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Topic: Hardcore trance

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  trance, транс, house, музыка trance, hardcore, клубная музыка и танцевальная ...
trance, транс, house, музыка trance, hardcore, клубная музыка и танцевальная музыка.
Trance house hardcore характеризуется прямым нетяжелым ритмом в диапазоне 126-145 bpm, ярко выраженными клавишными и стринговыми темами.
Trance это довольно спокойная, иногда даже немного грустная музыка.
www.v23.ru   (211 words)

 N.C. Raves: Hardcore
Hardcore trance (or "hardtrance") is a harder version of trance music.
Hardcore isn't just an adjective, though, and "hardcore" [Audio] by itself is used to denote a fusion of punk, heavy metal, and techno, and was responsible for bringing over many in the industrial and metal crowd to the rave scene.
Happy hardcore [Audio] is a hybrid of hardcore and house music, in which piano riffs are juxtaposed with fast, pounding beats.
www.ibiblio.org /raves/stories/electronica/pages/hardcore.shtml   (155 words)

 Hardcore trance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hardcore trance, is a hybrid of Trance music and Happy Hardcore with House elements.
Hardcore, or Happy Hardcore, was the 'original' sound of the genre, with very basic beats, often containing 'zany' sound effects and the common 'chipmunk' pitch-shifted vocal.
As Happy Hardcore evolved it lost its 'Crazy' and frantic characteristics and turned softer and then into Hardcore as we know it today, a little over produced in some places.By over-production, we mean too many sounds and elements to make up the song.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hardcore_trance   (374 words)

 All tiesto, dj tiesto, djs, techno, house, trance, progressive!
Trance is the name applied to a type of House music that tends to be faster than normal, rarely features vocals and is built around layers of shimmering, intertwining synthesizer riffs.
The psychedelic strand of trance developed at the outdoor raves in Goa, on the west coast of India.
Trance remains especially popular in Germany, Italy, Israel and Holland, where much European trance (or "euro" trance) is produced.
www.famousdjs.com /biographies/tiesto.htm   (1698 words)

 HappyHardcore.com - The most popular hardcore dance music site in the world
trance is good to listen to,hard house is full of energy but it hasn't really gone anywhere so it's boring in a sense.
Hard Trance is very nice combination of the two, and when techno elements are added into the scheme of things (Marco V Style) you have a very nice genre of music.
Of the two, I prefer trance, its far more emotive and varied, with it big epic end-of-the-world type breakdowns, and for some strange reason, i believe it could even be said to be the modern day form of classical music.
www.happyhardcore.com /forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9266   (623 words)

 Hardcore techno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hardcore techno is usually composed using music sequencers, and many earlier tracks were produced on home computers with module tracker software.
Freeform is most frequently called hardcore due to its similarities in tempo and rhythm but it also has elements that show influences from other genres such as acid house and drum and bass.
The Hardcore community is close-knit and there are many names and definitions that are used differently in different areas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hardcore_techno   (730 words)

 RA: Resident Advisor - Lifes a Breeze - Feature / Interview
Having shone through with work in both hard trance circles as well as the hardcore contingency, Mark Breeze alongside fellow producer Darren Styles have proved that things are looking bright in 2003.
hardcore ravers wanted what the other music ravers had, which was good clean tracks, something to be proud of, rather then looked at as kids music.
Canada has a great scene for hardcore, been there several times and haven’t had a bad night, USA used to be good to, if you played for the right promoter but as their new laws came into effect the scene has lowered a lot.
www.residentadvisor.net /feature_view.asp?id=320   (1816 words)

 InternetEd Reviews: Paul Oakenfold- Voyage Into Trance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Oakenfold's Voyage Into Trance is showing signs of reaching its expiration date.
It is no fault on the part of DJ Oakenfold that synthesizer technology is constantly upgraded, thus making it hard to keep up with the 'current' sound: but the fact that this music lack the multidimensionality of his later works is attributable only to the man, not the machine.
Fans of hardcore trance will enjoy parts of this record and hopped-up raveheads will gladly dance the night away to the looped beats.
www.interneted.com /Reviewpages/oakenfoldpaulvoyageintotrance.htm   (339 words)

 Hardcore, Freeform, Oldskool, Trance - Its all just harddance.com
Yes because not everybody wants to be a dj and if it was just down to 12 inch sales there would be no scene.
No it has been there before, the problem with hardcore is it's not a fashion show and when people get older they are more bothered what they look like on the outside and not what the music makes them feel like on the inside.
A big respect to everybody I have had the honour to work with in the hardcore scene.
www.btinternet.com /~Part.E/hqna13.html   (461 words)

Many of the trance albums produced by industrial artists were generally experiments, not an attempt to start a new genre with an associated culture they remained firmly rooted culturally in industrial and avant-garde music.
Trance begins as a genre Main articles: acid trance, Goa trance The earliest identifiable trance recordings came not from within the trance scene itself, but from the UK acid house movement, and were made by The KLF.
For example, trance duo Sasha and Digweed (also known as Delta Heavy), have helped bring the progressive sound to the forefront, all but abandoned it by 2000, instead spinning a darker mix of the rising "deep trance" and "tech-trance" style they pioneered along with producers and DJ's like Slacker and Breeder.
www.myspace.com /djsamuraijapan   (2368 words)

 Happy Hardcore = trance? i think not! - Tranceaddict Forums
I was downstairs the whole night, and the music was pretty much happy hardcore the whole night.
The closest thing to trance the whole night was a happy hardcore remix of Rank 1 - Airwave, which was played three times during the night might i add.
Beats me. My friends were adamant that it is trance, and I just gave up trying to convince them.
www.tranceaddict.com /forums/showthread/t-165274.html   (189 words)

 [No title]
In short this are about all of the kinds of house: Club, Trance, Techno, Gabber, Hardtrance, Hardhouse, Chemical, Big Beat, Drum 'n Bass.
Trance and club is most played in Disco's, the rest is played only at socalled Houseparties.
Other parties are: Shadowlands and Digital Overdose (Both hardcore), Shockers(Techno and Hardtrance) and Trance Energy(Trance).
www.angelfire.com /ia/house/info.html   (317 words)

 DJ Shaun - hardcore
Well hardcore is very popular in parts of Europe.
On this compilation from 1996 you can clearly hear the distinction between happy hardcore and jungle as they become more divided.
Disc three is a good happy hardcore mix by Vibes and as most UK happy hardcore DJ's he likes his pitch at +8.
www.djshaun.net /hardcor2.htm   (384 words)

 Hard trance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Originating in Frankfurt, hard trance incorporates influences from hardcore techno and euro house.
The hard trance sound varies from classic trance with its emphasis on harder, often acid sounds.
The pumped up sound of UK Hard house, popular at the turn of the millennium, spread to the trance and gradually the two came closer together through the evolution of hard trance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hard_trance   (281 words)

 Urban Dictionary: hardstyle
It lacks the fluidity of trance, which is the main characteristic that distinguishes it from hard trance.
Hardstyle, sometimes referred to as hardbass, is a sub-genre of trance music that is closely related to nu style gabber and hard trance.
Hardstyle is generally played along side Nu-NRG and gabber in the UK and aside hard trance or hardcore in the rest of Europe.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=hardstyle   (427 words)

 Different types of trance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I want to know what are the different types of categories trance is divided into...
Commercial Trance (although you can't really call this trance as it is mainly shit)
and sky trance, melodic trance, dub trance, ambient trance, agressive trance...
www.hard-trance.com /forum/viewtopic_372.php   (195 words)

 Breeze&Styles - Masters of Hardcore [Archive] - DI Forums Board
Hardcore is all the stuff you hear thats fast, aggressive and generally 4/4.
Hardcore is a VERY VERY wide genre and you trying to put down a specific type of hardcore because it's not 'hardcore' enough isn't going to change the fact that happy hardcore is still related to gabba and freeform.
May 10th, 2003, 03:58 PM no...i like happy hardcore too...dont get me wrong...but i wish it was all gabber instead...and i know im not the biggest hardcore fan..im more into progressive trance...but gabber is my second fav...i just love the harder bass..
forums.di.fm /archive/index.php/t-27966.html   (3432 words)

 Germantrance.com - Club Trance / Hard Trance / Hardstyle / Hardcore / Freeform / Techno   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
On listening to the first three mixes i was very nearly ready to bit it, but then the b2 mix caught my attension the "Dirty Dj's Hardclub Mix" (which is the d sample) it's partly produced by Philippe Hager who's one half of the Mainbrain & Somville production team from Germany.
It's no surprise to find out 'Uberdruck' is at the fore front of the European Hard trance / Hardstyle sound once again with this releases the guys at Uberdruck Hq have seaked out this new talent from Denmark.
The original mix a real pounder using a tingly piano riff in the breakdown which works to good effect.
www.germantrance.com   (568 words)

We are underground dance music vinyl traders, Specialising mainly in happy hardcore vinyl records from the mid 90's when the uk rave & happy hardcore scene was at its peak.
I got into the hardcore & rave scene during the early 90's after a friend showed me The PLEASUREDOME 2nd Birthday video, after that i was hooked.
I started dj'ing happy hardcore around 1998 and dj'd for several years, i then hung up my headphones in 2004 and started selling my collection of classic happy hardcore records, realising that there was still a huge market for the records i started to souce more records and started up Hardcore Specialists Records
classictrax.freewebpage.org   (236 words)

 Trance Wave - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
In the late summer of 2001, when they visited COSI Science Center in Toledo, OH, the sound room quickly grabbed their attention and Trance Wave was born.
Trance, the main genre which Trance Wave produces, is not the only one.
Creating mostly during late hours, the style is similar to the trance of '98 only with fresh sounds.
music.download.com /trance_wave/3600-8263_32-100405399.html   (1018 words)

 purevolume™ | Hardcore
DNB, and a little Reggae and alotta Trance = Hardcore.
I am influenced by reggae and GAZILLIONAIRE trance mix dj Paul Oakenfold.
You must be logged in as a “LISTENER” to have favorite artists.
www.purevolume.com /hardcore   (45 words)

 Trance Rave Presents Happy Hardcore Best CD (Various Artists) - SHOP.COM
Trance Rave Presents Happy Hardcore Best CD (Various Artists)
Trance Rave Presents Happy Hardcore Best Tracks Let It Be (My Guardian Angel), Vol.3, Way Of The Wind, Flowrish, 30 Min.Harder, Wizard, Ray Of Light, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Illusion, Hardcore Fever Remixes, You Got Me, Tokyo Raver, Time After...
All other designated trademarks, copyrights and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.shop.com /op/aprod-p49894410   (229 words)

 UK Raves - happy hardcore, techno, ukraves, raving, gaz wilzee, test
Features the cream of the Hardcore scene: Hixxy and Recon, Sharkey and CLSM and Kutski, Scott Brown and Gammer, who go back2back dropping brand spanking new, upfront and exclusive tracks across 3 CD’s!
UK raves have been involved with the rave scene since 1993, seeing the rave scene change into all its various forms.
Dedicated to all areas of the uk rave scene hardcore, raving, drum n bass, techno, old skool, happy hardcore, trance, ukraves, ukrave
www.ukraves.co.uk   (320 words)

 Toucan Music - house, trance, breakbeat, chillout, dance music downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The remix takes the piano and warm trance synth sounds of the original and wraps around screaming acidic riffs, banging hardcore beats and haunting reverb effects.
Lost Soul is an up and coming figure in the freeform scene and has had his tracks released on labels such as Nu Energy, with his track "Dark Side Of The Moon" featured on the well known Bonkers series of albums mixed by such hardocre luminaries as Sharkey.
The tracks featured at the moment are previous hardcore releases from Toucan by Dreamworld, however some brand new tracks will be available shortly to kick start this new site.
www.toucanmusic.co.uk   (1346 words)

 DJ Choci: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
After several mix albums for British consumption only (including the Modernistic Acid Trance series), hard trance hero DJ Choci (owner of Choci's Chewns) released his first mix album for a worldwide audience.
Hixxy ascended to the elite class of happy hardcore DJs in the late '90s, mixing several entries in React's Bonkers series, releasing his tracks on his own Essential label, and spinning at many of the U.K.'s biggest happy hardcore events.
Hixxy is perhaps best-known for his "Toytown" single, one of happy hardcore's most popular anthems.
www.music.com /person/dj_choci/1   (350 words)

 In need of some hardcore TRANCE! - Tranceaddict Forums
I was wondering if you guys could recommend some dope ass trance songs for me to download.
I'm not a huge fan of hardcore or happy hardcore, but I can't get enuff of a fairly rare new style called Freeform aka Trancecore.
lol i think when he meant hardcore he meant quality...
www.tranceaddict.com /forums/showthread/t-4367.html   (143 words)

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