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Topic: Gyroplane

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Collective pitch change system for teter-bar type gyroplane rotary wing aircraft - Patent 4741672
Gyroplane rotors, the rotary wings which keep the aircraft aloft, are rotated by air currents, not by engine torque, as with helicopters.
To compensate for differences in the lift between the advancing and retreating blades, all gyroplane rotors include some means to permit the rotor blades to "flap," or move up and down as they circle the rotor hub.
By the end of the first phase of gyroplane (autogyro) design, in the 1940s, relatively complex rotors and hubs were in use.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4741672.html   (3977 words)

 South Africa Gyroplane Association - Home
The first gyroplanes to fly were essentially conventional light aircraft that had the wings shortened or removed and a set of rotor blades added.
Gyroplane or the shortened 'gyro' is most frequently used by pilots and enthusiasts of these magnificent flying machines.
Because the rate at which the rotor turns is independent of the airspeed of the gyroplane, a gyroplane does not stall at low airspeed.
www.sagpa.co.za   (695 words)

 What is a Gyroplane?
Modern gyroplanes use a pusher propeller and are light and maneuverable.
Thus the gyroplane is a safer aircraft for low and slow flight, as compared with both helicopters and airplanes.
The single attraction of helicopters over gyroplanes is their ability to hover, which is necessary in some situations such as rescue or in sling load work.
www.groenbros.com /products.php   (514 words)

 TIME.com: Inventions of the Year -- The best inventions of 2001
The gyroplane, whose concept was first put forward in 1919 by Spanish inventor Juan de la Cierva, has been revived by two Utah-based brothers, David and Jay Groen.
The other thing that makes the gyroplane different from a helicopter is the bottom line: running costs (about $160 per hr.) are almost halved.
The gyroplane is in the final stages of FAA testing, and a 13-dealer network is busy targeting tourism and agriculture markets.
www.time.com /time/2001/inventions/go/ingyro.html   (237 words)

 : Sycamore Gyroplane by Chayair : General :
It is a type of rotorcraft that obtains lift from a freely turning, non-powered rotor, and is propelled forward by a forward thrusting propeller.
The rotor of the gyroplane is turning in auto-rotation due to the air flowing through it in an upwardly direction.
Gyroplanes are a phenomenon, because unlike any other aircraft, they have the ability to fly under seemingly impossible conditions.
www.chayair.com /gen.htm   (182 words)

  Gyro Explained
Thus the gyroplane is a safer aircraft for low and slow flight, as compared with both helicopters and aeroplanes.
The ability of gyroplanes to fly faster than helicopters and slower than aeroplanes makes it something of a hybrid, having the good qualities of the other two types of aircraft with little of the bad.
The single attraction of helicopters over gyroplanes is their ability to hover, which is necessary in some situations such as rescue or in sling load work.
www.asra.org.au /Gyroplane.htm   (393 words)

 Herrick HV-2A
gyroplane is an aircraft that derives most, if not all, of its lift from the unpowered autorotation of a horizontally mounted rotor or rotors.
ost of the early gyroplanes were similar in layout to single-engined low-winged monoplanes, with the exception of the rotor mounted on a pylon in front of the cockpit, which provided the primary source of lift during slow-speed flight.
Gyroplane take-offs were possible with only 18 m (60 ft) of runway, and the HV-2A could land at a mere 19 kph (12 mph) and stop within a few yards of its touchdown point.
www.nasm.si.edu /research/aero/aircraft/herrick.htm   (1759 words)

 gyroplane - Encyclopedia.com
Groen Brothers Aviation Hawk 4 Gyroplane to Be Used As an Aerial Observation Aircraft by the Utah Department Of Public Safety.
Groen Brothers Aviation Hawk 4 Gyroplane to Be Used by the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command as an Aerial Observation Aircraft.
Groen Brothers Aviation commences gyroplane flight test series.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-X-gyroplan.html   (285 words)

 More About Gyros
Obeying the immutable laws of aerodynamics, the gyroplane levels, gently kisses the ground and rolls to a stop in the length of a ruler.
If you're a born aviator, gyroplanes are the only way to fly, even if your day job is in the cockpit of a Boeing 777.
Although gyroplanes never shook the foundations of aviation, the public's imagination had been captured and the gyroplane revolution had begun.
www.gyrosaway.com /MoreAbout.htm   (1691 words)

The rotor of a gyroplane is your wing, and it generates lift and control because it is autorotating.
Unlike a helicopter, the speed of a gyroplane rotor in flight is largely self-governing and does not require continuous attention on the part of the pilot.
In gyroplane terminology, this is what happens when the rotor is loaded, meaning a combination of the G loads applied to the rotor system and the dynamics of airflow through the rotor disc.
www.kitplanes.com /magazine/rotorcraft/160-1.phtml   (1624 words)

 Lemelson Center Invention Features: David Gittens   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Before his May 7, 1997 presentation at the Smithsonian's storage facility in Maryland, which houses his gyroplane and other aircraft, Gittens asked sixth-graders at the Walker Grant Middle School in Fredericksburg, Va., to send him drawings of their own ideas for new inventions.
Gyroplanes had been built since the 1920s, but Gittens had ideas that revolutionized their design and capabilities.
He wanted to build a gyroplane that would be especially useful in developing countries -- inexpensive, easily maneuverable, and multi-purpose.
www.hrw.com /science/si-science/physics/motion/gyroplane/lecture13.html   (363 words)

A gyroplane looks like a helicopter and flies using a rotorwing similar to a helicopter, but it also uses a propeller typical of a light airplane.
Since the gyroplane is always in autorotation, it is inherently safer and quieter than a helicopter, and because it does not need a transmission to the main rotor or a tailrotor, it is simpler, more reliable, and robust, and much more economical to operate than a helicopter.
A gyroplane can be very effective for many missions, such as surveillance and patrol work, but it cannot perform missions that require the hovering capability of a helicopter or a gyrodyne.
www.solidworks.com /pages/popups/viewrelease.html?prfile=6_28_2006.html   (927 words)

 deseretnews.com | Gyroplane likely hit by bullet over Springville
Oldham is grateful that among all his aircraft, the one damaged during last Wednesday's flight was more rugged because it was built to land in rough terrain.
In other gyroplanes, the lack of balance in the propellers could have caused the pilot and student more serious problems midair, he said.
Police also have no idea who could be responsible, and they have not yet ascertained the gyroplane was, indeed, struck with a bullet.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,600154512,00.html   (573 words)

 Aircraft Designs, Inc: Index.
Flight reports of the Sportster and Bumble Bee are presented in Flying the Gyroplane.
This 2 place gyroplane designed by Martin Hollmann was built by Helga Swenson in Sweden about 12 years ago and Seth has been made a number of improvements to it.
This gyroplane is the first ultralight gyroplane with a prerotator and instrument panel.
www.aircraftdesigns.com /gyroplanes.html   (978 words)

 Australian Gyroplane - Home
Australian Gyroplane is a growing and diverse Company whose members have a wide range of interests and backgrounds.
You don't have to be a pilot or a gyroplane owner since there are different ways to fulfil your aviation interest.
For the long-time gyroplane enthusiast, we have programs and activities available that allow you to meet others with the same interests.
www.gyroplane.com.au   (845 words)

 Breguet "Gyroplane" helicopter - development history, photos, technical data
When it rose vertically from the ground with its pilot in the late summer of 1907, the Gyroplane No.1 built by Louis and Jacques Breguet in association with Professor Charles Richet had to be steadied by a man stationed at the extremity of each of the four arms supporting the rotors.
It cannot, therefore, take the credit for being the first helicopter to make a free flight, even though the ground helpers contributed nothing towards the lifting power of the rotors; but it was the first machine to raise itself, with a pilot, vertically off the ground by means of a rotating-wing system of lift.
A purist might scorn the first hops in the year 1907 as not actually being flights, since the machine was held steady by four assistants to prevent any erratic movement.
avia.russian.ee /vertigo/breguet_gyro-r.html   (955 words)

 Rotary Air Force gyroplane
Rotary Air Force gyroplane GTX-SE, (RAF 2000 GTX-SE gyroplane).
The gyroplane in the picture, is the one used for flight training.
airpark, where the RAF gyroplane is the only one in the former Yugoslavia, now known as Serbia.
www.rotorandwings.com   (293 words)

 EADS N.V. - Bréguet 1 "Gyroplane"
The brothers Louis and Jacques Bréguet have gone down in history as pioneers in the field of aviation: their construction of Bréguet 1 "Gyroplane No.1" was the first manned and ultimately motorized gyroplane to take off from the ground.
At any rate, "Gyroplane No.1" lifted 60 centimeters off the ground, however, it "flew" so unstable that four men were needed to bring it to a halt.
"Gyroplane No.1" possessed a 45 PS strong Antoinette-motor which powered four helicopters arranged in pairs, two of which would counterrotate.
www.eads.com /1024/en/eads/history/airhist/1900_1909/breguet1_1907.html   (387 words)

 Gyroplane aircraft offers unique flying experience
Featured in the Bond film You Only Live Twice, the autogyro, or gyroplane, was first developed by Spaniard Juan de la Cierva in 1923.
McClung is a local autogyro dealer for Groen Brothers Aviation's American Autogyro company, which is based in Salt Lake City but has a facility at the Buckeye Municipal Airport.
The gyroplanes are build-it-yourself models, perfect for giving anybody with a big sense of adventure a chance at the sport, McClung said.
www.azcentral.com /abgnews/articles/0420abg-swv-gyros0420.html   (253 words)

 Popular Rotorcraft Association
The "IRT" is intended as a resource of gyroplane investigators to assist the FAA, NTSB and other authorities in the investigation of gyroplane accidents.
Traditionally, the NTSB, FAA and other investigatory organizations may not have adequate expertise in gyroplanes to identify the true root causes of gyroplane accidents.
The formation of this team is hoped to provide more constructive information to help avoid similar future gyroplane accidents.
www.pra.org   (332 words)

 EADS N.V. - Bréguet 1 "Gyroplane"
Su aparato Bréguet l "Gyroplane No. 1" fue el primer giroplano tripulado e impulsado exclusivamente por un motor que logró elevarse del suelo.
El "Gyroplane No. 1" poseía un motor Antoinette de 45 CV, que impulsaba cuatro rotores dispuestos en parejas, las cuales giraban en sentidos opuestos.
El diámetro del "Gyroplane No. 1" era de ocho metros.
www.eads.net /1024/es/eads/history/airhist/1900_1909/breguet1_1907.html   (416 words)

 EADS N.V. - Breguet 1 "Gyroplane" (1907)
Immerhin 60 Zentimeter über den Boden erhob sich der "Gyroplane No.1", er "flog" aber noch so unstabil, dass ihn vier Männer halten mussten.
"Gyroplane No.1" besaß einen 45 PS starken Antoinette-Motor, der vier paarweise angeordnete Hubschrauben antrieb, von denen sich je zwei gegenläufig drehten.
Ein Jahr später folgte "Gyroplane No. 2" mit einem stärkeren Motor von Renault, der es auf 55 PS brachte.
www.eads.com /1024/de/eads/history/airhist/1900_1909/breguet1_1907.html   (343 words)

 Greenwood Publishing Group : From Autogiro to Gyroplane
This is the first book to tell the fascinating 80-year history of today's gyroplane and its antecedent, the Autogiro.
From Autogiro to Gyroplane deftly and comprehensively examines the impacts of the Great Depression and World War II upon these motorized aircrafts, as well as the simply bad business decisions, and the lessons that the fate and persistence of the gyroplane has for other old, long lasting, yet ultimately fully functional technologies.
From Autogiro to Gyroplane is a unique and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library aviation History collections.
www.greenwood.com /books/printFlyer.aspx?sku=Q503   (321 words)

 Gyroplane, Gyro, Gyrocopter, Qu├ębec, Canada, Montreal.
A gyro, gyrocopter or gyroplane is not a well known aircraft in Canada but is flown a lot in Europe.
The gyro (gyrocopter or gyroplane) is an hybrid between an helicopter and an airplane.
A gyroplane can fly fast and land on a very short distance.
www.recreationalflight.com /gyroplane.shtml   (172 words)

 BRA books gyro flying gyroplane autogyro
The only comprehensive guide for novice gyroplane pilots which is constantly updated.
Written in an "easy to read" style, the subjects covered include understanding the basic Gyroplane and its various components, rotor flight theory and some 'in flight' experiences not to be missed.
Shirley's understanding of both the Gyroplane and it's flight characteristics will provide an early learning tool for ab-initio students and enthusiasts alike and her bubbling enthusiasm for this type of flying comes roaring out at you from its pages.
www.tonywilk.co.uk /bra/books/books.htm   (290 words)

 From Autogiro To Gyroplane
The conference is being presented in cooperation with the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center, the Popular Rotorcraft Association, the Cradle of Aviation Museum, the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
For the first time, this conference will bring together the flying pioneers, innovative designers, historic figures and current international industry leaders to discuss the history and future of this unique and often overlooked part of the aviation industry.
The conference will also feature a museum exhibition on the Autogiro and gyroplane during the months of April and May 2003 in the David Filderman Gallery, located on the ninth floor of Hofstra's Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library.
www.aviation-history.com /press/hofstra-autogiro.htm   (388 words)

When Steph was the Editor of the PRA Rotorcraft magazine, we became passionate about somehow improving the terrible accident situation with gyroplanes in the U.S. It has been our intent and goal to improve the gyro sport through education to promote understanding and appreciation of the various safety issues involved.
Our strategy has been to "educate the consumer" because it is our belief that an educated and knowledgeable consumer, one who at least knows the issues involved and the questions to ask, will help drive the industry and the sport toward safer machines, safer pilots, and an improved safety record and reputation.
We identified a few gyroplane designs that appeared to address some, or even most of these principles and issues.
www.magnigyro.com /USA/features.htm   (425 words)

 GyroPilot - For all those interested in all forms of Autogyro, autogiros and gyroplanes
This privately published A4 Softback is a "comprehensive narrative of Shirley's personal experiences from her first trip in a Gyro-Glider, through the Gyroplane building process and onto the completion of her P.P.L.(G) [that's private pilot's license (gyroplanes) for us yanks].
Yet the gyroplane was safer and more stable; both aircraft should have had value in market.
The survival of the gyroplane may be a paradigm for the persistence of earlier, less complex technologies, and its future relies on grasping its colorful history.
giropilot.com /default.asp   (758 words)

 Understanding the Gyroplane Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The gyroplane history continues with later autogyro developments by Cierva and Pitcairn.
Explains this important basic concept all gyroplane pilots need to understand, gives solutions for pilots, solutions for their gyroplanes.
Illustrations: Diagrams of forces affecting a gyroplane in PIO and a power pushover, charts of thrust and drag on a gyro in flight, chart to figure horizontal tail volume.
www.abbottcompany.com /ucontent.html   (417 words)

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