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Topic: HMS Maori

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Malta Convoys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The inconclusive Battle of Punto Stila took place between the Royal Naval warships (battleships HMS Warspite, HMS Malaya, HMS Royal Sovereign, aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, cruisers and destroyers) covering convoys from Malta to Alexandria and the Regia Marina escorts (two battleships, 14 cruisers and 32 destroyers) for an Italian convoy.
During the continuing heavy German air raids, HMS Maori is sunk in Grand Harbour.
HM Submarine Olympus is mined and sinks while leaving Malta.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Malta_Convoys   (2185 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Warships - Destroyer HMS Sikh of the Tribal class
In February 1939, HMS Afridi led Sikh and the rest of the flotilla to Gibraltar for exercises followed by individual cruises.
HMS Sikh, HMS Gurkha, HMS Afridi and HMS Mohawk were patrolling in the Red Sea when war broke out.
It was then decided that HMS Sikh and HMS Maori should return to Malta, to join HMS Zulu and form the 22nd D.F. This would act as a strike force against Axis supply convoys between Italy and North Africa.
uboat.net /allies/warships/ship/4434.html   (1244 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Warships - Destroyer HMS Maori of the Tribal class
On 30th November, Maori and HMS Inglefield were on one of these patrols when they were ordered to help the submarine HMS Triad which was in difficulty off the coast of Norway.
Maori arrived at Scapa Flow, Scotland in time to join her sister ship HMS Afridi to escort the evacuation convoy sailing to Nasmos.
HMS Maori, HMS Tartar and HMS Mashona were sent to the Faeroe Islands on 20 June 1940 in order to requisition the ships.
uboat.net /allies/warships/ship/4425.html   (1452 words)

 HMS Sikh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
HMS Sikh started her naval life with the 1st Destroyer Flotilla (1st D. Her builders trials commenced in August 1938 and after being fitted with a gyro-compass and other equipment at Chatham, England she was completed on 2 November 1938 even though she had been commissioned a month earlier.
HMS Sikh, HMS Cossack, HMS Maori and HMS Zulu left the Clyde River to escort another troop convoy through the Western Approaches.
The 4th Destroyer Flotilla comprising the British destroyers HMS Cossack, HMS Maori, HMS Sikh, HMS Zulu and the Polish destroyer Piorun was escorting convoy WS-8B when they recieved an order to leave the convoy and take part in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck.
www.hmscavalier.org.uk /G82   (1135 words)

 pending photo
HMS Maori acquired her name from the Maori people of New Zealand.
She joined HMS Cossack\'s division in January 1939 and was the last Tribal to go to war in the Mediterranean.
Maori\'s casualties were landed in Scotland while her own damage was patched up at Scapa Flow.
www.hmscavalier.org.uk /F24   (1373 words)

 Shipwreck Central - Shipwreck Details
HMS Maori was a Tribal Class British destroyer.
Maori intercepted and sank two Italian cruisers which were supplying Rommel�s tank core in North Africa.
Maori listed to port and as the last of the crew abandoned ship she slipped to the bottom of Grand Harbour.
www.shipwreckcentral.com /vessel_detail.php?rid=46   (349 words)

MAORI was refitted and degaussed at Fairfield's Yard in March 1940.
MAORI, HMS TARTAR and HMS MASHONA were sent to the Faeroe Islands on 20th June in order to requisition the ships.
On 12th February 1941 at 0200, while anchored at Malta, MAORI was attacked from the air and a bomb found its way into her Engine and Gear Room.
hmcshaida.ca /maori.html   (1296 words)

 Dive Sites in MALTA
However, tow wrecks – HMS Maori and the barge Carolita are perfect for exploration, whilst other accessible wrecks are the Tent Peg Wreck, MV Odile and HMS Jersey.
HMS Maori was launched in 1937 and saw considerable action in the Norwegian campaign, Atlantic convoys and the Mediterranean.
Although she is stilted up, the Maori is home to large numbers of fish, and the rocky slope has some interesting nudibranchs and octopus amongst the algae and tube worms.
www.holiday-malta.com /resort/malta/activity/diving/divesites/index.html   (1398 words)

 Ivan Berryman
HMS Illustrious and HMS Kenya at Devonport by Ivan Berryman
HMS Ark Royal was the first Large Aircraft carrier designed and laid down as a carrier for the Royal navy, she served in the Home Fleet and south Atlantic in1939 and The in the home Fleet and Mediterranean in 1940./ and part of Force H in 1941.
HMS Dido was launched on 18th July 1939, she took part in the evacuation of troops and defense of Crete, where she was damaged on B gun, killing 46 men.
www.militaryartcompany.com /ivan_berryman.htm   (4400 words)

 Phrixus ATP » Wreck Diving - HMS Maori
The HMS Maori was launched in 1937 and saw considerable action throughout her short life- the Mediterranean, the Norwegian campaign, Atlantic convoys and North Sea duties prior to her return to the Mediterranean in order to attack Rommel’s supply lines and assist with the defence of Malta.
It was the HMS Maori that re-established radar contact with the Bismarck and brought about the ultimate destruction of the ship in 1941.
At 02:00 on 12th February 1942, the HMS Maori, whilst moored at the entrance to Dockyard Creek received a direct hit as a bomb exploded in her engine room and sank later that day.
adventure.phrixus.co.uk /2005/wreck-diving-hms-maori   (737 words)

 Bismarck | Airfix On-Line ASP Shopping Cart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The German ships were spotted by HMS Suffolk and HMS Norfolk on the 23rd May; the Bismarck opened fire but without success and the British ships shadowed Bismarck through the night.
A Catalina of Coastal Command spotted the Bismarck at 10.30 on the 26th May and she was later attacked by aircraft from HMS Ark Royal, which was also closing on the Bismarck.
HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Maori picked up 110 survivors and German vessels rescued five more later in the day; this meant that almost 1,900 German sailors had lost their lives.
airfix.com /cs/shop/product.asp?P_ID=383&strPageHistory=search&strKeywords=bismarck&numPageStartPosition=1&strSearchCriteria=any&PT_ID=all   (630 words)

 Paxman History Pages - Paxman and the Royal Navy
The twelfth, HMS Shoreham M112, was formally accepted into service in November 2001 and commissioned in summer 2002.
The only one of her type built, HMS Bristol was commissioned in 1973 and withdrawn from service in 1991.
HMS Invincible was 'mothballed' in 2005, pending the construction of two new carriers for the Navy.
www.nelmes.fsnet.co.uk /paxman/paxmanRN.htm   (2571 words)

 Malta diving
What's left of the Maori is lying upright on the sand with the depth on her starboard side being approximately 16 meters deep and on her port side about 12 meters deep.
When you see the junk on the seabed as you fin out the 100m's to the Maori you may start to get disappointed, however, there is more sealife on the site than you may imagine.
One memorable moment on the Maori was shining the old torch into a 2-3 inch metal tube protruding from the starboard side of the bow.
www.aquaworld.freeserve.co.uk /Personal/divesites/maltasites/maori.htm   (515 words)

 Norfolk Class
HMS Norfolk also took part in the action against the Scharnhorst, she was hit by two, 11-inch shells, one of which went through the X ring bulkhead and went overboard without exploding.
My dad served on HMS Revenge 1940 to 1941 and was aboard (and survived) HMS Dorsetshire when she went down in the Indian Ocean on April 5th 1942.
HMS Norfolk and HMS Belfast of Force I are shown engaging the Scharnhorst which has already been hit and disabled by both HMS Duke of York and the cruiser HMS Jamaica.
www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk /norfolk_class.htm   (1431 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On 23rd May 1940, two of our cruisers, HMS NORFOLK and HMS SUFFOLK were on patrol in the Denmark Straits (the strip of sea between Iceland and Greenland) when they suddenly saw two more dark forms ahead emerging from the fog.
Almost at the same time, MAORI reports having completed her run and getting one hit, which caused a large fire on the forecastle.
During this errand of mercy, MAORI had a torpedo fired under her by a U Boat, so the 4th D F left without picking anyone up, DORSETSHIRE was able to pick up more than 100 survivors before she left, bringing them back to England as Prisoners of War.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /hmscossack/download/THE-SINKING-OF-THE-BISMARCK.doc   (1696 words)

 World War II
By now Tovey had detached HMS Victorious ahead with an escort of four cruisers of 2nd Cruiser Squadron in the hope that a strike by her aircraft would slow Bismarck down sufficiently to enable him to catch up with her the next morning.
Unfortunately the signal, transmitted by light, detaching HMS Sheffield had not been repeated to HMS Ark Royal, so she was unaware that the cruiser was shadowing Bismarck.
HMS Maori, Cossack and Sikh scored hits, but none were mortal.
www.graham.day.dsl.pipex.com /ww2026.htm   (1273 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
HMS Maori, Valetta, Nth and Sth Malta, Marfa Ridge, Malta (Republic of), Europe
She was ultimately responsible for sinking the Bismarck and picked up a number of her survivors; while en route from Gibraltar the Maori was also involved in a successful attack against an Italian flotilla.
Although she is silted up, the Maori is home to large numbers of fish, and the rocky slope has some interesting nudibranchs and octopuses amongst the algae and tube worms.
www.ifyoudive.com /divingtheworld/location/?ObjectID=305022&Type=divesite&Output=specific   (292 words)

 [No title]
And HMS Manxman and Welshman, plus a number of RAF aircraft, conducted intensive minelaying operations along the possible route up the Channel and beyond.
But bad luck and the fragility of the still very new radar technology meant that the two aircraft, which were most likely to have detected the German heavy ships and their escorts slipping out of Brest that night, both suffered radar malfunctions.
The effort proved too much for the worn engines of HMS Walpole, and she had to turn for home.
www.seawaves.com /newsletters/TDIH/february/12Feb.txt   (3076 words)

 Chikarma : Scuba Diving in Malta Comino & Gozo - Diving Guide
She was ultimately responsible for sinking the Bismark and picked up a number of her survivors ; while en route from Gibraltar the Maori was also involved in a successful attack against the Italian flotilla.
On the 12 February 1942 the Maori received a direct hit in her engine room and the ship slowly began to sink.
She was later declared a sea hazard to navigation and as a result her guns were removed and the ship wrecked.
www.chikarma.com /DIVINGINMALTAsoutheast.htm   (878 words)

 Malta Diving - HMS Maori wreck - Dive Malta and Gozo with Divewise, Sliema Diving Center and Shop
As a diver you may be interested in HMS Maori wreck, PADI advanced courses in Malta or Malta scuba, whatever your needs here at Divewise diving centre we are here to help.
We are knowledgeable about HMS Maori wreck and all matters diving related.
HMS Maori wreck - Malta’s water temperatures, reach 27 degrees Celsius for summer diving and go down to a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius for diving in winter.
www.divewise.com.mt /malta_diving_info/HMS-Maori-wreck.htm   (513 words)

 U-boat Losses
High-speed explosive paravane and D/C's from HMS CYCLAMEN.
The fate of this boat is uncertain but she may have been the U-boat D/C'd by the armed trawler CORMORANT IV and drifter YOUNG FRED 27 Jan N. of Ireland, or the one attacked by HMS P-68 on 30 Jan or by USS ALLEN on 2 Feb in the Irish Sea.
Sunk by D/C's and gunfire from HMS LYCHNIS and PARTRIDGE II.
www.btinternet.com /~k.barltrop/u-boat_losses.htm   (1888 words)

 Wrecks Q & A - April 1999.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
She received a direct hit aft from a Stuka, caught fire and partially blew up, damaging HMS Decoy which was alongside her in Dockyard Creek.
The wreck of the Maori caused problems, and was lifted out of the way into St Elmo Bay, where it was allowed to settle onto the sandy seabed.
HMS Repulse, a battlecruiser of 32,000 tons, and HMS Prince of Wales, a battleship of 35,000 tons, were sunk by Japanese torpedo bombers on 10 December, 1941.
www.divernet.com /wrecks/wrkqa499.htm   (1384 words)

 AquaNauts Dive School - SCUBA Diving in Malta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
HMS Maori is probably Malta’s most famous wreck, although she is far from the best dive in Malta, a visit to this ship is a significant brush with the island’s history.
Launched in 1937, HMS Maori saw action in the Mediterranean, Norwegian campaign, Atlantic convoys and North Sea duties prior to returning back to the Mediterranean in order to attack and Rommel’s supply lines and assist in the defence of Malta.
In fact it was the HMS Maori that established radar contact with the Bismarck and brought about the ultimate destruction of that ship in early 1941.
www.maltascuba.com /divesites/maori.php   (404 words)

 Convoy HN 1 - warsailors.com
HMS Tartar - detached at 16:00 on Nov. 9 to escort Vina, as mentioned.
HMS Zulu and HMS Maori were met at 09:30 on Nov. 9, in 59 02N 01 50W, and escorted Hardingham and Hetton westward through Fair Island channel.
HMS Curlew - remained till 17:00 Nov. 9, at which time she proceeded to Scapa.
www.warsailors.com /convoys/hn1.html   (423 words)

 Acrylic Naval Paintings
Viewed across the damaged stern of the 80-gun San Nicholas, Nelson drives HMS Captain onto the Spanish vessel in order that she can be boarded and taken as a prize, the British marines and men scrambling up the Captain's bowsprit to use it as a bridge.
The assault ship HMS Fearless is shown dispatching her assault craft in San Carlos Water during the Falklands conflict of 1982.
HMS Argonaut lies at anchor to her starboard with HMS Antrim in the extreme distance.
www.militaryartcompany.com /acrylic_paintings.htm   (3199 words)

 Sea Rescue page. Aircraft information Database of the Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945
HMS Bulldog, the destroyer which in 1941 salvaged a German Enigma machine from a stranded German U-boat U-110.
Crew of walrus L2299, 700 sqdn 11.1.1941, HMS Gloucester, walrus, returned ship to find it under attack by Ju87, ordered to ditch alongside HMS Diamiond and after the crew were rescued it sank the aircraft by gunfire.
Quigg, JA Lt 813 wildcat sqdn from HMS Campania.
www.fleetairarmarchive.net /Ships/AirSeaRescue/FAASeaRescue.html   (5925 words)

 Chapter-55   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Cumulative damages suffered by HMS Dido prevented her to act as a picket and, without the AA cruiser radar, R.Adm Vian considered that there would be no point risking the squadron at sea.
With Dido still under repairs, Vian had boarded HMS Maori and, with HMS Matabele, Somali, Partridge, and French Guepard, moved to Limnos at high speed to interdict thenorth coast.
With Dido were the three surviving "Tribal" class destroyers, HMS Partridge, the AA destroyer HMS Gurkha and the French Guepard.
users.domaindlx.com /fantasque/original/Chapter-55.htm   (5345 words)

 Subway Scuba Diving School Malta, Scuba Diving Holidays, Scuba Diver Training, Malta Diving Holidays, Diving Equipment, ...
The site is found below fort St Elmo, in front of a cafe which has its outside walls covered with a number of painted Destroyers, amongst which is the HMS Maori.
HMS Maori was launched in 1937, and saw considerable action in the Mediterranean, the Norwegian campaign, Atlantic convoys and the North Sea.
On February 12th 1942, it was moored at the entrance to Dockyard Creek, when it received a direct hit in her engine room.
www.subwayscuba.com /divesites.html   (2288 words)

 Wikinfo | DKM Bismarck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The British battleships HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ramillies, HMS Revenge, HMS Rodney, HMS Repulse and HMS Renown.
The British heavy cruisers HMS Suffolk, HMS Norfolk, HMS Dorsetshire, and HMS London.
The British light cruisers HMS Kenya, HMS Galatea, HMS Aurora, HMS Neptune, HMS Hermione, HMS Edinburgh, HMS Manchester, HMS Arethusa, HMS Birmingham, and HMS Sheffield.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=DKM_Bismarck   (960 words)

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