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Topic: Harry Turtledove

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  Harry Turtledove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harry Norman Turtledove (born June 14, 1949), is a historian and prolific novelist who has written historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction works.
Turtledove's soldiers are usually depicted sympathetically, though far from uncritically - with the same character who perpetrated acts of appalling cruelty in one episode shown under different circumastances to be capable of compassion and generosity.
Turtledove's books are almost invariably written in the third person, and the omniscient author is always present to a degree more characteristic in 19th century literature than at most other contemporary works.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harry_Turtledove   (1587 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Harry Turtledove
Harry Turtledove is an award-winning author of alternate history, fantasy, and science fiction.
Turtledove: This was probably the scariest thing I have ever tried, because one of the worst things for a writer to do is write about a writer who is better than he is. Shakespeare is better than everybody.
Turtledove: The War of 1812 was essentially a push; we puff it up because no country likes to admit that they lost [laughs] or came out even.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Harry-Turtledove   (5373 words)

 Harry Turtledove: bio and encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Harry Turtledove (born June 14 1949), EHandler: no quick summary.
The guns of the south is a novel by writer harry turtledove....
Homeward bound is also the title of a science fiction and alternate history novel by harry turtledove, the eighth in his tosev timeline fictional...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/h/ha/harry_turtledove.htm   (2320 words)

 Andy's Anachronisms -- Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Sometimes called the "Master of Alternative History", Harry Turtledove is armed with a Ph.D. in Byzantine History from the UCLA, and uses his nose for historical detail to create richly detailed stories.
Turtledove's alternate history works include the novels: A World of Difference, The Guns of the South, How Few Remain and a series on alternate World War II that began in 1994 with World War: In the Balance, followed by Tilting the Balance and continues with Colonization: Second Contact.
Also refreshing was Turtledove's examination of the memories of Justin-at-40 when he returned to the present in 2018 only to discover the future had been changed by his actions in 1999.
www.timetravelreviews.com /shorts/turtledove_shorts.html   (1060 words)

 Science Fiction Weekly Interview
Turtledove is married to mystery author Laura Frankos and has three daughters.
Turtledove: I think what alternate history does is the same sort of thing that other science fiction does.
Turtledove: My publisher gave me that pseudonym on the grounds that no one would believe that Turtledove—which is my real name—was my real name.
www.scifi.com /sfw/issue298/interview.html   (1823 words)

 A Tribute to Harry Turtledove
Turtledove won the HOMer Award for Short Story in 1990 for "Designated Hitter", John Esthen Cook Award for Southern Fiction in 1993 for Guns of the South, the Hugo Award for Novella in 1994 for Down in the Bottomlands.
Harry Turtledove's second multivolume saga of 20th-century "alternative history," American Front, takes place in the world in which the Confederate States win the Civil War and in 1914, allied with England and France, go to war against the United States once more.
As in Turtledove's earlier Worldwar series, the majority of attention is paid to an assortment of people at the battlefields and home fronts, their stories unfolding in gradual increments that, at least so far, only intermittently connect with each other.
www.wesleylowe.com /dove.html   (2019 words)

 Harry Turtledove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Harry Turtledove (born June 14 1949), is a historian and prolific novelist who has written historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction works.
In 1979, Turtledove published his first two novels, and, under the pseudonym "Eric G. Iverson." Turtledove later explained that his editor at did not think people would believe the author's real name was "Turtledove" and came up with something more Nordic.
Official Harry Turtledove website (http://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/turtledove.html): A complete bibliography of Turtledove's work, including a list of his various series.
www.fridley.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Harry_Turtledove   (734 words)

 Great War (Harry Turtledove) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Great War is an alternate history trilogy by Harry Turtledove, which follows How Few Remain.
It is part of Turtledove's Timeline-191 series of novels.
Smarting from two defeats at the hands of the Confederate States of America, which was allied with Great Britain and France, the United States has turned to an alliance with the strengthening German Empire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Great_War_(Harry_Turtledove)   (189 words)

 Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Harry Turtledove’s brilliantly-imagined alternate history that began with the Confederacy winning the American Civil War and continued with a Great War that left it on its knees now approaches its most terrifying hour, as a resurgent South scents victory.
Harry Turtledove has imagined brilliantly what the consequences would have been from that initial victory in the 1860s through the Great War of the early twentieth century.
In Settling Accounts Harry Turtledove creates a devastating new chapter in the conflict between two the two American superpowers, one that must surely result in total victory for one side or the other.
www.twbooks.co.uk /authors/harryturtledove.html   (1015 words)

 Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
On August 1 1998 Turtledove was named honorary Kentucky while Guest of Honor at Rivercon XXIII Louisville KY.
Harry Turtledove website (http://www.sfsite.com/~silverag/turtledove.html) : A complete bibliography of Turtledove's work a list of his various series.
Harry Turtledove writes many different types of alternate history, some mixed with science fiction (Worldwar series, The Guns of the South), some with a fantasy element (Darkness series, Detina series).
www.freeglossary.com /Harry_Turtledove   (599 words)

 Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
As Turtledove’s brilliant series The Great War came to its end, the United States of America, in alliance with Germany, had defeated Great Britain, France and the Confederate States of America in a bloody conflict known as the first World War.
Harry Turtledove’s gripping evocation of a changed twentieth century has never been more exciting.
In this new volume of his extraordinary alternate-history epic, Harry Turtledove’s Colonisation: Aftershocks continues the story of the invading aliens of the Race and the struggle of humanity to overthrow the oppressors.
www.twbooks.co.uk /authors/harryturtledove1.html   (1002 words)

 Chicon 2000: Toastmaster: Harry Turtledove
Harry Turtledove began his writing career somewhat atypically, as an historian of the Byzantine Empire.
Harry: I've just sold to Tor a major new fantasy series, sort of high-tech fantasy about 1930s or '40s technological level set on an imagined world with technology achieved through magical means.
Harry: In August, a straight historical novel, Justinian about the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II who ruled at the end of the 7th century and then again at the beginning of the 8th century, and had a very adventurous career, to put it mildly.
www.chicon.org /gohs/turtldov.htm   (2312 words)

 Harry Turtledove at Cybling!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Harry Norman Turtledove was born in Los Angeles, CA on 14 June 1949.
Turtledove later explained that his editor at Belmont Towers did not think people would believe the author's real name was "Turtledove" and suggested that he come up with something more Nordic.
Because Turtledove takes time out from his busy schedule to give us interviews several times a year, the pre-posting of questions has been disabled.
www.cybling.com /artists/harry.html   (209 words)

 Harry Turtledove
Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Turtledove eventually attended Caltech and flunked out.
Although a full-time writer of science fiction and fantasy, Turtledove has lately been writing quite a few alternative history novels.
Harry Turtledove Website - The author's official web site.
www.futurefiction.com /harry_turtledove.htm   (240 words)

 Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove - read review
Writing in the language and style of the period, author Turtledove casually (and very skillfully) incorporates innumerable Shakespearean quotations into his text, often with humorous intent.
All the talk and intrigue do lead to a plot which is a bit thin and short on action--until the bang-up conclusion, filled with arquebuses, rapiers, poleaxes, pikes, and even chamberpots.
Harry Turtledove was born in Los Angeles, CA on 14 June 1949.
mostlyfiction.com /scifi/turtledove.htm   (709 words)

 Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Another early pseudonym was "Mark Gordian." Turtledove has recently begun publishing historical novels under the pseudonym "H.N. Turteltaub." Throughout the later 1970s and early 1980s, Turtledove worked as a technical writer for the Los Angeles County Office of Education.
In March we told you that the "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" DVD had sold over 9 million copies to become the number 1 selling DVD in America for 2006.
Over 23,000 readers, aged five to 17, voted the "Harry Potter" series as their favorite book in a poll in Australia.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Harry_Turtledove.html   (1242 words)

 Harry Turtledove Works
Harry's greatest strength is his knowledge of history and the events that shape it.
Harry uses his usual style of jumping from person to person to give an overall view of the events of his major novels.
And once again Harry shows that he is not afraid to kill off not just major characters, but point of view characters the readers care about.
www.bright.net /~tomb/reviews/turtledove.html   (2280 words)

 Harry Turtledove
Harry Turtledove is, in my opinion, the king of this type of work.
To like these types of books, you have to be a big fan of history itself, but they tend to be full of all sorts of action and a lot of ironic twists.
For example, in The Two Georges, which was writteny by Turtledove with Richard Dreyfus, the US never won independence from the British Empire.
lunarhunk.blogster.com /harry_turtledove.html   (547 words)

 Amazon.com: How Few Remain: Books: Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Turtledove is an accomplished professional at this sort of thing and has given us an entertainment that makes us think somewhat about why we are the way we are.
Turtledove calls his numerous novels "alternative history." He changed the result of the Civil War by giving General Lee AK-47s in Guns of the South (1992); in Worldwar (1996), World War II came to a screeching halt as the belligerents united against alien space lizards.
Turtledove is successful in the plausible, albeit theatrical, characterizations of these figures, and his imaginative curiosity will appeal to the what-if segment of the vast Civil War readership, although they might trip over Tom Custer's dead-or-alive act.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0345406141?v=glance   (2362 words)

 Blogcritics.org: The Amazing Worlds of Harry Turtledove: Alternate History Part III
Turtledove is that rarest of rare creatures in the publishing biz.
It's not for nothing that Harry Turtledove is called the 'Master' of his genre, and he displays a virtuosity in portraying diverse cultures and classes with a felicity that results in some of the most complete, well-rounded 'world' building you're ever likely to see in alt-hist.
Turtledove's fascination for history and his enormous output as a writer has led him to start using a pseudonym recently.
blogcritics.org /archives/2005/09/10/094708.php   (2394 words)

 Locus Online: Harry Turtledove interview excerpts
A prolific and popular writer of alternate history novels, Harry Turtledove was inspired to study Byzantine history after reading L. Sprague de Camp's 1941 novel Lest Darkness Fall, and eventually earned a Ph.D. in that subject from UCLA.
Turtledove's long running "Videssos" cycle, about Romans transported to another universe, began in 1987 with The Misplaced Legion.
The Harry Turtledove Website, maintained by Steve H Silver, catalogues the author's many works.
www.locusmag.com /2003/Issue02/Turtledove.html   (770 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: Harry Turtledove
From Harry Turtledove, bestselling author and critically acclaimed master of the short story, comes a classic collection of science fiction tales and what-if scenarios.
Harry Turtledove has been producing an alternative history of the twentieth century for a number of years now, and he is just reaching a major turning point, the outbreak of World War II.
Harry Turtledove--the master of alternate history--has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful, bold, and as convincing as it is provocative.
www.fictionwise.com /eBooks/HarryTurtledoveeBooks.htm   (1956 words)

 Libri/speciali: Harry Turtledove
Ai fan di Harry Turtledove, prolifico autore di SF ed ex professore di storia, piacciono molto il suo stile lento, a volte un po’ prolisso, ma molto ironico.
Turtledove ha infilato un po’ di tutto in questa curiosa fusione tra i Visitors e Band of brothers: l'avventura, la riflessione, il sarcasmo feroce e l'ironia sottile (entrambi, quasi sempre, ai danni di nazisti e sovietici), alternando momenti di azione quasi
L'AUTORE: Harry Turtledove, californiano, classe ‘49 è laureato in storia bizantina al prestigioso CalTech di Pasadena.
www.drivemagazine.net /librirece/turtledove.html   (1183 words)

 Books by Harry Turtledove   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
With American military forces subjugated and civilians living in fear of their conquerors, there is no one to stop the Japanese from using the islands' resources to launch an offensive against America's western coast.
Harry Turtledove was born in Los Angeles in 1949.
In the acclaimed Worldwar tetralogy, set against the explosive backdrop of the Great War, master of alternate history Harry Turtledove wove a spellbinding saga of world powers locked in conflict against a deadly enemy from the stars.
b00ks.bankhacker.com /Harry+Turtledove   (917 words)

 Raven's Reviews: Harry Turtledove
Harry Turtledove has a doctorate in Byzantine history, has taught college courses in ancient and medieval history, and published several scholarly articles.
Turtledove's settings are painstakingly researched and convincingly constructed, and he can tell a gripping story to boot.
Turtledove gleefully indulges in bad puns throughout the book, but he doesn't depend on that silliness for a good story.
tatooine.fortunecity.com /leguin/405/fl/harryt.html   (826 words)

 Harry Turtledove - April 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Turtledove has the threat of the Asteroids with motors not as big of a threat because they will take months to reach Earth and could be intercepted by the Race
I try to depict attitudes as they were, which is different from showing people with modern attitudes in historical time--a frequent problem with fiction that deals with history.
Chris Dr. Turtledove, I have noticed in a lot of your books you will have a character get killed all of a sudden in the middle of the book.
www.cybling.com /artists/turtledove/apr01.html   (2011 words)

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