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Topic: History

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Make Poverty History
Two years ago, world leaders were given a huge global mandate to make poverty history.
They must deliver on their promises and take decisive action against poverty and climate catastrophe now.
Germany is centre stage in the first half of 2007 as it holds the EU Presidency and chairs the G8.
www.makepovertyhistory.org   (254 words)

  Yale History Department
History has been taught at Yale since President Thomas Clap introduced specifically historical courses in the 1760s, and the Department of History has existed since 1919, when Yale first divided its faculty into academic departments.
History was a popular course of study when majors first were introduced after World War I, and it became the largest major in the 1950s.
Yale awarded its first History Ph.D. in 1882 to Clarence Winthrop Bowen for a dissertation entitled "The Boundaries of Connecticut," which was published in the same year.
www.yale.edu /history   (175 words)

 Department of History
The study of history provides a necessary perspective on the contemporary world, enhances a student’s ability to communicate effectively, and trains a person to systematically organize vast amounts of information.
History is one of the most popular majors for students who expect to pursue a professional education.
Moreover, students who enter the business world directly upon completion of their undergraduate degrees have found that a major in history, particularly when it is accompanied by a minor in business or accounting, has enhanced their attractiveness considerably in today’s job market.
www.olemiss.edu /depts/history   (291 words)

 History | The WWW Virtual Library
The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links relating to Art History and computer applications in Art History.
The Labour History section of the WWW Virtual Library, part of the WWW VL History Network, is maintained by the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since October 1996.
The main purposes of this virtual library are to list women's history institutions and organizations, locate archival and library collections, and provide links to Internet resources on women's history.
vlib.org /History   (690 words)

 Center for History of Physics - American Institute of Physics
AIP's Center for History of Physics works to to preserve and make known the historical record of modern physics and allied sciences.
Through documentation, archival collections and educational initiatives, the Center ensures that the heritage of modern physics is safeguarded and its story accurately told.
Nanotechnology History, a Japanese oral history project, preserving Brookhaven National Laboratory records, and more...
www.aip.org /history   (108 words)

 BBC - History
History TV and Radio listings, programme information archive...
History for Kids Fun and games for children of all ages...
History Trails Structured online courses to help you hone your skills...
www.bbc.co.uk /history   (131 words)

 NBA.com: History
Study the history surrounding All-Star Weekend and the NBA Draft, including all first-round picks.
Red Auerbach, the architect behind one of the most dominant franchises in professional sports history, the Boston Celtics, has died at the age of 89.
From the '40s pioneers to the '80s innovators, basketball history can only be told by its protagonists.
www.nba.com /history   (502 words)

 IEEE History Center
The mission of the IEEE History Center is to preserve, research and promote the history of information and electrical technologies.
The IEEE History Center is proud to be, along with the IEEE Croatia Section, a technical co-sponsor for this important event.
The internship and the post-doc require residence at the IEEE History Center, on the Rutgers University Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA; there is no residency requirement for the dissertation fellowship.
www.ieee.org /organizations/history_center   (478 words)

 History Archive
This section provides in-depth history of these efforts of organising workers regardless of race, ethnicity, gender – or border, the effort to organise and create collaboration and co-operation between workers the world over in order to win the world for those who make it run.
The vanguard of any historic movement is important to detail – but because bourgeois history (the vast majority of written history) details the vanguards of history almost exclusively, and thus at the great expense of the role of the masses, it is critical we reverse such blindly one-sided science.
The history of the masses exists in many forms: in memoirs, in letters and books written by people not involved in the politics of the event, in news reports, in books which set out to detail a history of the masses, ect.
www.marxists.org /history/index.htm   (631 words)

Photographs and history of colonial cemeteries and gravestones in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
A history of one of America's significant industrial companies that was based in Boston (primarily Hyde Park)for nearly 130 years.
History of the amusement park on the Charles River in Newton, where the Mariott now is.
www.boston-online.com /History   (930 words)

 History of Barbados
The history of the early settlement of Barbados is being rewritten as a result of recent archaeological discoveries unearthed at the site of Port St. Charles.
In the History of Barbados, for example, it is reported that Caribs ate an entire French crew in 1596.
Slavery, abolished in 1834, was followed by a 4-year apprenticeship period during which free men continued to work a 45-hour week without pay in exchange for living in the tiny huts provided by the plantation owners.
www.barbados.org /history1.htm   (1340 words)

History is everything that happened in the past: Dates, facts, timelines and names of more or less ancient kings, generals and villains.
In other words (and this is one reason history is both significant and puzzling), your presence on this campus is the result of many, many historical events and developments.
History instructors often begin an assignment with a general "blurb" about the subject, which many students skip in order to get to the "real" question.
www.unc.edu /depts/wcweb/handouts/history.html   (3461 words)

 ChristianHistory.net | Learn the History of Christianity & the Church
Sign-up for the Christian History Newsletter today by entering your e-mail address below and discover the rich and exciting legacy of the church.
With the release of the feature film, Amazing Grace, Christian History is offering a new set centered around the life of William Wilberforce and his battle against the British slave trade.
A little-known monk living in the Egyptian desert at the end of the fourth century provided one of the most durable interpretive keys in the history of Bible study.
www.christianitytoday.com /history   (778 words)

 History @ Suite101: Aboriginal history to military battles, anthropology to genealogy, medieval heroes to museum ...
We are looking for history writers, particularly to cover American History and Canadian History.
The point of the article, however, was not to commemorate Hitler, but to point out that administrators at Moscow University had warned all foreign students to stay indoors throughout the day, as Russian skinheads were planning to honour the Fuhrer by cracking a few foreign skulls.
Far be it for me to take anyone to task for their political leanings, but I have to ask again.
www.suite101.com /history   (659 words)

 History Resources - refdesk.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Encyclopedia of World History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern - Renowned historian Peter N. Stearns and thirty prominent historians have combined their expertise over the past ten years to perfect this comprehensive chronology of more than 20,000 entries that span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000.
History Guide, The - The History Guide has been created for the high school and undergraduate student who is either taking classes in history, or who intends to major in history in college.
History Place, The - The History Place is not meant to be a total history resource.
www.refdesk.com /facthist.html   (2781 words)

 Internet Public Library: History
History through the eyes of those who lived it." This website highlights excerpts from primary source material, articles, and photographs about important people and events throughout history.
The History Place is a private, independent, Internet-only publication and is not affiliated with any political group or organization.
We present a fact based, common sense approach in the presentation of the history of humanity, prepared by knowledgeable writers and historians.
www.ipl.org /div/subject/browse/hum30.00.00   (927 words)

 Open Directory - Society: History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
History Explained - Examines the background history that is needed to understand the major economic and political problems in the world today.
History Guide - Internet-based subject gateway to scholarly relevant information in history, maintained at the State and University Library at Göttingen, Germany.
History News Network - Aspires to put news in historical context by publishing articles written by historians on current events topics.
dmoz.org /Society/History   (734 words)

This collection of materials relating to the history of computing is provided courtesy of the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, and is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (CDA-9312611).
A collection of materials intended to describe the history of computing to those interested in the 50th Anniversary of Computing in 1996 was used by students at Virginia Tech to develop a Virtual Museum of Computing that you may find very interesting.
In keeping with the tradition of documenting women's history through oral histories, the Women in (the) Computing History mailing list hopes to augment traditional resources of women's history and histories of computing by being a repository for women's own stories throughout the history of computing.
ei.cs.vt.edu /~history/index.html   (1377 words)

 WIC - Women's History in America
Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men.
During the early history of the United States, a man virtually owned his wife and children as he did his material possessions.
If a poor man chose to send his children to the poorhouse, the mother was legally defenseless to object.
www.wic.org /misc/history.htm   (4166 words)

 Oral History Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Oral history is a method of gathering and preserving historical information through recorded interviews with participants in past events and ways of life.
It is both the oldest type of historical inquiry, predating the written word, and one of the most modern, initiated with tape recorders in the 1940s.
The Oral History Association, established in 1966, seeks to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories.
omega.dickinson.edu /organizations/oha   (209 words)

 Paul Halsall/Fordham University: Internet History Sourcebooks Project
The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.
European History and Historians II A website created for a Graduate Teaching Assistant course taught Spring 2001 and later at the University of North Florida.
The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is located at the History Department of Fordham University, New York.
www.fordham.edu /halsall   (1240 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Books: History: New Bestsellers, Military History, Political History, American ...
After treating us to the scintillating JFK bio An Unfinished Life, Dallek turns his gaze upon this powerful political pair and their impact on world history.
Marking the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown are a number of dazzling new histories -- including this penetrating look at both the high points and the dark legacy that came with this New World outpost.
Two veteran scribes dig into the dark period of the civil rights years and come back with an enlightening history about the role that print and broadcast reporters played in the movement.
www.barnesandnoble.com /subjects/history/history_cds2.asp?PID=163&z=y&cds2Pid=9481&linkid=546258   (272 words)

 KidSites.com - Great Sites for Kids - History Sites
The history of Harriet Tubman, who led 300 slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
A living history museum set in 1627 where you can learn about how the Pilgrims lived, their voyage to the New World, the first Thanksgiving, and much more.
Take a look at the history of computers and some of the "nerds" who contributed to their existence, play a game of "Guess the Computer" to see how much nerd potential you have, read the detailed transcripts from the TV program that this site is based on, and more.
www.kidsites.com /sites-edu/history.htm   (824 words)

 History Department
The Department of History offers specialized study of world societies and their evolution to the present.
To study history, moreover, broadens the student's cultural and intellectual backgrounds, establishing a solid foundation for future success.
Jeannie Whayne is the Chair of the History Department, which is located on the fourth floor of the historic Old Main building on the University of Arkansas campus.
www.uark.edu /depts/histinfo/history   (152 words)

 TheHistoryNet: From the World's Largest History Magazine Publisher
A sweeping and compelling look at the war's military, political and social history.
Follow the men of Easy Company from D-Day to victory.
World War II Copyright © 2007 Weider History Group
www.thehistorynet.com   (265 words)

 Maine.gov: Facts & History: History
It became its own state in 1820, becoming the 23rd state admitted to the United States of America, although its northern borders were not finalized until 1842.
Read and submit personal accounts related to Maine history.
A history of Maine's educational system from 1820-1970.
www.maine.gov /portal/facts_history/history.html   (136 words)

 Department of History - Carnegie Mellon University
Until then, the small numbers of history majors in the school were women in the Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, formerly the Margaret Morrison Carnegie School for Women.
The undergraduate majors are Anthropology and History, History and Policy, and Social and Cultural History.
The two Ph.D. programs, Social and Cultural History and History and Policy, not only embody long-standing research emphases within the department, but also underscore the multidisciplinary character of the department, teaching, and professional service.
www.hss.cmu.edu /departments/history   (412 words)

 Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: History of the Internet
The history is of course still valid though not up to date.
History of the net, designed for non-experts, which also hopes to give some of the concepts necessary to understand how the Net works.
This paper reviews the history, the goals, the organization and the components of CSNET (the Computer Science Research Network).
www.isoc.org /internet/history   (621 words)

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