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Topic: Hamgyong

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Appeals: Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Typhoon Prapiroon - Sep 2000, DPR Korea: Typhoon Appeal No. 25/2000, ...
The DPRK Red Cross, with the support of the Federation, aims to assist those worst-affected by the storm damage in four cities and counties in South Hamgyong province through provision of relief supplies and construction material to enable them to rebuild their homes before the arrival of the winter and its harsh conditions.
The worst of the storm damage occurred in South Hamgyong Province where the 11 cities and counties were severely affected, leaving more than 10,000 homeless flood victims.
The DPRK Red Cross, with the support of the Federation, aims to assist 6,000 people who are worst-affected in four cities and counties in South Hamgyong province through provision of relief supplies and construction material before the arrival of the winter and its harsh conditions.
www.reliefweb.int /rw/rwb.nsf/AllDocsByUNID/67fd7de72b7cf4c8c125695f00536f22   (1968 words)

In the southern states about 40 to 45 days in the nursery suffices, but in the northern states such as South Hamgyong and Kangwon, with lower temperatures, a longer stay of 50 to 55 days is required.
However, in the northern provinces of South Hamgyong and Kangwon, with colder and longer winters, traditional varieties such as 'Haeju 4' have been found to be more suitable.
About 50 per cent of this area is located in the northern provinces of Ryanggang and North and South Hamgyong and the remainder in the southern provinces of North and South Hwanghae and North and South Pyongan.
www.fao.org /DOCREP/006/Y4756E/y4756e08.htm   (1523 words)

 The Politics of Famine in North Korea by Andrew Natsios: Special Reports: U.S. Institute of Peace
Even though the authors are reluctant to extrapolate their figures to the general population of North Hamgyong, they do estimate that 245,000 out of a population of 2 million people may have starved to death in that province alone.
The volume of international food aid and Chinese imports is such that according to refugee interviews, the price of food in the private markets diminished by 25-35 percent between March and September 1998--the last half of the harvest year--just when it should have been increasing.
Refugees from South Hamgyong know that countries they have been taught are their enemies are giving food aid.
www.usip.org /pubs/specialreports/sr990802.html   (7363 words)

 [No title]
Another inspection visit was made to military unit 581, a recipient of "Oh Jung Heup's Seventh Regiment Title." Accompanied by Kim Yong Chun, chief of KPA general staff, Li Myung Su, Hyun Chol Hae and Park Jae Kyung, generals in the KPA, Kim stressed, in both visits, the importance of strengthening the troops' combat capabilities.
The North Korean Central Broadcasting Station reported that during the period from July 17 to July 19, an average rainfall of 20mm to 50mm was recorded in Pyongyang, Northern and Southern Pyongan providence, Nampo, Northern Hwanghae Province and Southern Hamgyong Province.
During the same period, average rainfall was 50mm to 100mm in Southern Hwanghae Province, Northern Hamgyong Province and Kangwon Province and 10mm to 20mm in Jagang Province and Yanggang Province.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/library/news/dprk/2003/07/nis-e0714-20.htm   (373 words)

 Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea
In the worst North Korean concentration camp riot that took place in 1987, over 5,000 or a third of about 15,000 political prisoners were alleged to have been massacred, according to second-hand sources.
The massacre took place at the subsequently closed Concentration Camp No. 12 at Onsong, North Hamgyong Province, located near the notorious and largest Hyoeryong Concentration Camp in North Korea, in May 1987 in the course of brutally suppressing the riot, the first of its kind in scale in the country.
Ahn Myong-chol, 33, a North Korean defector in the South who had served as a guard at a nearby concentration camp at the time, made the allegation, quoting platoon and squad leaders who participated in the suppression operation.
english.chosun.com /w21data/html/news/200212/200212110038.html   (393 words)

 Situation Reports: Democratic People's Republic of Korea: Typhoon Prapiroon - Sep 2000, Democratic People's Republic of ...
The storm, followed by storm surges and high tides causing back-up of water drainage from rivers and estuaries, has caused extensive damage to houses, infrastructure, including roads, bridges, rail, communications such as telephone lines, public buildings and water and sewage systems as well as to crops.
According to initial assessments conducted in the aftermath of the occurrence of the disaster by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Pyongyang and WFP Emergency Officers, the most serious damage appears to have occurred in North and South Hamgyong provinces in the north-east corner of the country, particularly from Hamhung in South Hamgyong northwards.
The ports are functioning normally in North and South Hamgyong.
www.reliefweb.int /rw/rwb.nsf/AllDocsByUNID/ebdc693a617c9442c125696200558ee9   (1755 words)

 Missile Deployment Areas - North Korean Special Weapons Facilities
Kanggamchan located on the opposite side of the Kane-po Fisheries Cooperatives in Jungsan County, South Pyongan Province was completed around 1985.
the No-dong missile base in Hwadae County, North Hamgyong Province was completed in 1988.
North Korea has a brigade-sized SCUD B/C surface-to-surface missile (SSM) unit about 50 kilometers north of the DMZ at Chiha-ri, which is the main technical support base for North Korea's Scud missile brigade.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/dprk/facility/missile.htm   (436 words)

Fertilizer consumption in the various provinces is shown in Table 2.
North Pyongan, South Hwanghae, South Pyongan, North Hwanghae, South Hamgyong and Kangwon are the major fertilizer consuming provinces.
The average consumption of fertilizers per ha for the two major crops of DPR Korea, main crop rice and maize, in the various provinces is shown in Tables 3 and 4.
www.fao.org /DOCREP/006/Y4756E/y4756e06.htm   (489 words)

 The Asianist: Japan to Return Monument to Korea
The Japanese and South Korean governments officially requested that the stone monument be sent to the peninsula in an attempt to mend relations between the two countries, and also North Korea.
The monument was created in what is now North Hamgyong, a North Korean province, in the early 18th century to celebrate the failed attempt by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598) to invade the peninsula.
The monument is believed to have been brought to Japan during the Russo-Japan War (1904-1905) by Japanese troops, and later kept at Yasukuni Shrine, which honors the nation's war dead.
www.discovery.org /blogs/asianistArchive/2005/10/japan_to_return_monument_to_s_korea.html   (184 words)

 Nasdaq 100 Flash Quotes
On July 5, North Korea fired seven missiles, including a long-range one, into the Sea of Japan, with the six of the seven - short-range Scuds and medium-range Rodongs - launched from the same missile test site in Kangwon Province.
The long-range ballistic missile, a Taepodong-2, was launched from the other site in Musudanri, North Hamgyong Province.
Yonhap quoted South Korea's foreign and defense ministry officials as saying that the North may conduct either missile launches or a nuclear test by timing such activity to coincide with a summit between South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun and U.S. President George W. Bush in Washington in mid-September.
www.nasdaq.com /aspxcontent/NewsStory.aspx?cpath=20060903\ACQDJON200609030119DOWJONESDJONLINE000077.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999   (391 words)

 South Hamgyong Map, Map of South Hamgyong
Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of South Hamgyong as well as a wealth of information on the subject of South Hamgyong maps.
This "maps of South Hamgyong" page will be updated frequently, so visit early and visit often.
A detailed colored map of South Hamgyong Region.
www.infohub.com /Maps/south_hamgyong_map_2337.html   (201 words)

 15.7. A Written Warranty for a Good Citizen
That day I learned that she had been born in Hoeryong, North Ham-gyong Province, and that her family had left the hometown and emigrated to Manchuria when she was five or six years old.
The people in Hoeryong are proud that their native place is a scenic spot in North Hamgyong Province.
During the anti-Japanese revolution this historic place, known as one of the six border points, was designated conspicuously on our operations map as a military strategic point, 2the seat of the headquarters of the 75th Regiment, Ranam 19th Division f the Japanese army, and an air corps.
www.kimsoft.com /war/r-15-7.htm   (9635 words)

 North Hamgyong Map, Map of North Hamgyong
Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of North Hamgyong as well as a wealth of information on the subject of North Hamgyong maps.
You can also find unique vacations and tours available for North Hamgyong.
This "maps of North Hamgyong" page will be updated frequently, so visit early and visit often.
www.infohub.com /Maps/north_hamgyong_map_2334.html   (193 words)

At the same time, a South Korean daily reported that North Korea has tested an engine for the multi-staged Taepo Dong-2 liquid-fuel, intermediate-range missile.
JoongAng reported on Thursday that the missile engine underwent a successful test at the Musudan missile factory in North Korea's North Hamgyong province and could pave the way for an imminent flight test.
In December 2002, an explosion was said to have destroyed Taepo Dong missile engine production facilities.
www.free-lebanon.com /LFPNews/2004/June/June11/june11.html   (530 words)

 Asia Times
It also features a new generation of armor on its hull and turret.
The North Korean tank was developed by Ryu Kyong-su Tank Factory in Shinhung, South Hamgyong province.
The tank's performance tests were learned to have taken place near Pyongyang on February 16 in commemoration of Kim Jong-il's 60th birthday.
www.atimes.com /atimes/Korea/DG06Dg01.html   (731 words)

 U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
But as the interviewees for this report, most of whom were middle-aged or young adults, provided no information on “9/27” camps, information about such facilities is not included.
Former North Korean prison camp guard AHN Myong Chol states that Kyo-hwa-so No. 22 supplies some forty percent of the corn consumed in North and South Hamgyong provinces.
Former North Korean prisoners and detainees interviewed for this report were detained and/or imprisoned at the following places and times:15
www.hrnk.org /hiddengulag/introduction.html   (2466 words)

 /\/Nexus Network!\/\
All of these animals can be found within Hamgyong Nam-do.
Caves are listed from lowest level to highest.
Hamgyong Nam-do / Islets (Main) / Islets (Caves) / Arctic Land / Hausson / Monster Main Page
www.rpgplanet.com /nexus/monsters/hnamdo.asp   (51 words)

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