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Topic: Harold Stirling Vanderbilt

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  Harold Stirling Vanderbilt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, born July 6, 1884 - died July 4, 1970, was a member of the prominent United States Vanderbilt family who was a railroad executive, a champion yachtsman and a champion bridge player.
Born in Oakdale, New York, the third child and second son of William Kissam Vanderbilt and Alva Erskine Smith, to family and friends he was known by the nickname "Mike." He was a brother to William Kissam Vanderbilt II and Consuelo Vanderbilt.
Vanderbilt was also a card game enthusiast who, in 1925, invented the scoring system by which the game of contract bridge drove auction bridge into utter oblivion.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harold_Stirling_Vanderbilt   (815 words)

 William Kissam Vanderbilt II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vanderbilt was educated by tutors and at private schools and sent to study at Harvard University but dropped out after the first year.
Vanderbilt and his wife Virginia had a son, William Kissam Vanderbilt III and daughters Muriel and Consuelo, the latter named for her aunt.
Willie Kissam Vanderbilt II died in early 1944 of a heart ailment and was interred in the family mausoleum at the Moravian Cemetery on Staten Island, New York.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Kissam_Vanderbilt_II   (1117 words)

 Vanderbilt family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The family was founded by Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877), the fourth of nine children born to a Staten Island family of modest means.
Cornelius Vanderbilt left school at the age of 11 and went on to build a shipping and railroad empire that, during the 19th century, made him one of the wealthiest men in the world.
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, (1884-1970), gained fame as a sportsman, winning the most coveted prize in yacht racing on three occasions, the America's Cup and his brother "Willie K" launched the Vanderbilt Cup for auto racing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vanderbilt   (785 words)

 William Kissam Vanderbilt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The second son of William Henry Vanderbilt, from whom he inherited $60 million, he was for a time active in the management of the family railroads, though not much after 1903.
His sons William Kissam Vanderbilt II (1878-1944) and Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (1884-1970) were the last to be active in the railroads, the latter losing a proxy battle for the New York Central Railroad in the 1950s.
After the death of his brother Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1899 he was generally regarded as head of the Vanderbilt family.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Kissam_Vanderbilt   (288 words)

 Encyclopedia: Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
Consuelo Vanderbilt (March 2, 1877 - December 6, 1964) was a member of the United States Vanderbilt family seen as the penultimate marital prize of the Victorian age and an international emblem for socially advantageous marriages.
Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt University (colloquially known as Vandy) is a private, nonsectarian, coeducational university in Nashville, Tennessee.
Cornelius Vanderbilt Cornelius Vanderbilt (May 27, 1794 – January 4, 1877) was a U.S. entrepreneur who built his wealth in shipping and railroads and was the patriarch of the Vanderbilt family.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Harold-Stirling-Vanderbilt   (1451 words)

 Vanderbilt family - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
His great-great-great-grandfather, Jan Aertson van der Bilt (1620-1705), was a Dutch farmer from the village of De Bilt, Utrecht in the Netherlands who emigrated to the Dutch colony of New Netherlands as an indentured servant in 1650.
Shortly before his death in 1877, Vanderbilt bequeathed $1 million for the establishment of Vanderbilt University in Nashville.
In 1855 Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt donated 8.5 acres (34,000 m²) of property to the Moravian Church and cemetery at New Dorp on Staten Island, New York.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Vanderbilt   (821 words)

 ACBL Hall of Fame - Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
Harold S. Vanderbilt of Newport RI is the person responsible for this improvement.
Vanderbilt was a member of the Laws Committee of the Whist Club of New York that made the American laws of contract bridge (1927, 1931) and the first international code (1932).
In 1968, Vanderbilt spent more than $50,000 to recreate the lost molds for the replicas of the American trophy and to provide a quantity of replicas of both trophies sufficient to last from 20 to 40 years.
www.acbl.org /halloffame/vanderbilt.htm   (663 words)

 Encyclopedia: Harold Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt was also a card game enthusiast who, in 1925, invented contract bridge.
In 1932 and again in 1940, he was part of a team that won his own trophy and he penned several books on the subject.
Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt University (colloquially known as Vandy) is a private, non-sectarian university in Nashville, Tennessee.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Harold-Vanderbilt   (1360 words)

 Sailing photos, Harold Vanderbilt, The American Cup
Harold also pushed for the sale of the mansion at 660 Fifth Avenue, property of which he shared with his brother William Kissam jr.
But Harold Vanderbilt steadily divested from his railroad properties and he owned only 10'000 shares in 1954, when the Vanderbilt faction was ousted from the Board by a group of financiers headed by Robert Young and including Texas oil millionaires Clint Murchinson and Sid Richardson.
Harold Vanderbilt was the first to develop the timed start, for ever known as the Vanderbilt start.
www.parsec-santa.com /products/sail/vanderbilt.html   (766 words)

 Science News
Vanderbilt University announced Monday that it had received stock currently valued at more than $300 million, which may be the largest private gift ever made to an American college or university.
Beyond doubt, though, the gift to Vanderbilt is one of the largest ever, outstripping the $295 million to Emory University in 1996 and the $240 million to the University of California at San Francisco earlier this year.
Vanderbilt University, founded in 1873 by a $1 million gift from the railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt, is a private research university in Nashville with about 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students in 10 schools and colleges, a medical center and a wide range of research institutes.
www.jlab.org /news/internet/1998/vanderbilt.html   (538 words)

 Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (July 6, 1884 - July 4, 1970) of Newport RI, was a bridge authority whose revisions of auction bridge scoring principles created modern contract bridge, also a system-maker and a champion player.
Vanderbilt took up bridge seriously in 1906, and his partnership with J. Elwell was considered the strongest in the U.S. from 1910 to 1920.
To perpetuate this practice of awarding individual replicas, Vanderbilt further bequeathed to the ACBL a trust fund of $100,000, a gift that wisely foresaw the possibility of inflation, but provided that excess funds, if any, can be donated io Vanderbilt's name to a charity of ACBL's choice.
www.vanderbilt.edu /bridge/hsvanderbilt.htm   (677 words)

 WDAllenHome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
His primary and secondary education was received in public schools, and he began an association with Vanderbilt University while still in high school.
In August 1979 he entered Vanderbilt University as a Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Honors Scholar and held the attendant full academic scholarship for four years, receiving numerous additional academic honors during this period.
In May 1983 he graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, summa cum laude with high honors in chemistry, and a double major in chemistry and physics.
www.ccc.uga.edu /~wdallen/BiographicalSketch.html   (462 words)

 Find A Grave Cemetery Records- Harold Stirling Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt was a director of the New York Central Railroad from 1913 and was a driving force behind the rail network until he was defeated for the control of the company in 1954.
In 1925 Vanderbilt invented the game of contract bridge, which was later replaced by auction bridge.
In the 1930s Vanderbilt successfully defended the America's Cup in international yachting competition with the "Enterprise" (1930), the "Rainbow" (1934) and the "Ranger" in 1937.
www.findagrave.com /cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=6819041&pt=Harold%20Stirling%20Vanderbilt   (101 words)

 18th European Youth Team Championships
Vanderbilt had been born into the then richest family in America and on his father's death in 1920 he inherited an estate worth well over $50 million.
Vanderbilt actually came up with little new but rather gathered together what he considered to be the best features of a number of games already in existence.
He awarded the Vanderbilt Cup for what is still the most prestigious teams competition in American bridge and won his own trophy twice, in 1932 and 1940.
www.eurobridge.org /competitions/02Torquay/Bulletins/8MonPg3.htm   (684 words)

 Special Collections: Common Reference Questions
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, great-grandson of the Commodore, served as President of the Board of Trust for thirteen years.
Vanderbilt University contracted with the Nashville Medical College, a branch of the University of Nashville which had been in existence since 1850, to serve as a medical branch of Vanderbilt in April of 1874.
Vanderbilt had a one-man police force as early as 1887, when James "Cap" Alley served as the campus police.
www.library.vanderbilt.edu /speccol/refquest.shtml   (506 words)

 Benefactions of the Vanderbilt Family
Vanderbilt University was founded in 1873 by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt and has been generously supported by successive generations of his family.
Especially significant were the gifts and bequests of Harold Stirling Vanderbilt and his wife, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt.
The contributions of the Vanderbilt family are here summarized, without adjustments for inflation.
www.vanderbilt.edu /divadm/finrprt2001/benefactions.html   (77 words)

 News from Vanderbilt University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Also among her experience is work as an associate counsel for the Office of Transition Counsel, an associate at Sirote and Permutt, P.C., and law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and Judge Abner Mikva of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.
While at Vanderbilt, she was president of the Black Student Alliance and a Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Scholar.
Cashin's lecture is co-sponsored by the Peabody Center for Education Policy, the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, Vanderbilt Law School and the Robert Penn Warren Center.
sitemason.vanderbilt.edu /newspub/bjfTyg?id=11534   (443 words)

 Special Collections: Exhibits & Gallery Talks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Vanderbilt classes of 1968 and '69 may have graduated over three decades ago, but clues about what campus life was like during that tumultuous time can be found in what these students left behind in a new exhibit in Special Collections, Lost In The Sixties.
Other Vanderbilt memorabilia displayed from that capsule include a fl-and-gold beanie - a hat all freshmen were required to wear when they were on campus - a copy of the booklet, Meet the Greeks, and a smattering of sports-related ephemera.
Frank Crawford Vanderbilt - behind the founding scenes of this institution, as well as the "Founding Fathers." Included in the display are photographs, transcriptions of original documents relative to the founding, maps, and objects belonging to the founders.
divinity.library.vanderbilt.edu /speccol/pastexhibits.shtml   (1524 words)

 William Kissam Vanderbilt's Marble House
Vanderbilt jr and Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, having given his daughter Consuelo the amount of $ 15 million a little earlier.
Vanderbilt (1877-1964) was the main actor in a society drama which epitomized the spirit of the Gilded Age
Her brother in law, Cornelius was slated to inherit the entire Vanderbilt fortune, according to the eldest son tradition of the era.
www.jssgallery.org /Other_Artists/Richard_Morris_Hunt/Marble_House/Marble_House.htm   (658 words)

 Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management : First-Year Scholarships & Awards
This award was established by the Vanderbilt Board of Trust.
This scholarship was established in honor of a Vanderbilt undergraduate, class of ’21, and is awarded to an outstanding student studying international finance.
This $5,000 prize was endowed by the Boston Consulting Group to honor BCG founder, former chairman, and Vanderbilt graduate Bruce D. Henderson.
mba.vanderbilt.edu /vanderbilt/Programs/mba/mba-admissions/financing-your-mba/first-year-scholarships-awards.cfm   (913 words)

 Vanderbilt University School of Nursing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (HSV) Scholarship honors the memory of the great-grandson of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt and president of the University's Board of Trust from 1955 to 1968.
Kirkpatrick, a Vanderbilt alumnus and father of Mrs.
Travis for nurses employed at St. Thomas Hospital to pursue the MSN degree at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.
www.mc.vanderbilt.edu /nursing/msn/scholarshipsint.html   (992 words)

 Vanderbilt Family --¬† Britannica Concise Encyclopedia¬†- The online encyclopedia you can trust!
Harold Stirling Vanderbilt was also notable as the inventor of the game of contract bridge and as the skilled yachtsman who won the America's Cup three times.
Beginning with the efforts of Cornelius Vanderbilt in the early 19th century, the Vanderbilt family amassed a fortune in the shipping and railroad industries.
The Rothschilds of Europe, the Vanderbilts of the United States, and the Mitsuis of Japan were such families.
www.britannica.com /ebc/article-9074799   (1056 words)

 Presidential Papers, Doc#744 Personal and confidential To Milton Stover Eisenhower, 27 February 1954. In The Papers of ...
On February 16 the brothers discussed rumors of a potentially embarrassing relationship between Milton and financier Robert Ralph Young, who was fighting with capitalist Harold Stirling Vanderbilt for control of the New York Central Railroad (Telephone conversation, AWF/D; see New York Times, Jan. 20, Feb. 14, 16, 20, 26, 1954).
Vanderbilt himself had called the White House to complain about Milton's visit with Young, and according to a notation by Ann Whitman, "The President did not seem upset by Vanderbilt's telephone call, if anything annoyed" (Feb. 12, 1954, AWF/AWD).
Eisenhower would resolve the dilemma by directing that Vanderbilt be invited to a stag dinner scheduled earlier than the one Young would attend on March 11 (Ann Whitman memorandum, Feb. 12, 1954, AWF/AWD).
www.eisenhowermemorial.org /presidential-papers/first-term/documents/744.cfm   (783 words)

 Bridge:General Information - Wikibooks
In 1904, the practice caught hold of using an auction phase to determine which player would designate the trump suit and have the privilege of playing with his partner's hand exposed.
The modern game of contract bridge was the result of innovations to auction bridge made by Harold Stirling Vanderbilt and others.
Vanderbilt wrote down his rules in 1925, and within a few years contract bridge had become the dominant form of the game.
en.wikibooks.org /wiki/Bridge:General_Information   (530 words)

 Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Encyclopedia, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
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www.karr.net /search/encyclopedia/Harold_Stirling_Vanderbilt   (957 words)

 Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal - Comments from Chancellor Gordon Gee
Warren Langevin is a Harold Stirling Vanderbilt Scholar at Peabody College.
He is majoring in Political Science and Human and Organizational Development, with a focus on the study of public policy and political institutions.
He is actively pursuing several academic interests in the field of mathematics in preparation for advanced graduate study while also making research contributions to the field of engineering.
vurj.vanderbilt.edu /prsrel-editors.html   (288 words)

 CS151, Fall 1999. Home Page.
Please note that they will not be put on the Web or sent by e-mail (and if you want to know why, you weren't listening in class when we discussed security and privacy).
If you have a physical or learning disability, you should ask the Opportunity Development Center to assist you in identifying yourself to your instructors as having a disability, so that appropriate accommodation may be provided.
The class should assemble adjacent to the Judge Harold Stirling Vanderbilt statue.
www.vuse.vanderbilt.edu /~srs/cs151   (1272 words)

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