), which lay on the ice some 30-50 feet from the roadway (see Fig.
Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) standing on the frozen Mill Pond in Centerport, Long Island.
www.nybirds.org /NYSARC/RareGallery/Gyrfalcon.htm   (404 words)

 SAFESIDE ASSOCIATION “The Gyrfalcon”   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In its latter form, the white Gyrfalcon is perhaps the most spectacular of all raptors, a bird most aspiring falconers can only dream of owning.
Gyrfalcons prey mostly on birds, but readily take various small and medium-sized mammals when opportunity dictates.
Most Gyrfalcons are non-migratory, but may be forced to wander great distances during winter in search of food, and may be forced south in response to waning daylight.
www.safesideassociation.org /Gyrfalcon.html   (532 words)

 Gyrfalcon Sculpture ~ Wildlife Fine Art by Daniel McQuestion ~ Bird Sculptures   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is the largest falcon in the world, with a length of up to 25" and a wingspan that regularly exceeds four feet.
The Gyrfalcon hunts mainly other birds that it overtakes with sudden bursts of speed.
The bird is shown perched atop a stone and is mounted on a walnut base.
www.dmcquestion.com /Gyrfalcon177.html   (140 words)

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