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  Haleth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Haleth is a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium.
After her father and her twin brother Haldar were slain in an Orc raid, Haleth became leader of the House.
She then led her people to the relative safety of the Forest of Brethil on the western border of Doriath where they remained for the duration of the First Age.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Haleth   (191 words)

 The Pitfalls of the Palantir - www.ezboard.com
Haleth said nothing, her attention diverted by a tern that spun and dived for fish on the sparkling waters of the bay.
Haleth sat crosslegged nearby on a large, flat rock, She watched the approach of the oncoming lemmings with the calm interest of a maniac examining a razor-sharp knife edge.
Haleth, arms crossed and face blazing had informed him that she'd been excessively cold and that was all that there was to it, that she was sorry if she'd disturbed his sleep, that she would never let it happen again and that she didn't want to speak of it again.
p211.ezboard.com /fthelotrmoviesitefrm8.showMessage?topicID=93.topic   (12390 words)

 The Battle for the Boots or Another PEF Miasma - www.ezboard.com
Haleth backed away slowly until she was at the very edge of the roof, her brands raised before her, the flames casting orange and red lights across her suddenly serious face.
Haleth seemed to be the only one who could lift Fingolfin out of his darkness, but lately she had only succeeded in that by making him tremendously angry.
Haleth had been firmly wedged under his bed for the better part of an hour and no amount of calm reassurances could pry her from her lair.
p211.ezboard.com /fthelotrmoviesitefrm8.showMessage?topicID=169.topic   (8256 words)

 The Reading Room || Lord of the Rings Reading and Writing Workshop
Haleth had been silent, letting Ioreth prattle on, but she was deeply suspicious of the idyllic picture the other woman had painted.
Haleth turned to see how her young mistress would respond to such a clear sign of admiration, and was surprised to see a slight blush on the lady's cheeks.
Haleth wordlessly planted a kiss on her mistress's cheek and pressed her hand, struggling not to show the intensity of relief.
www.theonering.com /articles/18435,1.html   (1964 words)

 A Bootless Adventure - www.ezboard.com
Haleth had circled the entire structure once, taking care to avoid the traps that were liberally scattered between the forest of twisted pines and the algae-filled moat which surrounded the castle.
Haleth brushed the sunflower seed casings from the front of her jerkin and gathered her supplies in preparation of continuing.
Haleth was confident that the dance to which this verse referred was the original, where the dancers tumbled to the ground and swore at the spinning ceiling for several minutes.
p214.ezboard.com /frivendell45735frm3.showMessage?topicID=72.topic   (7294 words)

 Haleth - Tolkien Gateway
Haleth "the Hunter" (First Age 341 – 420, aged 79 years) was the daughter of Haldad and twin sister of Haldar.
Haleth instead led her people to the relative safety of the Forest of Brethil in the lands of King Finrod Felagund.
Because Haleth did not marry and had no children, her brother's son Haldan became Chieftain of the Haladin.
tolkiengateway.net /wiki/Haleth   (339 words)

 LotR Fanatics Library: The Folk of Haleth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Then Haleth, daughter of Haldad and twin sister of Haldar, held her people together against the assault until Lord Caranthir came with his host and defeated the Orcs.
Thus, Haleth ruled her people in Brethil until her death, and she was buried in a green mound in the heights of the forest, Tûr Haretha, the Ladybarrow, Haudh-en-Arwen in the Sindarin tongue.
The main dwelling of the People of Haleth was Ephel Brandir, a fenced compound on the hill of Amon Obel in the midst of the forest.
www.lotrlibrary.com /racesofarda/haladin.asp   (1067 words)

 Story starts with Caranthir learning of Haleth's death from old age (in Brethil)
As Haleth walked back to her homestead in the frosty evening air, she turned the vial over and over in her hand, watching the oily liquid slosh back and forth.
Since this relationship was secret, the historians writing about Haleth would have indeed regarded her as unmarried; and Caranthir’s marriage, alluded to in "Of Men and Dwarves," would be the one between him and Meril at the end of this tale.
Since when Haleth died, her mortal spirit left Arda completely, and there was no chance of her ever returning to reunite with Caranthir, their marriage ended with her death, and he was free to wed again if he wished.
www.geocities.com /ithilwen2001/unforgettable_fire.html   (15462 words)

 Encyclopedia of Arda: Haleth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
When the land was invaded from east and west, Haleth's father the King led the Rohirrim to shelter in the deep behind the Hornburg (later known as Helm's Deep).
Haleth's brother Háma travelled westward with their father, but Haleth himself stayed to defend Edoras against the invaders.
He is not to be confused with another, more famous Haleth, the daughter of Haldad, who gave her name to the People of Haleth during the First Age.
www.glyphweb.com /arda/h/halethsonofhelm.html   (146 words)

 Haleth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Haleth: Cheiftan of the Haladin, savior and leader of her people.
Haleth was one of the Haladin, the second of the three ancient houses of the Edain to enter Beleriand.
She was a brave and true leader of her people, and at the end of her life the Haladin were renamed, and ever after were called The People of Haleth.
www.angelfire.com /poetry/haleth/haladin.html   (86 words)

 Stories of Arda - Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Archive
I had almost forgotten that Inglor and Haleth were leaving a blazing trail on their wake!(apart from stunned women) Everybody is on the move behind them, and if they ever chanced a glance over their shoulders I bet they would be suprised.
Dwarves, Dunedain, Drake and Hosluin all converging in the path of Inglor and Haleth...
Although Haleth would probably want something with a bit more kick to it if she knew what was behind her, let alone what's in front of her.
www.storiesofarda.com /reviewsbystory.asp?SID=3446   (800 words)

 Unsung Heroine - In the Bleak Midwinter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Before somewhere between dawn and dusk on a grey day, when the clouds seemed to wipe away the hours passing, and every moment seemed as bleak as the last, and time dragged until it suddenly stood still entirely, and I knew I would never be the same.
Someone like Haleth materializes from the wind on a grey day, stepping over mounds of carcasses towards you, and suddenly you know that things would be wrong if they were any other way, wishing to touch her now, and if only once, still better than never, still better than not at all.
Haleth's behaviour was considered most improper for a woman; she laughed and talked too loud, drank too much, and gestured too grandly.
www.parma-eruseen.net /stories/unsung_bleak.html   (2231 words)

 ladyofbrethil - Lady Haleth of the Haladin - Pictures
Haldad had twin children: Haleth his daughter, and Haldar his son; and both were valiant in defence, for Haleth was a woman of great heart and strength.
Haleth remained their chief while her days lasted, but she did not wed, and the headship afterwards passed to Haldad son of Haldar her brother.
But there were many who loved the Lady Haleth and wished to go whither she would, and dwell under her rule; and these she led into the Forest of Brethil between Teiglin and Sirion.
www.greatestjournal.com /userinfo.bml?user=ladyofbrethil   (608 words)

 The List Miasma - www.ezboard.com
"Haleth, why are you cowering behind me?" askes Inglor in his perpetual tone of gentle confusion.
She does not know where the lamps are and does not dare to open the drapes for the light to find one lest one of the unreasonable, determined elves on her list sees her.
Haleth awakens to a pair of strong arms closing around her and an unfamiliar voice in her ear.
p203.ezboard.com /fthehauntedwoodfrm6.showMessage?topicID=32.topic   (1371 words)

 Haleth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Haleth, daughter of Haldad and twin brother to Haldar, was one of the few female characters in the Silmarillion who played any kind of a role.
When the Haladin resigned themselves to death, Haleth took the leadership and held her people together for a week.
However, Haleth and her people were proud, and unwilling to be ruled, so she led her people to Estolad.
valarguild.org /varda/Tolkien/encyc/articles/h/Haleth.htm   (311 words)

 Meduseld: Stories: Child Of Edoras
Haleth was sweeping up in the kitchen, and his mother Laina preparing the afternoon meal, when a shout and collective gasps wafted into the room.
Haleth had always looked after the younger boy, and now it was more important than ever that he did, it seemed from his mama's tone.
Haleth took this, also, in stride, not embarrassed to have Joshul hanging onto him, although the reason he had asked Joshul to accompany him was simply that he knew his mother would allow them together, but not alone, to scout out the area.
www.subreality.com /eomer/library/coe.htm   (3703 words)

 The Lord of the Rings Characters: Haleth
The Patriot Resource > The Lord of the Rings > Characters > Haleth
Haleth is one of the young men who has to help in the defense of Helm's Deep.
The conversation also steels Aragorn to defend the Keep.
www.patriotresource.com /lotr/characters/haleth.html   (47 words)

 Who is Haleth? - www.ezboard.com
I saw Haleth in Tadan and Luitha's Journey on this board, and I do think I remember him from the books somewhere, but don't know where...
Haleth was a she and led her people to settle in the land of Brethil after her father and brother and many of her people were slaughtered by orcs.
Haleth died long before Rivendell was even founded.
p214.ezboard.com /frivendell45735frm8.showMessage?topicID=37.topic   (224 words)

 Haleth - The Lord of the Rings Wiki
Haleth - The Lord of the Rings Wiki
Haleth was the daughter of Haldad, leader of the Haladin, one of the Three Houses of the Edain.
This page was last modified 21:39, 5 April 2006.
lotr.wikia.com /wiki/Haleth   (128 words)

 Encyclopedia of Arda: Haleth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The daughter of Haldad of the Haladin; after the loss of her father and her twin brother Haldar, she became the leader of her people, and she led many of them to dwell in the Forest of Brethil.
In her time, the Haladin became known as the People of Haleth.
Click the link or the Seeing-stone to display the main page and full index.
www.glyphweb.com /arda/h/haleth.html   (90 words)

 ~Haleth~'s Grotto - Forum Powered by Infopop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Mon, 19 December 2005 02:12 PM by Lady Haleth d'Hollets
Thu, 11 March 2004 09:10 PM by Lady Haleth d'Hollets
Thu, 10 April 2003 08:04 PM by Lady Haleth d'Hollets
jedigirl.infopop.net /2/OpenTopic?a=frm&s=653099134&f=5823074796   (197 words)

 Stories of Arda - Author: Haleth - Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Archive
Stories of Arda - Author: Haleth - Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Archive
Those Also Serve Who Stand and Wait by Haleth
Fingolfin's younger sister, an Exile on Tol Eressëa, muses on her time in Middle-earth.
www.storiesofarda.com /Author.asp?AuthID=1076   (63 words)

 House of Haleth - Tolkien Gateway
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Second of the Three Houses of the Edain; the descendants of Haldad; the House was named for Haldad's daughter Haleth, who led the Haladin (as these people were known) from East Beleriand into the Forest of Brethil.
This page was last modified 18:51, 2 October 2005.
tolkiengateway.net /wiki/House_of_Haleth   (82 words)

 House of Haleth - Gurupedia
Tolkien, the House of Haleth or the Haladin were the second of the
Impressed by their virtue Caranthir offered them his lands to live in protected, but Haleth refused, and later got permission to settle in the forest of Brethil, part of Doriath but outside the Girdle of
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www.gurupedia.com /h/ha/haladin.htm   (401 words)

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