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Topic: Harmonica

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  The Diatonic Harmonica Reference
The harmonica lets you play chords as well as single notes, and the chords are easier to get than single notes.
The word "bend" implies a continuous pitch change, but bends on the harmonica do not have to be changes from other notes--in other words, a bend as an altered note can be played separately from other notes, and the natural note need not be played at all.
Achieving good tone on a harmonica requires resonance, and tuning the vocal tract to the note being played.
www.angelfire.com /tx/myquill   (3737 words)

  Harmonica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reedplate mounted on the comb of a diatonic harmonica.
The unrelated glass harmonica is a musical instrument formed of a nested set of graduated glass cups mounted sideways on an axle and partially immersed in water, and played by touching the rotating cups with wetted fingers, causing them to vibrate.
Indeed, the similarities between harmonicas and so-called "diatonic" accordions or melodeons is such that in German the name for the former is "Mundharmonika" and the later "Handharmonika", translated simply as "mouth harmonica" and "hand harmonica".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harmonica   (8928 words)

 eBay Guides - Harmonica Buying Guide
Chromatic harmonicas feature a slide button on the side used to hit the half-step notes between the major scale notes, so you can play any scales in any key.
Consider a bass harmonica, chord harmonica, polyphonia, or miniature (four-hole) harmonica for special purposes such as harmonica trios and ensemble performances.
Buy an arsenal of harmonicas, including an F harmonica, D harmonica, A harmonica, C harmonica, G harmonica, E harmonica, and Bb harmonica to play blues, rock, or country music with a band.
pages.ebay.com /buy/guides/harmonica-buying-guide   (1039 words)

 Buy Blues Harps, Lee Oskar Harmonicas (Bluesharps), Hohner Marine Band, Special 20, Golden Melody, Honer Big River, ...
Diatonic harmonicas are typically used in blues, rock, country, and folk, but can also be found in nearly all styles of music.
The Lee Oskar harmonicas also feature the 1st position and 2nd position keys printed on the ends of each diatonic for easy reference.
This is a great harmonica for playing melodies in the 2nd position so you can take advantage of the bending capabilities on the low draw notes.
www.harmonicastore.com /harm_dia.shtml   (1717 words)

 Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
An example of this treatment obtains in the fine stop in the [Church of St. Bartholomew] Armley [England] Organ, in which the pipes from middle c1 to the top note are about twice their width in depth.
The chief peculiarity of the Harmonica pipe is the formation of its mouth and attendant cap, shown in the accompanying illustration, which presents a Front View and Sections of the mouth portion of the c1 pipe of the Armley stop.
Skinner supports the idea of Harmonica as a free reed, considering it to be more or less synonymous with Physharmonika.
www.organstops.org /h/Harmonica.html   (643 words)

HARMONICA set out to improve access to music collections in libraries of different types, taking into account the needs of various groups of users in the evolving world of networked information and multimedia.
By bringing together all interested parties through forums, studies and surveys, the project aimed to achieve consensus on the areas and topics to be developed for both the users and producers of music.
HARMONICA was not a research and development project.
projects.fnb.nl /harmonica   (532 words)

 DIATONIC HARMONICAS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The reeds of Diatonic Harmonicas produce the notes of the scale to which they are tuned.
For example, a diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C would produce the natural notes of the C scale without sharps and flats (picture the white keys on a piano, without the fl keys).
On this style harmonica, only the higher pitched of the two notes from any given reed cell can be bent and then only to a point somewhat above that of the lower pitched reed.
www.hohnerusa.com /hdiatonic.htm   (1188 words)

 The Classical Free-Reed, Inc, The Classical Harmonica
He was so impressed with their playing and the possibilities of the harmonica that he carried an endorsement for Hohner harmonicas in his 1928 programs and subsequently wrote this march for Hoxie's boys: The Harmonica Wizard.
When they engage a harmonica soloist in a concert, they are not engaging the soloist because they respect his virtuosity on the instrument, or because he has a long history on the legitimate stage.
They are engaging the harmonica soloist because he has [had] an original composition for harmonica and orchestra written [for him] by some famous contemporary composer.
www.ksanti.net /free-reed/history/harmonica.html   (1346 words)

 harmonica tabs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
You may think the harmonica is SO 1920 but the numbers of harmonicas produced are staggering, reaching into the millions upon millions each year.
In fact, there were very few countries to which the harmonica was not exported and factories were also being set up in many parts of the world to try to keep up with the demand.
Stock chromatic harmonicas normally come with Solo tuned where the full scale in the key of the harmonica is laid out over 4 holes for every octave and by pressing the slide in the pitch of each hole is raised by a semitone.
www.macgamesandmore.com /free/harmonicatabs.html   (644 words)

 Frank Bard Harmonica. Country, bluegrass, and gospel instruction book.
    Harmonica from the Heartland claims to be "An Instrumental Collection of Tunes from a Variety of Genres," and the claim's not overstated.
Sadly, the harmonica is almost absent from this one, only showing up for the occasional flourish.
    Harmonica from the Heartland is a great album for fans of harmonica music, and a better one for those who think they aren't.
www.ctcn.net /~febard   (1174 words)

 King's Harmonica Quintet
We are a unique group of 5 amateur harmonica players, trying to push the limit of the art of harmonica playing through the performance of string quartets arranged for 5 harmonicas by ourselves as well as encouraging composition of original works for harmonica ensemble and other musical instruments.
The Hong Kong Harmonica Association is pleased to present a winners concert on 21 January 2006 (Saturday) 7:45pm at the Concert Hall of Hong Kong City Hall.
Whether the current generation know it or not, harmonica was a mainstream of the harmonica education in Hong Kong.
home.netvigator.com /~cblau/khq   (1766 words)

 Harpsoft - Harmonica Lessons (free)
All the major harmonica manufacturers produce the 10-hole diatonic harmonica, and there are frankly an overwhelming number of models from which to choose.
The first step though in learning the harmonica is to hold the harmonica correctly, even though this seems like a mundane step, its a fundamental step as you progress through the various techniques.
Well, if you don't hold the harmonica consistently, you won't know where the holes are, and if you don't know where the holes are, you aren't going to hit the right notes.
www.harpsoft.com /lessons/lessons.html   (1770 words)

 Harmonica Lessons NYC
I have been teaching lessons in NYC since 1999 and have taught hundreds of people to play the harmonica.
I teach Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica, having been influenced by many different styles of music including; Blues, Folk, Rock, Irish and Classical.
This method is a culmination of over 16 years of experience playing diatonic harmonica.
www.harmonicalessonsnyc.com /Index_New.htm   (277 words)

 Harmonica Tabs - Harmonica tablature - how to play harmonica
Many, in fact most, beginning and intermediate harmonica players have learned to do some good things on the harmonica, but it is still painful to listen to them.
Harmonica SuperStart starts out step-by-step, helps you build a great foundation for your playing and great tone that people want to hear, and guarantees that you will quickly be playing songs.
You’ll pick up your harmonica, you’ll put on a special card that connects right to your harmonica, and right before your eyes you’ll see what you are playing.
www.harmonicasuperstart.com   (2030 words)

 Harmonica - MHN Instrument Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The sounds of the harmonica are produced by a series of small pipes, each containing a reed which vibrates when you inhale or exhale through the pipes.
Chromatic harmonicas can sound every pitch within their range when you push a button on the side of the instrument.
The harmonica has been called "the characteristic instrument of the deepest blues", popular among blues musicians in part because it is relatively inexpensive and very portable.
www.si.umich.edu /chico/instrument/pages/hrmnca_gnrl.html   (410 words)

 Technorati Tag: harmonica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Filed under: Harmonica News and Views — blogharp @ 12:17 am This is perhaps the weirdest harmonica article I’ve...
Shop for Harmonica Find harmonicas and an extensive selection of party favors, supplies and decorations for nearly every occasion, Immediate shipping,.
Professional Harmonicas on Sale C and J Music: Web's source for all your music needs.
www.technorati.com /tag/harmonica   (386 words)

 Harmonica and Blues Harp Page by Glenn Weiser
Glenn Weiser is the author of three harmonica books, a writer about harmonica for the folk music journal Sing Out!, and former editor of the harmonica section of Netscape's Open Directory.
Here is basic information about the harmonica, transcriptions of famous blues harp solos, arrangements of fiddle tunes, and information on Glenn's blues and Celtic books and lessons.
There are also discographies of blues and Celtic harmonica recordings, and the some of the coolest harmonica links on the Net.
www.celticguitarmusic.com /harppage.htm   (216 words)

 Harmonica - Mark Lavoie harmonicas with custom titanium and vermont maple wood harmonica combs
About 7 years ago, he had the opportunity to experiment with a series of harmonica combs made from several different metals.
When he played the harmonica containing a titanium metal comb, he knew he had found what he was looking for: the cleanest, clearest, biggest tone he had ever produced...
The Holy Grail is precision wire electron discharge machined of pure titanium, one of the strongest and lightest metals known to man. For the consummate professional or serious amateur harmonica player, this comb produces a truly awesome presence.
www.middlebury.net /lavoie   (668 words)

 Harmonica Information- Blues Harp Lessons, Learn To Play Harmonicas, How to Play Songs and Tabs
Others are about harmonica players and their bands.
It features biographies of harmonica players, the bands they played in as well as a comprehensive list of recordings of the recordings they have made.
"In asia, the blues harp is not as common as tremolo and chromatic harmonica.
www.harmonicalinks.com /informa.html   (1362 words)

 Harmonica- Learn To Play Harmonica/ the Blues Harp- Beginners Start Here
If you are new to this site and/or new to the harmonica, please take a few minutes to look over the above blue-linked "BEGINNERS START HERE" sections before moving on.
Harmonica is not as easy as it looks- Harmonica is not nearly as easy as most people would have you believe, but we've tried our best to make learning to play it as simple and straight forward as possible.
You will find that time spent reading through these pages in the proper sequence will get you to where you want to be that much quicker.
www.harmonicalessons.com /beginner.html   (477 words)

 Harmonica - Elderly Instruments
A must have for any harmonica player...and you can't beat the price for some of the greatest blues tracks of all-time.
One of the finest of the new generation of blues harmonica players tells you how to play in the styles of Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sonny Terry, and others.
Accomodates harmonicas the size of the XB40, the 270 chromatic and smaller.
www.elderly.com /highlights/harmonica.html   (850 words)

 Harmonica and Blues Harp lessons
Blues harp lessons and harmonica instruction from the basics to "new directions" in jazz, classical, pop and Latin styles.
Here’s a lesson for people of any age who want to play the harmonica.
On this powerful and important lesson made a few years before his death in 1987, one of the great blues harmonica players of all time teaches the techniques he developed during a lifetime of musical experience.
www.homespuntapes.com /catagory?catID=20&ctype=i   (416 words)

 Harmonica Lessons .com- Free Online Harmonica Tabs, Blues Harp Music, Instruction- How To Play the Harmonica & Blues ...
Designed for all levels of harmonica players including sections for Beginning Players.
Dave Gage is the founder and author of Harmonica Lessons.com.
Hear free harmonica playing samples at his Dave Gage Band website, receive contact information for private/group harmonica lessons in the Los Angeles area, or read more bio info.
www.harmonicalessons.com   (398 words)

 National Harmonica League.
The chromatic harmonica on Howard Goodall's theme music for Mr Bean's Holiday is played by Phillip Achille.
"The NHL is Britain's national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas.
It is open to anyone, not just NHL members, and you can share your harmonica news and questions with others.
harmonica.co.uk   (648 words)

 How to Play Harmonica Tabs, Lessons, Free Blues Harp Songs- Harmonica Tips, Harmonica Instruction, Harmonica Tab, Harp ...
They include rules of thumb, playing tips, and common sense rules of physics and nature that apply to harmonica playing (and many other activities for that matter).
Here is an list of harmonica players and some of their albums that I can recommend listening to.
You can also find many of the linked albums on the page "keyed" with the complete listing of songs, the keys they are in, and which harmonica to use for playing along at the CDs: Song Keys section at Harmonica Lessons.com.
www.davegage.com /tips.html   (444 words)

 Harmonica, Blues Harp Links- "Everything Harmonica On The Web"- BluesHarp, Diatonic, Chromatic Harmonicas, Harmonica ...
If you are a harmonica player or a harmonica fan, you've come to the right place.
If you have a website and would like it listed here, please click here to email us with the pertinent information.
Visit Harmonica Lessons.com -- Free Instruction & Members Area -- 425 pages of Lessons, Tips, Tabs & Songs (see ad to the right).
www.harmonicalinks.com   (88 words)

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