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Topic: HMS Neptune (1797)

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

  HMS Neptune - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Neptune, launched in 1683, was a 2nd rate of 90 guns that was twice rebuilt before being renamed Torbay in her new incarnation as a 3rd rate in 1750.
The eighth Neptune was an early Dreadnought battleship.
The ninth Neptune was a Leander-class cruiser sunk in 1941.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/HMS_Neptune   (196 words)

 HMS Victory; Admiral Lord Nelson's Flagship HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar
HMS Victory's fore top sail is a unique artifact from the battle and the period, the fact it remains intact today is a testament to the skill of the Georgian sail makers who manufactured the sail over two centuries ago.
HMS Victory's firepower alone was superior to all of Wellingtons cannons used at the Battle of Waterloo.
HMS Victory and No 4 Boathouse were the carving took place, alongside one of the ships original 32 lb cannon under repair, along with part of the original badly decayed oak carved scrollwork that had been removed from the starboard side entrance port.
www.sculptor-iangb.com /hms-victory.htm   (8120 words)

Captain of the Neptune at Trafalgar, the 21st October, 1805: she was the third ship in the weather column, and lost forty-four killed and wounded – gold medal, sword of honour from the Patriotic Fund.
HMS Neptune was one of a class of four ships, and with two others, the Dreadnought and the Temeraire, was present at the Battle of Trafalgar.
She was built at Deptford dockyard and launched in 1797, being commissioned at the Nore before joining first the Channel Fleet, and then moving to the Mediterranean to join the command of Lord Keith.
www.treeforall.org.uk /trafalgar/TrafalgarWoods/Otherwoods/Neptune   (674 words)

 wooden model ships
In 1801, she was Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson's flagship prior to the Battle of Copenhagen; he transferred his flag to HMS Elephant, whose lighter draft enabled him to sail closer inshore for the bombardment of the Danish capital on April 2.
At the Battle of Trafalgar, on October 21, 1805, she was closely engaged by HMS Victory.
The British Battleship HMS Warrior never fired a shot in anger and never blockaded a hostile port, yet she played a famous part in naval history.
www.modelshipmaster.com /products/tall_ships/index1.htm   (3417 words)

 HMS Victory Half Hull Model Ships: Large Ships & other model boats, model yachts and sailboats from Model Ships, ...
In 1782, HMS Victory was Lord Howe’s flagship in the relief of Gibraltar.
In 1792, HMS Victory became the flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Samuel Hood’s Mediterranean Fleet, which occupied Toulon and captured Bastia and Calvi (Corsica).
Towed to Gibraltar by HMS Neptune, Victory sailed for England on December 22, from where Nelson’s body was carried to St Paul’s Cathedral for a state funeral.
www.model-ships.co.uk /index.php/fuseaction/shop.product/productid/265   (676 words)

 [No title]
The seventh ship of the name and the third first-rate ship so called, HMS Victory was launched in 1765, two years after the conclusion of the Seven Years' War, but she was not commissioned until 1778.
(The Roman sea god was impartial at Trafalgar, which also saw the participation of HMS Neptune and the Spanish Neptuno.) Nelson had insisted on wearing his full allotment of medals and decorations, and at 1325 he was wounded by a French sharpshooter as he paced the quarterdeck with Hardy.
Towed to Gibraltar by HMS Neptune, Victory sailed for England, reaching Sheerness on December 22, from where Nelson's body was carried to St.
www.taubmansonline.com /SYVICTORY.htm   (1288 words)

 Tall Ship Models, HMS Victory, USS Constitution...
It was on this ship that he is said to have put his telescope to his blind eye and claimed not to be able to see a signal ordering him to withdraw.
At the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, she was commanded by Captain William Bligh, formerly of HMS Bounty.
Having spotted a Dutch frigate maneuvering to attack HMS Elephant, the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson, Bligh sailed directly into the line of fire and caught most of the enemy's broadside.
www.modelshipmaster.com /products/tall_ships/index.htm   (3486 words)

 HMS Victory Tribute Ship Model - HMS Victory Tribute Ship Model
In 1800, it was decided to rebuild HMS Victory, and on May 16, 1803, she became the flagship of Lord Nelson’s Mediterranean Fleet.
HMS Victory was engaged by a number of French vessels including Bucentaure, Redoutatable, and Neptune.
Towed to Gibraltar by HMS Neptune, HMS Victory sailed for England on December 22, from where Nelson’s body was carried to St Paul’s Cathedral for a state funeral.
www.premiershipmodels.com /index.php/fuseaction/shop.product/categoryid/1/productid/290/c/EUR   (691 words)

 Maritime Art Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
HMS Victory is the only remaining 18th century ship of the line anywhere in the world and on-going restoration work aims to return her to her Trafalgar condition by the year 2005 (200 years after the Battle of Trafalgar).
1797: February 14, Participated in the Battle of St Vincent under Admiral John Jervis against the Spanish fleet.
In the Second World War HMS Victory was hit by a German bomb that damaged the hull.
www.kokopelli.org.uk /maritime/Vicfacts.html   (374 words)

HMS Gorgon, departed from Ireland and arrived in New South Wales, Australia, 1791.
HMS Glutton, departed from Ireland and arrived in New South Wales, Australia, 1803.
HMS Coromandel, departed from Ireland and arrived in New South Wales, Australia, 1820.
www.immigrantships.net /newcompass/pass_lists/listirishconvicts.html   (2068 words)

 Sea Wing
The original USS Constellation was constructed in 1797 by Joshua Humphreys at the Harris Creek Shipyard in Baltimore's Fells Point, and launched on September 7, 1797, just as the United States entered the Quasi-War with France.
She was broken up for scrap in 1853 in Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk, Virginia at the same time as the keel was laid for what would later be known as the second USS Constellation.
In 1903 she was accidentally rammed by HMS NEPTUNE under tow to the breakers.
www.check-six.com /Museum/Sea-m.htm   (2814 words)

He transferred into his new ship from the third rate ship HMS Cumberland when she was taken out of service and broken up.
In 1774 after transferring to the HMS Asia, 64, operating in the American colonies he was made acting lieutenant of HMS Kingfisher, 16.
He was made Commander of the brig-sloop, HMS Kite on the Jersey station in 1802 and then the hired vessel Rose.
www.jerseyheritagetrust.org /whats/trafstories.html   (2446 words)

 Royal_Navy - Thagodz Wiki
He also was the main force behind the development of the HMS Dreadnought, the first all big gun ship and possibly one of the most influential ships in naval history.
It suffered a massive blow however, when the battlecruiser HMS Hood was sunk by the German battleship Bismarck.
HMS Conqueror is the only nuclear-powered submarine to have engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes, sinking the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano.
www.thagodz.com /search/wiki/?title=Royal_Navy   (6233 words)

 Trafalgar Day - Sailing Anarchy Forums
HMS Victory will be firing a full broadside later today.
Must be what I saw them setting up for on Wednesday (went down for a tourist visit), looked like they were strapping some sort of equipment to the tops of the cannons.
Yes in Spring 2001, Warsash SC sent us an e-mail saying that HMS Victory was coming out on her annual sailing exercise and wished to compete in the Spring Series race that weekend.
www.sailinganarchy.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=24670   (1896 words)

 42-036 HMS Victory (size 1)
In 1800, it was decided to rebuild Victory, and on May 16, 1803, she became the flagship of Lord Nelson’s Mediterranean Fleet.At this time, Napoleon had begun formulating plans for the invasion of England, and Nelson was ordered to contain Vice Admiral Pierre Villeneuve’s squadron at Toulon.
Victory was engaged by a number of French vessels including Bucentaure, Redoutatable, and Neptune.
His death was not in vain, for he had destroyed the French and any threat of a Napoleonic invasion of Britain.
home.btconnect.com /houseofdrakeltd/42_036_hms_victory1.html   (605 words)

This is a similar tactic to that which Nelson had already used successfully at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1797), but here it was applied as a deliberate plan on a larger scale.
It took two days, October 19 and October 20, for the combined fleet to clear the harbour at Cádiz, and on the morning of October 21, the British approached as the Spanish and French ships were still struggling to form up south of Cádiz in light and contrary winds.
On June 28th, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was involved in the biggest fleet review in modern times in the Solent, in which 167 ships from 35 nations took part.
www.solarnavigator.net /history/the_battle_of_trafalgar.htm   (1967 words)

 New uniform for an old Constitution
This back-breaking task was carried out and when a breeze sprang up at dawn the Constitution was far enough ahead of her pursuers to escape by sail.
The fight with HMS Guerriere took place some 600 miles east of Boston during the afternoon.
American Commodore William Bainbridge was wounded twice, and the ship's wheel was shot away, but for more than two hours he maneuvered brilliantly and fought tenaciously until, finally, the Java had no masts left standing and her captain lay dying.
www.natick.army.mil /about/pao/pubs/warrior/99/septoct/new_uniform.htm   (1509 words)

 Welcome to Trafalgar 200   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The following year, commanding the 64-gun ship of the line HMS Agamemnon – his favourite vessel – he lost most of the sight in his right eye when he was struck in the face by a shower of gravel during an attack on the Corsican fortress of Calvi.
The 37-year-old commodore finally found public adulation in 1797 after victory over the Spanish at the Battle of Cape St Vincent.
In command of HMS Captain, he hauled his ship out of the line to assist the vanguard of Sir John Jervis’ force grappling with the Spaniards.
www.navynews.co.uk /trafalgar/nelson.asp   (1723 words)

 Sailing War Ships: HMS "Victory" (1765)
Callender, Geoffrey: H.M.S. Victory and the Victory Museum.
Some Notes on the Original Model from which H.M.S. Victory was Built in 1765.
R.O.: H.M.S. Victory and the Society for Nautical Research.
www.bruzelius.info /Nautica/Ships/War/GB/Victory(1765).html   (461 words)

 Victory info sheet
1797- Battle of Cape St Vincent, nearly wrecked in Lagos Bay.
1869-88 – Tender to HMS Duke of Wellington.
Inspection by HM King George V. 1940 - Damaged by German bomb.
www.royalnavalmuseum.org /info_sheets_Victoryinfosheet.htm   (299 words)

 Results Report
It is interesting to note that their Commanding Officer, who did not survive the sinking, had claimed to have sunk, during the three patrols he did in the submarine, seventeen ships, totalling in all 99,961 tons.
At this point HMS ONSLOW, Senior Officer of the convoy escort, passed the code word "Strike"—the order for the destroyers to form up on their divisional leaders for a torpedo attack.
However, affairs on her west coast patrol were unusually quiet and the destroyer, relieved by HMS COCKADE on 2 June sailed for a courtesy visit to Tokyo where the ship's company enjoyed a lavish program of entertainment and hospitality.
www.jproc.ca /iroquois/brief_history.html   (13900 words)

After a fierce action lasting two hours, though reduced to a wreck, three times set on fire, and repeatedly attacked by boarders, she put the Frenchman to flight.
In 1797, when Nelson made his ill-fated attack on Santa Cruz (and lost his arm), the Leander was one of his squadron.
In 1798 the Leander fought in the Battle of the Nile.
www.nzetc.org /tm/scholarly/tei-WH2-2Epi-b1-WH2-2Epi-d.html   (493 words)

 Capt Fredrick Lewis Maitland
From Cape Francois had been taken by HMS Edinburgh retaken by a French privateer and bound for Port au Prince loaded with sugar and indigo Sent a PO and 8 seamen on board to take charge of her and brought the French prisoners on board.
At 3 the sloop put before the wind and the chace fired several shott at her At 5 fired a shott at the sloop.
HMS Burford made the signal for Court Martial.
www.antonymaitland.com /captfred.htm   (16005 words)

 Astrology of Napoleon Bonaparte with horoscope chart, quotes, biography, and images
And the lack of Virgo and Neptune energies almost always make attitudes such as expressed in the sentences above non-existent.] He amused his final physician, Francesco Antommarchi, by asking him which of the two groups, the generals or the doctors, would, at the Last Judgment, be found responsible for the greater number of deaths.
So he dictated, and as 41,000 of his letters have been published, and doubtless other thousands were written, we can begin to understand how the honor of being his secretary was a sentence to hard labor.
Bourrienne, who took the post in 1797, had the good fortune to be dismissed in 1802, and so survived till 1834.
www.makara.us /04mdr/01writing/03tg/bios/Napoleon.htm   (10874 words)

After two hours' desperate fighting, though reduced to a wreck, three times set on fire, and repeatedly attacked by boarders, she put the Frenchman to flight.
When Nelson made his ill-fated attack on Santa Cruz in 1797 (when he lost his arm), Leander formed one of his squadron.
The following year she fought in the Battle of the Nile and, a fortnight later, was entrusted by Nelson to take home the news of his victory.
www.nzetc.org /tm/scholarly/tei-WH2Navy-a2.html   (612 words)

 Bibliography series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Naval Documents Related to the Quasi-War between the United States and France: Naval Operations from February 1797 to December 1801.
Anderson, William G. "John Adams, the Navy, and the Quasi- War with France." American Neptune 30 (April 1970): 117-32.
A mutineer from HMS Hermione enlisted in Constellation and incited mutinous talk in the U.S. frigate between June and August 1798 until he was discovered.
www.history.navy.mil /biblio/biblio4/biblio4j.htm   (600 words)

 Events Matrixing: Restriction, Confusion & Neglect in the Bounty Mutiny
HMS Pandora Passes Pitcairn, Not Seeing It Over Horizon.
HMS Pandora Departs Tahiti With 14 Bounty Crew.
HMS Pandora & Bounty Survivors Arrive Koupang, Batavia.
www.lareau.org /chron1.html   (365 words)

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