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Topic: Harvey Weinstein

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In the News (Mon 18 Jun 18)

 Harvey Weinstein News
Harvey Weinstein is famous for campaigning earlier, harder, and more successfully for Oscars than any of his filmmaking peers.
Harvey Weinstein is credited with changing Oscar campaigns forever with an aggressive marketing style that raised the financial stakes while opening up the competition for independents.
HARVEY Weinstein took issue with our report Friday of how he "swigged champagne straight from the bottle" at a Halloween party at Scores West and chatted up "a stripper dressed as a dominatrix and wielding a...
www.topix.net /who/harvey-weinstein?scoring=d   (759 words)

 Harvey Weinstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harvey Weinstein CBE (Hon) (born March 19, 1952) is an American film producer.
In 2000, Harvey Weinstein was bestowed an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters, from the State University of New York at Buffalo despite not completing his course of study there, having dropped out to form Miramax Films in 1979.
Harvey Weinstein was the not so subtle basis for the character Harvey Weingard in the Entourage episode The Sundance Kids.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harvey_Weinstein   (846 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Weinsteins step down from Miramax
The Weinsteins are to give up their positions as co-chief executives of Miramax, but will stay on as co-chairmen of the company, completing current projects and overseeing marketing and distribution.
Harvey Weinstein said giving up a company named after his parents had been "the toughest part of the entire negotiation".
Harvey Weinstein said the brothers' new company would be "a fully integrated media company" with broadcasting, film distribution and internet divisions.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/film/4392881.stm   (394 words)

 Why is Harvey Weinstein smiling?
Happy Harvey seems oblivious to the fact that, by all accounts, he should be in a funk.
Harvey is a regular on the intricate period set of this saga, presently in its fourth week at Cinecitta Studios outside of Rome.
Harvey and Scorsese even persuaded Daniel Day-Lewis to set aside his newfound career as a Tuscan shoemaker to play a key role.
members.tripod.com /peggy8_8/harvey.html   (791 words)

 Harvey Weinstein - Biography - Moviefone
Miramax was purchased by Disney for 80 million dollars in 1993, and the Weinstein brothers remained with the company to release such hits as Muriel's Wedding and Il Postino (both 1994), the latter of which garnered several Oscar nominations.
Of course, not all of the films that Miramax released were hits, but the brothers' willingness to take risks and place their trust entirely in the hands of filmmakers resulted in such critically lauded art-house hits as Smoke (1995), The English Patient (1996), and Good Will Hunting (1997).
The Weinsteins' relationship with such filmmakers as Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Gus Van Sant, Kevin Smith, and Steven Soderbergh worked wonders for their indie credit and ensured good films for years to come.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/harvey-weinstein/116278/biography   (575 words)

 Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein said that he envisions the project as a "combination spectacle and musical with a cohesive (storyline)." He added that the stage version would be akin to "Cirque du Soleil with a pronounced narrative, featuring the greatest martial artists."
Harvey Weinstein said that this time around, the pic's producers will double the budget to improve animation, and that he spoke to the pic's lead, Anne Hathaway, about returning while at the Golden Globes over the weekend.
Harvey Weinstein stated, "'The Equalizer' was one of my favorite TV series in the 1980's because the writing was always smart and very unpredictable.
www.rottentomatoes.com /p/harvey_weinstein/news.php   (4180 words)

 Harvey Weinstein rides again. - By Edward Jay Epstein - Slate Magazine
Now that Harvey Weinstein has left Miramax, the distribution company he founded in 1979 and sold to Disney in 1993, he has truly grandiose plans for his new vehicle, the Weinstein Company.
Harvey's charming of Wall Street is no doubt helped by his image as a ruthlessly successful mogul, an image that he has brilliantly engineered over the years.
In 1998, Franklin Foer assessed the Weinsteins as old-school Hollywood moguls.
www.slate.com /id/2127757   (1366 words)

 My Way - Page Six
Weinstein — a workaholic who puts in 18-hour days — purportedly promised Eve last year he'd cut down and spend more time on the home front.
Harvey and his brother Bob, Miramax's co-chairman, have fought with Eisner over their compensation and how much to spend on making movies.
The Weinstein brothers' contracts with Disney expire next year, and it's likely that Disney will either cut them loose to pursue other opportunities, or allow them to buy back the company they founded and named after their parents, Miriam and Max.
entertainment.myway.com /celebgossip/pgsix/id/07_03_2004_1.html   (384 words)

 Harvey Weinstein News - Page 2
Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is considering legal action against TV network NBC after they rejected an advertisement for a documentary about the Dixie Chicks' criticism of President George W. Bush.
T he announcement that Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose, among other bastions of the liberal media elite, would be toasting Wal-Mart CEO H. Lee Scott for his environmentalism at...
Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is considering legal action against US TV network NBC after they rejected an advertisement for a documentary about the Dixie Chicks' criticizm of US President George W Bush.
www.topix.net /who/harvey-weinstein/page2   (863 words)

 Weinsteins Pursuing Diverse Slate in Effort to Build TWC Into 'Giant Media Company'
The Weinstein Company (as it is currently named), headed by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, has a slate of some 13 projects on tap for its first year, Harvey Weinstein explained Tuesday during a conference call with journalists.
Harvey Weinstein cited "divergent beliefs" over the direction of Miramax, naming specific instances in which he and his brother were not allowed to pursue specific initiatives.
Harvey Weinstein said that he hopes he and his brother can create the type of company that they wanted Miramax to be and he added he anticipates forging a partnership with The Walt Disney Company as well.
www.indiewire.com /biz/biz_050331weinstein.html   (874 words)

 Esquire:Feature Story:Harvey, Marty, and a Jar Full of Ears
Before the festival began, Esquire contributing editor Kim Masters met with Scorsese and Harvey Weinstein in the first joint interview the two men have given on the state of their rumor-plagued and long-delayed picture.
The impatient Weinstein, a hulking presence who brings to mind a boy in detention, leans back in an armchair as Scorsese, small and animated, sits down beside him to discuss what is by far the riskiest and most expensive film that he, or Weinstein, has ever made.
But what is driving Weinstein visibly crazy this afternoon is the idea that anyone would mock his struggles as he supported the making of this film or that he has done anything to Scorsese that would merit such mocking.
www.esquire.com /features/articles/2002/020516_mfe_marty_1.html   (792 words)

 UBT: Winter 2001: The Cinema Paradiso of Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein lunches with UB dignitaries and many old friends during September 26 festivities honoring his professional accomplishments and his new honorary doctorate.
UB honors Harvey Weinstein with this honorary doctorate of humane letters not only in recognition of the degree he pursued here 30 years ago, but as a tribute to his extraordinary efforts to broaden the horizons of film audiences everywhere.
ANCHOR: Greiner's nomination letter to Weinstein states, "The University at Buffalo is proud to [confer on] you this honorary degree in recognition of your invaluable contributions as a pioneer in independent film distribution and as a powerful advocate of artistic innovation and exploration.
www.buffalo.edu /UBT/UBT-archives/16_ubtw01/features/feature_3.html   (1355 words)

 Bob Weinstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert Weinstein (born 1954) is an American film and theatre producer, the former head of Dimension Films, former co-chairman of Miramax Films, and current head, with his brother Harvey Weinstein, of The Weinstein Co.
Bob Weinstein and Miramax first broke onto the cultural landscape with the release of Errol Morris's documentary The Thin Blue Line in 1988, which detailed the struggle of a wrongfully convicted inmate stuck on death row, Randall Adams.
On March 29, 2005, it was announced that the Weinstein brothers would leave Miramax on September 30 and would form their own production company, The Weinstein Co. with several other media executives and reportedly, Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bob_Weinstein   (483 words)

 Harvey Weinstein Movies & News
Continuing their passionate dedication to bringing Asian films to American audiences, Bob and Harvey Weinstein are proud to announce the unveiling...
The Weinstein Company (TWC) is pleased to announce that TWC has acquired from Michel Litvak's Bold Films the domestic rights to "Bobby," the ensem...
Bob and Harvey Weinstein are going to add the sci fi creature feature "Outlander" to their slate, according to Variety.
www.moviesonline.ca /phpBB2/celeb-Harvey-Weinstein.htm   (598 words)

 Amazon.com: Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control: Books: Harvey Weinstein   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
In Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, Dr. Weinstein chronicles how he spent eight years fighting to help obtain justice for his father, who, along with eight other Canadians, was suing the CIA for negligence in its sponsorship of Cameron's experiments.
In his book, Dr. Weinstein describes his feelings of horror and helplessness while watching his father's health and personality be destroyed as he underwent Dr. Cameron's experimental protocol.
Weinstein further raises questions about the vunerability of contemporary medicine to the abuse of patients in the context of repeated episodes of ethical transgressions during this century.
www.amazon.com /Psychiatry-CIA-Victims-Mind-Control/dp/0880483636   (1044 words)

 BBC - collective - tinseltown #097: team america and harvey weinstein   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
His son, Saadi, approached Miramax head, Harvey Weinstein, at the Venice Film Festival and asked whether the studio would be interested in making the film.
Weinstein reportedly replied that he’d do it if Libya recognized the state of Israel.
No word yet on whether Weinstein is on his way to brokering peace in the Middle East, but I wonder if Qaddafi came up with the plan after reading about the two Hitler films opening in Germany — both depict the human side of the dictator and both are opening to much protest.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/collective/A3009548   (477 words)

 Harvey Weinstein | Miramax | pop : ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Now, as everyone continues to talk about how Weinstein pushed his way to the top again, Entertainment Weekly went to the man who can be as charming as Billy Flynn or as scary as Bill the Butcher for some answers.
WEINSTEIN If Chicago didn't win a Golden Globe and get Oscar nominations, it would be a $75 million [-grossing]movie -- appreciated, loved, like a Moulin Rouge.
WEINSTEIN I will be prejudiced in one area and one area only.
www.ew.com /ew/report/0,6115,427515~7~0~,00.html   (763 words)

 Harvey Weinstein Biography :: Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Weinstein aggressively courted legendary director Martin Scorsese by helping him pursue a long-planned project, "Gangs of New York" (2002), the story of the New York immigrant riots of the late 19th century.
Weinstein also found himself wrangling his studio's relationship with its golden boy Quentin Tarantino—who had been in some way involved with 10 Miramax productions—over his latest opus.
The rift over the Moore film appeared to be the beginning of the end of the relationship between Disney and the Weinsteins: the former appeared tired of defending Miramax's risky film output to its conservative, family-friendly investors, while the brothers clearly resented any interference from their corporate parent.
www.hollywood.com /celebs/fulldetail/id/195204   (1894 words)

 Famous Film Producer Harvey Weinstein Endorsed My Book, SUGAR SHOCK!
Harvey Weinstein, one of the most important film producers now working today -- who is behind so many wonderful films ("Chicago," "The English Patient," etc.) -- has endorsed my upcoming book SUGAR SHOCK!
As Harvey mentioned in his endorsement of my book, he -- like millions of Americans -- has found it hard to say no to sweets, but he's now closely watching his diet, as
He also was diagnosed a few years ago with type 2 diabetes, which provided the impetus to begin to make many wonderful, new lifestyle changes.
www.commonvoice.com /article.asp?colid=5427   (428 words)

 BW Online | February 11, 2004 | Harvey Weinstein: Down and Dirty
This gossipy chronicle is highly critical of other pivotal players in independent movies, including Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford and Bob Weinstein, Harvey's mercurial brother and partner (see BW Online 2/10/04, "Where Indie Films Are Alive and Well").
Harvey has admitted that he gets carried away because he's so "passionate" about movies.
Less well-known players, more vulnerable to Harvey's whims, speak of being driven to ulcers, near nervous breakdowns, and the brink of financial ruin by seeing their films delayed or released with virtually no publicity.
www.businessweek.com /bwdaily/dnflash/feb2004/nf20040211_5131_db028.htm   (1407 words)

 AP Wire | 07/28/2006 | Harvey Weinstein backs film festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Harvey Weinstein backed Michael Moore's hit documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11." Now, the film mogul is backing Moore's Traverse City Film Festival.
Moore announced Friday that Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax Films, and former Republican Gov. William Milliken will serve as honorary co-chairs of a new community group called Friends of the Traverse City Film Festival.
More than 70 films, many independently produced, will be shown in three theaters and on a giant outdoor screen by Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay from Monday through Aug. 6.
www.mercurynews.com /mld/mercurynews/entertainment/15147929.htm   (223 words)

 AMCTV.com BIOGRAPHY - Harvey Weinstein   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Harvey Weinstein founded Miramax Films in 1979 with his brother Bob, naming the company after their parents, Miriam and Max, who introduced them to a love of cinema.
Miramax was established on the principal that the company could take European films and films with difficult subject matter and market them in an innovative way.
In 2002, Harvey and Bob were awarded the highest accolade of the British Film Institute (BFI) when they are presented with a BFI Fellowship for their outstanding contribution to cinema.
www.amctv.com /person/detail?CID=18579-1-ES   (219 words)

 Gothamist: When Harvey Weinstein Calls
Taking shilling to a new level (low is to be debated), Havery Weinstein and Jim Sheridan have phoned members of the Golden Globe voting Hollywood Foreign Press Association to tell them about their films.
The Times says that when Miramax head Weinstein called a member ("This is Harvey Weinstein"), the member said, "I loved the movie," then Weinstein replied, "Oh," and hung up the phone.
In the case of Jim Sheridan, he called to urge members to see his film, In America, which seems important if you're going to be voting a film, you know, that whole "seeing all the nominated films" bit.
www.gothamist.com /archives/2004/01/13/when_harvey_weinstein_calls.php   (388 words)

 [No title]
The Weinstein Company Hosts Black Tie Opening Night Gala and US Premiere of Emilio Estevez's "Bobby"...
Harvey Weinstein Hosts a Private Screening of ''Bobby'' for Senators Obama and Schumer - After Party
Harvey Weinstein (second from left) with Martie Maguire, Emily Robison and Natalie Maines...
www.wireimage.com /celebrities/harvey-weinstein   (555 words)

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