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Topic: Harmony

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Harmony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For much of the common practice period of European classical music, there was a general trend for harmony to become more dissonant; chords considered daring in one generation become commonplace in the next.
Subordinate harmony is the hierarchical tonality or tonal harmony well known today, while coordinate harmony is the older Medieval and Renaissance tonalité ancienne, "the term is meant to signify that sonorities are linked one after the other without giving rise to the impression of a goal-directed development.
Harmony may also be distinguished as centrifugal or centripetal harmony, harmony which leads away from or to the tonic, respectively.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harmony   (447 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Notes may be considered to be in harmony with each other when some of the harmonics of each note, especially the louder harmonics (which are often the lower ones), share the same frequency (with a small margin of error).
Some traditions of music performance, composition, and theory have specific rules of harmony, typically amounting to a simplified description of harmonics and resonances, which will be more or less appropriate depending on the instrument(s) to which they are applied.
For much of the history of western classical music the conventions and rules of harmony were strictly enforced, often by the controlling influence of the Church, while folk music and non-Western music also developed often widely different notions of harmony.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/h/ha/harmony.html   (298 words)

 Harmony / Mercedes - BuffyGuide.com
Harmony was the archetypal bimbo: blonde, pretty, empty-headed, and only caring about her appearance and her dating status.
Perhaps the only brave act Harmony had ever done cost her dearly, as she was attacked and killed by a vampire henchman of the Mayor's.
Harmony had at last had enough of his abuse by then, and turned him away; she then burnt his possessions.
www.buffyguide.com /players/harmony.php   (457 words)

Harmony is one of the basic elements of music, but it is not as basic as some other elements, such as rhythm and melody.
Harmony is one of the most interesting and complex issues in Western music, and can be the subject of an entire course on music theory.
Suggestions for activities that introduce young students to harmony may be found in Harmony with Drones, Simple Chordal Harmony, Parallel Harmonies, Independent Harmonies, and Counterpoint for Children.
cnx.org /content/m11654/latest   (1076 words)

 Musical Terms - Harmony   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In the Renaissance, three-note harmony became the norm and the triad had become the main unit of harmony (a three-note chord built up in 3rds).
From the beginning of the Baroque era (circa 1600), harmony was widely understood as the chords with which a melody was accompanied (as the practice of basso continuo, or figured bass, implies).
Harmony is sometimes seen as the 'opposite' to counterpoint, because it primarily operates vertically whereas counterpoint seems to operate horizontally.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/g_harmony.html   (420 words)

 Unofficial Harmony Guitar Home Page
Harmony was most diverse with the different models they offered; they had to keep up with the demand of what was becoming a cult phenomenon.
The Harmony “Caribbean” guitars, named after their delicate pastel and metallic finishes, were given their name because of the colors found in the fabulous vacation spots of the tropical seas to the south.
Harmony still had their line of Ukes and other instruments but these Colorama guitars seemed to be the main core of the line.
members.aol.com /Rothguitar/Rothguita30.html   (10645 words)

 Harmony, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harmony was formed into a town when the two operating family dairies in the area, now long since gone, decided to merge as opposed to compete (thus, "harmony").
Harmony is usually up for private sale every few years.
To one side is a long abandoned house, a large dumpster, and a former art gallery, with some portable toilets.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harmony,_California   (388 words)

 Harmony, California
Harmony is a small group of buildings just a few miles south of the intersection of Hwy 46 and Hwy 1 near Cambria.
All agreed to live henceforth in harmony, and from this the name of the towne was derived.
The new owners have let the town of Harmony run down, which is disappointing for a town with the history and charm that this town has.
www.centralcoasttourist.com /San_Luis_Obispo_CO/SLO_Area_Info/Harmony/harmony.html   (734 words)

 ArtLex's H page
A composition is harmonious when the interrelationships between its parts fulfill aesthetic requisites or are mutually beneficial.
As a principle of design, harmony refers to a way of combining elements of art to accent their similarities and bind the picture parts into a whole.
Harmony is the analogy of contrary and similar elements of tone, of color, and of line, considered according to their dominants, and under the influence of a particular light, in gay, calm, or sad combinations.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/H.html   (2522 words)

 Harmony, Florida
This is Harmony, the new conservation community so fabulous that it won 1ST Place at the 2004 Parade of Homes.
The judges looked at Harmony's preservation of its native flora and fauna, blending of the community with its natural setting, development of trails, parks and playgrounds, family recreation and safety, and much more.
Harmony also garnered a Merit Award from the 2003 Parade of Homes, an award received even before model homes or most of the community infrastructure was finished.
www.harmonyfl.com   (383 words)

The harmony of the project persecutes this vision leading the innovating programs around the world that use the contract in line, interchanges, the practical development of the abilities, and the coalition-building of the community to support the global collaboration, learning and leading.
The mission of the harmony of the project is to construct to a global community hard fomenting the civic direction, harnessing technology of the Internet, and facilitating to learn cross-cultural.
The annual report of harmony 2004 of the project emphasizes our commission to the strong communities of the building and to the civic leaders who become the excess of the United States, of Armenia, of Azerbaijan, Georgia, of Russia, and the Ukraine the last year.
harmony.9cy.com   (552 words)

 Hank & Harmony on the Prairie...
Then Harmony is seen fighting Willow outside the school; a mob of chicks has assembled in order to claim Xander, and Willow's wielding a fire ax with the intent of killing Xander if she can't have him.
Anyhoo, Harmony is seated behind Willow during the graduation ceremony, and she up and does her part in the fight.
Harmony's seen putting up a poster of a unicorn in her lair when she's surprised by Spike's reappearance on the scene.
members.tripod.com /~dingochick/ABCh.html   (1607 words)

The diatonic character of the melodies or voices, vehicles and servants of the sacred text, imparts and preserves to the whole structure the elevation, serenity, nobility, objectivity, and universality, which characterize the works of the masters of this period.
The principle of cultivating harmony as an end in itself, rather than seeing in it the incidental result of harmonious co-operation of many independent voices, has borne its full fruit.
The extreme modern development of secular music is but the legitimate offspring of the revolt against the diatonic principle; which revolt was the musical expression of the spirit of the Renaissance.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07139a.htm   (1626 words)

Harmony is when you hear two or more different tones sounding at the same time.
Harmony is added to melodies to make them more interesting.
The third way to make harmony is to sing two different songs at the same time.
www.empire.k12.ca.us /capistrano/Mike/capmusic/harmony/harmony1.htm   (430 words)

 Apache Harmony - Apache Harmony
On May 30th, 2006 the Apache Harmony project received a substantial contribution of class library code into the project.
On May 3rd, 2006 the Apache Harmony project received a substantial contribution of virtual machine (VM) code into the project, containing a JIT, core VM, GC, bytecode verifier, etc. This was contributed by Andrey Chernyshev on behalf of Intel Corp. The full announcement can be found on the Harmony developers mailing list.
Harmony, an open source Java implementation, is currently in incubator status at the Apache Software Foundation.
incubator.apache.org /harmony   (448 words)

 RealNetworks Statement about Harmony Technology and Creating Consumer Choice
Harmony follows in a well-established tradition of fully legal, independently developed paths to achieve compatibility.
Harmony creates a way to lock content from Real's music store in a way that is compatible with the iPod, Windows Media DRM devices, and Helix DRM devices.
RealNetworks, RealPlayer, Harmony, and Helix are trademarks or registered trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
www.realnetworks.com /company/press/releases/2004/harmony_statement.html   (272 words)

 RealNetworks Introduces Harmony, Enabling Consumers to Buy Digital Music that Plays on All Popular Devices
Harmony Technology frees consumers from the limitation of being locked into a specific portable device when they buy digital music.
Harmony technology will be demonstrated for the first time on Tuesday July 27th at the Jupiter PlugIn conference in New York City.
Harmony Technology will be available later this year in other music products from RealNetworks including Real’s market-leading Rhapsody® subscription service.
www.realnetworks.com /company/press/releases/2004/harmony.html   (794 words)

 Harmony Acoustic Guitar Page
Harmony also made top of the line guitars, though they are not common today as relatively few were produced, compared with the beginner guitars.
The main thing that hurt Harmony's image was the fact that millions were sold through mail order and small mom and pop stores that had no guitar tech to set them up.
Harmony Folk models were a step up from Stella and a step down from Sovereigns.
www.broadwaymusicco.com /harmony6.htm   (596 words)

Harmony Street is without a doubt New England's premier Doo Wop vocal group.
When Dee is not performing with Harmony Street, she is a relocation specialist with Cendant Mobility  in Danbury.
"Harmony Street", a dreamy ballad and "Christine", a driving, up-tempo tune, are two original songs by the group that are being played on several oldie stations across the country and are available on Crescent Records.
www.homestead.com /harmonystreet   (669 words)

Harmony Editor and Web Page Award Group was formed in April 1999 to promote the best of the best online.
Our main focus is to promote and award web page excellence and to provide a forum for online editors to share information, help each other with specialized editor problems and challenges, support each other by advertising and continually strive to attain the highest levels of professionalism and online ethics possible.
Such is the circle of life, Harmony in nature, and happiness In our hearts.
4dw.net /mjb/HarmonySites/Welcome-to-Harmony.html   (501 words)

Over a long period the resources of harmony may be said to have widened: new combinations introduced by composers of pioneering spirit have been condemned by unaccustomed ears as ugly, have then gradually come to be accepted as commonplace, and have been succeeded in their turn by other experimental combinations.
CHROMATIC HARMONY: harmony which employs notes extraneous to the major or minor key in force at the moment.(b) OPEN HARMONY: harmony in which the notes of the chords are more or less widely spread.
CLOSE HARMONY: harmony in which the notes of the chords lie near together.(c) PROGRESSION: the motion of one note to another note or one chord to another chord.(d) TRIAD: a note with its 3rd and 5th (e.g.
www.classicalarchives.com /dict/harmony.html   (1098 words)

 Harmony-Korine.com . Film.work Index
Written by Harmony Korine, Jokes is a combination of three short films and based on Milton Berle one-liners.
Harmony Korine-directed music video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "No More Workhorse Blues," his re-recorded version for the Greatest Palace Music album of 2004.
This photo series by Harmony Korine, titled "Be Broken," appeared in the first issue of Richardson magazine (December 1998).
www.harmony-korine.com /paper/main/filmography.html   (1153 words)

 Harmony Issue Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In addition to new expression, Harmony includes extracts and abstracts of previously published material relating to orchestral organizational issues, along with other related material of particular interest to symphony organization participants.
Back issues of Harmony are generally available by e-mail request to Ann Rowlands at the arowlands@soi.org.
Commencing in 2004, Harmony is no longer being published as a periodal, and thus, subscriptions are no longer available.
www.soi.org /harmony/index.shtml   (170 words)

 Harmony Guitar Page
The Harmony Company actually was always behind on orders, not that they were slow in building instruments, it was sheer demand outpacing the workforce.
Harmony had the choice of either enlarging their operation to meet the demand, or let foreign makers take up the slack.
Harmony instruments carried many brand names, Valencia, Johnny Marvin, Vogue, Airline, Fender, Kay and Regal are a few of the more notable names which Harmony produced several models of guitars, but Silvertone offered by Sears is probably the most common.
www.broadwaymusicco.com /HARMONY.htm   (1631 words)

 Amazon.com: Harmony: Music: Gordon Lightfoot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Harmony will be released May 11th, simultaneously in Canada on Linus/Warner and in the USA on SpinART/Ryko.
Gordon sums up his thoughts about Harmony in the album liner notes: "In the final analysis, the job was what mattered.
Harmony comes after an exhaustive succession of 'moody' albums, most of which were not worth the time or effort.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002234YK?v=glance   (1763 words)

 Harmony Cedar Amish Furniture - Cedar Chests, Hope Chests and Dining Room Tables
We specialize in genuine hardwood cedar chests, which are individually created by a family of rural Amish carpenters.
Each handcrafted chest is a unique expression of the land and the Amish that live in harmony with it.
Harmony Cedar is experienced in delivering quality furniture all across the country, as shown by these testimonials.
www.harmonycedar.com   (497 words)

 Project Harmony: Main page
PH strives towards a world where individuals and communities collaborate across borders to resolve global challenges and where solutions are: rooted in cultural understanding; inspired by a sense of shared responsibility in each other’s lives; strengthened by individuals empowered with skills and knowledge; and sustained through open communication, exchange and friendship.
Project Harmony pursues this vision by conducting innovative programs around the world that use online engagement, exchanges, practical skills development, and community coalition-building to support global collaboration, learning and leading.
Project Harmony's mission is to build a strong global community by fostering civic leadership, harnessing Internet technology, and facilitating cross-cultural learning.
www.projectharmony.org   (345 words)

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