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Topic: Hatake Kakashi

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Kakashi Hatake - Naruto Wiki - Narutopedia
Kakashi with Minato Namikaze, Obito Uchiha and Rin.
Kakashi's relationship with Obito and Rin was very much similar to that of Sasuke's relationship with Naruto and Sakura respectively in which they share a complicated relationship that later developed into a close friendship.
Kakashi is then forced to step in to save him from Kakuzu, and after Naruto is successful on his second try with the Rasenshuriken, finishes the Akatsuki member off using the Lightning Blade.
naruto.wikia.com /wiki/Kakashi_Hatake   (4766 words)

  Kakashi Hatake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kakashi's use of the Sharingan is nearly as good as that of Itachi Uchiha, though the aforementioned handicaps brought about by the nature of his eye make him weaker in comparison.
Kakashi's intention was for Sasuke to learn to use the Chidori to focus on protecting the important friends he has made in the present, rather than seeking vengeance for the loss of his family.
With Kakashi being called on by the village to take more A and S level missions due to the current manpower shortage, Sasuke's defection to Orochimaru, Naruto's three-year apprenticeship to Jiraiya, and Sakura's medical apprenticeship to Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, Team 7 was defunct during the timeskip.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hatake_Kakashi   (3622 words)

 Scarlet Spiral - Kakashi profile   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kakashi is not much concerned with appearances; his clothing is chosen for utility and his hair is usually a mess.
Kakashi and his remaining teammate Rin continued to run missions, doing their best to recover from the shock of their friend's death, but only a year later another tragedy struck -- the Kyuubi attacked Konoha.
Kakashi, not exactly a bright and happy boy at the best of times, was devastated at the loss of the closest thing to family he had left.
www.greatestjournal.com /community/scarlet_spiral/1992.html   (864 words)

 Absolute Anime • Naruto • Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi's unique ability is the use of the "Sharingan" in his left eye.
Hatake Kakashi was the jônin assigned to train Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura for their real ninja education.
Kakashi, Rin, Obito and Yondaime were on a mission, and Kakashi had become a jounin on his birthday so Yondaime made him mission leader and went off to help fight a part of some massive war.
www.absoluteanime.com /naruto/kakashi.htm   (1413 words)

 Hatake Kakashi Biography | Naruto HQ - Character Biographies
Hatake Kakashi (Kakashi Hatake in the English anime) is a character in the anime and manga Naruto.
Kakashi, during the tree-walking exercise, is the first one to recognize Naruto's potential to surpass Sasuke and Kakashi in Chakra capacity.
Kakashi is believed to have been able to use this jutsu to cut through a lightning bolt, which is why his nickname for the jutsu is Raikiri.
www.narutohq.com /hatake-kakashi.php   (3239 words)

 Naruto Kun | Hatake Kakashi
Kakashi is the sensei of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.
He is known as 'the Copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi' all over the world, and it is rumored that he has memorized over 1000 jutsu.
Kakashi is known throughout the world as a formidable adversary and he was an apprentice of the Fourth Hokage.
www.naruto-kun.com /naruto+characters/hatake+kakashi.html   (233 words)

 Unmasked: the approved Hatake Kakashi fanlisting.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hatake Kakashi is a Jonin from the Hidden Leaf Village who is also known as the Copy Ninja.
Kakashi is not a member of the Uchiha clan, and yet he possesses the Sharingan in his left eye, allowing him to copy over a thousand jutsus.
Although he often appears to be unreliable and frivolous, Kakashi is a skillful ninja who became a Chunin at the age of 6 and Jonin at 13.
kakashi.fly-casual.org /about.html   (351 words)

 Leafninja.com Forums -> Hatake Kakashi
Kakashi was a young man advanced up Konoha's rank during times of war.
Kakashi would grieve for Obito as the years passed, to come to terms with the foolishness of his younger days, and speak with his friend about his current life travails.
Kakashi would pay closer attention to Sasuke, but not unfortunately it was not enough to keep his young protégé from leaving Konoha for Orochimaru.
s4.invisionfree.com /LeafNinjaForums/index.php?showtopic=1852   (1545 words)

 hatake kakashi vs hyuuga hiashi - Naruto Forums
Kakashi is too smart and too experienced to let him close his holes.
Now if Kakashi has Mangakyou (sp?) Sharingan as it is rumored in the most recent chapter, he'll almost definitely win but without it, the fight will be up in the air with Kakashi having a slight advantage.
Kakashi was favored for Hokage before Tsunade existed, and he is the strongest Jounin.
forums.narutofan.com /showthread.php?t=34714   (1070 words)

 Flickr: bardock_super_sayian's Photostream
If you're sharing your entire photostream, you can create a Guest Pass that includes photos marked as friends or family (but not your private photos).
Kakashi When he was still in the A.N.B.U. but without his dog mask.
In ancient Japan the Kumoran was revered as a fearsome bird of prey.
www.flickr.com /photos/brandonspics   (183 words)

 advanced bloodline
Kakashi's forehead protector consistently conceals his left eye, not for style, but for an important reason.
He retains the ability of the Sharingan, the specialized eye which serves under the Uchiha Clan Bloodline (although Kakashi does not actually come from the Uchiha Clan itself.) The Sharingan technique (through the use of chakra), allows for the imitating, copying, and prediction of a ninja's movement and their jutsus.
But it is questionable as to why Kakashi only has Sharingan in one eye instead of both.
www.freewebs.com /advanced_bloodline/characters/kakashi_hatake.htm   (204 words)

 Friendster - HaTaKe KaKaSHi RasCaLKiLLeR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kakashi also has a reputation of being a severe and demanding teacher, having returned all of his previous students before Naruto and his teammates to the academy.
But, even though he seems to be cold sometimes, Kakashi loves his student and care for them enough to protect them at all costs, even his life, and he demonstrated that with Orochimaru and Zabuza.
Kakashi is quick thinking and seems to always be one step ahead of everyone and almost always knows how to act accordingly, even though he's always late to every appointment he has, important, or not!
www.friendster.com /rascalkiller   (443 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Kakashi
Also Japanese for "Scarecrow", /Hatake/ Kakashi is a Jounin level ninja from the series, "Naruto" written by one of Japan's most valuable Manga-ka Masashi Kishimoto.
Kakashi, also known as the copy ninja who has no original skills of his own and is a bitch.
Kakashi may seem strong but he is probably the weakest ninja in the whole village compared to other ninjas and can be very stupid at times...watch episode 101 O_O
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Kakashi   (619 words)

 Sad Destiny Forums -> Hatake Kakashi
Due to the mysterious Sharingan in his left eye and exceptional skills, Kakashi has become a well known individual throughout the ninja community.
He became a chuunin at the age of 6, under the tutelage of the 4th Hokage, and was a former member of the Hidden Leaf's ANBU.
Kakashi spends his leisurely time reading the adult novel, Come Come Paradise.
s3.invisionfree.com /Sad_Destiny/index.php?showtopic=119   (274 words)

 KMC Forums - Super Skrull vs Hatake Kakashi & Maito Gai (from Naruto)
Kakashi and Gai are two of Konohagakure's deadliest ninja, rivals in power and nearly unstoppable one-man armies in their own right.
On the other hand, neither Kakashi or Guy have the power to breach a forcefield, and I doubt even they could evade or survive a Nova-force blast.
Do they know what SS is? I say Kakashi edges it out with Sharingan and summoning but Gai will have problems.
www.killermovies.com /forums/f77/t386824.html   (423 words)

 Sweet Temptation: The Approved Kakashi x Naruto Fanlisting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Welcome to Sweet Temptation, a Fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Kakashi and Naruto from the Manga/Anime Naruto.
Please be fan of the relationship between Kakashi & Naruto.
As stated by Thefanlistings.org & Animefanlistings.org, it is required to have your name/nickname, email address and country.
www.beautiful-beast.net /KakashixNaruto   (195 words)

 naruto kakashi hatake Video Search - The Best naruto kakashi hatake video search engineer, you can search and download ...
This result is a naruto kakashi hatake video that I just found that is AWESOME.
This is about none other than the one Kakashi Hatake and how much pain he gives to enemies.
After the insane glomp project went over Kakashi used his master card to get some "protection".
www.leechvideo.com /key/naruto-kakashi-hatake   (406 words)

 YouTube - Not Ask a Ninja meets Hatake Kakashi
I have to say that I've seen a lot of ask a ninja spin offs, and this is the only good one out there.
Hatake Kakashi Naruto Ninja Roomates Ask Parody Stars Cats Ichaparadisefan Book (more) (less)
Kakashi Hatake l Requiem for a Dream l
youtube.com /watch?v=rDI9Bf_Nbco   (175 words)

 Kakashi's Silence - A Hatake Kakashi Fansite
It would be great if you linked back to Kakashi's Silence.
I am also in desperate need of Kakashi pictures, from either the anime or the manga, as well as AIM icons and avatars.
I promised my friend that if she helped me with my Kakashi costume for this year, then I'd be Rock Lee next Halloween (supposedly I look like him).
www.freewebs.com /kakashissilence   (380 words)

 YouTube - Sharingan MasterCard Commercial #1 "Being Kakashi"
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
The first in a series of MasterCard Shar The first in a series of MasterCard Sharingan commercials, staring Hatake Kakashi and a bunch of Konoha Students.
MasterCard Kakashi Hatake Naruto Sharingan Ninja MC Priceless cosplay Girls Money Bad Ass Superstition Stevie Wonder (more) (less)
www.youtube.com /watch?v=5S7eF_gvhHY   (209 words)

 FamousMii.com - Famous and Celebrity Miis on the Nintendo Wii
Love how you used the beard, moustache and nose to create his mask and the glasses for his headband.
Hatake Kakashi is a character from the anime series Naruto.
Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto.
www.famousmii.com /mii   (554 words)

 ⇒ INCOGNITO • we drift deeper into the song, life goes on → ≈
Incognito, a fansite/shrine to Hatake Kakashi of the Naruto series which is created by Masashi Kishimoto.
This site was created because I wasn't able to find a very informative fansite to Kakashi, so instead of complaining i decided to make one myself.
To navigate through this site click on About to go to information regarding Kakashi and the Naruto series, Visual for images of Kakashi and the Naruto series, and Exeunt for information in regards to site and links away from this site.
www.flora-fleur.net /kakashi   (437 words)

 eBay - kakashi cosplay ..., Animation Art, Characters, Action Figures items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kakashi Battle Vest Cosplay M size Naruto costume
Naruto Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Costume Hand Made Size M
NARUTO New Ver Vest Kakashi IAnime Costume Cosplay Sz L
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=kakashi+cosplay+...&krd=1   (474 words)

 Showdown: Hatake Kakashi vs Ryu Hayabusa
dude if you see 199 episodes of naruto like i have than you'd know that kakashi gets the malenkio sharringgun which can make one sec become 72hrs in his eye world so naruto is cool,oh and ryu's the ninja from dead or alive!
ryu hayabusa (from ninja gaiden) will kick kakashis ass.
I thought it was Ryu from Street Fighter.
www.ultimateshowdown.org /showdown/994/HatakeKakashi_vs_RyuHayabusa   (138 words)

 BEHIND THE MASK } the Hatake Kakashi Physical Fanlisting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
and welcome to Behind the Mask, an approved physical fanlisting for Hatake Kakashi, from the anime & manga, Naruto.
This an unofficial website and was only created as a fanlisting.
I am in no way affiliated with the character, Hatake, Kakashi, or the anime, Naruto.
www.serenity-skies.net /kakashi   (82 words)

 Japan Anime wushu DVD & Toy & gift XinxingShop
/Japan Naruto Ainme Hatake Kakashi Pucker Leather Notecase #E T8143-5
/Japan Naruto Ainme Hatake Kakashi Pucker Leather Notecase #A T8143-1
/Japan Naruto Ainme Hatake Kakashi Pucker Leather Notecase #D T8143-4
www.xinxingshop.com   (455 words)

 Friendster - Hatake KaKashi Sharingan   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Previous team Team Kakashi (Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura); Team Yondaime (Fourth Hokage, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito, Rin)
Relatives Hatake Sakumo (father, deceased), all family members presumed dead
Chidori (One Thousand Birds) (called Raikiri (Lightning Blade) after Kakashi cut a bolt of lightning with it)
www.friendster.com /user.php?uid=24908961   (298 words)

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