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Topic: Haddon Township, New Jersey

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  Haddon Township, New Jersey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Haddon Township is governed by a non-partisan commission under the Walsh Act.
New Jersey is represented in the Senate by Frank Lautenberg (D, Cliffside Park) and Robert Menendez (D, Union City).
The 6th Legislative District of the New Jersey Legislature is represented in the State Senate by John H. Adler (D, Cherry Hill) and in the Assembly by Louis Greenwald (D, Voorhees) and Pamela Rosen Lampitt (D, Haddonfield).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Haddon_Township,_New_Jersey   (952 words)

 Haddon Township, New Jersey: Encyclopedia topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Haddon Township is a Walsh Act (Walsh Act: the walsh act was signed by new jersey governor woodrow wilson on april 25, 1911...
Haddon Township is a center for liquor stores, restaurants, and bars because neighboring boroughs of Haddonfield (Haddonfield: haddonfield is a borough located in camden county, new jerseycamden county, new jersey]...
Haddon Township borders Audubon (Audubon: United States ornithologist and artist (born in Haiti) noted for his paintings of birds of America (1785-1851)), Audubon Park (Audubon Park: audubon park is a borough located in camden county, new jersey....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/haddon_township_new_jersey   (765 words)

 Haddon Township, New Jersey - www.haddontwp.com
The new statute changed the old practice of holding general elections on two days in different locations in a township and forced many townships to break into smaller units.
The act creating Haddon Township provided that any money on hand, property and indebtedness of Newton Township was to be divided between the new and old townships based upon the 1864 taxable valuations of property in each township.
Officials of the new township worked closely with the town fathers in Newton Township on such matters as the collection of delinquent taxes and repayment of "old" Newton Township bonds.
www.haddontwp.com /history.php   (771 words)

 New York Old Growth Forest Association
is a 25-acre woodland in the southern New Jersey town of Haddon, a suburb of Philadelphia.
This forest type is uncommon in the Northeast, and this community of Oaks is the largest yet discovered in New Jersey, and is the most publicly accessible.
New Jersey has three or four widely acknowledged examples of old growth forests, and McArthur Forest is one of them.
www.championtrees.org /oldgrowth/surveys/MacArthur.htm   (724 words)

 Haddon Township About Haddon Township Page
To purchase two books about Haddon Township, Down A Country Lane & Haddon Township's Hopkins Plantation: The First 300 Years by Dennis Raible, please visit this website.
As of the 2000 census, the township had a total population of 14,651.
As of the census of 2000, there are 14,651 people, 6,207 households, and 3,891 families residing in the township.
home.comcast.net /~gwenny/page3   (468 words)

 Haddon Township School Distirct - New Jersey Department of Education Special Education Monitoring
On-site special education monitoring was conducted in the Haddon Township School District on January 21, 22, 23 and February 11, 2004.
The purpose of the monitoring visit was to verify the district’s report of findings resulting from their self-assessment and to review the district’s improvement plan.
Also, the views and opinions expressed in any referenced document do not necessarily state or reflect those of the employees of Haddon Township School District or the members of the Haddon Township Board of Education.
www.haddon.k12.nj.us /specialservices/selfstudysummarynjdoe.html   (382 words)

 Haddon Heights New Jersey Real Estate
Haddon Heights is home to 7,547 residents and cover 1.6 square miles within Camden County New Jersey.
Haddon Heights is rich in history, the city was first settled in 1699 when a one-room, brick house was constructed later in 1713 another farm house near was constructed along with a mill race and fulling mill.
The Haddon Heights School District serves the Camden County, New Jersey communities of Haddon Heights, Barrington, and Lawnside.
www.relocate-america.com /states/NJ/cities/haddon_heights.htm   (455 words)

 Official Designation: New Jersey State Dinosaur
A massive bronze sculpture of Hadrosaurus foulkii was installed in a new dinosaur garden in the center of Haddonfield on Oct. 18, 2003.
Berry, of the Strawbridge Elementary School in Haddon Township, New Jersey, guided her students through the process of proposing to the New Jersey legislature that Hadrosaurus foulkii be legally recognized as the official state dinosaur.
Two local New Jersey assemblymen -- John A. Rocco and Thomas J. Shusted -- prepared and introduced the Hadrosaurus bill which was ultimately passed by both the Assembly and Senate in May of 1991.
www.levins.com /state.shtml   (348 words)

 Haddon Township School District
As a group, our little Haddon Township community is to thank for contributing nearly HALF of the total donations raised.
Haddon Township's own Joan Frankenfield (softball, field hockey, and bowling) and Tom Priory (cross country) will be inducted into our State Coaches Association Hall of Fame on Sunday, April 2, 2006 in Edison, New Jersey.
In 2005, she received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Arts Education, was named Master Teacher by The Art Educator’s of New Jersey and received a Frederick L. Hipp Grant from the New Jersey Education Association.
www.haddon.k12.nj.us   (1589 words)

 Haddon Township Real Estate Agent, Haddon Twp Homes for Sale, Haddon Twp NJ Realtor
Serving Haddon Township 08059, 08108, 08107, 08033 and surrounding areas in Camden County, NJ.
Newton Township became the name of the area that covered 5,286 miles; which later became the 10 municipalities of Audubon, Audubon Park, Camden, Collingswood, Gloucester City, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, Haddon Township, Oaklyn, and Woodlynn.
Many historians believe that the division of Newton Township was cause by an act of the New Jersey Legislature which called for a single voting place within each township to reduce costs and the likelihood of fraud.
www.roxanneardary.com /PageManager/Default.aspx/PageID=761536&NF=1   (721 words)

 Oaklyn, New Jersey Neighborhood Lawyer
With the New Jersey legal advice of an attorney from Weitz and Luxenberg, you know you're represented by legal experts with the power to make your legal claim one that wins and the compassion to treat you with the individualized respect you deserve.
Weitz and Luxenberg has built its reputation as the law firm to depend on for Vioxx lawsuits, mesothelioma cancer lawsuits, wrongful death lawsuits, personal injury lawsuits, and negligence lawsuits, among the multiple areas of law in which we litigate.
Be advised that the law firm may not be able to represent every lawsuit in all areas of New Jersey due to state and federal statutes.
www.weitzlux.com /personalinjurylawyer/nj/newjersey/oaklyn_38421.html   (370 words)

 NJDEP - New Jersey Geological Survey - Hadrosaurus foulkii
A duckbilled dinosaur, Hadrosaurus foulkii roamed the forests and swamps along the bays of New Jersey's ancient seacoast.
Hadrosaurus foulkii became the official State dinosaur of New Jersey in 1991 after years of hard work by a teacher, Joyce Berry, and her fourth grade classes at Strawbridge Elementary School in Haddon Township.
As a result of their efforts, New Jersey has a truly unique symbol of its prehistoric past.
www.state.nj.us /dep/njgs/enviroed/hadro.htm   (218 words)

 Haddon - TheBestLinks.com - New Jersey, United States, Camden County, New Jersey, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Haddon - TheBestLinks.com - New Jersey, United States, Camden County, New Jersey,...
Haddon, New Jersey, United States, Camden County, New Jersey, Haddon Township...
This is a disambiguation page, i.e., a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title.
www.thebestlinks.com /Haddon.html   (119 words)

 NYOGFA: Forest Survey
So, MacArthur Forest is the most accessible example of the best ancient hardwood forest in the entire state." So proclaimed forest ecologist and old growth expert Bruce Kershner after spending a long day touring the woods with environmentalists, media—even the mayor.
Several trees have been cored with an increment borer by Dr. David Whitmer and Dave Johnson, Dr. Whitmer was guarded with his data, but indicated preliminary tree ring counts yielded ages of 185 to 250 years.
McArthur Forest is one of the oldest and most pristine forests in New Jersey.
www.championtrees.org /oldgrowth/surveys/MacArthur20402.htm   (414 words)

 Henry Doktorski
The abbot had heard from one of the monks that Henry played the instrument and he requested that Henry bring it during the daily evening services, "just to liven things up a bit." The accordion turned out to be a big hit and several of the monks asked Henry to teach them how to play.
As a result, Henry found himself in New York City a week or two later, obliged with the task of purchasing instruments for his newly formed accordion ensemble, and it was there that he discovered the classical accordion sub-culture.
Henry is a member of the advisory and editorial board for The Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments at the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, and Pi Kappa Lambda, the academic honor society in the field of music.
janpress.freeservers.com /biogHD.htm   (698 words)

 Haddon township, NJ Business Data: Stores, Dealers, Real Estate Agents, Wholesalers, Restaurants, etc.
Back to: Haddon township main page, New Jersey, United States.
Based on the data from 1997 when the population of Haddon township, New Jersey was 14,486
Back to: Haddon township, NJ (don't miss, contains a wealth of additional information), New Jersey, United States.
www.city-data.com /business/econ-Haddonship-New-Jersey.html   (117 words)

 Philosophy Statement
At that time my family moved to Haddon Township, New Jersey, which is where I grew up.
I graduated from Haddon Township High School, and I married my high school sweetheart while I was in college.
While I was in college I substituted for the Gloucester Township School District, and when I graduated I received a job offer from Medford.
mywebpages.comcast.net /mrmonti/Mainpages/meet_the_teacher.htm   (354 words)

NEW JERSEY BOOKS from RAY BOAS, BOOKSELLER in Walpole, NH On this page you can browse the 123 New Jersey related titles that are in stock as of May 2, 2006.
From its beginnings on the windswept New Jersey coast at the end of the 1860s, Atlantic City was a forthright monument to the pursuit of pleasure, the very first place in America devoted to the principle that there was nothing evil about having a good time.
Here (written in 1949) is her paper on the New Jersey Building that was moved from the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition to Kings Highway in Haddonfield after the close of the fair in 1877.
www.rayboasbookseller.com /nj.htm   (4966 words)

 League of Women Voters - Issues
A League of Women Voters of New Jersey Education Fund Project.
In 1858 the first nearly-complete skeleton of a dinosaur was discovered in Haddonfield, New Jersey.
In 1988 fourth-grade teacher Joyce Berry launched a project aimed at teaching her students about dinosaurs as well as the function of government.
www.lwvnj.org /booth/issues.shtml   (222 words)

 [No title]
Owen Cloran of New York, formerly of this city, is also a brother in law.
Williams, used the new building to accommodate the exceedingly large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives of the deceased and then the house of worship was well packed.
He served as Civil Defense Director for Haddon Township for seven years and is past president of the Westmont Little League.
www.lawrencecountyohio.com /obits/people/mulligan.htm   (8884 words)

 Camden Historical Impressions press release
Camden, New Jersey was the most important South Jersey transportation, industrial, financial and cultural center east of Philadelphia from the 1750’s through the 1950’s.
The exhibitions concentrate on thirty years of aesthetic observation of the city of Camden, New Jersey.
He is represented in the collections of the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton, the City of Camden, the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission and Rutgers University as well as many private collections.
camden-www.rutgers.edu /~wmhoffma/press.html   (837 words)

 Haddon Township New Jersey Real Estate
One of the many boroughs located along Haddon Avenue, Haddon Township is one of the largest geographically at 2.7 square miles.
Situated in western Camden County, easy access to Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore via high-speed rail makes for perfect commuter living while a holiday at the beach is just minutes away.
With such a vast array of housing options, exemplary educational facilities, and a community with pride in heritage and a keen eye for the future, Haddon Township says "home", no matter what type of lifestyle you are looking for.
www.relocate-america.com /states/NJ/cities/haddon_twp.htm   (298 words)

 Henry Doktorski, Concert Accordionist: Biography
A week or two later, I was sent to New York City to purchase instruments for our new accordion ensemble, and it was there that I discovered the classical accordion sub-culture.
The caption read, "The Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra, from Haddon Township New Jersey," and the article mentioned that the group performed pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Rossini, Dvorak, and several Russian composers whose names I did not recognize.
The Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra (Haddon Township, New Jersey)
www.henrydoktorski.com /bio.html   (813 words)

 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - Delaware Estuary Grants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Haddon Township Environmental Commission, in partnership with local civic and watershed associations, is conducting a comprehensive habitat restoration project focused on the MacArthur old-growth forest tract in Haddon Township, New Jersey.
South Jersey Resource Conservation and Development Council is restoring habitat for upland game bird species on the state’s Buckshutem Wildlife Management Area in Cumberland County, New Jersey.
Willingboro Township in Burlington County, New Jersey, is coordinating a project that will restore 100 feet of heavily eroded streambank in Mill Creek Park using innovative “bioengineering” techniques.
www.nfwf.org /programs/delaware_awards2003.cfm   (3222 words)

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