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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Ahoy - Mac's Web Log - HMAS BATAAN - First of a name
In June 1950, Bataan's peacetime routine of exercises, visits and refits was interrupted by the outbreak of the Korean War.
By 1st August, Bataan was back on the west coast and being shelled by Communist artillery in the Haeju-Man. Belfast arrived to add her 6in shells to Bataan's retaliatory bombardment.
Bataan was assigned to Ocean's screen while she flew off aircraft to cover a guerrilla raid up the Han River estuary.
ahoy.tk-jk.net /GentlemansCordite/HMASBATAAN-Firstofaname.html   (1446 words)

  HMAS Bataan (I91) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
HMAS Bataan (D-9/D-191/I-91) was a Tribal-class destroyer laid down by Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Company Limited at Sydney in New South Wales on 18 February 1942, launched on 15 January 1944 by Mrs.
Bataan was present in Tokyo for the official Japanese surrender on 2 September 1945, and operated in support of United Nations Forces during the Korean War.
Bataan paid off at Sydney on 18 October 1954 and was laid up in reserve awaiting conversion to an anti-submarine escort but this was cancelled in 1957, was placed on the disposal list and sold for scrap to Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha Limited of Tokyo on 2 May 1958.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/HMAS_Bataan   (304 words)

 History of USS BATAAN (LHD 5)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Bataan was the last American stronghold in the Pacific theater to fall until MacArthur fulfilled his famed prophecy, “I shall return,” by reconquering the Philippine Islands two-and-one-half years later.
The battle of Bataan and ensuing “Death March” are widely regarded as one of the greatest examples of allied courage, endurance and sacrifice in the history of military conflict.
The mission of BATAAN is to enable the Navy and Marine Corps team to accomplish a seamless transition “….from the sea” to the land battle, originally as the lead ship of an Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) and now as the centerpiece of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG).
www.bataan.navy.mil /History.htm   (708 words)

 HMAS BATAAN (ex KURNAI) - HMA Ship Histories (Sea Power Centre - Australia)
BATAAN commissioned at Sydney on 25 May 1945 under the command of Commander Henry M. Burrell RAN, although it was too late for the ship to participate in active hostilities.
BATAAN returned to the west coast on 7 March, allocated on the screen of the familiar element 95.11, though the operational carrier, USS BAIROKO (Captain Hogle USN), was new to the Australian destroyer.
BATAAN began her fourth patrol on 7 April as escort from Sasebo for USS ROCHESTER, flying the flag of Commander Task Force 95, Rear Admiral G.C. Dyer USN, en route for the west coast operational area.
www.navy.gov.au /spc/history/ships/bataan.html   (2876 words)

 HMAS BATAAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
HMAS BATAAN was the only Tribal class destroyer not to be named after a people or nation of the British Empire.
She became part of the naval force that was present in Tokyo at the official Japanese surrender on 2nd September 1945.
The next task for BATAAN was the rescue of prisoners of war and internees from official and unofficial camps prior to their embarkation to a hospital ship.
hmcshaida.ca /bataan.html   (432 words)

 History of HMAS BATAAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Upon commissioning, HMAS BATAAN joined the American Seventh Fleet in the Philippines and Okinawa and attended the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay, then sailed around Japan picking up POW's, including many Americans.
During the Korean War, the Australian BATAAN was once again attached to the American Seventh Fleet.
It was during this conflict that the aircraft carrier USS BATAAN (CVL-29) and HMAS BATAAN built a unique kinship, with the Australian ship providing protection to her American sister through many exchanges of enemy gunfire.
www.bataan.navy.mil /HMAS_history.htm   (205 words)

 Royal Australian Navy in Korea
The HMAS Sydney is flanked on either sides by her destroyer escorts HMAS Tobruk, and HMCS Sioux.
BATAAN was straddled by enemy fire on a number of occasions during the duel.
BATAAN was relieved by HMAS MURCHISON in June 1951.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-navy/ran_korea.htm   (1249 words)

 RAN IN THE KOREAN WAR - General RAN History (Sea Power Centre - Australia)
BATAAN was straddled by enemy fire on a number of occasions during the duel.
Both WARRAMUNGA and BATAAN were assigned to screening duties for the Allied landings at Inchon on 15 September.
BATAAN was relieved by HMAS MURCHISON in June 1951.
www.navy.gov.au /spc/history/general/korea.html   (1180 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Warships - Destroyer HMAS Bataan of the Tribal class
HMAS Bataan was ordered as HMAS Kurnai on the 20th December 1939.
In company with HMAS Warramunga, they were preparing for the final assault on Japan when the war ended.
By July, Bataan joined Warramunga, HMCS Nootka and HMCS Iroquois in the Yellow Sea to provide screening for aircraft carriers and shore bombardments mainly around Haeju-man. The destroyer remained in service with the Royal Australian Navy after the Korean War.
uboat.net /allies/warships/ship/4438.html   (513 words)

 Speeds Clothing
The HMAS SYDNEY and VLSVA (Vic) Association tie is suitable for wear by Members in ALL States.
The HMAS SYDNEY and VLSVA is a "Not for Profit" organisation.
Any and all profit generated from sales through Speed's Marketing is used to meet the ongoing costs of the Association.
www.hmassydney.com /clothing.html   (418 words)

 ABC Western Australia » Defence Forces Contingent - Navy
The ex HMAS Sydney (WA) Association are mainly Western Australian sailors that served in the Royal Australian Navy's cruiser HMAS Sydney from her commissioning in 1935, in her service in Australian waters, and during her service in the Mediterranean, during 1940/1941.
HMAS Bataan was originally to be called the Tribal class destroyer Kurnai but in honour of the battle for Bataan Island being waged, was renamed HMAS Bataan.
HMAS SYDNEY was deployed on 25 missions to Vietnam over seven years and covered 346000 miles carrying 16094 troops, 2337 vehicles and 5753 tons of cargo.
www.abc.net.au /wa/anzac/sea.htm   (3358 words)

 Warwick Bracegirdle
During the Korean War Bracegirdle commanded HMAS Bataan and in 1952 was awarded a further DSC.
Bataan and Warramunga were the two Australian ships most heavily involved in the war.
Lieutenant Bracegirdle on the bridge of HMAS Perth in October 1940.
www.awm.gov.au /fiftyaustralians/3.asp   (367 words)

 The War at Sea
On 1 July 1950, the Australian frigate HMAS Shoalhaven and the destroyer HMAS Bataan joined a fleet enforcing the UN blockade.
HMAS Murchison played an important role in a naval blockade of the Han River from July to September 1952, Operation Han.
HMAS Sydney, an Australian light aircraft carrier, joined the war at sea in late 1951.
www.anzacday.org.au /history/korea/at_sea.html   (438 words)

HMAS ANZAC commissioned at Williamstown Naval Dockyard on 14 March 1951 under the command of Commander John Plunkett-Cole RAN, although the ship was not accepted by the Royal Australian Navy from the dockyard until 22 March 1951.
Singapore was reached on 10 September and Hong Kong six days later, where she relieved HMAS BATAAN on station, proceeding for Sasebo on 27 September for duty on the west coast of Korea.
Exercises with HMAS SYDNEY and the transport of National Service Trainees occupied sea time in September and October period and there were further exercises with HMAS VENGEANCE in November.
www.vvaavic.org.au /Navy/anzac.htm   (2575 words)

 Battle of the Coral Sea-Eyewitness Account by Commodore Dacre Smyth, AO
HMAS Canberra was still undergoing a refit at Sydney and was unable to participate in the coming battle.
In World War II he served in HMAS Australia in the Battle of the Coral Sea, in Motor Gun Boats in the English Channel, in HMS Danae at the Normandy invasion, in HMAS Norman in the Burma campaign, and in the British Pacific Fleet off Japan.
He served in HMAS Hawkesbury from 1953-55, and his last seagoing command was HMAS Supply from 1968-70 in the Vietnam War.
www.users.bigpond.com /pacificwar/CoralSea/theyserved/DacreSmyth.html   (1030 words)

 Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot - Korean War 2
Later in the month HMA Ships Sydney and Tobruk took part in attacks off the east coast, returning to the west coast in December.
HMAS Sydney returned to Australia in February 1952 and HMA Ships Bataan and Warramunga (not ANZAC as some official history records show- Thanks to Tom Hamilton a Warramunga Korean Veteran) returned to Korea to continue coastal blockades and shore bombardments until the wars end.
HMA Ships Sydney, Tobruk, Arunta, Condamine, Shoalhaven and Murchison all did post war duty for varying periods until November 1955.
www.gunplot.net /korea/korea2.html   (482 words)

 Research Guide - Cockatoo Island Dockyard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Tribal class destroyer HMAS Bataan was constructed as ship number 148.
Originally to be named the Kurnai, HMAS Bataan was laid down on 18 February 1942, launched on 15 January 1944 and completed on 26 June 1945.
HMAS Bataan was laid up in 1954, and sold a few years later.
www.naa.gov.au /Publications/research_guides/guides/dockyard/chapt03/ships/bataan.htm   (250 words)

 *** Bataan ***   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Bataan and her crew carried out many and varied duties while in Korean waters.
Of the many actions that HMAS Bataan was involved, perhaps the most outstanding was when she and her sister ship HMAS Warramunga, accompanied by four other destroyers, were asked to rescue nearly eight thousand wounded from the port city of Chinnampo on the Han River in North Korea.
Her crew was forged on the hot anvil of battle and were the envy of many crew that followed in later ships of the Royal Australian Navy.
www.melbournersl.com.au /bataan.html   (437 words)

On the 3rd representatives of the squadron and their wives attended the coronation ball at the Civil Administrative Centre in Lorengau and all the officers were invited to a ball at the RAN shore establishment, HMAS Tarangau, on the 5th.
The Detachment entertained sailors from the aircraft carrier HMAS Vengeance and the destroyers HMAS Bataan and HMAS Anzac who were visiting Lombrum during April.
The runway pavement was completed during September 1954 and the remaining works personnel were incorporated into Base Squadron Momote before the detachment was officially closed on 19 August 1955.
www.homestead.com /raafacs/2ACMOMOTE.html   (955 words)

 Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot RAN Combatant Ships In WW2 List
HMAS Vampire - Sunk in Bay of Bengal 1942
HMAS Geelong - Sunk in Collision New Guinea 1944
Users of the web site shall only be entitled to copy the web site for their own personal use and may not republish or reproduce any substantial part of the web site in any manner whatsoever without the prior written permission of the owner.
www.gunplot.net /shiplists/shiplistb.htm   (235 words)

 Biography Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I joined the Royal Australian Naval College as a 13 year old Cadet Midshipman in January, 1936, and my term was sent to sea in August 1939, as war was impending.
In my specialist capacity I served in the destroyers 'Warramunga' and 'Bataan', at Navy Office, and at the TAS school.
All rights of publicity of the individuals named herein are expressly reserved.
www.compunews.com /mac/bio.htm   (254 words)

 Ahoy - Mac's Web Log - Table of Contents
Sometimes, the bright bomber's moon and the strain of battle were too much to bear....
HMAS SHROPSHIRE took part in one of the greatest naval gunnery battles of all time - the Battle of Surigao Straits near to Leyte.
HMAS ARUNTA participated in a spirited torpedo attack.
ahoy.tk-jk.net /GentlemansCordite   (1160 words)

 Tribal and Battle Class Destroyers by Vince Fazio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
W hile covering briefly the concept and careers of both Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy Tribals, the first part of the book's main focus is on HMAS Arunta, HMAS Warramunga and HMAS Bataan.
The second part of the book gives a brief history of the Royal Navy's Battle Class Destroyers and the subsequent disposals but again the main focus is those two used by the Royal Australian Navy - HMAS Anzac and HMAS Tobruk.
While many other books published by the Naval Historical Society of Australia concentrate more on the history of the ship with only a few photos, this book is the opposite.
smmlonline.com /reviews/books/tribal_battle.htm   (271 words)

 Hm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
'''HMAS ''Adelaide''''' was a Town class cruiser (1910)Town-class light cruiser of the Royal Australian Navy, named after Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.
The second '''HMAS ''Arunta''''' (151) is an Anzac class frigate''Anzac'' class frigate, laid down by Tenix Defence Systems Propriety Limited at Williamstown in Victoria (Australia)Victoria, Australia on July 22, 1995.
'''''HMAS Barwon''''' (K-406), named for the Barwon River, was a river class frigate laid down by Cockatoo Island Dockyard at Sydney in New South Wales, launched on 3 August 1944 and commissioned on 10 December 1945.
www.gateserver.net /Topicsbycategory.aspx?catid=223&name=   (1545 words)

 Australian War Records Continued Dalton - Doulton - Daulton - Dolton
Discharged 31 Aug 1954, chief stoker mechanic, HMAS Sydney.
Discharged 5 June 1946, Eng Lieut, HMAS Adelaide.
Discharged 1 Nov 1950, SB CPO, HMAS Cerberus.
daltondata.0pi.com /aussiwar_records.htm   (6067 words)

 UN Forces in Korea
HMAS Bataan (10 June 1950 - 6 June 1951 & 17 January - 25 September 1952)
HMAS Warramunga (14 August 1950 - 29 August 1951 & 17 January - 8 August 1952)
HMAS Sydney with 805, 808 and 871 Squadrons, 31 August 1951 - 22 February 1952.
www.britains-smallwars.com /korea/un.html   (582 words)

 War At Sea: The Royal Australian Navy In Korea
RAN armourers crowd together in the mess of the aircraft carrier HMAS Sydney, 1951.
Able Seaman A. "Happy" Anderson, using the gyro sight, lays a single Bofors gun, HMAS Bataan, August 1952.
After mid-1951 and the beginning of negotiations between the two sides, naval pressure was increased against Communist ground forces by bombardments and blockades.
www.awm.gov.au /korea/ausinkorea/navy/navy.htm   (318 words)

 CalendarHome.com - 1942 - Calendar Encyclopedia
Bataan fell on April 9 and the Bataan Death March began.
Royal Navy Cruisers HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire are sunk southwest of the island.
April 9 - Second World War: Japanese Navy launches air raid on Trincomalee in Ceylon (Sri Lanka); Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Hermes and Royal Australian Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire are sunk off the country's East Coast.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /1942.htm   (3239 words)

Aircraft were launched from the HMAS Sydney and the HMAS Melbourne to intercept two German aircraft.
The HMAS Nestor was in the Mediterranean north of Tobruk when she was bombed and sunk.
The HMAS Waterhen was sunk on the Tobruk run.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-calendar/june.htm   (1767 words)

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