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Topic: Hargeisa

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Circus Dire Dawa visits Circus Hargeisa
The Hargeisa circus children were given permission from their school and early in the morning the convoy of 2 cars and a bus made their way across the desert to Gabile who has, as all Somaliland towns and cities been badly affected by the war.
A series of meetings were held between the Director of Circus Hargeisa, the Executive Director of Havoyoco, the Director of Circus Dire Dawa, the Director of Circus in Ethiopia and the Novib representative.
Owing to the very scarce repair facilities in Hargeisa and Dire Dawa it was decided that it would be best not to create even precedents to this decision as to make it clear to the community that the equipment, notably the sound ssystem and generator are not available for rent under any circumstance.
www.lefourneau.com /artistes/circus/ethiopie/cirques/circushargeisa/hargeisaddexch.htm   (2581 words)

  Togdheer Online - Education
The university of Hargeisa is located in Hargeisa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland.
Hargeisa with an estimated population of 500,000 probably has one of the highest urbanization rates in Africa.
Hargeisa has four secondary schools with a total enrolment of 2,656 students and 21 primary schools with enrolment of 19,707 students.
www.togdheer.com /education/university.shtml   (394 words)

 Hargeisa: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
In Somaliland, for example, Hargeisa and Berbera airports have been renamed...northern urban centers like Bosasso and Hargeisa is indicative of this.
Hargeisa, the capital, is safe but Somaliland...by South African mercenaries, bombing Hargeisa from the citys own airport.
Hargeisa today is populated not only by Northerners...company laying cables in the streets of Hargeisa is owned by someone from the Somali regions...
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/hargeisa.jsp   (1396 words)

It is on the record that the Administrators of Hargeisa have become a role model for hostage taking of Somali Ogadenia civilians and merchants repeatedly with impunity.
Riyale is trying to make others believe that the apparent lack of security in the territory is due to the presence of Somalis who are considered as “foreigners”, in which they announced that “non-Somalilanders” should backup and leave the region within 45 days that ends on 8-12-03.
We remind also all those caring for humanity to bear in mind that detainees are daily administered with torture of all sorts and are expecting soon repatriation orders to come from their captors, which is set to transfer them into the hands of a ruthless enemy who made them displaced from cradles.
www.ogaden.com /ONLF_Hargeisa.htm   (682 words)

 The Republican News
Hargeisa (Rep)- The committee for preservation of mass graves has warned about the situation of the mass graves in the southern suburb of Hargeisa in which the repressive Regime of Siad Barre buried hundreds of massacred civilians together in 1988-89.
They include a project to rehabilitate Hargeisa airport and provide training for air traffic controllers; a project to improve seaports and trade links; to provide advice and expertise to the Somaliland and local Administrations; and to look at environmental issues affecting Somaliland, among others.
The relations between the two countries were previously damaged by Djibouti’s involvement in the recent Somali peace and reconciliation conference held in Arta under the auspices of Ismail O. Ghelle, which the administration in Somaliland felt rancorous to the way it has been handled by Ghelle’s administration.
www.somalilandforum.com /news/the_republican/Republican-Issue-158.htm   (2572 words)

CTV was detected in citrus material from the Hargeisa region both by ELISA on bark samples from young shoots of trees suspected of being infected with the virus, and by electron microscopy of ultra-thin sections through leaf midribs of trees suspected of having greening disease (Figs 32 and 33).
The rootstock used in the Hargeisa region would appear to be rough lemon, even though no records are kept by the farmers.
In the Hargeisa region, greening and tristeza are of paramount importance, but salt toxicity and phytophthora footrot are important too.
www.fao.org /docrep/u5000e/U5000E0n.htm   (5462 words)

 Saylac | Somalia News and Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The demonstration in Hargeisa was orchestrated by Mr Mohamed Salah Nur (Fagare), Faysal Ali warabe, Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, who are members of the opposition and the Governing party, respectively.
In the contrary, day in day out, political demagogies in Hargeisa were telling the people in North Somalia that the whole Somalia people in the South where responsible for the brutal killings of thousands of innocent people in Hargeisa by the Military regime in Somalia.
However, can we say that that kind of political behaviour in Hargeisa justifies to say North Somalia’s secessionist movements are missing the old bloody days in Mogadishu because they are afraid of a peaceful and successful Government operations in the South which might minimize their chance to get an independent Republic in North Somala?.
www.saylac.com /news/articleID2an2007.htm   (1056 words)

 Human rights in Somaliland: Awareness and action - Reports of a workshop held in Hargeisa, Somaliland.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Against this background, the holding of a human rights workshop in Hargeisa in October 1998, and a pledge by the Somaliland authorities to adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, must be considered positive developments.
Although the workshop in Hargeisa reflects the marked improvement in the human rights environment in one part of the former state of Somalia, human rights abuse remains a chronic problem in other areas.
The aerial bombardment and shelling of Hargeisa by the Somali armed forces in 1988 was intense.
www.amnestyusa.org /education/document.do?id=9D2D9DBA17D88BAE802569A500545871   (16398 words)

 University Of Hargeisa
The University of Hargeisa Trust Fund (UoHTF) was established by the Steering Committee of the University of Hargeisa.
The university has a management board, a rector designate and support staff who are responsible for the development and the day-to-day running of the affairs of the university in Hargeisa.
Hargeisa was the second capital of Somalia and now is the seat of the government of Somaliland.
www.somalilandforum.com /slf/projects/hargeisa/uoh   (1789 words)

HARGEISA is the Capital of the Republic of Somaliland.
Hargeisa is located North West of Somaliland (Latitude 9°18' N Longitude 44°03' E).
Hargeisa is about the center of the other key Cities including Burao, Borama, Berbera, Eirigabo and Lasanod.
www.hargeisacity.50megs.com   (205 words)

 King's College Hospital - King's THET Somaliland Partnership (KTSP)
The capital of Hargeisa saw 90% of its structures destroyed in the war.
It is the only general hospital in Hargeisa (population 600,000) and the only referral hospital in the country (population 3.5M).
Amoud is situated in the town of Borama in the west of the country near the border with Djibouti.
www.kch.nhs.uk /about/strategies-policies/projects/ktsp   (997 words)

 The Challenge to Social life in Hargeisa
The political pantheons of present-day Hargeisa are replete with recycled characters of mediocre worth from the yesteryear, including those overtly guilty of accomplice of the military regime’s years of terror.
The pristine political landscape of Hargeisa is currently riddled with emergent, semi-coherent political parties that lumps together political opportunists, clannist intellectuals with entrenched clanocentric philosophical credentials, and remnants of the dictatorial regime of Siad Barre.
Former senior officials of Siad Barre’s notorious NSS and members of the executive committee of the former Somali National Movement (SNM) are of the view that Faysal served the regime as a valuable informer, spying on the activities of the UFO youth activists - the forerunners of the SNM.
www.wardheernews.com /Articles_06/september_06/30_Maan_Hadal_Siiarag.html   (1867 words)

 Mudulood PageA
This courageous young pilot of the disintegrated Somali Air Force refused to carpet bomb Hargeisa and landed his mig-19 bomber at Djibouti Airport.
Thousands more civilians from Hargeisa were deliberately killed by artillery bombardment as they fled towards the Ethiopian border to escape from the fighting and killings in the city.
According to Hargeisa residents these planes have been far more dangerous and effective than the silver-coloured Somali piloted Migs.
www.mudulood.com /PageHargeisa.html   (599 words)

On the second day of the campaign, thousands of supporters of the main opposition KULMIYE party went through the streets in Hargeisa on buses and small cars and loud speakers carrying party flags, pictures of candidates and shouting that their party will be the winner.
The campaign for the parliamentary election began this week in Hargeisa and the regions with rallies in which all the 3 political parties manifested the support they have.
The parties and their candidates have so far shown maturity and the state media - in accordance to the agreements reached - is being used by the opposition and the ruling party.
www.geeskaafrika.com /somaliland_15sept05.htm   (660 words)

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