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Topic: Hanover, New Hampshire

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  About the Town of Hanover
In 1761, the town of Hanover was granted a charter by the Royal Governor of New Hampshire in response to a petition from about 65 colonists in Connecticut.
As the town grew, new mills attracted more settlers, and Mill Village (now Etna village) became the center of town affairs, where Town Meeting was held for the next 78 years until moving to what we now think of as Hanover in 1922.
From 1778-84, Hanover and a number of towns in Grafton County seceeded from New Hampshire.
www.hanovernh.org /about   (1094 words)

  Hanover, New Hampshire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hanover borders the towns of Lyme, Canaan, Enfield, and Norwich, Vermont, as well as the city of Lebanon.
Norwich and Hanover are two of the small number of towns that travellers must pass through while hiking the Appalachian trail.
In the late 18th century, Dresden was one of a group of neighboring New Hampshire towns that briefly defected to Vermont, when the Republic of Vermont was an independent nation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hanover,_New_Hampshire   (733 words)

 Hanover New Hampshire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hanover - Dartmouth College - Alpha Theta - Likely due to the untimely deaths of...
Hanover borders the towns of Lyme, Lebanon, West Lebanon, Etna, and Norwich, Vermont.
Norwich and Hanover share one of the only inter-state school districts in the nation.
www.wikiverse.org /hanover-new-hampshire   (662 words)

 Find Hanover, NH Home Improvement Contractors
Repair or install new roofing, siding, or windows to have your home looking like new again in no time.
New Hampshire did not officially adopt a state flag until 1909.
The Belknap Mill built in Laconia, New Hampshire in 1823 is the oldest unaltered brick knitting mill in America.
www.servicemagic.com /realestate.Hanover.New-Hampshire.real-estate.html   (312 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire
Hanover, New Hampshire is 64 miles NW of Manchester, New Hampshire (center to center) and 111 miles NW of Boston, Massachusetts.
Hanover is one of the richer towns in New Hampshire.
Among Hanover political contributors, John Kerry was favored among Presidential candidates in 2004, with $66,100.
www.citytowninfo.com /places/new-hampshire/hanover   (446 words)

 Hanover, NH - New Hampshire Florists, buy flowers from your local full service retail flower shops and florist serving ...
Hanover, New Hampshire Florists have been brought to you by Flower Shop Network, a directory of United States and Canadian florists.
It is vitally important that you provide Hanover, New Hampshire Florists with accurate, detailed information regarding the name and address of the person to whom you are sending flowers.
When placing an order for Delivery in Hanover, New Hampshire, it is usually wise to keep the order simple, the less specific you are in your request, the less room for error.
www.flowershopnetwork.com /directory/NewHampshireFlorists/Hanover.php   (1057 words)

 Seacoast Living | NH Seacoast Luxury & Waterfront Real Estate I   (Site not responding. Last check: )
TMS Architects, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was co-founded in 1984 by John Merkle and William Soupcoff.
Golf Club of New England is designed to appeal to individuals who would enjoy playing a tournament-caliber course where there are no tee times, and partaking of the amenities of a distinctive but unpretentious clubhouse catering only to golfers.
New Castle houses a U.S. Coast Guard Station at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, Forts Constituton and Stark which are Historic Sites under the direction of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development.
www.seacoastliving.com /hanover_new_hampshire.htm   (2372 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire
Over fifty years, Hanover's population increased by a total of 4,591 residents, going from 6,259 in 1950 to 10,850 residents in 2000.
The 2004 Census estimate for Hanover was 11,124 residents, which ranked 27th among New Hampshire's incorporated cities and towns.
Hanover contains 49.1 square miles of land area and 1.0 square miles of inland water area.
www.nhes.state.nh.us /elmi/htmlprofiles/hanover.html   (359 words)

 Personal Injury Attorneys in Hanover New Hampshire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you are looking for a competent, affordable and honest Personal Injury Attorney in Hanover New Hampshire, you have come to the right place.
New Hampshire State falls under the 1st Circuit.
Juvenile defendants were generally treated as serious offenders, as 52% did not receive pretrial release, 63% were convicted of a felony, and 43% of those convicted received a prison sentence in 2000.
www.locate-personal-injury-lawyer.com /Attorneys/New-Hampshire/Personal-Injury-Attorney-In-Hanover.asp   (781 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire (NH) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, news, ...
Back to Hanover, NH housing info, Grafton County, New Hampshire, NH smaller cities, NH small cities, All Cities.
The ratio of number of residents in Hanover to the number of sex offenders is 2041 to 1.
Citizens Bank New Hampshire: Kendall At Hanover Branch at 80 Lyme Road, branch established on 1999-07-02; Hanover Branch at 44 South Main Street, branch established on 1983-03-28.
www.city-data.com /city/Hanover-New-Hampshire.html   (1824 words)

 Find Churches in Hanover New Hampshire - FlockFinder.com
For some time now, churches in New Hampshire have been pressured to get a "church website" assuming it would be an effective evangelistic tool and a way to promote their church.
Churches in Hanover New Hampshire would be surprised at the amount of people who are looking for a church in their area.
Many churches in New Hampshire don't know the challenge Christians are facing weekly trying to find good churches to attend.
www.flockfinder.com /churches_new_hampshire/hanover/churches_hanover_new_hampshire.html   (517 words)

 IMBA: Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crews: 2004: Hanover, New Hampshire: New Trail Opportunities in the Upper Valley
The small town of Hanover is home to Dartmouth College, lots of public lands, and a section of the Appalachian Trail that passes right through downtown - yet relatively few trails are available for mountain bike use.
Despite an afternoon downpour, several hardy New Englanders stuck around for more than 2 hours of trail assessment at local trails around Storrs Pond, with the rain demonstrating erosion on poorly designed trails.
Working with volunteers on an old roadbed is not ideal because of the width; building a rolling grade dip becomes a day-long project with little tangible results.
www.imba.com /tcc/2004/new_hampshire_hanover.html   (456 words)

 Hanover New Hampshire Real Estate
Dartmouth and the Town of Hanover are woven together in architecture, spirit, and culture.
Located on the beautiful Connecticut river, Hanover is the archetype of a New England college community.
Hanover is located with the geographical region known as the "Upper Valley", which lies halfway up the length of New Hampshire and Vermont along the Connecticut River.
www.relocate-america.com /states/NH/cities/hanover.htm   (350 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast - Hanover B&B from Pamela Lanier
Search our database of Hanover B&Bs and you'll find detailed listings, current rates, and special deals for bed and breakfasts in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Hanover, NH (Lebanon, NH) Hanover's first and finest Bed & Breakfast offers luxury country lodgings just four miles east of Dartmouth College & three miles from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
Lyme, NH (Hanover, NH) Dependable inn & tavern for almost 200 years; built in 1806.
www.lanierbb.com /hanover-new-hampshire-bed-breakfast.html   (174 words)

 Visit Hanover, New Hampshire
Hanover’s special charm is its unique combination of urban cultural sophistication, Ivy-League New England village atmosphere and natural beauty and recreational opportunities.
Downtown Hanover is home to nine theaters, the Hopkins Center for the Arts and the Hood Museum of Art.
Hanover is easy to reach via I-91, I-89 or the Lebanon and Manchester, New Hampshire airports.
www.hanoverchamber.org /visithanover/index.cfm   (141 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire - links to government resources and information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
New Hampshire - Eighteenth-Century American Newspapers in the...
SBIR Awardees for Fiscal Year(s): 1995 for New Hampshire 09/19/96...
Trustees of Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH $117,573 for its New Hampshire Local Records Project to conduct training in preservation techniques, access issues...
www.us-news-watch.com /New_Hampshire/Hanover.html   (593 words)

 Hanover New Hampshire Information
Hanover, New Hampshire is located in Grafton County.
Hanover, New Hampshire accomodations, resorts, inns and B&Bs might be just what you need for a good nights rest.
Our Free Hanover, New Hampshire community forums allows you to talk to other people in your hometown about the community issues that concern you.
www.hometownusa.com /nh/Hanover.html   (1052 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire Maps :: MatchC Travel Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Free State New Hampshire Live - Links to webcams from around the state.
Historic USGS Maps of New Hampshire - From the Dimond Library collection at UNH.
Mapathon - New Hampshire - Provides links to many different types of maps and atlases, including city street, road, weather, shaded relief, and satellite images; also has links to other map services.
www.matchc.com /new_hampshire_maps/Hanover.html   (223 words)

 New Hampshire Vacations - State Of New Hampshire - New Hampshire Hotels
The state capital of New Hampshire is Concord and it also have several attractions worth visiting.
New Hampshire’s largest developed state park is located in the southeast of the city, the Bear Brook State Park.
An excellent place to stay while in New Hampshire is the bed and breakfast Adair which is in Bethlehem.
www.newhampshirehotelfinder.com   (564 words)

 New Hampshire: Facts, Map and State Symbols - EnchantedLearning.com
The official state flag of New Hampshire was adopted in 1909 (but its design has been in use since 1784).
The scene is surrounded by the words, "SEAL OF THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE 1776," and yellow laurel leaves interspersed with nine yellow stars (since New Hampshire was the ninth state in the US).
Answer geography questions about New Hampshire using the map on this quiz.
www.enchantedlearning.com /usa/states/newhampshire   (331 words)

 $25,000 money market account rates in Hanover, New Hampshire, Friday
The highest rate on a $25,000 money market account in Hanover is 5.16 percent, with an annual percentage yield of 5.30 percent.
In addition to the money market accounts offered in the Hanover market, some financial institutions make their money market accounts available nationwide.
The Your Best Interest report is a daily service of Bankrate.com, a financial news and information service based in North Palm Beach, Fla. Bankrate surveys more than 300 financial products from more than 4,800 institutions in all 50 states.
www.bankrate.com /bosre/updates/ybir/ybir_results.asp?web=bosre¶ms=dep,D,35,NH,575   (265 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire Web Design Services - Web Site Design Firms
This Hanover, New Hampshire web design service featured listing has received 106 unique visitors in the past two months.
This Hanover, New Hampshire web design service featured listing has received 108 unique visitors in the past three months.
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 Hanover Inn In Hanover, New Hampshire - Mr Breakfast.com
Hanover Inn In Hanover, New Hampshire - Mr Breakfast.com
The Hanover, New Hampshire Better Breakfast Bureau is is not affiliated with the Hanover Chamber of Commerce or any other branch of Hanover local government.
While Mr Breakfast cannot vouch for the validity of each restaurant review, he feels pretty good vouching for the excellent character of the residents of Hanover, New Hampshire - who are primarily responsible for the review(s) you see above.
www.mrbreakfast.com /r_display.asp?restid=2863   (155 words)

 Hanover, NH Hotels - cheap hotels in Hanover New Hampshire
Hanover, NH, Hotels Booking Information: Making a reservation at a hotel in Hanover at one of our great discount rates is easy and safe with USAHotelGuide.com.
Reservations at hotels in Hanover, New Hampshire, can also be made over the phone by calling Toll Free 1-800-305-6863.
Compare discount Hanover hotel rates for all Hanover hotels and Hanover accommodations.
www.usahotelguide.com /new-hampshire-hanover-hotels.html   (198 words)

 Hanover, New Hampshire :: Debt Settlement Online
Hanover, New Hampshire to settle your debts quickly and easily.
If you need to settle credit card debt, Outstanding loans, Bills or anything else and you are in Hanover, New Hampshire, then let's get started.
Hanover, New Hampshire - Become Debt Free in as little as 2-3 years Save 50 cents on the dollar or more on your debt Stop dealing with creditors Drastically lower your monthly payments Save thousands in interest Reduce your debt by as much as 75% Shave years off your payments.
www.debt-settlement-online.com /settlements/New_Hampshire/Hanover   (172 words)

 HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE • Historic New England
There are several small islands in Connecticut river within the limits of Hanover, the largest of which is Parker's island, containing about 20 acres.
The surface of Hanover is agreeably diversified with hills and valleys, and the greatest part is suitable for farms.
There is but a small proportion of waste land; less, perhaps, than in any other town in Grafton county.
newenglandtowns.org /new-hampshire/hanover.html   (350 words)

 hanover new hampshire real estate   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For hanover new hampshire real estate we can help.
Real estate listings are a great place to start your search for a new home, or to compare the value of your current home.
If hanover new hampshire real estate is what you were searching for, find it here by choosing your state on the map below.
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 Hanover, New Hampshire Copywriters - Copy Writers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This Hanover, New Hampshire copywriter featured listing has received 31 unique visitors in the past three months.
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