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Topic: HAL Dhruv

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Indigenously designed and developed ‘Dhruv’ of HAL is an excellent performer in multi-mission-multi-role operations which has proved its worth to all the operators in military and civil sector.
HAL has, therefore, as a prudent action, advised all operators in military and civil to wait for HAL to examine the issue critically before the recommencing flying.
HAL is committed to address each issue – aiming to provide the most efficient and safest machine to its customers – both in India and abroad.
www.hal-india.com /dhruvsafety.asp   (518 words)

 HAL Dhruv
It was announced in December 2006, that Nexter Group of France was awarded a contract for twenty THL 20 turrets.
HAL has a 11% stake in the overall program and Indian engineers are based at Turbomeca's headquarters at Bordes in the southwest of France to assist with the development.
The Dhruv production for the military is expected to be 120 for the Army, 120 for the Navy, 60 for the Air Force and seven for the Coast Guard over a period of of 15 years.
www.bharat-rakshak.com /LAND-FORCES/Army/Dhruv.html   (1468 words)

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/HAL Dhruv
The HAL Dhruv (Sanskrit:"Pole Star") is a multi-role advanced helicopter made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
The Dhruv was originally powered by a pair of TM333-2B turbo shafts developing 746 kW (1000 shp) from Turbomeca of France.
HAL has an 11% stake in the overall program and Indian engineers are based at Turbomeca's headquarters at Bordes in the southwest of France to assist with the development.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/HAL_Dhruv   (1472 words)

 HAL Dhruv Light Utility Helicopter
The Dhruv is suitable for utility and ground attack roles.
Current military operators of the HAL Dhruv are India, Bolivia, Burma, Israel and Nepal.
Development of the HAL Dhruv, previously known as the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), began in 1984, however progress was slow.
www.military-today.com /helicopters/dhruv.htm   (396 words)

 HAL Receives RFP from Chile for Dhruv » www.idrw.org / Indian Defense Research Wing
HAL had been for some years now demonstrating ALH in the terrains of Chile which was similar to India.
Dhruv, designed to operate on hot and high and hot and cold conditions had excelled in similar operations in India and met all the requirements of Chilean Air Force.
HAL would be in a position to supply Dhruvs to other countries after fulfilling meeting the requirements of the Indian defence forces.
www.idrw.org /2007/05/24/hal_receives_rfp_from_chile_for_dhruv.html   (789 words)

 Dhruv pictures and videos on Webshots
Dhruv and Nini at Dandeli Wild Life Park in Karnataka, In...
Dhruv and Angie (I was suppose to be spiking Dhruv's dr...
Dhruv, Pankit, Seju, Gunjan, Vidhi, and Geet at Mathera...
www.webshots.com /search?query=Dhruv   (122 words)

 domain-B - Aviation and Aerospace - News reports - HAL receives Chilean RFP for the Dhruv ALH
HAL has undertaken extensive demonstrations of the ALH, a multi-mission helicopter, in Chilean terrain, which has great resemblance to India's own sub-continental geography.
The Dhruv, designed to operate in hot and cold conditions, has excelled in similar operations in India and successfully met all requirements of the Chilean Air Force.
According to HAL officials, the manufacturer would be in a position to supply Dhruv's to other countries only after fulfilling the requirements of the Indian defence forces.
www.domain-b.com /aero/20070524_hal.htm   (462 words)

 Chile keen to buy HAL's Dhruv helicopters - Express TravelWorld
According to HAL officials, it has received the RFP from the Chilean Air Force for the 5.5 tonne, twin engine new generation helicopter which is currently in service in the Indian armed forces.
While HAL would be reponding to the RFP for for four to six machines for Chile, it will shortly be singing a contract with Bolivia for two Dhruvs.
HAL had been for some years demonstrating ALH in the terrains of Chile which was similar to India.
www.expresstravelworld.com /200706/aviationworld21.shtml   (250 words)

 The Hindu : Indigenisation a must for HAL's Dhruv
Fortunately for the country, the appointment of N.R. Mohanty as HAL's chairman in 2001 allowed it to make a start in cleaning up the Augean stables that he `inherited' and this is partly reflected in the 2003 order which at least calls for licensed manufacture of certain critical spares.
Mohanty, the country and HAL, his reign of transparent integrity comes to an end in November and agents of various foreign vendors are said to be already lobbying Delhi to ensure that `their' men occupy the top slots come December.
Mohanty wants to leave behind a legacy at HAL that his family can be proud of, he must ensure that, at the very least, the tainted helicopter systems agreements are revisited to ensure that they are favourable to India and that his successors are also men of integrity and ability.
www.hindu.com /biz/2004/09/06/stories/2004090600201600.htm   (527 words)

Meanwhile the HAL Dhruv is also emerging from the shadows of recent problems when the whole fleet was grounded following a crash in November last year.
HAL plans to progressively upgrade them starting with a new power pack in the form of the Indo-French Shakti engine with 15 percent more power to replace the existing TM-333 by next year.
The Army also plans to induct armed versions of Dhruv, which are expected to sport hardened rotor components and Israeli optronics and targeting equipment for all-weather day/night operations.
www.indiadefence.com /armyhelo.htm   (518 words)

 ACIG Exclusives : Aero India 2005 : Chapter 4
Another upgraded and re-engined helicopter, the "Cheetal", a HAL Cheetah also equipped with the same engine used in the Chetan upgrade, was not to be seen.
The golden coat appears to be of similar composition to that used on the civil variant of the HAL Dhruv.
HAL propose to upgrade all Chetaks operated by the Army to the Chetan standard but given the age of the type and a new Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) requirement, the Army is somewhat reluctant.
www.acig.org /exclusives/aero/acig_aero05_choppers.htm   (806 words)

 FLUG REVUE first flight gallery: HAL Dhruv (Shakti engine)
Addressing the media after impressive maiden flights, HAL Chairman Mr Ashok K. Baweja said that a simulator school will be set up by next September along with CAE, Canada with common modules of training, though primarily for ALH.
We are doing everything to make it (weaponised Dhruv) a lethal platform for the military services,'' he said, adding that the ALH would provide the right solution for the forces' strategy.
Replying to a query on Dhruv's export potential, Mr Baweja said that the primary focus would be to set up maintenance facilities and cater to the domestic market first, taking into account the huge requirements.
www.flug-revue.rotor.com /FRTypen/FRErstfl/FR07Erst/PRDhruv.htm   (543 words)

HAL, CAE INK J.V. Bangalore, India - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and CAE, Canada on Wednesday signed an agreement to establish a joint venture company that will open a helicopter simulator training centre in Bangalore.
The two companies are planning to provide HATSOFF with cockpits for the three variants of the HAL-built Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv (one cockpit each for the Indian Army/Air Force glass cockpit Dhruv, Indian Navy Dhruv, and civil variant of the Dhruv), as well as cockpits for the Bell 412 and Eurocopter Dauphin helicopters.
“HAL went through a very extensive technical and commercial evaluation of potential partners, and CAE is clearly the right choice for our joint venture given their leadership in helicopter simulation and training.
www.bangalorenewsnetwork.com /industry/26september3.html   (430 words)

 HAL Dhruv inches toward 2009 European certification: AINonline
According to HAL, the Dhruv is “at least” 10 to 15 percent less expensive to operate than its competitors in the 12,000-pound-mtow class.
Although the company is promoting the Dhruv for various civil roles such as air ambulance, parapublic missions and executive and passenger transport, most of the sales have come from the military.
Turbomeca and HAL are jointly developing the 1H/Shakti version of the Ardiden engine that powers the Dhruv.
www.ainonline.com /news/single-news-page/article/hal-dhruv-inches-toward-2009-european-certification/?no_cache=1&cHash=bab6e98eab   (587 words)

 Chile keen to buy HAL’s Dhruv helicopters
According to HAL officials, “We have received the request for proposal (RFP) from the Chilean Air Force for the 5.5 tonne, twin engined new generation helicopter which is currently in service in the country’s armed forces.”
While HAL would be reponding to the RFP for for 4-6 machines for Chile, it will shortly be singing a contract with Bolivia for 2 Dhruvs.
Dhruv had excelled in similar operations in India and met all the requirements of Chile.
www.financialexpress.com /fe_full_story.php?content_id=165211   (339 words)

 domain-b.com : HAL to jointly develop FCAS for light combat helicopter with APPH, UK
The LCH is a derivative of HAL's Dhruv advanced light helicopter (ALH) programme.
The LCH is a prototype combat helicopter currently being developed by HAL for use by the Indian Army.
HAL has already selected the M621 cannon, incorporated in a Nexter THL 20 turret, as the main gun armament of the helicopter to be operated by a helmet mounted sight.
www.domain-b.com /aero/20070526_develop.htm   (185 words)

 : News Axis
The roadmap for the contract is expected to be finalised byend-2006.
The company is also keen on partnering HAL in the indigenous helicopter programme - Dhruv - and has put forth multiple proposals to the Indian manufacturer.
HAL is already one of the strategic suppliers of rolled ring forging to Rolls-Royce.
news-axis.com   (1425 words)

 HAL Dhruv - Japan
The HAL Dhruv (Sanskrit:"Pole Star") is a multi-role advanced helicopter made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
In November 2004, one of the two ALH Dhruvs sold to the Royal Nepal Army experienced a hard landing which damaged its undercarriage and landing gear.
In a statement, HAL said, "In a recent incident, when the tail rotor of one Dhruv developed some technical snag near Hyderabad, the pilot executed a safe landing without any injury to any of the passengers.
hal-dhruv.zdnet.co.za /zdnet/HAL_Dhruv   (1297 words)

 PIB Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dhruv, the ALH indigenously designed and developed by HAL, covers comprehensively the entire spectrum of heli-services which are required for civil administration today.
Wide range of civil applications of Dhruv like transportation, VIP communication, search and rescue, medical evacuation, air-ambulance, law enforcement, anti-insurgency drive, survey cable and pipeline monitoring, adventure and sports, tourism and disaster management would provide enormous support to the Government of Jharkhand to meet all challenges of governance and growth.
HAL is committed to provide full customer support, repair and maintenance over the life cycle of the helicopter.
pib.nic.in /release/rel_print_page.asp?relid=6875   (191 words)

 Dhruv at AllExperts
*Dhruv was the name of a little boy in ancient India - who prayed to the Gods and was granted a boon (a wish), by which he became the great ruler of the skies - the Pole Star.
The story of Dhruv, is a very popular tale that illustrates fundamental religious beliefs through the triumph of a 5-year old, in the spiritual field.The father of Dhruv was a king called Uttanpad, who was married to Suruchi and Suneeti.
Dhruv was transported to the highest point of heaven, where he sits on his Divine father's lap as the Pole Star.The moral of the story is that at one point or another of our life we all encounter situations that are unfair.
en.allexperts.com /e/d/dh/dhruv.htm   (989 words)

 Weaponisation of Dhruv on: HAL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
HAL had also successfully tested the glass cockpit in high altitudes and future Dhruvs would have the facility, enabling pilots to have a visual display in four screens all the necessary information and parameters generated through a computer mounted in the chopper.
Next year, 24 Dhruvs would be produced and from 2009, the number would be enhanced to 33, a senior HAL official told UNI.
HAL was also enhancing the engine power of Dhruv using a high power engine 'Shakti', jointly developed by HAL and Turbomeca.
news.oneindia.in /2007/01/19/weaponisation-of-dhruv-on-hal-1169208556.html   (344 words)

 Aero India : India for global partnerships in defence sectors,Security Issues, News Analysis, India News Online
HAL currently has several manufacturing plants across the country, and by using its infrastructure, India and its potential partners could “reduce the overall costs and jointly develop state-of-the-art aviation projects,” Fernandes said.
HAL’s efforts to forge international partnerships too have borne fruit in recent months, with the Israel Aircraft Industries announcing a tie-up to put a version of the ALH fitted with Israeli avionics and weapon systems on the global market.
HAL, which is working with Russian companies to develop a multi-role transport aircraft, has also been awarded a $9 million order by a Russian company for supplying sub-assemblies for the Su-30 fighter jets.
news.indiamart.com /news-analysis/aero-india-india-for-2241.html   (1415 words)

 Helicopters developments & procurement plans
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), which manufactures the machine, is engaged in integrating a wide range of weapons and mission sensors onto the helicopter.
Dhruv is the first Indian helicopter to be armed with Air to Air Missile.
Whereas Dhruv is a multi-role new generation helicopter in the 5.5-ton weight class which can work in diverse terrains ranging from hot tropical deserts to the great Himalayan ranges and also a high military capabilities for heliborne assault, logistic support, casualty evacuation, reconnaissance and training.
www.indiandefenceforum.com /index.php?topic=3936.msg68861   (2759 words)

 Warbirds of India - [Air Crash Listings of the Indian Air Forces]
New Delhi, Nov. 25: India’s showpiece Dhruv helicopter recorded a first crash today, immediately casting a shadow on efforts to export it for which the air force is sending a display team to Malaysia.
It is possible that the team from HAL was flying the helicopter to Ranchi to deliver it to the Jharkhand government.
The Sarang team — a formation of ace Dhruv fliers of the IAF — that performs breathtaking manoeuvres with the helicopter is slated to leave for the Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace 2005 airshow in Malaysia.
www.warbirdsofindia.com /Crashes/crdetails.php?crno=IAF0867   (1083 words)

 armada international - the air, sea and land communities' publication
Chile is reportedly considering the acquisition of the 5.5-tonne Hindustan Aeronautics (Hal) Dhruv (Sanskrit for Pole Star), which has been developed with the help of Eurocopter Deutschland.
The Dhruv first flew in 1992 and entered production in 2002, initial deliveries going to the Indian Coast Guard.Hal is increasing its annual production rate from 18 to 30 units based on planned orders for over 300 aircraft, including 110 for the Indian Army, 50 for the Navy and 150 for the Air Force.
Hal is providing an eleven per cent contribution to its development and will manufacture 21% of the engine.
www.armada.ch /06-2/article-full.cfm   (2995 words)

 Chile to launch light utility contest
The document is also expected to include a request for between four and six medium-lift helicopters, with these to be selected late this year after a decision on the utility order in early July.
Local sources say HAL's Dhruv is considered among the prime candidates to meet the requirement, due to its price tag of around $6 million and India's willingness to partner with Enaer.
HAL has been marketing the Dhruv in Chile since early 2005 in partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries.
www.indiandefenceforum.com /index.php?topic=5266.msg72891   (795 words)

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